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At home, Bochum, Germany - 2nd February 2012

By: Shilo


Today mum told us, that we were going to the Netherlands this weekend. Her mother-in-law has birthday on Saturday and is on vacation there. Pinky and I were really happy when we heard about this short break.

Mum and dad wanted to bake a cake for the birthday, as a surprise. Pinky and I decided to help dad with it.


First we need eggs. The egg is nearly as big as I am. Hmm is this the way it should get into the bowl?



Dad told me that I was wrong and we have to put the baking mixture into the bowl first. Pinky gives me a hand with opening and putting it into the bowl.


Now the margarine gets into the bowl. That was Pinky’s job. Even though she’s very small she has a lot of power.


Finally the egg has to go into the bowl.


Now we get to the funniest part, when we mix everything together.


Even though the cake is not finished yet it already looks delicious. So now he just has to go into the oven.


While the cake was in the oven, Pinky and I grabbed Dad’s Dutch books to learn a little Dutch for the weekend. First we read the lesson together and then we asked each other questions to check if we could remember everything. It worked very well. At least I now know what “Good morning” and “to eat” is in Dutch.





After we finished learning, the cake was ready too. Doesn’t it look delicious? But we’re not allowed to eat it now. But that’s okay cause mum promised us that we will get a piece of it on Saturday.


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