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Gisborne, Australia - 19th December 2011

By: fleursmum

Hey Mum,

We had an at home day today - Sue had to clean the house - there were tumble weeds of dog hair on the floor!! ;) The chow is moulting so his hair is everywhere!! But I was sitting minding my own business when I heard a rustling in the pantry - guess who I found there??
It was SchokoCookie and he had found a box full of cookies! :D But I told him we were going outside so he would have to look at the cookies another time! ;) I will have to watch him Mum!!
Bubblegum and I had a chat with Tupai but he was busy looking for rabbits and I don't think he understands us!! :p
I found a very nice gum tree
I even shared with SchokoCookie but I don't think hedgehogs are designed for sitting in a gum tree!! ;)
We had a look down the back of the block, there is water in the dam which is very unusual for this time of the year, also the grass is usually brown and crunchy by now. There has been lots more rain here this year in the winter and spring, so everything is growing like mad.
Love and hugs

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