Bubo, Bochum, Germany


Posted May 4, 2010, 12:35 pm
I have hatched and wanted to know where my mummy was. I called out Mummy, and this human came to look at me, and said "hello". I replied "Mummy, are you my mummy?" She smiled and took me in her hands but said nothing. I said, "Mummy, I will adopt you to be my mummy."
I want to travel across the world. If you would like to show me your part of the globe, please message my mummy.

Posted May 4, 2010, 12:36 pm
We welcomed Diddl-Maus

Posted May 12, 2010, 5:31 pm
It is election day and my mummy is going to vote.
Because photography inside a polling station is not allowed, my mummy made this little "polling booth" and made a "ballot paper" She changed her mind with what she had printed on the paper so used an editing software to alter it. She asked where I should go first on a voyage.
I want to go travelling... Who'll be the first to host me? Please message my mummy...

Posted May 19, 2010, 4:40 pm
Mummy took me out today with other toyvoyagers to go geocaching. Wow, this was exciting. It didn't take very long to find the treasure. I want to go find more treasure, but mummy said perhaps another day.
I fit nicely into the treasure chest! OK, a small clip-lock box.
We walk over the bridge that spans the River Seiont (though can swing open to allow boats to go).
And then we went into Caernarfon Castle.
There was a special event on, and a craftsman was showing some people woodworking techniques. I thought I should roost on this harp.
After my little rest, we walked up some spiral staircases to go onto the walls.   
We went up higher to the top of a tower.
Then we made our way back down.
The castle was built in the 13th century, and it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Posted May 19, 2010, 5:05 pm
My mummy, before taking me home, took me round the Owl Centre to say goodbye.
This owl is a bully, I am only a little baby owl.
Bye owls & secretary birdie. Maybe I will come back and visit.

Posted Jun 6, 2010, 6:20 pm
My big brother wanted a game of Settlers of Catan.

Posted Jun 6, 2010, 7:00 pm
Today, mummy took me to Hunstanton.
I saw some fish. These ones here are poking their heads out of pipes.
And some anemones
Outside, we saw some otters, as well as seals & penguins.

Posted Jun 6, 2010, 11:14 pm
Today on our way home to Wales, we stopped off at the UNESCO World Heritage area of Ironbridge Gorge.
This Ironbridge was the first bridge to be made out of iron. 
We took a rest on the bench before looking around the Great Exhibition section of the museum.
I didn't want to stick my head through & appear to wear a silly/period costume.
But I was happy to model the Rayburn
And an Aga cooker.

Posted Jul 4, 2010, 2:50 pm
Today, post arrived. I wonder who is in the parcel.
Hello dotdog
Here we are, alfie langer the bear, Nippy the penguin, Bubo the owl - that's me, Gaspode the original dog & Lintilla the sheep.

Posted Sep 6, 2010, 12:00 pm
Today, I have come to the seaside town of Skegness on the North Sea coast.
This is a lifeboat operated by the RNLI.
The tractor takes the boat down to the sea for launch.
Skegness has a nice little boating lake. The funfair can be seen in the distance. We didn't have time to visit the fair.
What lovely looking sand.
Donkey rides are a traditional attraction at the seaside.

Posted Sep 6, 2010, 12:04 pm
Today, mummy took me to the place where she found me.
Hello Owl.
A couple of snowy owls..
Are these big owls looking at me, mummy?

Posted Sep 6, 2010, 12:16 pm
Today, mummy took us to Hunstanton's sea-life centre.
This is the ray/skate and dogfish tank.
Doesn't this fish have such a pretty face, mummy?
A rather big spider crab.
Some pretty sea anemones - snakelocks, and beadlet.
This anemone is stuck to the tank glass.
Eek, Jaws.
We are in front of the big shark tank. The fish don't swim slow enough to allow a nice photo in low light (my mummy doesn't like to use the flash here).

Posted Sep 6, 2010, 1:17 pm
Today, we decided to look at the map because some of us toys are continuing the journey around the world.
Mandy Sheep is off to Germany today, and Lintilla is off to Russia. Tomorrow, Nippy will be leaving for The Netherlands.
Goodbye, safe journey.

Posted Sep 6, 2010, 1:27 pm
Mummy just returned home from walking big bro to school to find two small packets in the porch.
I wonder who has arrived.
Hello Dusel and Squizzle

Posted Oct 20, 2010, 11:14 am
I don't really like these long dinstance flight in autumn. It was sunny, but really cold when I arrived at the window of my new host.

I knocked at the window and it was opened by another TV called Muumipeikko. He helped me to climb into the warm room.

When he saw how frozen I am, he made me a huge cup of tea.

Posted Oct 27, 2010, 11:04 am
My first trip in Leipzig is to go to the main station because Katrin needs tickets for her weekend trip.

While Katrin is waiting at the counter, I explored the station on my own. You enter the station trough this huge hall but then I had to decide: Climbing the stairs or follow the people on the right?

I decided to follow the people and look where I am! It looks more like a shopping mall than a station. There are all kind of different shops over two floors.

After some window shopping I looked up and saw the blue and yellow signs of the tracks.

Now I am at the main station floor. The main station in Leipzig is one of Europes biggest "Kopfbahnhof" ("head station"). That means that the trains have to leave the station on the same track on which they entered it.

Posted Nov 1, 2010, 4:58 pm
A bag full of books? These books aren't any schoolbooks, there are German and Englisch novels and thrillers and.... Hey, why do you close the zipper?!

Here is the solution: Katrin is at a Bookcrossing meet-up! I think you have already heard about www.bookcrossing.com, it's like Toy Voyagers, just with books. :)
This is me with all the books which are supposed to be swaped. (Great idea to put them on a black couch, right?)

Back home after two hours of nice chatting and making new friends. The result: instead of having less books at home, Katrin brought new books home with her. I won't be bored here, there are always enough books for reading.

Posted Nov 4, 2010, 9:47 am
The sun is shining and it was warm outside, a good reason to go for a walk. When I had a bath in the fallen leaves, Katrin picked me up to go to the city center.

It is not easy to take good pictures of the buildings, because everything is really close. The city center is built in a ring and people say that you can go from one end of the city center to the other end within ten minutes.
This building which looks a bit like a castle is the new town hall.

The street leeds us from the town hall to one of the famous churches on the city center: St. Thomas. It is home of the famous "Thomanerchor" (St. Thomas Choir of Leipzig). It sings here every Friday and Saturday.

In front of the church I met the founder of the choir: the composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Near the church are a lot of cafés and restaurants, the are is called "Drallewatsch". In it's center is the "Barfußgässchen", you can the small alley on this picture. When you come here in the evening, every table is taken.

At the other end of the "Barfußgässchen" is the market place with the old town hall. In its covered footpath you find small souvenir shops, in the building itself is the museum about the history of Leipzig.

I don't have to tell you what this date means, right? For those who don't know, you find a lot of information here

This board is at the foot of the column you can see here. It is called column of peace and is a reminder of the Peaceful Revolution of 1989, which led to the German Reunion in 1990.

When I turn around, I stand in front of the place, where the revolution began: the church St. Nicolai.

Posted Nov 9, 2010, 3:35 pm
A knock at the window, who could that be? It is Wieka, one of Katrin's TVs, who returned home from his trip to Spain.

I brought him into the kitchen where Katrin was just cooking a broccoli soup. It was real good to get him warm again!

Posted Nov 9, 2010, 3:46 pm
I travelled north this weekend! Here are some impressions from Schwerin, the capital of the "Bundesland" (federal state) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The townhall:

The cathedral (the building in the front is a café)

This house has been a fisherman's house about 30 years ago. You can still see the fish at the wall.

A house, rooted like a tree. :)

Views over the lake "Pfaffenteich". On the first picture you can see the socalled "Arsenal" in the background, on the second the city center with the cathedral.

And the highlight of the city: the castle!

In the castle garden I found an old sundial.

Right in front of the castle I met the "Petermännchen", the good ghost of the castle. Today it is a mascot of Schwerin.

Posted Nov 15, 2010, 9:08 pm
The sun was shining today and Katrin decided to take me and Muumipeikko outside. (The sun was nice and warm, but it made it difficult to take clear photos).

After a little walk we came to this place which is called "Marienquelle" (Mary's spring). The legend says that the Holy Mary brought leper here to drink from the water and they were cured. Today there is just this door left.

Katrin told us another secret of this place: somewhere here is a hidden geocache. She gave us a hint: it is between two metal plates.

Muumipeikko found the first one, it was easy to find, because it gives the information about the spring.

The second one was a bit more difficult to find. When I flew around, I discovered this plate on the top of the spring.

But where was the middle between the two plates? We guessed that it must be these stones. And since you go geocaching yourself, you know the meaning of the two stones between the stones, right?

Yes, behind the little stones was the little film container with the log book.

Posted Nov 15, 2010, 9:27 pm
20°C outside, the weather is too nice to spend the whole Sunday inside. So Katrin and I took the bike to explore more historical places of Leipzig.

This time we go back to the French invasion and the Battle of Leipzig in 1813. What I am talking about? We went to see the Monument to the Battle of the Nations!
Here are some impressions from the monument, the arcangel Michael und the huge knights. You can find more information about the monument here.



Our next stop is this area which is called "Alte Messe". Leipzig has always been a fair city and these buildings are the old fair buildings.

Katrin had a special surprise for me. She brought her GPS tracker and now we will the fair ground via a geocache. When I found the final, I have fulfilled one of my life missions!

The start is the entry of the fair ground. The double "M" mean "Mustermesse" (sample fair). It was the name of the annual fair in the 1920's. Our task for the cache is to find the number of the halls and calculate with the next station of the cache.

Our next stop is this biulding which is known as the "Pantheon".

This hall is used by a supermarket today...

... this one is an ice arena...

... this is the "Soccer World"...

and this one is empty, the windows are broken.

The tower of this building is not a church, the red star identifies it as former building from the Russians.

After some calculating we finally arrived at this place. With your practised eyes you have probably already spotted the little box ;)

Here I am with my first geocache outside the UK which I found on my own (the one yesterday was just training).

Posted Nov 21, 2010, 5:07 pm
A loud knock at the door usually means that a visiter arrived. But today there was not just one new TV in front of the door but two! Both are travelling the European TV Trail. The little tiger Dusel is back home and looking for new adventures. Pippiis still on the road and looking for a great time in Germany.

Dusel brought a postcard from his last host, Pippi some sweets. It has been a while since there was such a big group of TVs together here and we had a lot themes to talk about.

Posted Nov 25, 2010, 9:06 pm
Today the first snow has fallen. Okay, it has fallen during the night, because when I left the house, the snow started to melt again.

This candle shows us, that the advent time starts on Sunday. Just four more weekends until Christmas!

Katrin decided that it is time to prepare the first Christmas presents.
Muumipeikko helped her to wrap this chocolate for her American penpal,

Pippi decorated the present for the boyfriend,

Dusel was writing a card to Mummipeikko's mum...

and I discovered a present from St Nicholas. The words say, that the present shouldn't be opened until December 6th.

We surprised Muumipeikko with a little surprise. It was his last afternoon here in Germany. Tomorrow he will travel back home to Finland. after spending a nearly a year in Germany.

He wasn't the only one who leaves Leipzig, Dusel will travel on to his next host, too.

Posted Nov 29, 2010, 9:17 pm
When you see this old warehouse, can you guess where I am? The way it is built can tell you that I am in a city which has been part of the Henseatic League. Maybe the next photo makes everything clearer...

