Sanny, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland


Posted Jun 21, 2011, 5:01 pm
Hello everybody,

this is me :)! I am called Sanny, because of a friend of BlackCat who is a big Pikachu fan. Maybe one day I will go to her and show her all the photos you made with me from my travels.

This will be fun!


Posted Jun 21, 2011, 5:03 pm

today I helped BlackCat a little at home. We wrote a lot of postcards together and I got to meet another cuddly toy of her. He is called Bärchen. That was a lot of fun. But see yourself:

What a nice day.


Posted Oct 21, 2011, 9:59 pm
Today I went with my mum to the Postcrossing-Meeting in Münster and there I met my new host Jenny. She was also attending the meeting and is originally from Hamburg. I am really curious to see Hamburg but I am sure that will come later!
First we had a walk around the town, here in the distance you can see the Dom, a big church in Münster. Jenny had another TV with her, it was Lilo_Panda.
The nice building at the end of the street was the town hall.
To get to the church we had to cross the weekly market.
This really beautiful watch we found while visiting the church, we couldn't stay in there for long and walk around because it was the time for the service.
After the church we walked along the town hall, some other nice houses nearby and another church.
This is a plan of Münster, you can see the two churches we have seen today?
We then started to get to the restaurant to eat something and on our way we met this little church.
And now normal doings at Postcrossing-Meetings, eating something, writing cards, signing cards, chatting and thinking about bath tubs in different styles and colours.
This time there was a little chocolate lottery, too. Everybody brought a wrapped piece of his or her favorite chocolate and then you have to draw a piece. This was the chocolate Jenny brought to the meeting.
And here are all the wrapped chocolates.
After the meeting we started on our way home. We had to take many different trains and had to chage for example at Osnabrück.
Here you can see our travel plan from Osnabrück to Hamburg.
But we had some fun in the train and arrived home late but happy!


Posted Oct 21, 2011, 10:34 pm
Oh, it's been a long time since I last wrote something in here but my host had a really busy time and we couldn't be on the road to take photos. But today I am really excited, she said that we are going to a medieval market at a really beautiful place. But first we had to take the train from Hamburg to Lübeck.
And then from Lübeck to Neustadt (Holstein). We had to take Jenny's bike with us because from the train station in Neustadt it was about 5 km to the market.
On these markets they have special money, Jenny had some coins left from an earlier market and showed them to me.
Here you can see some of the signs on the street we had to go by bike.
And then we arrived at the market, I didn't know where to watch first. This was the estate in the centre of the market, looked a bit like some small castle. They even had a small river around it.
Here you could buy some really delicous mead and some other nice drinks.
They had two stages on the market, this was the bigger one and the ceremony to open the market officially should take place here in a few minutes.
Oh, did you see the blue sky? It seems as if some dark clouds are coming...
Ah, here the leader of the market is coming and with him many people in medieval clothes.
There was some little frog hopping over the gras and the monk called "Bruder Rectus" was trying to catch him.
And even the Death was there. Should I be afraid?
The people from the market are living in there tents. They try to live as close to the real medieval ages as possible.
This was the place for the knights to do their battles but now there wasn't anybody. But more dark clouds were coming...
We walked over the market to the other stage where these two guys called "Das Niveau" were performing. It was really funny!
Ah, here we found some people fighting but without horses. I hope nobody got hurt!
And here is "Das Niveau" again!
After this really heavy rain started to fall... We stayed at the market and some saw more shows and ate some really delicous things but we couldn't take pictures so that the camera wouldn't get wet...


