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At home, Bochum, Germany - 21st January 2012

By: Shilo

Mom has told me, that I’ve got a Host where I can stay.  It’s Dr.Kröbner I am so happy about it.  :D But before I travel there, we’re going to Venice next month. Mom said that there is carnival, when we are there.  I'm curious about it. The guidebook said that there were a lot of people with masks and costumes everywhere at that time. 

Hmm should I wear a costume too? What do you think about this hat from my dad?


I think I will give it a try


Doesn’t it suit me? I think I can wear it.  B) But it’s a little bit too big and heavy.


Help…help me… it’s so dark in here.


Hmm I better think of something else as costume  ;)

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