This gate identifies the city as Lübeck, it is the "Holstentor".

And what did I do here? Right, I walked around one of the most famous Christmas fairs of northern Germany :)

Posted Dec 14, 2010, 9:24 pm
I hope you didn't worry too much about me. Life here is a bit boring because it is snowing nearly every day and Katrin spends her time with going to university, doing the household or reading.

Today she took me with her to university. On our way we had to walk through this snow slush, that was terrible! I was happy, that I can fly.

Here I am in front of the building. An since it is very cold, we hurried to get inside.

This is one of the rooms. It totally looks like a classroom in school. But I have no idea why they built columns in the middle of the room...

The students who study bookselling even have their own little bookstore. It is open every day during lunch break. Here they can practise working in a real bookstore.

I'm on the way back downstairs to the cafeteria. This is the staircase which always goes in a halfround with an elevator (or lift, Katrin always mixes up the British and the American word) in the middle.

In her afternoon break Katrin wrote a Christmas card to one of her friends. To me it looks like a cryptograph, but she told me that she wrote in Süterlin. Süterlin is the name of the German lettering which has been used in the 1930's.

Posted Dec 19, 2010, 5:42 pm
Today I visited the Christmas market.

Every hut sold something different, but many of them sold food. You can buy a lot of Christmas decoration or toys or scarves or sweets.

This is a huge advent calender, it is at a wall of a building and every day they open a new door. It was even too big to be complete on the photo!

Next to the church of St. Nicolai there was this hut with a wooden pyramid on it.

Near the church of St. Thomas there is a "Märchenwald" (fairy tale forest).

I recognised these two fairy tales:
The princess and the pea

and Snow White

Posted Dec 19, 2010, 5:52 pm
It's a sunny Saturday and we travelled to Halle, just about 30 minutes north of Leipzig by train. What we want to do here? Look for new bookcrossing books ;)
This is supposed to be an open air library but there weren't any interesting books to take home. Katrin wanted to put us inside one of the boxes for taking a photo, but they were frozen and we couldn't open them!

This was a bit disappointing, but when we arrived at the city center we smiled again: there was another Christmas market

This tower is on the middle of the market place. Right in front of it is a huge tent in which they sell salmon and "Glögg" (the Scandinavian version of "Glühwein", the spiced wine)

In front of this church there was a huge snow globe in which you could climb.

I also discovered a wooden crib.

Posted Jan 4, 2011, 12:32 pm
I'm going to spend Christmas with Katrin's family in the northern part of Germany. We arrived today just in time to decorate the Christmas tree!

Posted Jan 4, 2011, 12:36 pm
Merry Christmas mum!
In Germany the "Weihnachtsmann" brings the presents in the evening of December 24. Pippi and I were really excited when we heard that someone was knocking a the door.
It was Santa Clause! He even had some time and read a Christmas story to us.

Here is a close up shot of the two of us.

Posted Jan 4, 2011, 12:47 pm
The sun was shining and the snow was glittering - the right weather for a walk around the town.
Kellinghusen is a small town, but this "dish tower" in the middle of the market place shows what it is famous for: faiences

The next stop was the town hall.

The church

The street with the oldest houses of the town.

And our last stop: the lake in the park. You can't see the lake? Well, it's just behind me, covered with ice and snow.

Posted Jan 9, 2011, 5:22 pm
Happy New Year mum!
We received a postcard from Katrin today who has spent New Year's Eve in Praha, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Posted Jan 9, 2011, 5:27 pm
We are back home in Leipzig and today Pippi got the news that she will travel to her next host tomorrow. I gave her some tea bags for the journey because I don't know how could it will be in Wales. I told her to say hi to you. :)

Posted Jan 24, 2011, 6:54 pm
Hey mum,
I hope you didn't worry too much about me. Here is still everything the same. Katrin spends her days at university and studying for the exams.
One day she brought this huge pile of books from the library.

Let's have a look at the different topics Katrin is studying.
This looks like different old handwritings she practice to read. The one I'm sitting on is from Martin Luther.

This is Latin grammar

This is an exercise for catalouging old books

This book is about preservation in libraries and different damages which can be found at books.

And then - finally - tea break! I don't know how many liters we drank during the last weeks...

Posted Jan 29, 2011, 6:28 pm
Katrin came back from her grocery shopping, grabbed me and hurried down the stairs. When I asked her, what she wants to show me, she said that I will see it as soon as we leave the house.

It must be something important, because usually there are no parking cars on this street.

When I looked across the street, I saw a lot of people looking at what? Right, the body of an airplane!

It is an old airplane from DDR (German Democratic Republic) days. Everyone who passed by here stopped to have a look, even the cars slow down. You could go much closer, but here are two more photos.

Posted Feb 3, 2011, 8:12 pm
Today Katrin got the idea, that it would be nice to have all the stamps she had collected without the paper on which they were glued on.
It looks a bit funny how they are all swimming in the water.

But after a while you could easily seperate them from the paper. Now they just need to dry again.

Posted Feb 18, 2011, 5:41 pm
I've travelled to Northern Germany again to spend a week with Katrin at her parent's home.

Today we made a trip to Itzehoe, the city where Katrin went to school. We took just this single photo of me in front of this strange house which is built after a painting from Hundertwasser.

Then we spent hours with shoppping and I was stuck in Katrin's bag - totally forgotten!

Posted Feb 18, 2011, 5:49 pm
Together with Katrin's mum I worked on my second life mission. There is a birthday tomorrow and I'm going to prepare a cheese cake!

The dough was put in the spring form pan and backed in the oven for a while.

While it was backing, we mixed all the ingredients for the stuffing.

When the dough has left the oven...

... we put the stuffing on it and put it back into the oven.

80 minutes later we had a wonderful cheesecake. Mission completed :)

Posted Feb 20, 2011, 5:18 pm
Today I made a trip to the Kieler Förde, which ends in the Baltic Sea. This photo was really difficult to take because the sun came from the front. But behind me you can see the farry from Kiel to Sweden.

Later I saw it again on its way to the Baltic Sea.

A discovered more interesting ships: this boat of the coastguard...

and a wooden sailing boat.

This building is the "Landtag" (state parliament) of the state Schleswig-Holstein.

Posted Feb 26, 2011, 6:10 pm
After a long and boring time Katrin remembered that she has a guest at home- me! She promised to be a better host in the future and organised a new friend for me. He will hopefully arrive sometime next week.

We spend this afternoon looking through lots of travelogs to find our favourites for the Golden Bear Awards 2011. I know, we are terrible late with the nominations, but fam_united told us it would be fine when she gets our list after this weekend.

Looking through all the travelogs made both of us feel like we should travel somewhere soon. We read about wonderful adventures in Asia and the US. This is the travelog of Saint Lillebi, a little mouse who is living with a photographer. Her photos are really amazing!

Finally we had nominated our favorites and send a long list to fam_united.

Posted Feb 26, 2011, 6:18 pm
This morning Katrin became very excited when she found a message on her phone: mail has arrived in her "Packstation". She grabbed her golden membership card and me and off we went.

And this is the mysterious "Packstation". It's an usefull invention of the German Post. Instead of receiving packages or parcels at home (which are usually delivered when you are NOT at home and then you have to pick them up at the next post office), it will delivered to this "Packstaion". It is open 24/7 and you have to log in with your card and a pin.

Then it makes a lot of strange noises and finally one of the grey doors opens and you can take out your mail. And what did I find in there? A bookcrossing book. :)

Posted Mar 1, 2011, 5:56 pm
Today Katrin and I spent some time to explore parts of the city center in which we both have never been before.
Here are our impressions:

Germany's Federal Administrative Court

The new town hall from another direction

The back of the church St. Thomas

nearly frozen water

A memorial for the dead Jewish commuity and the destroyed synagogue.

An English shop - "the fastest connection to the island" (their own advertisement)

The entre of the museum "Runde Ecke". It's the former home of the “Stasi”, the secret service of the former GDR (German Democratic Republic).

Another church

A bus stop inspired by the artist Hundertwasser.

Posted Mar 2, 2011, 8:36 pm
This morning someone knocked at the door. When I opened it, I remembered that Katrin told me something about a new guest. It's Tobbi who is going to live with us now.

Katrin gave Tobbi some slices of the bread she baked this morning and he shared them with me. They look a bit strange at this photo, but that's just because the bread ist still warm and the butter has melted. On the butter is some herb salt which makes the taste of the bread even better.

Posted Mar 15, 2011, 8:44 pm
I'm out for my first big geocache of this year. It is called "An der Espolde", the Espolde is a little river which crosses Hardegsen. But to log the cache, we had to walk a little while through the landscape.

When we came closer to the final, we arrived at this wonderful place.

The hint was "unter the bridge"...

cache found and logged :)

Posted Mar 20, 2011, 4:35 pm
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Katrin spent this evening with some friends in one of Leipzig's Irish Pubs and this green hat was given to her tonight.

Posted Mar 20, 2011, 4:43 pm
The place to be at this weekend is the Leipzig book fair. There were a lot of things to discover and I want to give you some impressions:

The entrance area with the "Blue couch", one of the reading places.

The logo of the book fair.

another reading place - totally crowded!

the shelves from the second hand book trade

the area from the TV station ARD. Here the filmed book talks for TV shows.

The area for the audio books.

We listened to a talk with the former German MTV host Markus Kavka about his book via screen.

A group of cosplayers.

The manga/anime hall

Posted Apr 7, 2011, 8:32 pm
My time with Katrin is over. I've seen a lot of interesting places in Leipzig, found some geocaches and baked a cake. That makes two completed life missions. :)
Tobbi hugged me goodbye...

...and I'm on my way to my next host. The weather was warm and sunny and since I stay in Germany, my journey should not take long.

Posted Apr 9, 2011, 7:17 pm
Hi Mum,

just wanted to let you know, that I arrived in sunny Bruchsal. We were at the palace already and I've seen a part of it. I will show the photos here, we still have to upload them.

Bye, Bubo

Posted Apr 25, 2011, 8:14 am
Hi Mum,

today I learn how to bake a sponge cake. At first my host took five eggs. I thought, that these are my eggs for breading and at first I was really confused, nearly shocked, but then she told me, that these are eggs of chicken. I think, that's okay somehow.



Jack the cat tried to chase me away.


Then the two dogs - Travelling Tuffy and Henry the Adventure Hound - came to help me and barked at Jack.



They were really successful:)


After that Petra told us to sit at our place and not play with meal.


After stirring the eggs Chuckle weighed the sugar: 350g - for each egg 50g. We also added a bit Vanilla sugar. And then stirred it again until it was very fluffy.


At last had to add 250g flour and baking powder. Cilly helped to gently fold it under the dough.




Then the doorbell rang and a new toyvoyager arrived just in time, when the cake was in the oven: Miffy for the Netherlands.


Posted Apr 25, 2011, 10:11 am
In the afternoon we and some members of my host's family club from their church went on a walk from Bruchsal to Unteröwisheim. We had dinner in a Besenwirtschaft called Kannenbesen. A Besenwirtschaft is a tavern selling homegrown wine. They only open the tavern for a part of the year. We all enjoyed the walk there, although it took about 2 hours to walk there - ok, we had been a bit slowly, because we talked too much.:)

We had a nice view from the edge of the Kraichgau to the Rhine valley.


We also walked through nice loess hollow-ways.


