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Oldenburg, Germany - 14th November 2011

By: wiebkay

Hi Mommy!!

Gosh I'm exited!! :)  I've arrived savely last friday and became very tired.
My host had to learn for a classtest, so we spend a calm weekend.
While Wiebke was studying I played playstation. Saturday night we watched TV and - funny - I could see myself in there...thats weird :D

Also I made new friends: May I introduce:
Richard Wagner: He is a famous german composer
I also met another elephant, he told me that his race only can be found in east frisia ("Ostfriesland") and it's called "Ottifanten"  We talked a lot :) He's such a nice guy.

And I met my big orange friend, the Mice. I'm so glad I have familiar pets around me.

But tomorrow we'll go out, Wiebke promised me. Still it's cold and foggy, but I can't wait to see the city!! Hui, I'm exited :)

All the best,

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