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Öhringen, Germany - 11th December 2011

By: Zandy

Hello daddy!

Sorry that I didn't write for so long. But now I will tell you what we did last but not one sunday.

The others told us, that there is a Tower which we will visit today. And so we go to the market place where the christmas market is. But first we go into the castle. There was an exhibition about the history of Öhringen. Sadly we wasn't allowed to take pictures inside. But in one room we fastly take this pictures while no supervisory staff was there. *hrhr*



Back on the market place we decided to eat something before we go upstairs.


Here you can see me with the real Tower. High...


And than inside the tower with a model of it.


Me next to a model of the Blasturm. Here it is so little. But really the tower is 56,16 meters high. And it was built in 1494. But we only could climbed up to 32 meters. In the tower are seven stories and the truss. And the rooms inside were two archives, a musician room, the "Verschlooch" (a crate in the Hohenlohisch slang. It was the bedroom for the helper of the steeplejack) and the apartment of the steeplejack. And of course the tower gallery on which we could go outside.

So enough facts daddy. In the room there were hanging this old lamps. Look some of them is fire red.  ;) Sadly there was no one in my size... ;)


Than in one floor we found this clock.


And than.... 32 meters over the market place we were able to go outside. What a feeling and what a view.


Of course we had a look down on the christmas market. Wow, not too long.


Daddy, can you see the little railway under me? This railyway is a tradition. It is every year on the market place. And the children can ride on it.


There we found this bell. It rings very loud. While I was looking at it it rings. My dear!


We also had a look on the atrium of the church from above.


And that it was time to go back down. The first steps were very easy. Nice wooden stairs and enought place. But than we must climb some tight stoned stairs. Puuuhhh...
Here you can see me and my friends with the wooden ones. On the stoned we had no chance to tae a picture.


Oh we found this cklock while going down. Nice because you ccan see the machanism inside.


While some people went upstairs on the stoned stairs we wait on a jutty and found one of the archives. It was really luck.


Back down we TVs decided to had a refreshment. And Zandy suggest us the "Rosenküchle" (rose cakes/cookies). The name cames therefrom they look like roses.


On our way back home we passed the little animasl zoo in Öhringen and so we had a look. And really some of the animales were outside. Look me in dangour with a goat. Hehe not really danger. The goat was only snoopy.  :D


And that was it. Hope you enjoy to read about my day daddy.


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