Posted Apr 25, 2011, 10:30 am
In the evening we finished the filling for the Biskuitkuchen (sponge cake). We used rhubarb and 2 eggs, sugar, Vanillepuddingpulver (custard powder) and rhubarb of course.







Then we had to cut the cake in two layers and fill it with the rhubarb cream.





We only decorated it with a bit powder sugar on the top layer.

Posted Apr 26, 2011, 9:44 am
Today I helped my host to correct some tests of her third graders. They had to answer questions to the theme weather.


Posted Apr 26, 2011, 6:40 pm
Today I want to show you the recipe for my host's most favorite white bread.

At first we need 1kg white flour, dried yeast, 600g water, 25gr margarine (if you don't have a cooked potato - and we had no) and 25gr salt. We had to leave the yeast dough alone for a longer while until it looked like this.



Then we rubbed the dish with margarine and powdered it with flour.






Posted Apr 27, 2011, 8:46 am
For Easter Sunday we baked another rhubarb cake.


At first we had to read the recipe. It is the one in the middle, although they used gooseberries there.


Then we started to prepare the dough.






We had to cook the rhubarb.


The pot seems to be a bit small:)


Another pot for custard.





Then we had to fill the baking dish with the short pastry.


In the afternoon at our host's parents home we were allowed to eat a piece of our cake. It didn't look that well this time, because the whipped egg whites was just too flat.


They also had another cake, but it wasn't selfmade.


In the evening we ate some coloured Easter eggs.


Posted May 1, 2011, 2:07 pm
We are still on Easter break, that's why our host asked us, if we would like to walk with them to a house called Odenwaldhütte, which is in Bruchsal too. The weather was nice, that's why we all said yes. They had lunch there and then walked back home with us. We had to walk one hour each way - really a lot for our short legs.


Posted May 1, 2011, 3:23 pm
Today is the day of the big wedding in London. All tvs decided to sit in front of the tv and watch tv for hours. We even found a British flag. You see, that it was 9.30am, when we finally sat down.

We saw so many people on the road, who tried to see the lucky couple.


We saw many people in interesting uniforms.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5147/5674783527_3577085e87_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5307/5674783635_cd886c7715_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5187/5675347232_c8862b3155_o.jpg

This couple was interesting too. The boy-tvs took a look at David Beckham and the girl-tvs on his wife with her funny hat.


Oh, who is coming here? We're excited.


It's William and his brother Harry. They really look good - that's what the girl-tvs say:)


The queen and her husband and prince Charles and his wife are coming too.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5189/5675347660_b6ffca729e_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5067/5675347748_94d24b47c9_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5187/5674784481_be21b6a3ca_o.jpg

Oh, exciting, exciting. Here's the bride. Who sees her dress first?


How cute! These little girls and boys and the bride's sister on the way to the church.


The bride arrived at the church finally. We want to see the dress!


Oh, how beautiful!

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5068/5674785283_74a432f9d4_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5302/5674785417_077c32b2c5_o.jpg

William and Harry


The church is really big and the way very long. They even put trees in the church.


It is 12pm plus some minutes and finally Williama and Kate are together in front of the priest.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5063/5674785793_5496258751_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5101/5674785919_4c1d32e90b_o.jpg

Here they say their marriage promise.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5190/5675349526_27be250880_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5106/5675349640_e435a990c7_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5065/5675349810_a0140b4318_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5264/5674786603_e7e6d3a805_o.jpg

He gives her the ring. We learnt, that in Great Britain it isn't unusual, that only the bride wears a ring as sign of her marriage.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5184/5675350040_87c749d8cc_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5270/5675350176_d67ff2cc30_o.jpg

They sind "Jerusalem".


Then they played a fanfare especially composed for the wedding.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5230/5675350446_28fd0ba1b1_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5182/5675350604_efd3231e63_o.jpg

Here they all sing "God safe the queen".


Then they all walk out of the church. Take a look at the train.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5147/5674787565_af2de7eb8a_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5101/5675351060_e37f70df1e_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5310/5674787819_d0583136ff_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5069/5675351320_805c295341_o.jpg

What a joy, when they walk out of the church door.


The weather is fine, that's why the climb in an open carriage.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5148/5674788181_65e95a1805_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5027/5675351642_dc6dd1d7da_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5025/5674788339_73637b424f_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5064/5675351832_dfd617b789_o.jpg

That's the queen and her husband in a closed carriage. It was scary, when they climbed in it.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5145/5674788607_256b8fe754_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5306/5674788753_8513db21a8_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5301/5675352344_db80b814df_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5261/5674789031_a679fe4505_o.jpg

Finally William and Kate arrive at the palace,


while others are still on the way.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5222/5675352702_6334c48813_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5142/5675352820_87f8b5d7e6_o.jpg

It was fascinating to see how disciplined those thousands of people walking behind the police until they finally arrived at the palace too.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5188/5675352912_c3c826ffd9_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5070/5675353016_e93a88d768_o.jpg

Finally the royal family shows up on the balcony.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5023/5674789765_937aa52503_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5266/5674789893_2887958db7_o.jpg

We are waiting for the kiss and then there were two kissed, but we missed the second.


http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5187/5674790139_626f9ca2b1_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5228/5674790259_a8516d890e_o.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5263/5674790377_f6ca3d9a61_o.jpg

At last the royal air force flew over the Buckingham palace.


Posted May 1, 2011, 5:08 pm
It is a special day today: the 10th birthday of my host's nephew. Usually they live in Karlsdorf, but they are on holiday on a farm in Grafenloch, which belongs to Wolfach-Kirnbach. He and his family invited us to come to visit them at this lovely place. They even organized beautiful weather, so we had been able to sit outside in the sun. We went on a one hour walk in the forest and I loved to see the mountains, woods and interesting houses, the Black Forest house.

We took this photo next to the house. What a nice view!


These cows belong to the farm.






Here's the Black Forest House. The typical Black Forest farmhouse - also referred to as a Black Forest house – has been built in this form for hundreds of years. You will find it mainly in the central and southern Black Forest. Here you can read more about those houses.



The left and middle house you can see belong to the farm were we were today.


All buildings except the one on the top belong to the farm. Maybe you see, that there are some clouds - a little thunder came, but it avoided the house so we were able to sit outside and drink coffee and eat cakes.


Before we drove home, we played a while at the water. But then some more clouds came and we had to hurry, because this time the thunderstorm reached our place too. We were lucky to sit in the car, before it started.





Posted May 2, 2011, 1:39 pm
Before we drove home we drove to Heidelsheim to bring my host's son and his girlfriend home to her family. She lives in Heidelsheim, one of the suburbs of Bruchsal.

There is a medieval tower, the Katzenturm, next to their house. You can read more about Heidelsheim here.


Posted May 9, 2011, 8:18 pm
Today we drove to Münzesheim to visit the Japanese Garden, which belongs to the therapy centre against alcohol and other dependencies. All buildings and works of art are made by patients of the therapy center based on antique models. The garden is about 5.000 m² large, it is open for patients and visitors. You will see a roof made of blue bottles, put into the concrete with there bottom to the outside - it's an interesting room, fascinating. Wall and floor are covered with blue tiles. Just enjoy the photos.


I've seen these little ducks. Cute, aren't they?











Then we walked down these stairs to go into the blue room.




We took a look into the room, but it smelled so strange, that we didn't go inside. So you can't see a photo with me in it, I'm sorry.

But I found this nice flower and thought to pick it up for you for Mother's Day. My host told me, that this wasn't a good idea, but she asked me, if I would like her to take a photo with me and the flower and send some Mother's Day greetings and so here we are: Happy Mother's Day




Here you can see a piece of the Berlin Wall.









Posted May 13, 2011, 6:21 pm
Hi Mum,

today we drove to Bad Neuenahr to celebrate a 60th birthday. For us it was more interesting, that we celebrated at an ostrich farm. I've seen so many ostrichs there - big, old, small, young.
We didn't walk through the farm, but drove with a little sort of train. The engine didn't work well at first, so we had to climb out of the waggons and go a few steps, but then everything was fine again. It took us about 2 1/2 hours for a way you normally need 1 1/2 hour. We were really tired, when we climbed into our car to drive home again - another 2 1/2 hours drive. Nevertheless it was a great day.

Bye, Bubo


We zoomed, so you can see the ostrichs better.





Face to face - okay, you don't see me, but we looked in each others eyes.


Posted May 14, 2011, 4:04 pm
Happy Mother's Day!

I want to send you these flowers via internet.

We are at my host's parents home to have lunch together. We will eat asparagus, Schnitzel in breadcrumbs, potatoes, mayonnaise and sauce hollandaise. Yummy, yummy!

Did I tell you, that Bruchsal and surroundings are famous for asparagus?



We've seen some blackbird babies, but it was just impossible to take photos of us with them, so here is just a photo of them.


At home again Petra's husband bought some icecream - yummy again.


Posted May 14, 2011, 6:09 pm
Hi Mum,

there's such a beautiful weather today, that we toyvoyagers asked our host to take us with her and her daughter, while her daughter delivered a magazine called Konradsblatt.

At first we walked into the palace garden and I had a first look at the palace from far.
Here you see one of the chestnut alleys.


From the same place you have a good view to this street with old houses.


It looks really beautiful.


In the palace garden you find some statues. Four of them show the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn) and four of them show the four elements (water, fire, earth and wind). Here you see the element water.


There is a nice pond in the palace garden, where you find ducks.


These houses also belong to the palace area. Behind this house you see the tower of the church St. Damian and Hugo.


The left part of this photo shows the church building. You see, that you have to walk a bit to come to the church tower.


We also stopped at this parking site.


From this place I had been able to see the middle part of the jailhouse. It's a really interesting building. Maybe I can take another photo of it later.


This was the last stop, before we drove home again.


Posted May 20, 2011, 3:47 pm
Hi Mum,

today I watched the Eurovision Song Contest. I liked our group. What do you think about their music?




Here's Lena from Germany singing "Taken by a stranger". All my hosts like this song and we too.




IHere is the group from Iceland,



these men are from Ireland


and the one from Sweden - cute, isn't he?:)


Countdown for voting









Italy - we liked them too


Switzerland - much too less points for her


United Kingdom


Moldavia - crazy hats








Azerbaijan - it belongs to the European radio community or something - not sure about the right word for it. They won the Contest this year.






Serbia - it reminded our host of the seventies




The tv hosts Judith Rakers and Stefan Raab



Between the songs they showed little movies of people of the song contest countries, who live in Germany. On this photo they are all together.


The motto of the show was "Feel your heart beat"


Anke Engelke also was host of the show.


She did a good job - the other two also did really well.:)


Stefan Raab at his best - making music


12 points goes :):):) to Malta - we had such a fun hearing, that most people say goes to, even if there are more than one point - and you can't give one point.



It is so late now and we are so tired, that we will fall in our bed now - we only have one bed for the toyvoyagers here, although there are so many at this home.

Posted May 21, 2011, 7:36 pm
Today is the Summerday parade through Bruchsal. Pupils of Grundschule (first to fourth grade) and children of kindergarten walk together with their teachers thought the streets and sing songs about winter leaving and summer coming now. It's something like throwing the winter out of the town now and welcoming summer. Therefore they created special flowers small and big or they wear special clothes - e.g. some were dressed like frogs. Petra and her class were among these people who carried the big blue flowers (the first in the row of blue flowers). At the end of the parade - in front of the palace of Bruchsal - they burn a snowman and all children and many other people watch the event there, too. Today they had been really lucky, that the weather was fine just for the right time, because a short time before and just after the snowman had been burning it started to rain and thunder heavily again. We don't have photos of the burning, because Ralf stayed at his mother, where he took all the other photos.


