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Klöch, Austria - 23rd November 2011

By: FrRossi

Hello everybody,

the weekend is gone, the nice weather won´t come and so it´s hard to go outdoor, cause its cold and foggy! But my host told me, we can´t sit at home and watch the whole day TV... so we made a short trip to Klöch! This is a nice place in the south of styria! There they have very very good wine, but I´m to young to taste.  :(

We wanted to visit the ruin of Klöch, where you have a great view over a nice part of styria. But, the ruin is closed in winter, so we can visit again in april.  :mad:
Thats why I tried to get in.....
....and climbed up to the ruin, but this height....
....so i get dizzy, and so I decided to stay on the ground! This is much better for me!

Yesterday we were in Anger/Weiz ´cause my host has to work there. We made a short shoot, that you can imagine how it looks when you are over the mountains and see the foggy city down there (I think you only can see the fog). We had the best weather, it was sunny and a bit warm - great.

So thats it, maybe we visit the clocktower in Graz ´cause my host mum is working this evening.
But if we visit, you gonna see it here!

Have a nice day - big hug

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