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Ballarat, Australia - 14th December 2011

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

Well today was a big day for me!! We went for a long drive in the car and arrived at Ballarat Wildlife Park. I was very excited!! :cyclops:
Here we go!!
important information for koala's!! :D
My first view of a real koala - Hey You wake up!! I said but it just kept sleeping!  :(
this is a Tasmanian Devil - they scream and growl and are really scarey out in the bush. The early settlers called them Devils because they could hear them and catch glimpses of their ears, which look red when the sun is behind them, and they sounded really frightening! The settlers weren't sure what they were at first!
Here are some more koalas - they were busy checking out their gum leaves - did you know if the gum leaves fall on the ground the koalas refuse to eat it!!? Pretty fussy huh!! :stare:
I met a kangaroo, it is a Western Gray - they are very friendly, especially as people feed them a seed and grain mixture, they come and look for it. I was tickled by its whiskers!! :D
here is a kangaroo having a scratch and an emu
another emu - it was eying off the food a kangaroo had - their eyes are a bit scarey Mum especially for a little koala and they have a big beak!! ;)
there is another sleepy koala here Mum - kind of hard to see though  :rolleyes:
ooohh crocodile or maybe alligator - we are not sure!! :D
I am not sure who is checking out who here Mum, is it Bubblegum and me looking at the lizard or the other way around???
this giant tortoise was climbing over its lunch!!
Up the back here is a red bellied black snake - Sue's husband saw one here in the back yard yesterday!! I think I will stay inside for a few days now!! ;) Sue is too!!
Yup it is a crocodile, we saw the teeth!!
Oops, blurry photo - but here I met some outback koalas and told the all about being a TV - I am not sure they understood though. I was waiting for something special to happen.

More soon
Love and hugs

* Posted Dec 17, 2011, 1:02 am Last edited Dec 17, 2011, 1:13 am by fleursmum [Quote] Go to the top of the page


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