Did I tell you, that I'm the most neglected tv in that house? I'm the one with only one photo of the whole parade. So my host decided to show you two more photos without me.



Posted May 27, 2011, 4:43 pm
Hi Mum,

today many other tvs arrived at Petra's home. They came from another town in Germany and we all were very happy to welcome them at our place. Their first wish was to take a bath, so we all ran to the bathroom.

Here you see our new guests from left to right:

Louis the rat, Nippy, Percy, Bree and Polki



I also took a bath, but somehow we didn't take a photo of it. Maybe I just was afraid to get wet:)

Polki loved to swim in the water.


We asked Petra, if she never needs a towel after having a bath and she ran to wrap us in the towel quickly.


Because it was warm and sunny, we asked our host, if she could bring us to the balcony. We lied down on a table in the sun - more or less.



Posted May 29, 2011, 11:30 am
Hi Mum,

today nothing really interesting happened, but this evening Petra's son called me to take a look out of the window and get some photos taken there. I'm sorry, but we had to zoom some views, so you can see more of the sky. We thought, we would get some rain, but nothing happened. It is still much too dry.
But you know, that I'm a night bird, so I loved the view of the sunset very much.







Posted May 29, 2011, 12:10 pm
Hi Mum,

Petra and her husband will get spoiled by her children - it's mother and father day present. And of course we will get spoiled too:)
For breakfast we had bread rolls, jam, honey, chocolate plates and a special treat called Einäpfchen. It was made of ham cubes and egg. I also ate a croissant and drank some green tea and orange juice.

Let's see, what I will eat for lunch:)

Bye, Bubo



Posted Jun 7, 2011, 8:39 pm
Later we had lunch. The kids made some special appetizer and then noodles, salad, pork loin in lemon sauce. As dessert we had banana and vanilla ice cream.




You see, that the dessert was my favourite:)

Posted Jun 30, 2011, 6:55 pm
Hi Mum,

something exciting happened yesterday. We sat there and waited for our host to come home from school. When she arrived, she took us and --- everything got dark. Then we felt, that she carried us outside the house into the car. For a long time it was only dark. In the early early morning - it might have been short after midnight - we were carried away again. Still we didn't know, what had happened.
We were so tired from all this waggling in the car, that we fell asleep - we even didn't know, where we were.
But this morning we awoke in this bed - fresh and fit for the day. Our host told us, that we were on the way to Denmark and that we slept at a motel in Hannover. The bed was a bit hard, but nevertheless much better than a night on a resting place along the autobahn.

Here you see us all still sleeping and then playing after we woke up. We already had a lot of fun.



Our room was right above the entrance - a place, where everyone had been able to look on the bed from the outside:( and a place, where you could smell the smoke of all cigaretts the other guests smoked in front of the entrance:(


Bye, Bubo

Posted Jun 30, 2011, 8:51 pm
On our drive we passed the Kiel-Canal.


After hours on German autobahn we finally reached the Danish autobahn.


Posted Jul 2, 2011, 8:53 am
After about 10 hours and 30 minutes driving without rests - you know, we had some rests of course - everyone is happy to be here in: Nørre Vorupør. We were so hungry, that the first wish was to have dinner. The second wish was to see the North Sea, of course.



After we finished dinner our hosts had some time to eat. In the meantime we enjoyed the light of the candles on the table.



The most important part of today was to go to the beach, of course. We went to the landing site with small fishing dinghies and larger coastal boats. The last occupationally operated coastal boat stopped by 2010, but boats being operated for fishing tourists remain.


The waves were rather flat today.


In the far you see the pier of Nørre Vorupør. It was built in 1908 to protect the landing site. The end of the pier is the most remote point from Copenhagen within Denmark, if you don't count the Faroe Islands and Greenland.


Posted Jul 2, 2011, 6:27 pm
Good morning Mum,

today is a special day, because we celebrate our host's son Martin's 18th birthday.
At first we took a look out of the window of our living / dining room.


Then we sat down on one of our two patios for a group photo.


In the meantime our hosts bought some Danish bread rolls for breakfast. When they were at home, we sat down at the table.



Petra baked two cakes and in the afternoon we met our hosts' friends for the first time to have caffee and cakes on their patio.


Posted Jul 2, 2011, 8:15 pm
Today we had rainy weather, so we only went outside to sit in the car and drive to go shopping at Aldi in Hanstholm.


We bought some pepper sauce there for dinner. Ralf cooked some red cabbage, meatballs and (not selfmade) spaetzle.


Posted Jul 3, 2011, 6:39 pm
Hi Mum,

after a rainy day inside, it seems to be fine today. We sat in the car for about one hour to drive to Thyborøn. There is a nice house decorated with millions of shells and snail shells. It is called sneglehuset in Danish - I love this word.



At next we drove to the coast centre exploratorium called Kystcentret. We had a lot of fun there and learnt many new things about the element water.

I also saw many furniture and other ship related things, which they found after a ship sunk many many years ago.

Here some more information: Since 1868 the Alexander Nevsky has been lying at the bottom of the sea. A couple of Russian diving vessels arrived and removed the cannons, a contractor bought the sea bed side and salvaged metals - first a lot of dynamite and the copper bolts, copper pipes and gunpowder boxes appeared in the wreck. This continued far into the 20th century. The metal was valuable.
The majority of the 724 men on board were brought safely to landin the frigate's own longboat, which could hold 25 - 30 men at a time.
It's what you can read on the signs next to the ring.


Here I show you a view to the activity part - of course you can't see it good enough to imagine, how it looked like.


Then we drove to the aquarium of Thyborøn. I tried to tough a Starfish, crab or stroke a Plaice or shark, but I had no luck. So here you just can see me in front of one of the many bassins. At least I stayed safe.


For a part of our way home we took the ferry from Thyborøn.



Posted Jul 5, 2011, 2:06 pm
After dinner at our house in Nørre Vorupør we drove to Klitmøller to see another sort of sunset there. Our hosts had been at this place three years ago and they really liked it. It was a bit windy today and the waves were a bit higher.




Posted Jul 5, 2011, 6:34 pm
Hi Mum,

today we drove to Jesperhus Blomsterpark - a flower theme park, which is three km south of Nykøbing Mors. It is Scandinavias largest themepark of this kind. They opened this park in 1966. It is divided in three parts: the flower park, a jungle park and an amusement park, which is rather small, but with some really good attractions for kids - and adults - and us toyvoyagers, of course.

I think, I just fulfilled one mission: To go to a theme park - theme flowers, jungle and a bit amusement.

In the jungle park I came really close to these turtles.


Wow - a large crocodile. You see, that I kept a safe distance to it.


I prefer such lovely orchids instead.


Everywhere in Denmark - at least at the places I've seen - you can see the Dannebrog - the Danish flag. I love to see it in front of the blue sky and white clouds.



Here we are in the Japanese Garden - a good place for some group photos.






Then we walked down to Hans Christian Andersen's house - ok, it's a bit small, so I guess it wasn't really his house, but they say, it looked like this. And I'm sure, that he never had so many flowers on the wall and roof of his house.
He lived from April 2, 1805 to August 4, 1875 and was a Danish author, fairy tale writer and poet noted for his children's stories. Maybe you know one of these: "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", "The Snow Queen", "The Little Mermaid", "Thumbelina", "The Little Match Girl", and "The Ugly Duckling". My host told me, that we will find some places in this park, that show some of his fairy tales. So I will take a look.


Even here I saw the Dannebrog.


Here is a flower bed for \"The Princess and the Pea\"


Posted Jul 5, 2011, 7:48 pm
In the late evening we went to the beach again. There nearly was no cloud at the sky, so we hoped to see a nice sunset. Enough words - I need to dream.





Oh - I had been on the group photo, but you can't see me. I'm sorry!

Posted Jul 6, 2011, 1:56 pm
Today we had a lazy day at home. The weather wasn't that brilliant, so we read, played games and just hang around.
For dinner we had some scambled eggs with sweet corn and onions.


Posted Jul 6, 2011, 2:19 pm
It wasn't really a big surprise, that our hosts told us in the morning, that we would stay at home again. Petra's knee hurts too much. She limps from her bed to a chair and on the terrace and has her leg rest on another chair. We didn't want to only hang around, so we searched to house for some activity. We found a nice jigsaw puzzle from James Hamilton with 1000 pieces, which Petra had taken with her on the trip. Here you can see, that we did it rather well, but I can tell you, that we needed hours for it.



While we worked at the puzzle, Petra went outside to play football (English or German) with her family. She came back limping and sat down on the balcony.

Later I read a bit more in the "Eclipse" book - it's English, so I understood everything. Petra helped to hold the book open.


Although she was limping, she didn't want to miss the sunset at the beach. This time we watched it at the beginning of the pier.


Posted Jul 6, 2011, 2:35 pm
Another lazy day at the house, because Petra can't walk more than from her bed to the chair and back. :(
So here is only a photo of our dinner - a slice of bread, cooked ham and cheese.


Posted Jul 6, 2011, 5:49 pm
Hi Mum,

finally a day to go on a trip again. This time we drove to Silkeborg to Labyrinthia. Petra comes with us: on crutches. It's funny to see her with her backpack - and us- and her photo and then the crutches. She puts them everywhere to take photos. I'm not sure, if that's the best for her knee, though. Oh yes, in the car she sits in the third row with a little stool in front of her for her leg - really comfortable.

At first we climbed out of the backpack and started to run through this wooden labyrinth. We had a lot of fun and Petra had to hurry to take the photos with each of us. Everyone wanted to be the first with all six stamps on the paper for this labyrinth.



She asked me to have a short rest for this photos, so you can see more of the different labyrinths of this park.


Behind our first labyrinth you can see the water labyrinth, where wanted to go at next.




Which way should I choose?


After several wrong ways we reached the middle of the maze. Did I tell you, that the flowers smelled so fine?




After all that walking Petra could hardly walk any longer. So her daughter took us to go to the next maze: The Trojaborg Labyrinth



We wanted to walk the way too, but we chose the stones:)




Posted Jul 7, 2011, 2:59 pm
Back at Nørre Vorupør again we decided to go to Klochs spisested, a restaurant. My hosts' family was invited by friends to have dinner with them there and we were allowed to join them, too.

I had 26 Fiskefilet............................................................75,-
2 stk. med pommes frites, remoulade og citron
2 Fischfilets mit Pommes Frites, Remoulade und Zitrone

It was yummy


Posted Jul 9, 2011, 2:58 pm
Hi Mum,

today we drove to Fjerritslev and visited the best preserved brewery of North Europe. During the years 1897 to 1968 they made thousands of litres of malt beer. It seems, that there will come one of the men to start brewing again the next moment.


Together with some of my friends I sat down on a scale - we were really lightweights.


Look at all these beer bottles.


Then we sat down ON the table - not to Petra's joy:(





Later we played the organ.


Then we went into the private rooms.



I found an old dollhouse and of course we had to play there:)


Posted Jul 10, 2011, 6:33 pm
On our way home we decided to stop at the Hanstholm fortress spontanously. It belongs to the saddest part of Danish and of course German history and you shouldn't miss to inform you there about the cause, why you find bunkers everywhere along the coast. The Germans used this part of the North Sea during World War II. The bunker museum covers about 3000 sq m.It is one of the largest bunkers, which the Germans built in Denmark.

