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still Moe's apartment, austria - 31st December 2011

By: Glubschi

Here it is now, the year of the Maya apocalypse, so we should party hard before the world ends.  :p The evening started with a nice cheese fondue with a LOT of wine in it, was enough to knock out a small carrot like me. But that would have been MUCH too early, I waited for the real booze.  ;) I mean, getting drunk because of a fondue, that's a bit wrong. But obviously not wrong enough for Moe, he was finished before the evening was.

We got a bunch of fireworks as you can see on the picture (sadly, we had bigger ones, but we fired them before taking the pic. We forgot about it. :( ), well, 'fireworkies', as those are the little ones. But it was enough for us, especially as we had a great firework-view from where we were. Gave us an impression of how it will look the world will end this year.  :p And damn, the big gang picture of me and my friends with the booze in the background was the last moment we were all still able to walk upright. Crazy night, but it was great.  :D


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