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Burg Stettenfels, Untergruppenbach, Germany - 29th April 2012

By: Zandy

Hey mummy,

today we visited a medieval market at the castle in Untergruppenbach (near Heilbronn). And we decided, that we would do it right and so we dress up. Look, I’m a Scotish princess.


Love my dress. The others dress up as a knight and a amazon. Aren’t we nice?


First we had a look at the people who camp there. It was very interesting, but hard to understand for me when they talked. But Zandy had no problems with it and so she talked and we look at the interesting things. :D Here is an armour of a knight or better some pices of it and some swords.


And here is a camp of the Scottish people, one of them played a bagpipe and it was really nice.


It was hot outside so we get thirsty. I drink a mead. It was really delicious. “Slainte, mummy!” (Somebody told us that the Scottish people say it when they drink.)


Mummy look what a great view we had from the little bridge over the moat. One the one side there were jugglers and on the other side we saw a stage.



And than we get hungry, because we hadn’t have a big breakfast, so we decided to eat something and we found a really delicious bread with garlic and we could give some other things on it. YUMMY! I can told you!


The next picture was taken in the inner courtyard of the castle.


And than we walked a little bit and went up, from wehre we had a really great view over Untergruppenbach and the other citys around.


After we had enough of this we walked down into the vaulted cellar.


There were a lot of people with clothes. The most interesting thing was the big weaving loom. The men there was really nice, he showed us how you must do it and talked a little bit with us. And he allowed us to take this picture:


On the other side we came into the moat, how you can see now we stand in front of the stage. And  just at this moment there were some music on it. The man you can see are called “Spielleute Cantoris” and Zandy like them. They play funny songs – of course like in the medieval time.


Now we could look up at the wall of the castle and see it from above. Nice, or?!


Our next station was a booth from a crocker. Look what for nice things she had. Oh and can you see the little wooden castles? We all were really fascinated of them.



And than we walked back to the beginning of our tour, because there was a little arena and when we came there showed some things of higlandgames.


(klick at the picture!)

Another view over Untergruppenbach, here we are on the other side.




We found a place with shadow to relax and had a view over the arena and the tents.


After relaxing we decided to walk our way. And look what we found a real armour. It was in front of a smith. Great or? But I thing I won’t wear it, because it looks really heavy.



And here we are in front of another tent. We thought it was for  the high society. :)


And another armour. But now it’s with leather. We didn’t really know, but we think it’s from Vikings.


Mommy can you see what we saw? Scary! We fastly take a picture and ran away, so that they didn’t catch us.


And this area I loved mostly. A area with bows and arrows.


And than we saw the highlight of the whole day: the tournament. So cool! All the knights were really good. I don’t know which one I liked most. First they come to the arena and herald introduce the knights.




The knights had to do some exercises (Exercitien in German). First they had to pick up the rings with their lance. And for every ring they pick up they get a point (Oculus).

(klick at the picture!)

Than it was time for headhunting. *hehe* There were a dark head standing on a red block. And the knights had to behead the dark head. They must knock out the red block and therefore they get points (Oculi).




The third discipline was the boar hunt. Therefore they prepare a wooden boar with a strawbag and all the knights hat to ride in a line and they must throw their lances into the boar.


Now you can see all the knights in the arena. They had little crowns on their helmet and the others had to knock off the crown. But they must do it from the front side. I German it’s called Bargordia, but we don’t know how to call it in English.

(klick at the picture!)


We really like the music. It’s perfect for this day and we can’t stand still, we would shake a little bit, but we know that maybe the people around us didn’t like it and of course we would see the Exercitien. :)
The next one was this. They had to throw the torso down with their lance. And if the herald had a lance, too. He metering the distance from the thing the torso was on it to the torso itself. And one full lance of the herald gives two Oculi (points)

(klick at the picture!)




One of the horses was young and was a little bit scary, so an older horse rides with him.


And this was a game in with the knights had to knock the shield with their lance an for every round the shield does they get a point. I like this very much, because they were very fast.

(klick at the picture!)


(klick at the picture!)

The next knight was really funny. He ride to the shield and blow on it. He thought that he get more rotations. So funny!



And the last Exercitium was the joust (Tjost). The knights hat to ride with their lances and must throw out their opponent out of the saddle or to broke their lance on the shield.


(klick at the picture!)

And than it was the end of the tournament :( Sadly, we ha d a lot of fun there. The knights say goodbye to the people.





(klick at the picture!)

Than we walked back to the castle, because we wanted to eat something before we go home. And there was a band playing some songs. We found a great place from which we see all. :D


Mummy do you know the next song? It was funny. And we can’t hold on, we dance and sing together! Wohoooo! :D

(klick at the picture!)

(klick at the picture!)

And of course we had a great view from our place. Here you see a wide view and a view at the wall of the castle (Stettenfels).



And our last view in the moat. With nice clothes in the background.



Mummy, I hope you enjoy this post how I enjoyed the day. It was soooo nice!

Love yours,

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