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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 18th April 2012

By: Zandy

Hi mummy,

this week was boring. Zandy was ill and so we couldnít do something. She lay in bed the whole day. But on Wednesday she said itís time to do something and so we wrote postcards. Zandy is in postcrossing and we were able to help her writing postcards.

First she brought a black box.


I was really excitied what there is inside. So I opened it and look postcards.


First we had to get an address where our postcard will go (this one will go to Japan), after this we read the profile of the person (of course we didnít take a picture of the profile, because there was shown the address and a picture). After we read we had to pick out a good postcard. But if you see it wasnít easy do decided with one is the best.


But the person I should write likes flowers so I pic a flowerpostcard.



I like it. The cat is really nice, or what do you think mummy?!
Than I had to write some words on the card and the address.


And at least I had to pic up a stamp. Decisions, decisions, decisionsÖ really hard. But of course I get two stampf.



We wrote nine postcards together. Look with we picked up. Arenít this nice cards? I like them.



And than we had a little walk to the postbox, where we throw the cards inside.


Great journey postcards!

Bye mummy! Yours,

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