It's a really very depressing place. We stayed outside, because dogs weren't allowed to go inside, so I'm sorry, that there are no photos of the inner part of the museum.





Posted Jul 11, 2011, 7:31 pm
And we had a last stop at Klitmøller to take a look at the kite surfers and surfers. Okay, you're right. It seems like a bird in the sky, but it was a kite surfer.


Posted Jul 16, 2011, 3:28 pm
Today we drove to Grenen, the northmost tip of Jutland, north of the town of Skagen, thereby the northmost point of Denmark. Grenen was given its name for its shape like a tree-branch (Danish: gren). It's the meeting point of the Skagerrak (North Sea) and Kattegat (East Sea).

For me it just is one of the most beautiful points on earth.

Before we walked to the promontory (I'm not sure, if it fits well to the place I mean), I had a cup of cappuccino.


I'm not sure, if you can see the top point on the right side of the horizon. That's the point to which I walked then.


Petra walked with her crutches, but still enjoyed taking a photo with me at the beach.


Finally we were here. It was just fascinating to see the Kattegat and Skagerrak flow together.


Then we walked all the way back again and took another two photos at the same place, where we took the first one. Here you see ships waiting in the Kattegat to be allowed to enter the waterway and of course you see the lighthouse of Grenen.



Posted Jul 16, 2011, 5:08 pm
After visiting the most spectacular part of the land of light - that's how they call the northmost tip of Jutland too, we decided to stop at the lighthouse located at Rubjerg Knude. Petra and her family were there in 2008. You need to see an old photo, so you can understand, what happens here.

(photo by one of my host's sons)

On the first photo you can see the dune wandering and the sand flying, too. It hurt in my face:(



Although this wikipedia theme is written in German, the photos are interesting for you and me, so you should take a look here.
Rubjerg Knude is a wandering sand dune, the highest point of the steep coast of Lønstrup with a length of about 1900 metresand width of about 400 metres. We stood nearly at the same place like in 2008 and you see, that the shape of the sand dune changed a lot. The entrance of the lighthouse was nearly full of sand. Some people crawled into it, because they could have a rest from the strong wind outside, but it was somehow creepy. It had been so windy there, that Petra and I had to hide behind her son's back to take this photo. Even if you can't see the sand flying - we had sand everywhere, even in my ears and in my eyes - and in Petra's camera, too.


I'm not sure, what happened with me, but somehow there are two photos of Mandy Sheep and none with me:(

Posted Aug 1, 2011, 9:12 am
Today we decided to a place, where my hosts had been three years ago already. This time they wanted to explore other parts of this little island called Fur (alternative older spelling Fuur). It is a small Danish island in the Limfjord at the northern tip of the Salling peninsula. Fur has under 900 inhabitants. The island covers an area of 22 km².

The crossing of the Fursund with the ferry takes only 3/4 minutes.


Then we drove on by car. The weather wasn't that great, but we found a nice place near the beach and we decided to walk a little.


I hope, you can see the little path, which we followed down to the beach. The erosion gorges, Langstedhuller, were formed after the Ice Age. The area is one of the most beautiful nature areas on Fur. In early spring, the slopes are covered by cowslips and nodding pasqueflowers. 




This flower is really lovely. I would have liked to pick it for you, but Petra said, that it wouldn't make it well until it reaches you. You I just want to send this photo. Do you see the bee flying over my head?:)


The whole beach was covered with shells. Do you see me?


Then we drove to Stendal Høje, which is the hightest point of the island (75 m above sea level). From here you have a view of most of the island and the northern part of Salling and Livø, the coast Himmerlandskysten and Mors. Stendal Høje are also called “Bette Jenses Hyw” stemming from a mound situated further to the north. The island’s largest active moler pit is located towards the north beneath “Stendal Høje”.








At last we visited the church. For us it seems like a part of Greece in Denmark. Here comes some information about the church: The church Fuur Kirke is called Sankt Mortens Kirke, and it was erected in 1126 by three nobles Gutchi, Atti, and Agli together with the vicar Bo. It is extemely rare that written sources are so precise about the origin. The present appearance of the church is of a later date. On the western side of the tower you will find a carved face at 13 metres’ height in memory of a builder who fell down.

In Denmark there are flags on the graveyards and also on many houses. They run it through daytime and hoist the flag to half-mast, if there is a funeral.



Posted Aug 1, 2011, 1:31 pm

On our way back we stopped at Sjørring Volde. I think, the best idea is to upload a photo of a part of a big sign next to the place. It would be too much to write:)



When we looked up to the sky, we saw a strange sun. There was a large circle around the sun. It is called Halo 22°. My hosts already had seen another Halo 22° back in 2008, when they were at Grenen at the meeting point of North and East Sea. They and of course I were happy to see the optical phenomenon (again). It was a bit difficult to take a nice pic with me. When we arrived at Nørre Vorupør, we still saw this Halo 22° above our house.



Posted Aug 1, 2011, 2:03 pm
Back at our house we only wanted one thing: Jump into the water! Petra, can you please leave the camera in the living room? We don't want to be photographed now.


Emmh, Petra. Please don't take photos here! We want to relax a bit now.


Seems, she doesn't hear us. Maybe we should look at her and not at the water, but it is just too exciting to be allowed to jump into the water today. We can't turn around to face her. So, Petra, even if we don't look at you and seem to talk to the water - we mean you, who should put down the camera now.


Okay, okay! One last photo, but then this is it!


Ahh, was that fun! Sorry, Mum, that we all didn't want photos of us in the water. But afterwards Petra was really thankful, because we splashed around a lot and maybe her camera would be broken now. Because she stayed calm, we allowed her to take two photos of us relaxing in the sun, after we all had been under the shower.



Posted Aug 3, 2011, 8:18 am
After a one and a half hour drive we arrived at Randers. There is a rainforest - I only believed it after I've seen it. There are three big big domes with three different rainforest themes: Asia, Africa and South America. Click on the link, if you want to know more about it. You will find more information, if you go to THE EXPERIENCE. I can tell you, it was hard for the camera - so sticky hot and humid. Not only the camera had problems, but I too. It was so hard to breath and you know, I have a fur, so it was even more hot to me than to the others maybe except the other toyvoyagers, of course.






Of course rainforest means a lot of forest:)


But we also saw many beautiful fishes.



I also met a really big crocodile. I had been safe - there was glass between me and the crocodile.


Here we are in the South American part.



From here we drove to Graceland. Yes, you've read it right. But I mean Graceland Randers, which of course isn't the real Graceland, where Elvis lived. Nevertheless I enjoyed to be here. Petra told me, that it maybe is the only chance for many people in Europe to see something similiar like the real Graceland. So I tried my best to understand it and I really liked the exhibition there.



This is an original phone, which was down in the jungle room.





There's also a cinema, where the show Elvis movies. This one maybe was "Elvis by the Presley's".


After the movie we've left the building.


Posted Aug 3, 2011, 11:19 am
At 6 pm we were back at our house in Nørre Vorupør. We were really tired.



Posted Aug 3, 2011, 4:12 pm
This is our last day at Nørre Vorupør. We visited the local museum with exhibitions about the town and fishing tradition.






We sat down in a ship and hoped, that someone would come and take us fishing, but Petra told us, that we'd chosen the wrong ship.




We had some fun, when we took the group photo in the steering wheel.



This is the last photo of Nørre Vorupør: the really nice church.


Posted Aug 3, 2011, 4:46 pm
We are back in the car again - for another more than 7 hours trip back to the motel in Hannover. Of course it is raining again.


Posted Aug 4, 2011, 12:54 pm
Once more we stayed at the Motel one in Hannover. Petra said, that she had a really really bad night. The bed was much too hard for her to sleep. Thank God, we toyvoyagers had a nice place to rest.

Now we are in the car again and guess what? It is raining.


Here we are on our way to Bad Pyrmont. I guess it was Bingen, where we took this photo.


I can't remember, where this photo was taken.


Posted Aug 4, 2011, 1:53 pm
After we had breakfast in a nice coffee shop, we went on a little walk. We saw some really beautiful old houses.


Fountain Place with Hylligen Born


Here we passed Frankfurt a.M. and we tried to catch a photo with us and the skyline - it was too far away and really small. So it is hard to understand, why they call the skyline of Frankfurt a.M. "Mainhatten".



Posted Aug 4, 2011, 4:27 pm
At home again, we found two big packages on the kitchen table. Cassiopeia and some long missed toyvoyagers had arrived during our stay in Denmark. We have to talk now - tell stories of our travels.




Posted Aug 6, 2011, 11:19 am
Petra's camera had been at the shop to get rid of the amount of sand in it. So we had no chance to take photos in the meantime.

Today it was warm and now there are heavy clouds at the sky. We wait for more rain.




Posted Aug 6, 2011, 4:59 pm
This early evening we were in Ötigheim to watch "Peter Pan". I really enjoyed it. See a few photos of it here:




Posted Aug 6, 2011, 5:30 pm
I and a few other toyvoyagers were allowed to join Petra and her class on the trip to Luisenpark in Mannheim. We had some fun there. I don't know, if it was really my idea to sit there.


Do storks eat toyvoyagers like me? I seem to be small enough.


There is a television tower in the park too, but we've only seen it from far.


Posted Aug 6, 2011, 6:15 pm
Summer break started, so Petra and two of her kids are off from school for 6 and a half weeks. To celebrate the day we went on a short walk to a restaurant, which is located at the edge of Bruchsal area. A part of the way led us on the way of the seven sorrows of Jesus' mother Maria.

This is the first station: Simeon's prophecy.


Before we reached the fifth station we passed this cross.


The chapel called "Feldkirchle" is the fifth station.


We also passed this vineyard.


Posted Aug 19, 2011, 7:36 pm
Today we took a photo of nearly all tvs, which stay here right now. There are several tvs of our host: Aaron, Robinson, Schnuffi, Scotty, Cassiopeia and Simba Leon. Then there are the regular guests: me, BarryO, Henry, Sanji, Tuffy, NiliHH, Jack, Chuckle, WillyW. All the others are tvs, which stayed with hosts, who had some problems and no chance to send them on to their owners or the next host. It is the biggest amount of toyvoyagers I ever had around me:)

Posted Aug 26, 2011, 8:47 am
Finally we found time to go on another short trip. We drove to Bad Nauheim in the morning. Maybe you don't know anything about Bad Nauheim and what makes it interesting for us. It is a really nice city with about 30000 inhabitants and is located about 35 km north from Frankfurt a.M.

Elvis Presley lived in Bad Nauheim during his time with the United States Army in Friedberg.

In the old town center of Bad Nauheim is the barn at the gate to the castle: The gate, the 'Burgpforte', was used by Elvis Presley as the motif of a record cover for his 1959 #1 hitrecord 'A Big Hunk o' Love'. Here is a photo of him at the gate. The photo is part of the exhibition ( the link is in German, sorry) about Elvis' time in Bad Nauheim and a bit about Elvis in general.



Elvis sang "Muss i denn zum Städele hinaus". Here is a sheet with the text and he wrote in phonetic spelling under the lines, how he had to sing it.


Elvis liked karate. Here is one of his suits.


Of course there was much more to see and read, but Petra said, that she can't take a photo of each photo or item with me. After seeing the exhibition we went to an Irish Pub for lunch.


Terrassenstraße - a street - was near to the Irish Pub, so we decided to walk there and go to see Hotel Grunewald. Elvis lived there after he arrived in Germany in October 1958. One week after him also his father, grandmother and two friends and bodyguards came too. At first they stayed at another hotel, but then they rent a whole floor. Room 10 - Elvis room - still looks the same, but it is closed for public.


