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Temuco, Chile - 19th November 2011

By: Leslie

Hello everybody, I'm Meav!  :D

A few days ago Leslie found me on a little store where I was piled up with a lot of other toys and brought me to live with her! :)

When we got home, I started exploring the house and hopping up and down the shelves when I found a photo of a little giraffe in front of a wonderful church, which I could tell was not here!


Next to that one, there was another one of the same giraffe with a fish, very nice!  :stare:


A little further I found a green frog looking out a plane window!


Leslie explained everything about toyvoyagers to me and showed me a photo album of Kirin's trips around the world!



I asked her if I could become a toyvoyager too because I have always dreamed of traveling, and guess what... she said yes!!  :D

We came to this site and the first thing I saw was the same frog from the plane photo, my brother Ranil!
He seems to be quite famous!  :stare:


I wish I could be the toyvoyager of the week one day too!


I'm planning on staying at home for a little while before starting my trips abroad, I really like the warmth of a home! :rolleyes:

See you!

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