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Bochum, Germany - 22nd January 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey there all you Toyvoyager Friends!! =)

This is me, Peeta.
As you can see I just started my "career" as a Toyvoyager and I'm so excited about my previous journey around the world and maybe to some of you, out there ;)

Tiffy and me decided today, that I'll start travelling...
and so I had to take a bath, cause I wanted to travel around the world as a clean, bear... you know. ;)

So I took a bubble bath and had also some nice society around me... a rubber ducky! Hehehehe!

Everything was full of bubbles... bubble.. bubble di..bubble du bubble bubble.... love them! <3
I also got a bath crown on my head! =) Hell yeah!

And after my warm bath, it was very cold. So Tiffy wrapped me into a towel so that I won't freeze that much.. and it really helped! =)

So this was my first step of becoming a (clean xD ) Toyvoyager!!

See you later!! =)

Peeta ;)

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