Right in front of the hotel is the Elvis-Presley-Place and the stele.


Near to the "Burgpforte" - where nobody took a single photo with us toyvoyagers, but only the humans:( - ok, near to the "Burgpforte" we saw these lovely half timbered houses.


In the garden we had a rest near a "Gradierbau" - refine building (not sure, how to call it in English). I like this beach chair.



While walking in the garden, we saw this church.




On our way back to the car we walked through Goethestraße. In the house Goethestraße 14 Elvis lived for one year during his stay in Germany.


It was a strange feeling to walk in the footsteps of Elvis and really interesting for everyone - even those, who don't like Elvis too much. Of course this last part of the sentence doesn't count for my female host.

Posted Sep 7, 2011, 6:12 pm
A thunderstorm is coming.


Posted Sep 29, 2011, 5:20 pm
Today we visited our host's aunt and uncle in Mannheim. From the balcony in the fifth floor we saw these high buildings.


We saw some rather old houses.



We also saw the tv-tower.


Posted Sep 29, 2011, 5:46 pm
My host and her daughter and son had the idea to walk around the Mummelsee. The Mummelsee is a 17-metre-deep lake at the western mountainside of the Hornisgrinde in the northern Black Forest of Germany. It is very popular with tourists travelling along the Schwarzwaldhochstraße. According to legends, the lake is inhabited by a Nix and the King of the Mummelsee.





Posted Oct 8, 2011, 4:24 pm
Today we went on a short trip to Bad Wildbad. We first thought, that we maybe could walk through a spa garden, but then the weather was so bad, that we decided to only have lunch and then go home again. Oh no, we didn't walk from Bruchsal to Bad Wildbad, we took the city railway.

For lunch we had Swabian pockets with fresh flowers on it. It looked and tasted really good.



Posted Oct 8, 2011, 5:10 pm
Today we bake a cake for a birthday party, where we will go later. It is an apple cake, bottom and cover with the same dough. It is really yummy, but we had to work a lot to get all these apples cut into small pieces.






Posted Oct 31, 2011, 8:27 pm
Hey Guys!
It's me, Bubo!

And I started my new Germany adventure today cause now I arrived at my new Hosts Home, Bochum!
Tiffy is my new host and she seems very nice and friendly! =)


This was the Moment I said Hi to my new Host! Hehehe! =)

And afterswards I got a real warm and friendly welcome by the other Toys... who aren't Traveling Toys... so I guess I'm going to tell them a lot about the world and traveling!

In this picture you can see me with all the others!
Spongebob, Bobo (his name is similar so mine!!), Shufai, Bean Teddy, Pille and Donkey.

Today is Halloween...
But Tiffy told me, that she isn't a huge fan of it and she had a long day at work.. so we won't go out to scare other people... but that's okay... I'm tired as well!
So we're sitting in front of the Television and watch some Sitcoms! Funny times! =)

And now... I'm going to wish you all a good night and a happy Halloween!
I'll sleep now... and dream of all the places I want to visit!


Good night!

Posted Nov 1, 2011, 5:18 pm
Hey There!!

Today was a feast day in some parts in Germany.
So.. Tiffy had some free time and we made a walk through a park in Bochum!
It was such a beautiful autumn day, it wasn't that cold and the sun was shining! =)

This is me between some trees... their autumn colors looked amazing! =)

Well... and there is something special about this park, which we visited today.
It was built in an industrial area... some years ago, those industrial areas where very typical for this region.
And now... the places aren't needed and so they made a park out of it!!

And this is how it looks! In the background there is the old water tower of Bochum...


Me sitting on a wall... in the background are some bridges, which are something like a pathway through this park.

This is an old rail system, which was used to carry around industrial things through this whole area...and now... it perfectly fits into the nature.



This is me again on a wall... and in the background you can see the water tower and the other industrial buildings.
This is my favorite photo of today.

I'm getting closer to that water tower thing ^^

They we're so huge! We weren't quite sure what this buildings were... maybe some old smokestacks?

Well and this was kinda strange...
there was a circus tent in that park! but there was no circus!?
Tiffy told me, that this tent is standing there for ages! But why??

This is me in front of the "Jahrhunderthalle"
This building was used to be an industrial building, too. And now it is used to be an event place.
Tiffy told me, that there is a radio award every year in this building and some other cultural events... like concerts, expositions and so on...

I really enjoyed that day in Bochum!
And I'm excited to see some other interesting parts of this town!

Bubo... =)

Posted Nov 6, 2011, 11:19 am
Hey There!!!

Uhh... yesterday Tiffy took me with her to a birthday party of a friend.
It was sooo funny and I got to know Tiffy's friends..
I had so much fun celebrating his 21st birthday!
And I think Tiffys friends were happy to have a special guest from England xD

Of course there was a birthday cake... and it was a chocolate cake... it was so tasty! yummmmmmmmyyyy!

This is me sitting in the middle of the nacho bowl... uhh, can someone tell me, why exactly I was sitting there? I can't remember.... xD

Well... and there was actually some mexican spirit in Dortmund! xD The others drank some Tequila... and I wanted the hat.
I'm sure it suits me very well... but unfortunately I don't own it! -.- xD

Well... and then there was a little surprise!
I met Domino, who is currently staying with La_Kate_Boheme in Dortmund!
And Kate is a good friend of Tiffy... so it was kinda funny to meet an english buddy in good old Germany!
And look what we've found!
A piece of home!!!!


Well and by the times... it was soo late and we were tired... so we sat on Kates Bed, talked a bit and afterwards we took a nap.

That was my Party experience!
Have a nice Sunday!! =)

Bubo... x x

Posted Nov 12, 2011, 11:46 am
Today is a special day for toyvoyagers.com. We've watched TV_TV from Galileo in German television. I've seen many famous other tvs at the beginning of the show and then there was TV_TV.


Posted Nov 13, 2011, 6:22 pm
Hey there!!!

So the weekend is done! And it was a really good one! =)
I had lots of fun here... and now I'm not longer alone with Tiffy.
But I'll tell you later...

On friday we were at the cinema and watched the Lion King in 3D!
It was totally awesome to see this wonderful movie on the huge screen! But the 3D effects were quite embarrassing!
First it was really nice... but later it got really annoying! xD
And the 3D glass... didn't suite me... so I didn't want Tiffy to take some pictures! xD

The only one she took then, was me in standing in the line to get our tickets! xD LOL... sorry for that! But the glasses were really horrible!


And yesterday Tiffy came home and brought an envelope with her!
I got so excited that I sat on it and wanted to open it!
I soooo wanted to know, what's in there...


So Tiffy allowed me to open it!
Damn... it felt like Christmas! xD

And as I opened it, there was Carlisle jumping out of that envelope!
This was a huge surprise! And now we're two TVs at Tiffy's home!
I'm sure that this will be a lot of fun! Hehehehehe! =)


Carlisle was really kind! He brought a postcard of North Carolina with him and some Halloween Candy!
I'm going to ask Tiffy if I can have one of them... if it's okay for you, mummy! *whistle*

So that's it!
See you soon! And I'm sure that the next week will be a lot of fun, too!
Now I'm going to watch some telly with Carlisle!

x x x

Posted Nov 19, 2011, 6:26 pm
Hey Mummy!!!

On Thursday (17th Nov) we, Tiffy, Carlisle, me and some friends of Tiffy went to the Christmarket of Bochum!
This was really cool!
The whole town looks like christmas now! And this market is really wonderful... on every corner are different types of smells!
It's really wonderful!

There was also a light sign which welcomed Carlisle and me in Bochum! Hehehehe...

On this market are lots of booths... were you can buy warm drinks, like hot wine punch, cocoa, egg punch and all that stuff!
To get warm Carlisle and me drank an egg punch... this was really tasteful and Tiffy told us, that this would be the best egg punch of the bochum christmas market.

After this really tasteful and alcholic drink... (uuuuuuuppppsss x'D) I thought it would be funny to sit in a chritmas tree, which was standing next to the egg punch booth!

Well... and so Carlisle and me decided to eat something...
There was a booth which was selling a sort of a bread...
I think it was with sour cream or something familiar... and onions and bacon! And it was baked in a oven of stone with real fire.

This looked really beautiful... it's the bank of Bochum in the city.
And even this building is draped in christmas lights!

On our walk through all the booths, we found a very funny hot wine punch booth!
It looked like a classic roundabout, were you can sit and drink your warm drinks. And the funny thing about it... it's slowly spinning!
Im sure this could be a problem for the people who drank too much of this hot wine... HAHAHAHA!

And in the end... we saw the highlight of the christmas market!
Mummy!! Can you believe, that I saw Santa in his flying sleigh with his reindeers??? Even Rudolph, the one with the red nose was there!
And Santa flew over the market place!!!
Unfortunately we weren't sooo close to Santa, so the photo isn't that good, but Tiffy promised to go with us there again and take a better photo!
I marked Santa in the photo so that you can see him!

And I always thought, that Santa is only riding his sleigh on christmas eve... that's strange! xD

Sending some christmas spirit back home!!!! xD hehehe...

Lots of love


x x x


Tiffy forgot to upload a photo of me and Carlisle in front of another booth which is looking like a christmas pyramid!
This was soooo huge and beautiful!!! =)
Take a look!


Posted Nov 20, 2011, 9:58 pm
Hey there!!!

Today Tiffy should me the musical theatre of Bochum!
The Starlight Express theatre! It's in Bochum for over 20 years! Can you believe that? One show... for that long in place!
But there wasn't the usual Starlight Express Show today...
The cast did a charity event... to support a SOS children's village!
So they sang songs from other Musical... and said this would be a time journey through the Musical history!
They sang songs from CATS, the Rocky Horror Show, Hair, Lion King and so on...

This is me...somehow I look like a ghost! oO but it's really me!
This was the view from our seats! We sat in the first row and in the background you can see the stage.

And this is a snippet of the auditorium! It's soooo huge!!!
and the seats in the middle are at the stage... so in a normal show the actors drive around there with their skates!
I so want to see the normal show!!!

So and this is me in front of the theatre!
It was really cool there and Tiffy told me, that we will go there very soon again, to make more pictures! I'm looking forward to that!

So Mummy, I hope you had a wonderful weekend, like me!
Write to you soon!

lots of love!

x x x

Posted Nov 27, 2011, 7:55 pm
Hey There!!!

On Wednesday we started to decorate Tiffys room with christmas stuff!!!
That was very funny...first we picked some christmas music... Tiffys favorite tunes for these days... some christmas Frank Sinatra Swing! Loved it!

SO we had to get the packages out of the basement... with all the stuff. And Tiffy has lots of christmas stuff!! Damn it! Take a look!

And the next step was the every year fun... getting those strings of christmas lights unknot!

So and after a work of nearly 1 and a half hour Tiffys window and her windowsill looked like this! Finally!!!

So and this is Tiffys glittery and shiny advent wreath!

Talk to you soon!!!
Lots of Love!
Bubo! =)
x x x

Posted Nov 27, 2011, 8:40 pm
Hey there!!

Today I visited the beautiful town Cologne, with Tiffy and Carlisle!
We went to see a musical there... but I'll tell you later about it!

