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Osterrönfeld, Germany - 19th January 2012

By: Philliph O-Feld

My Hosts:
1.At home- with my mom
2.Bochum, Germany- with Shilo
3.Nuthetal, Germany- with Schnutenfussel

Moin, Moin you landlubbers,

My name is Captain and I'm an old sea bear. I have spent many years on the high seas. Actually it came me quite well, but one day I lost my ship and my crew during a heavy storm. Phillip O-Feld, Isabel and Babuo were suddenly disappeared! But I swam for my life and had some turbulent years before I found out that my crew are now ToyVoyagers. Among other things I've discovered America with Columbus, was on the first expedition to the North Pole, I have seen the paradise and had already experienced some adventures with Captain Jack Sparrow. But now my crew tell me how much more exciting the life of a ToyVoyager is and I decided to become one. So you can get to know me, here's my profile:

Name: Captain, what else?
Address: Oh...I'm here and there and everywhere.
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown, too.
special characteristics: I seem a little bit grumpy sometimes, but I'm really quite nice.
Favorit Colour: Blue, like the sea.
Favorit Food: Fish and Crabs
My favorit song: The Soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean

That's it for now, but you hear from me again, I swear.



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