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Ballarat, Australia - 21st February 2012

By: fleursmum


Hey Mum,

Today I am at the Ballarat Wildlife Park - we are going to see lots of Australian animals!!
the koalas were snoozing in the trees
this is the Tasmanian Devil Mum - a bit scarey  :o - they scream at each other!! :o Back when the first settlers went to Tasmania they could hear these animals in the bush and could see the light shining through their ears and they looked like devil horns and so that is how they got their name! :D They didn't stand still for a photo much though they are on the move all the time.
Flummi and I met Tilly the koala - she was munching on gum leaves and quite happy to meet us - we were told she had a baby in her pouch - it is very small at the present.  :D
then I met a grey kangaroo - it was busy eating the food mix we had for it!
these are red kangaroos - they are fenced off from people because they are frightened of people - they thing people are predators!
then Diddl-Maus and I met Patrick the wombat - he was wanting to sleep but didn't mind us dropping in to have a photo. He is nocturnal and prefers to be up at night time.
over the back here Mum, there are two giant tortises - not Australian but interesting to have a look at anyway!
Sue can't remember what this is Mum!! :rolleyes: but it was dusty and just sitting.
mmmmmm....x2!!! :D

We had a good day out Mum, off for a sleep in the car on the way home now!

Love and hugs

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