First of all we went to see the "Hohenzollern-Bridge" it a bridge in Cologne... where many people go and put a lock on the railings of that bridge!
Lovers from all over Germany and maybe the world put there locks there! And I tell ya,... there are possibly many hundreds of them! This really impressed me, much!
It was a bit windy on that bridge... so my hair is a terribly mess!! UUUUPPS! xD Sorry for that! =)

And this is me... also on that Bridge... looking at the Rhine... it's a river which flows through Cologne!


So and after my windy visit on that bridge we went to see the famous cathedral of cologne! And I'll tell ya... it's soooo huge and beautiful! WOW!
This is me in front of it! =)

And this is me inside of the cathedral! And it really impressed me! This building is so old, huge and beautiful! I wonder how long it took, to built this!

So and after our small Sightseeing Tour, we had to go to the theatre... cause we were in Cologne.. to watch the Musical "Elisabeth".
The musical is about the young Empress of Austria... maybe you heard something about her... she is also called "Sissi".
This is me in front of a huge poster at the foyer of the theatre.
You can see Elisabeth there...

And this is me and Carlisle with our theatre ticket... so that we were allowed to get in there and sit on a seat there! hehehee

This is me at the auditorium! Our sight was okay... we sat on the side and a bit away from the stage (row 18) but I had a wonderful overview and saw everything! =)

So all in all I had an awesome day in Cologne today!
The town was beautiful and also the musical was womderful! =)
I'm so happy, that Tiffy took me with her.
Wish you a wonderful rest sunday!

Talk to you soon!
Big owl hug...
x x x

Posted Dec 8, 2011, 3:42 pm
Hey there!!! =)

On Monday, the 5th, my host Tiffy had Birthday... so we celebrated a bit and Carlisle and me helped her to unwrap her pressies! =)
It was a really cool and relaxed day! =) Tiffy didn't had to work, so we just hung around a bit and ate lots of very delicious things! =)

In the morning there were some pressies from her parents...
This is me and Carlisle in front of her pressies!
The gingerbread house was just a joke, because the real birthday cake wasn't ready at that time! hahaha...

And so we started to unwrap the presents!
Let's get excited people!! =)

Hello?? Can you see me?
This present was bigger than me... I was so excited to get to know what was in there!!

And... tadadadadaaaaaa!!
"Humphrey" came out of that pressie!
Humphrey is a cute pug and he is a money box... Tiffy's Mum said, that she got this, because Tiffy wants to travel to London next year... so she has to save her money for that trip in Humphrey!

After that really exhausting unwrapping of the presents we had breakfast and Tiffy's Mum made us some bacon and scrambled eggs! What a treat!! I'm sure I'm a few pounds heavier now xD


And in the afternoon, Tiffy's auntie cam to visit us and we had a wonderful nut cake! Yum yum yum... =)


And there was also on more present! xD hehehe


So as you can see, Tiffy had a wonderful birthday and I enjoyed to stay with her one that day! =)

Talk to you soon again!

x x x

Posted Dec 11, 2011, 7:41 pm
Hey there! =)

Tiffy took me with her yesterday, to take some photos at the Starlight theatre again. Do you remember? We were already there for a benefit event.
Unfortunately we didn't watched the show... we were just hanging around there, met some friends of Tiffy and we got a little Backstage guiding by one of the actors of this Musical.
But we didn't take photos at the backstage area.. what a pity!

But as you can see, the outside of the theatre is also very exciting and awesome!
On the forecourt you can see a real steam train and a carriage with tthe Starlight Characters on it.. =)
Thats really cool.

And this is me in front of the steam train! =)
It's really awesome, isn't it?

And this is me sitting on the steam train!
Damn... this thing is soooo huge, and I'm just a very tiny owl.
I hope you can see me! xD hahaha

So and this is one of the two stage doors, which the theatre has.
You can wait there, if you want and if you're a fan of some actors so you can meet them there, talk to them, take photos and get some autographs. But we didn't waited for someone yesterday. So Tiffy just showed me this huge poster of all the Starlight Characters...

This is me and Dinah... the dinning car... I think she looks kinda cute, and I wanted to meet her in person! But I had no luck.
Damn it! ^^

So and right next to the theatre is the football stadium of Bochums football team... called VFL Bochum 1848. It's called the "Rewirpower Stadion" some years ago, the name was "Ruhrstadion" and Tiffy said, that she loves the old name more, because "Rewir Power" is a sponsoring name and this sucks!
As you can see, there was a game going on the stadium... but we didn't went in to watch the footy...


So and this is me on the motorway bridge... this motorway is one of the most jammed motorways in this whole area. Everyday there are lots traffic jams for lots of kilometers.
But yesterday there was none.

So and after this really cool day at the theatre we headed to subway to eat a sandwich.
Cause having a photoshooting makes you very hungry, you know?

So I'll talk to you very soon! Cause we also visited a mining museum, but first we have to choose the photos and it's so late now.
So I think, I'll write to you tomorrow! =)

Love you Mum!
x x x

Posted Dec 13, 2011, 2:12 pm
Hey Mummy!!! =)

As I already told you before, Tiffy and me, went to the german mining museum, in Bochum on Sunday!
It was really exciting…. Did you know, that Bochum and the whole “Ruhr Area” where a typical mining region some years ago? It was called the black part of Germany… because here was so much industry and no green places. But now things have changed and there are just a hand full of cole mines in this area.
So we went to the museum to take a look, how it was here some years ago.

This is me in front of the mining museum. The shaft tower is one of Bochum’s landmarks! It looks really high… I guess you have a nice overview of Bochum up there! =)


So I asked Tiffy to climb up there… to enjoy the wonderful sight of Bochum!




This is me in front of the shaft’s tower wheel… it was kinda windy up there… so  my here is a real mess!! Hahahaha

So and after our trip up… we went down. This is me in front  of the elevator… waiting for my journey to start down to the earth!

So and down at the tunnel it was really interesting!
I saw some interesting old machines, which were used back in these days!
And the tunnels were really dark and some of them totally small. I was glad that I was just a small owl, so I fitted perfectly through those tunnels xD











This is me on a litter, which was used down in the tunnels to carry around the workers who had an accident and where ill or something like that.

Coal miners this way…. okay, so let’s go on!!!! hehehehe

This is Carlisle and me sitting in one of the mine trains, who used to drive around the mine and it brought the mine workers to their working places. There are so tiny, that it was hard to believe, that adult men were sitting in these trains! WOW!

I found a phone down there… I tried to call you, and say hello and tell you where I am…. But I had no service down there! This was annoying!

This is a really huge machine… and it was hard to believe, that this was used down there!
I wonderd… how the hell did they get this machine down there? xD

This is a „saving-bomb“ .
It helped to save the life of the workers, if there was an accident and the tunnels broke down.
So they could get in there, so that they didn’t get hurt by the huge rocks and all that stuff!
And so it was possible for the savers  to carry them up. 

And this is a mining car, who was used to deliver the cole around the tunnels and it brought the cole to the belt conveyers.

And this is one of those many belt conveyers which were used.

And then I saw somehting really interessting.
The musem has a special exhibition at the moment, which shows some mining things from Chile.
And there you can also see the real “saving-bomb” which was used at the mining tragedy in 2010.
So I stood for this thing, which I only knew from TV and it was great to see it in real and it impressed me much, as I thought about, how many lives it saved and how much joy I brought to the families of these workers! WOW!

So as you can see…
I had a really wonderful and interesting weekend here in Bochum and I saw one of the most important places of Bochum. Starlight Express and the mining museum.

Talk to you soon!
Love and miss you, Mummy!

x x x

Posted Dec 21, 2011, 6:41 pm
Hey mummy!!!

Tiffy was quite busy this week so far, so I had no chance to update my Travelog earlier, cause Tiffy had still the photos of the last weekend!

But now here they are and I hope you have fun!
As you know, Tiffy had birthday this months and she became 21...
so this was a reason to celebrate! =)
So we had a belated birthday party together with a friend of Tiffy (who also became 21) and it was a real fun!
It was a theme party... so we had to get dressed up in Casino Style... cause it was supposed to be a Casino Party! Wuhuhuu!!!

So this is me and Carlisle... sitting at the roulette station all suited up.
The bow-tie suits me pretty much, huh?


Casiiiiino!!!! =)

Yummy pasta salat... okay, this was not typical for a casino... but it was delicious!!! =)

So and this is me... gambling at the poker table.
Unfortunateley I didn't get the royal flush this eve... the luck wasn't on my side =/

So and now we get prepared for Crimbo and I can't wait!!! =)

Love and miss you loads, mommy! =)
x x x

Posted Dec 29, 2011, 6:29 pm
Hey Mummy!!!

Sorry for this late Christmas update!!! But there was also a very busy week here, and so Tiffy wasn't able to give me the photos earlier!
Sorry!!!! But now you can see, how I celebrated Christmas in Germay!! Yeaaah!

This is me and Carlisle... helping to wrap the christmas pressies on the morning of the 24th... ^^

Unfortunately there was no christmas tree at Tiffy's home this year... but we still had a wonderful christmas eve..

we had lots of Candies...

we had some egg liqueur...

we had a typical christmas eve dinner... potatoe salad and sausage! Many germans eat this on christmas eve... but I don't know why? Maybe it's because, it's very easy to make or something? Tiffy also doesn't know it... but it was delicious!

We helped Tiffy to unwrap her pressies... and afterwards we sat down in the paper chaos! I hope you can see me!

And I got also a little present.
This is me with it...

This is me unwrapping it...

and this is me... happy with some chocolate!! hahaha! =)

And this is me and Carlisle with a funny guy, Tiffy got... it's a Fluffling and it makes really funny sounds and all that stuff! And it's sp fluffy! Tiffy called him Fuzzy-Wuzzy xD

So and after all that drinking, eating and unwrapping we played some cards!! =) But somehow I didn't understand that game oO

****Christmas Day, 25th...*****

Because I only have one picture of the christmas day... I'm going to copy it here! We had a really fest dinner! marinated pot roast with red cabbage and dumplings! Wow! This was so good and I was so stuffed after it!!!

Love you, Mummy!!!
x x x

Posted Jan 12, 2012, 6:02 pm
Hey mommy!!!

It's me again, Bubo!
I hope you had a great start in this new year!! =)
Sorry for being late with updates, between new year and now, nothing really special happend so I didn't know what to do.
Tiffy had to work and so Carlisle and me we're just hanging out here a bit and trained our feast-weight xD hahahaa... the food for christmas was way too good, I think!

But last saturday we went to Dortmund, to watch a musical at the theatre.
It was called "The Full Monty" and it was really funny! It was about unemployed steelworkers, who wanted to start their own stripgroup... this was so funny and the actors were awesome! I really had a great time there! =)

This is me in the theatre-foyer... the lights are really impressive, what do you think?? =)

So and this is me in the audience... this was our view from the box-seats... really cool and the stage was really close! So we had a nice overview! =)

Love you,

Bubo... =)

Posted Jan 12, 2012, 6:32 pm
Sunday-update! =)

Yeaaah it's me again... and here is my other update for the last weekend!
On Sunday we headed to Oberhausen... it's a town just 30 mins away from Bochum.
And we went to see one of the world's most famous musicals.
It was really cool!

