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Mexico city, Mexico - 14th November 2011

By: heynizajude

Hey mom!
We got to see a bit of Mexico city for the first time and it was great! The weather was nice and we took lots of pictures!
We started our day with Niza at school, then we took the subway and it goes from there...

We hung around at the centre, we got a glimpse of the latin american tower

And we got closer...

We found this monument that is from home! form Germany!
On the back it says: to the mexican people from the german community, september 17 1921

We walked through some streets...

There are some really nice buildings (:

And we got to the Zócalo, which is the main square, Niza says the flag looks extremely nice flying with the wind, but they had it like this because the secretary of government died on friday

This is Palacio nacional, the president's office and the central government office

The cathedral is in one side

And the templo mayor (which are some aztec ruins) are there too!

There is this model of how Tenochtitlán (Mexico city in the aztec days) looked back then...it was almost all water!

This is the statue of the founders, it tells the story of the legend of the foundation of Mexico city, which tells the aztecs were told to settle where they found an eagle eating a snake over a cactus

We walked through the portals of one of the buildings next to the Zócalo

Also we walked infront the MUNAL (national art museum), Niza says we'll  get to enter some museums soon!

And some statues of aztec emperors, Nezahualcoyotl, Izcoatl and Totoquihuatzin, can you say the names? :P they are like tongue twisters!

And before coming home to rest we ate a snack, some tea & doritos :P

Well that was our day today, as you can see it was awesome! I can't wait for more adventures around Mexico city!
A big hug, Schnappi

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