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Samui, Thailand - 6th April 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Finally I can continue my tale about Samui Island!
Here I am near a huge temple complex. Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha Temple) is one of Koh Samui’s most famous landmarks. Located near the airport, the site boasts an immense 12 meter tall golden Buddha image that can actually be seen from the plane as visitors fly into the island. :stare:
Construction of the temple was commenced in 1972 and since then, it has gained in popularity, now experiencing a healthy number of locals and tourists who come to pay their respects and take some amazing photographs.
Other attractions at the temple are a set of dragon-like naga that flank the stairs leading up to the Big Buddha itself and hmmm… green demon on an elephant? :thinking:


With the amount of tourists coming in, the temple is constantly getting upgraded too, thanks to the large number of donations. If you wish to give money, there are plenty of ways to do it from buying floral garlands to getting your fortune read. We choose this one – you pay 2$ and “buy” a piece of tile. You can write something on it and give to a monk. Then with those tile the temple will be reconstructed. I hope, it will bring good luck to us! :cyclops:
The base of the statue is surrounded by several restaurants and shops selling snacks, jewelry, clothing and other souvenirs.
This place is so peaceful! There are hundreds of animals here, and no one tell them a bad word! :D
Near a river there are some statues that Thai adores so much. Probably it’s a folkloric scene from local history? :o

Here's a sample of how unusual the statues of the deities at those temples are. This 14 armed deity looks more like it belongs in India than in Thailand. She keeps a certain tool which helps to put things in order to a man in each of 14 hands. Best thing is, it's free entrance but dress conservatively if you want to show respect to the local people.
This is a look on the main building of temple, the Bot. It's beautifully decorated inside, with stories about Buddha's life painted on the walls and the ceiling.

Demons-guardians again. But they are blue this time :p
Also there is a pond with huge carps who are fed by tourists. You should pay $1/3 for a forage pailful13

Here is another part of complex – with Happy Buddha statue. So beautiful! :)

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