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Samui, Thailand - 23rd March 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
At last I can publish amazing photos of my holidays in Thailand! I can warn you, there are more photo than one hundred therefore at me it’s a lot of work  B)
Hey, my very first day of holiday begins! You know, how long it takes to fly to Thailand from Moscow? 9 hours! And one and a half more to the small island Samui where we will enjoy everything. Add time at three airports between planes, and day passes. But of course, holidays are worth it!
Everything begins in Domodedovo – one of four airports in Moscow, the biggest and overloaded airport in Russia. It was opened in 1963 and sends more than 400 flights a day!
We approach to our table. We’ve chosen flight of Transaero Company. It is the leader among the Russian companies by quality of transportations. Well, and by the price of the ticket too.
Plus, we have a business class. It isn't necessary, but we are going to fly all night long. I couldn’t imagine, how it is possible to sit 9 hours long on inconvenient armchair, some people can't even extend a foot,  what to say about sleeping. Comfort is money! :thinking:
So, it is necessary to be checked on the x-ray device. It seems, there are no metal explosive parts and water in me but who knows?
Well, we passed customs, before our flight it is 2 hours, than how we will waste our time? Let's eat. The last European food for a half-month – it is still unclear what we will find in Thailand …
The business class gives another remarkable priority – a special waiting room. It is awesome to relax in a soft chair with a plate of snacks. These luminous bubbles behind my back –it is so cool!
At last, we in the plane. I never saw such amusing chairs-capsules, did you? Now we can sit and read a book comfortably …
And by pressing one button they automatically turn into the real bed! Yes, in such armchair it is possible to sleep perfectly 9 hours long! And the back doesn't move, so nobody hangs over. Super! :D
Short stop at the airport of Bangkok. There is no time for photography – it is necessary to take away luggage and send to the following flight! But this mosaic on a wall I simply couldn't pass – so beautiful.
And certainly, always there is enough time for the most tasty coconut. Oh, it is necessary to drink directly from a nut? And the barman instead of using a shaker takes a sharp hatchet, does 3 strokes, a straw and everything is ready. Exotic!
At last, cute small airport of island Samui (or coh Samui as local people say). Very small. Compare it with my first photo! But it is so lovely. There are many airports in picturesque exotic places worldwide, but the island Samui airport is known as the most harmonious with the nature of Thailand. Only two companies work there: Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways. An airport building has only one floor, in colors and flowers.
So, after our arrival we look in a map to reconnoiter the area. Such a tiny island! We are in the top right corner. And our hotel is on the right coast, between two "horns". Look, there is the only McDonald's on the island nearby. Mmmm, civilization! :cyclops:
My God, it is so pleasant to lay down on the real bed and to extend feet! Moreover on such beautiful one.
The first day of my holiday came, I shouldn’t hurry up now, I take a breath for a few minutes in our room, as there is a conditioner, and on the street it is really hot! ;)

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