Posted Oct 21, 2011, 11:16 pm
Finally! Hamburg! We had a long walk around Hamburg today and it was really great!
We started at the Reeperbahn, probably the most famous street in Hamburg. It is known as a street with many discos, bars and clubs but also as a Red Light District. In the past long ropes were made here.
Here we are still at the train station.
And here my first view over the Reeperbahn.
This side street is called "Große Freiheit", it is also really famous and almost every tourist is walking along here.
This place is called "Hans Albers Platz". Hans Albers was a singer and actor from Hamburg, he has sung the also famous song "Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb 1". Everyone living in Hamburg and in the surroundins can sing this song!
This is the police station at the Reeperbahn called "Davidswache". The German crime series "Tatort" is partly playing there.
Some more views over the Reeperbahn.
Jenny told me that the Reeperbahn is even more exciting at night but that it is not safe then for a little Pikachu like me!
This is the most known street were men can go if they search a woman for an hour or two... Women are not allowed to enter. There was also some football-game then as you can see at the two guys but I don't know who won...
Then we arrived at the harbour!
We walked down to the water and along the river Elbe.
We decided to have a walk through the old Elbtunnel. There is a new one for cars as it took a lot of time for them to use the old one. They have to go down by lift!
These signs were in the tunnel.
And the tunnel itself, it wasn't this yellow but the camera made it this way...
And now we had a great view over the harbour from the other side of the Elbe.
Here we are on our way back right in the middle of the tunnel!
The "Rickmer Rickmers", a sailing ship that you could visit as a museum.
We walked a little farther and came to the St. Michaelis-church. It is the main church of Hamburg.
We didn't went up the tower but Jenny told me, that we would perhaps do that another day.
This strange building is called "Elbphilharmonie" and when it is finished you can visit classic concerts there.
Hamburg has many rivers and so some watergates are needed.
These old warehouses are called "Speicherstadt" and perhaps they will become an UNESCO World Heritage Site soon, they are already on the tentative list.
The way home led through a very small street called "Deichstrasse". There you can see some real old and typical hamburgian houses.
In 1842 there was a real big fire in Hamburg and it started in the house called "Zum Brandanfang".
Directly next to the Deichstrasse is the old St. Nikolai-church. It was destroyed in World War II but the tower remained and it is now a memorial.
This spring is in front of the church.
This man is called "St. Ansgar" and he was archbishop from Hamburg.
Finally we arrived in the inner city of Hamburg. Here you can see the town hall of Hamburg.
As we turned around we saw the St. Petri-church.
The main shopping street in Hamburg is called "Mönkebergstrasse".
We walked along the Mönkebergstrasse and at the end took the train back home. We were really tired after such a long walk.


Posted Feb 14, 2012, 10:54 pm
A friend from Jenny visited her today and so we made another trip through Hamburg. Jenny promised me, that we will see some more places this time!
We started in the inner city again. Doesn't it look a bit like Venice with the nice houses and the swans?
And here is the town hall again.
We had a fantastic blue sky this day as you can see on the next photos. We walked along the inner Alster, a lake in the city with a smaller inner part and a bigger outer park.
Then we started to the harbour again and this time we went behind the houses of the Deichstrasse.
So here you can see the houses from behind.
When we arrived at the harbour we went to visit the St. Michaelis-church and we climbed the tower. At the top platform we had a great view around.
The lake in the distance is the Alster!
This picture shows the Alster, too and some of the towers from the churches of Hamburg and even the town hall.
We also had a look over the harbour. The building with the strange shape is the new "Elbphilharmonie", a place for classical concerts.
Then we walked to the river and made a trip with ferry. The tables were decorated with a map from the river and the places the ferry passes. But they are not tourist boats but used for public transport.
The start at the "Landungsbrücken".
One of the stations
And the museum harbour Övelgönne.
The houses of the "Elbchaussee", the probably most expensive street in Hamburg.
And some less specific views of our boat trip, do you see the bird?
Oops, suddenly upside down...
This is the "Lotsenhaus Seemannshöft" where the pilots are located. They guide big ships safely into the harbour. There is also the lighthouse Seemannshöft.
On our way home we found this fountain.
We ended our tour on the "Heiligengeistfeld", a big place in Hamburg were the make fairs and also the stadium of the FC St. Pauli is located there.
From there we took the underground home and had a nice evening!

