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Send a postcard from minimum the half of my destinations to my family in Germany

Visit all 16 capital citys of my home country Germany (4 of 16)

Visit minimum five of seven new wonders of the world an take a picture with them

Vistit as many as possible Hard Rock Cafes/Casions/Hotels in the world

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Íhringen, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: Zandy

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh .... I'm so happy and so excited, you can't belive how muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!

I packed my things which I want to take with me. There are my colourful, selfmade scarf and a toothbrush. I think that this is enough. The rest may my host have.


After packing I watch one of my favorite series with my Mommy. We love to watch this (an other series also). But Hogan's Heroes are one of our favorites. We saw every episode about a thounsend times, but we laught every time we watch it.


And about 5 episodes later it was time to say goodbye, my first Host ScillyHH is waiting for me. I'm a bit melancholy, but not only I. My Mentor is it, too. And Quini ... See yourself.


She's sitting in front of the door, when I want to go out the last time with her. She won't let me go. But I want do this, I will be a ToyVoyager and so I must go, but I will write so often I can the log. So everbody at home can see what I'm doing and they will see, that I'm happy and everything is ok.


So, now I have all the things and I'm in the envelope. Now I thing, that it's good that I practice to pipe down.  ;)


ScillyHH I'm comming! See you soon!
At all others: Keep stiff upper lip! (No, not this from AC/DC ;)) The next Time you will hear from me, when I'm in Hamburg! YEY!!!!!

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