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Texel, Netherlands - 4th February 2012

By: Shilo

Hello everybody,

I slept very well and had a wonderful night. Because we are only here for a short visit, we decided to start right after breakfast, to see as much as possible of Texel.
First of all we drove to De Burg. This is a very cute little city. There are lots of very cool shops here. For example a whole shop filled with all kind of candy. Sadly we didnít take a picture there. We found a new friend here in Den Burg. Her name is Snowball and she grew up here on Texel. When mum saw Snowball she adopted her right away.
Snowballs greatest dream is to become a tourist guide. So she guided us around Texel.


After we finished our tour through De Burg we traveled on to De Koog, to buy some ingredients for lunch. We met a very nice seal in front of the supermarket. We weíre allowed to sit on her back while we waited for the shopping to be put into the car.



Isnít this a great church?


After the shopping we went back to our house to warm up a little and eat the very delicious birthday cake. We also had a cup of tea.



Hmm the cake was really yummy. Especially with all the cream on it. After we finished our meal Pinky and I helped tiding up.


Next we went to Bollekamer. This is a nature protection area, in which wild horses and cows live. Iím very curious if we will meet some because I have never before seen horses or cows in real life.
Just beyond the entrance of the area there grazed a group of wild horses. Dads mum told us that they had never before seen the horses this close in the area. So we had a lot of luck there.



The landscape looks great with all the snow. You can look very far.



I got a little bit afraid when we saw this bird of prey in the sky. But luckily he wasnít hunting me but another animal. Anyway I wanted to go on quickly.



I always thought the Netherlands would be all flat but they have some small hills.





Look what we found: A giant bathtub for penguins. I think the water is nice and cold. Itís a pity we donít have the time to take a bath.



This small Ąforestď shall give shadow to the cows in the summer. But right now they give you the feeling of being in the middle of a desert. From above here you have a great view. And I think I saw something over there. Letís get there quick.




Yeah I was right. Here we have some free living cows. They have very long fur and gigantic horns. I think itís good that they arenít too close to us.



Because the others needed to warm up a little, we went back home. Because Pinky and I were not freezing we went outside and build a snowman. Isnít it great?



After the others warmed up, we went to Cocksdorp to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is really huge. And right next to the lighthouse there is a BIG beach.




Wow what a great sunset. Snowball really didnít promised us too much.



The ocean. I can see the ocean. Snowball told me that it is the North Sea. But mum told me that it is too windy to take a swim. Really a pity, but perhaps I will get a chance to swim in the sea some time.



Since everybody else was freezing because of the wind we started our journey back home.



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