Posted Feb 14, 2012, 11:32 pm
Today we are on a trip to Berlin. We will have a walk through the city today and go back home tomorrow!
We arrived at the main station and then started a walk to the Reichstag building. To get there we needed to cross the river Spree.
From there we could already see the Bundeskanzleramt. It is the place where the chancellor of Germany, at the moment Angela Merkel, and her helpers are working.
And here the view back to the main station of Berlin.
Ah, and here the Bundeskanzleramt again, this time from the front.
Then we finally arrived at the Reichstag, it is where the German government is meeting.
From the Reichstag it isn't far to the Brandenburger Tor, a very famous building in Berlin. It is also on some German coins.
At the Brandenburger Tor ends the famous street "Unter den Linden".
In front of the Brandenburger Tor we found this christmas tree. I think it is not very beautiful and they could have found a better one for such an well visited place!
Some more impressions from Berlin.
In the distance you see the TV tower of Berlin.
This is the most famous church in Berlin, called "Berliner Dom". We thought about going in but it was really expensive and so we couldn't afford it.
We continued our walk to the Alexanderplatz, there was a christmas market.
We could have a look from above out of a shop.
Right near the Alexanderplatz is the TV-tower.
On our way back we met this man and he was so kind to take a picture with me.
We walked back along the street "Unter den Linden". The Russian Embassy is located there.
We then walked to the hostel. Jenny wanted to go to a concert in the evening but she told me, it is too dangerous for little Pikachus and so I needed to stay in the hostel. But it was okay for me, it was a long and very wet day and I was happy with a warm and cosy bed!
The hostel was located in an old monastery and we took some photos in the morning when we left it.
On the way to the underground we found this ruins.
Right next to the station was the Tempodrom, a place where events can take place and with some history as it had to change its location several times in its existance.
So ended our visit in Berlin. Jenny told me that there is much more to be seen, perhaps I can go again one day!

Posted Oct 9, 2012, 5:43 pm

I am home. Since months already. But mum is just too busy to write updates.

Will cuddle more with my friends on my part of the shelf now.


Posted Jan 26, 2021, 8:58 pm
Hi Mom! I arrived to Ireland today. I was a bit nervous but then I met MokoMoko and he was so friendly that I forgot about all my worries pretty fast! He told me that he felt a bit lonely after his buddy _Mishuta_ left but my arrival (and probably the sweets I shared with him :D) cheered him up!

Then my new host Katusha showed us two more Postcrossing postcards that were delivered today. They both were from Finland. One was with a bear and another with three magpies. MokoMoko said it's what they enjoy to receive very much.

Now I'm going to have some rest. Hope all is well at home. I'll keep you posted! ;)

Posted Feb 9, 2021, 6:26 pm

A little update about what I did today. For the last few days it's been so cold in Letterkenny but at the same time the weather's been so sunny and dry! If you don't know the temperature it almost looks like summer in photos. In reality it's still quite frosty.

Today me and Katusha decided to have a quick walk to the garden centre. There we bought some seeds for planting in a day or two when it's finally warmer. It was some meadow flowers and marigolds and also onions. The first ones will have to wait till April but all others are fine to be planted in February. I've never been a gardener before. So I'm very curious :D

Posted Feb 14, 2021, 6:15 pm
Today we had a nice walk on the outskirts of Letterkenny. The morning was sooo rainy that we didn't expect we'd be able to go out. But then the sky was clear again and we didn't want to miss the chance.

We saw some nice views of the mountains, a little farm with old barns and a few cute sheep! :D

When we returned home we had hot tea with sweets. And it was so good to be home. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Posted Yesterday, 9:34 pm
Heyyy! It's me again! I'm alright and doing fine :D

This Friday we went to Dublin for a one day trip because Katusha had some appointments there. Our day started very early - at 5 am. We drove for 3,5 hours from Letterkenny to Dublin. Then after finishing everything we were supposed to do we thought to have a little walk in the city before going back to Donegal, we needed some walking desperately because it's quite hard to drive so much without a break.

Dublin was very empty. Many shops and places were still closed. And the streets were not very busy. And even though the day was a bit cold and grey it was so good to walk the city's streets and to see all those old buildings, double-decker busses, luas (it's how they call the tram in Dublin), canals and friendly swans!

This is the place where you can try the Irish lamb stew. When it's open of course. Katusha said it's one of the best!


Posted Yesterday, 9:45 pm
Today we did a little bit of gardening because the day was sunny enough and it was a good time to sow some seeds and plants that are fine to be planted in February. So it was those little onions that we bought some time ago, some marigolds and a very good looking violet rose. At least it looked good in the picture on the box. So hopefully in summer we'll se some pretty flowers!

Gardening is very interesting thing to do. But as I have learnt you need a loooot of patience before you see the results of your work. I hope we did a good work today!