This is me in front of the stage.
Sorry for this bad quality, but we took a picture without the flash and this was way tooooooo dark. And the pic with the flash... is kinda overexposed... but you can see me!! xD hehehe

We had really awesome seats in the 2nd row right next to the stage!
Oh btw. the stage is looking like a junkyard which was pretty amazing! =)
And during the show I was able to stare in some eyes of one of the actors.. and she was also staring back at me, which was kinda scary and I looked away. xD
I was afraid that she'd like owls... so I didn't want to take a risk and get caught by her! hahahaha xD

So as you can see, I had a pretty amazing and very "musical" weekend... I liked it! =)

Talk to you soon, Mummy! =)

Love you lots..
Bubo <3

Posted Jan 17, 2012, 7:20 pm
Hey Mummy!!! =)

Today Tiffy took us, me and Carlisle with her for a walk during her lunch break.
It was such a nice wheater. The sun was shining but it was really cold.

We went through the city district, where Tiffy is working.
She works at a Travel Agency and it's next to the theatre of Bochum.
This is me in front of it.

And right next to it there is a square which is called the "William Shakespeare Square" Really cool, huh?

So and this whole district is a bit arty...
There are some small shops and small cafés.

And look what funny thing we found...
This is normally a street sign... and this is the pole of it.
And well.. someone knit a "coat" for it, that it looks a bit better... and there is also a small guy hanging around there... how funny is that?? I loved it! =)

And there was also a ballard with a knitted hat! Hahahaha that looked really cool! =)

So and this is me and Carlisle.. sitting on a bench and enjoying some warm sun beams.

As you can see... I had a wonderful cold but sunny walk through a small part of Bochum! =)

x x x

Posted Jan 22, 2012, 5:49 pm
Hey Mummy!!! =)

Today Tiffy and me did some cooking and we made a meal called "Winzertopf" (vintner pot)
It was really delicious I must say!
It was with turkey meat, mushrooms, bacon and grapes and with a delicous sauce out of grape juice and some cream and different spices!

So this is me with all the ingredients...

This is me cutting the meat...

and cutting the mushrooms..

so and after the cutting we had to roast the meat...

in the background are the ribbon noodles cooking.. and I'm stiring up the meat.. =)

afterwards I had to add the mushromms and the bacon...

and after this we added the sauce and the grapes.. to give this whole thing the final kick ;), you know... =)

So and this is me with my self cooked meal, it was so hot, that the picture is a bit steamy, but I hope you can recognise me and the delicous meal! =)

Wish you a great rest sunday!! =)

Love and hugs
x x x

Posted Jan 28, 2012, 7:00 pm
Hey there!! =)

On thursday was the day of the big goodbyes I'd say...
first I had to say goodbye to Carlisle who departed back home.
We had a really great time here together and I'm sure I'm gonna miss him... ^^

And so we had our final buddy-hug.

And I wished him a good and safe journey back home..

And the next goodbye was Peeta's. Peeta is the new TV of my host Tiffy.
This is me with him at the post office. I did not really know him, because we didn't spent that much time together.
But I gave him some good adviced how to behave in an envelope without freaking out! =)

So and after Carlisle and Peeta left Tiffy and me made a little walk around the town.
This is one part of Bochum's shopping street. And this thing, in the middle is supposed to be a kind of a traffic light or something. But somehow it isn't working... strange...

Wish you a wonderful weekend!! =)
Love you, mummy!
Bubo x x

Posted Feb 12, 2012, 3:48 pm
Hey Mummy!!!

It's me again!! =)
Due to this very cold wheater in Germany, Tiffy prefered to stay inside this weekend.
and I was glad, because I don't like that cold wheater, either.
So we decided to work on a London Bus...really cool!
Tiffy got a model kit for this Bus! And this kit is really huge! There are hundred of parts! Some are big and some are sooooo tiny!
I wonder how Tiffy wants to handle this.

So this is me with this huge model kit.

And before we started... I studied the construction plans...

And this is me, sitting on Tiffys desk inbetween some bus parts, colors and all that stuff...


And after Tiffy has shown me, how all this model kit thing is working and how I have to build some things, I was allowed so help and I started painting a few parts.
I was a huge help for Tiffy!! And she was happy about my work!


And after all that painting we started to put the engine into the underbody of the bus...

And this is the other side of the underbody of the London Bus.
With all exhaust pipes and and tubes and all that technical stuff...

As you can see, we made a huge step further in building this Bus, today.
And now I'm really excited how far we will come during my visit. =)

Wish you a wonderful sunday Mummy! 

Love you! =)
x x x

Posted Feb 23, 2012, 6:30 pm
Hey Mummy!!!

Today I was allowed to go to Essen with Tiffy, to visit the Travel & Camping trade show! =)
It's a trade show about the trends in the travel industry.
There we're some countries and cities which showcased their destination.
Some of them were kinda boring.. but some others were really interesting!

But first of all we had to go to Essen by train... Essen is not far away from Bochum. We only needed about 15 min to arrive in Essen.
This is me at the Bochum train station.

At the station we had to take a look into the railway shedule, so that we knew which train we had to take and when it would depart...

So and this is me at the station concourse and there was a huge destination board, which listed all arrivals and departures of the trains!

Waiting for the train at the platform was kinda boring... but we had luck and our train came in time!
Many german trains arrive with huge delays... but this train not! Lucky us! hehehehehe! =)

and here are some snapshots of me at the trade show..
this was the huge stand of Croatia... this was really impressive and I'm sure, that Croatia would also be an interesting land to travel to!

This was the stand of Finland, and they had a real reindeer there!
Can you believe that? But I'm sure, that the reindeer had no fun there =(

And there also was a stand for Australia, where you were able to buy some typical Australia things, like hats, roadsings,  plush toys, books and some many other things! =)

Hehehe and then I met a funny guy at the "Europapark-Rust" stand.
The Europapark is a theme park in the south of Germany.
And they were also showcasing their park and there was a funny clown, who was dressed as a cowboy but he also had a red clown nose!
Funny! So I also took a photo with him, and he liked me and said, that he thinks, that it's really cool that I'm travelling through the world and he never met an owl from England! Hahahaha! So funny!
I'm on the left... and the mouse on the right is the mascot of this theme park. 

I had a really fun day at this trade show.. =)
Hope you enjoyed the pictures I took there!

Love you,

x x x

Posted Mar 6, 2012, 7:14 pm
Hey Mummy!!!!

On Sunday Tiffy and me went to Essen again...
do you rememeber that I watched the Musical "Elisabeth" in Cologne in November??
So on Sunday I watched it again! This time in Essen!
You must know, that Tiffy is really a musical addict and she wanted to see it again... and it's really a great show, so I went with her and we watched the show again! And it was absolutley mindblowing!
This time we sat very close to the stage... in row 7 and it was awesome!
I was able to see the facial expressions of all the actors! Really amazing! =)
The music is wonderful and the story is also awesome! =) But I already told you something about the story, so I won't do that again, this time, okay? =)

So this time we drove to Essen, and this is me in the car on the motorway!
As you can see, the wheater wasn't nice! =( Booooh! It was raining...


And during our "journey" to Essen it became even worse...

So and this is me in the theatre... it's called "Colosseum Theatre" but it doesn't even look like the Colosseum in Rome, so I'm a bit confused and I wonder why it is called, "Colosseum", then?
I have no Idea.. and Tiffy either.
In the past this building was used as an industrial building... which was very typical for this "Ruhr-Region".
And now it's a theatre! Really strange, those Germans... I'll tell, ya! xD hahaha
During the last years, the theatre belonged to the "Stage Entertainment Company" and there were always some long run production Musicals in this theatre, like Phantom of the Opera, Aida or Mamma Mia! (just to name a few)
But now, it still belongs to this company, but it's kind of a "free-theatre" now... so it has no fixed prdouctions, and so there are many Tour Productions, only for a few weeks in this theatre. Like Elisabeth.
This is me on the second floor of the theatre of the Foyer and it was really high! Wow!

And again... waiting for the show to beginn...

And waiting again,... now in the audience.. and you can see how close we were to stage! WHAAAAAAH!!! <3

And while I was waiting and sitting on my seat... I met HolgiHH and Brownbeard, so we talked a bit about travelling and beeing a Toyvoyager and about our adventures... and Brownbeard was a bit scary, cause he is a pirate and he talked kinda strange... ARRRR!!! xD

Hope you have a great week! Miss you Mum! =)
Bubo x x x

Posted Mar 16, 2012, 7:53 pm
Hey Mummy!!!!

Sorry I've been late with this Update... it's one from last week, but somehow the SD-Card were the photos were on wasn't working... but now I'm glad that it is working again and that the photos were still on it! =) Yeaaah! =)

So Tiffy and me went to a Bubble Tea Bar last week on thursday.
Do you already know Bubble Tea?
It's a new trend coming from Asia and everyone is totally crazy about it!

At first you have to choose if you want tea or milk as a basic for your drink... Tiffy chose Milk... and then you add a flavour.. in this case it was coconut and then you have to choose between different type of bubbles... we decided to take yoghurt bubbles... and on top of that, were were Oreo cookie crumbles in this drink!
It's really crazy, don't you think?

And this is how it looks...

And then I was kinda brave and tasted it... and I must say, it was really delicious! =)
First it was a strange feeling to have a bubble in my mouth, but after a few it became really cool! =)

A friend of Tiffy took a bubble tea with green tea und kiwi flavour... so I also had to taste it... but I must say, I liked the coconut milk one more...

So and all that drinking and bubbling made me hungry and I had a Donut! =)

Posted Mar 16, 2012, 8:04 pm
http://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gif http://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gif http://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gifhttp://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gifhttp://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gifhttp://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gif

Hey Mummy!!!!
Spring is coming to Bochum and I absolutley love it!! =)
It's so wonderful to have temperatures around 20 degress and to walk through the streets without the winter jacket! I'm so thrilled right now and it's such a wonderful time here! =)

Today it was really warm and so Tiffy and I enjoyed the sun during her lunch break.
We bought a delicious coffee frappucino at a bakery and then we sat on a bench in the sun and just enjoyed this sunny spring life!


Just take a look, how bright the sun was shining today!!! Absolutley aaaaaamazing!=)


and last but not least I was sitting in the gras and enjoyed the sun xDDD

Posted Mar 29, 2012, 7:04 pm
Hey Mummy!!! =)

A new TV arrived at Tiffy's home!
So it was a pleasure for me, to welcome the new TV...

Tiffy allowed me to open the envelope...
It was really exciting to meet another Toyvoyager...
And out of the envelope came _Lilly_! =)
She's here to come with us to London in 2 weeks...


So and because I'm a kind TV I made her a nice welcome sign!
And I'm sure that she was happy about this very friendly gesture of mine. Yap...Yap...Yap..


Lilly brought some chocolate from Yosemite with here...
so we sat together, with a cold orange drink and talked about toyvoyaging.
She is kinda new to this and haven't seen much from the world yet, so I told her all my travel adventures and it was a really nice chat.
So I'm very sure that we will have a great time together here.

Write to you soon! =)

Love you, Mummy!
x x x

Posted Apr 3, 2012, 7:34 pm
With every ending comes a new beginning....

Hey Mummy! =)

So today was my last day in Bochum. And it's been kinda sad.
I was Tiffys 1st Tv, she was allowed to host and I spent nearly half a year now here in Bochum and I really had a great time!
Thank you for sending me, to her! =)


I said goodbye to Lilly, and wished her much fun on her upcoming travels and adventures...maybe we'll meet again, sometime. You never know ;)

So goodbye Bochum! Tomorrow morning Tiffy will bring me to the post office... so 'll hope that I will spend the easter holidays with my new host in Germany.

Write to you, when I'll be there! =)
Love you Mummy, and I hope you enjoyed my Bochum adventures! =)

x x x