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Send a postcard from minimum the half of my destinations to my family in Germany

Visit all 16 capital citys of my home country Germany (4 of 16)

Visit minimum five of seven new wonders of the world an take a picture with them

Vistit as many as possible Hard Rock Cafes/Casions/Hotels in the world

Dive down with a submarine

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Neckargartach (Heilbronn), Germany - 26th October 2011

By: Zandy

So, let's work. Hehe ... Ok, Mommy works and I look how she did it and have a lot of fun. But I have to be quitly, because she have to phone with customers and they are visiting the hall, too. I was     crayoning with my friend Pinguine. She is a pink penguin, what her name allready says, and lies at work by my mentor where she helps her. But look at our nice pictures.


And when the situation at work gets better, not so a lot of customers, Mommy allowed us to help her with the work on her PC. But we think, that it is better to look at the background of her desktop.


She told me, that this is Pisa, where she was on holiday this year. And so I began to dream about my travel and I hope, that I will see the Tower of Pisa too on my journey.

At closing time we have a surprise for Mommy. We lied at the copier and make this:


It was very funny, when se looks what there is for a paper in it. She look at uns first cross. And we had a bad conscience. I said to her "Don't be cross with us!" And than she smile and caress us. So we where happy.

There's a very nice place at her work. They have two water walls with lights. One is blue and the othe ris red. But the blue one is empty at the moment and so we take a picture behind the red one.


And after that we switch off the lights, close the doors and drive back home. Now I must pack off for my first trip. See you later, I will report you from this.

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