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Send a postcard from minimum the half of my destinations to my family in Germany

Visit all 16 capital citys of my home country Germany (4 of 16)

Visit minimum five of seven new wonders of the world an take a picture with them

Vistit as many as possible Hard Rock Cafes/Casions/Hotels in the world

Dive down with a submarine

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Hamburg, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: ScillyHH

Yippy Yeah.... I arrived in Hamburg.
First I heard a voice "post for you!" and then my envelope was opened. First I was a litle bit shy. A rabbit lady and a bear were looking at me.


We introduced us to each other. The rabbit lady is called Clairchen. I'm happy to have a fellow rabbit here. The bear is Lewis HH who comes from Scotland.  Both are very kind.



We had a late breakfast. I took a cup of hot tea to warm me up after a night in the german post. We talked a lot about being a ToyVoyager. And Clairchen and Lewis wanted to know everything about me.


Now I'm looking forward to explore Hamburg.

All the very best

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