Knöpfchen, Jyväskylä, Finland


Posted Jun 30, 2012, 3:55 pm

My name is Knöpfchen and I am a little hedgehog.
Today my new mum Shilo rescued me from a toyshop and brought me home.
I was so nervous who will be there, that I rolled myself together to a plushy ball.

She laid me onto a table and I could hear different voices

Then I was carefully touched

I wanted to see who was there, so I opened.

I could see five Toys looking at me. There were Lorca, Snowball, Milk Chocolate, Freddi and Hoppsi.

They told me that they were toy voyagers. When I heard all the stories from their tours, I decided that I wanted to be a toy voyager too. Now that we were all together, we took a group picture.

After that Snowball took out a game called “bunny and hedgehog”. Because we were two hedgehogs and one bunny, she thought it could be fun to play it.

First we had to arrange the game

I was the one who started the game

I gave 15 carrots to go 5 steps.

On this field I had the chance to give away one of my salads.

On this field I had to take a card. Oh I could give away 10 carrots or I could take 10.

Oh no, Lorca had won the game. I made only the fifth place.

It made a lot of fun, playing the game.

It was a wonderful first day here, but now I am tired.

Posted Jul 8, 2012, 5:03 pm
Today we went to friends from my parents. They also joint Toyvoyagers and we wanted to meet their TVs and watch the Eurovision Song contest together.
We meet Imodra Dragon, her tree kids Ranja, Spikey and Little, Cosy and Zeitgeist.
Here you could see a group picture from us all together.

Before the Song Contest started, we made some flags for all the countries that were participating in the contest.

When we were finished, we all sat down to watch the contest.

I am for the Danish Candidate

We made our own ranking for the countries. At the moment I think the Swedish candidate was the best.

The Swedish candidate won the contest and the Danish candidate made the 23 place

It was a funny evening, especially the meeting with the other TVs.

Posted Jul 8, 2012, 5:56 pm
Today was very exciting, because we went to the Movie Park in Bottrop. It is a very cool amusement park. 
Here I am in front of the entrance.

From the top of the Ferris wheel you could see the complete park. It is a great view.

Driving the bumper car made a lot of fun especially when we hit dads car

Everywhere on the streets we saw cool cars. Some of them were really old and others looked like they came right out of an action movie.

It was so hot today, that we made a short break and bought a slush. It was really tasty.

The best rollercoaster in the park is the “Van Helsings Factory rollercoaster” Everything is dark while you ride on it.

In the background you could see the “Avatar Air glider” and the “Ghost chasers”. It made fun, riding on them, but I think the Air glider is better.

This shark is so huge and I think it looks really scary.

Before we went home, we watched another Show called “Back to the movies”. At this show they played a lot of cool film themes and danced to them.

It was a great day. And Mum told us, that when the weather is good, we will visit the “Heidepark” in Soltau in two weeks. I hope we could get there.

Posted Jul 8, 2012, 11:48 pm
Today was a great day because Mum took us to Cologne to visit the Chocolate Museum. And inside the museum is a chocolate factory.

This is a box made of crown caps. It comes out of east Africa.

With this tool you can find out how heavy the bag with the cacao beans is

In this show case we found a lot of different things, which were made out of cacao butter

Then we went into the section with the chocolate factory.
This machine is a cocoa butter press out of the year 1899.

This is a round conche out of the year 1920. It was used to ennoble the chocolate.

The luke-warm chocolate paste is passed into the preheated moulds. The moulds then pass over a vibrating table so that the chocolate paste is evently distributed and any air bubbles can escape.
After this the machine wraps the chocolate into paper. This chocolate was given as a gift for every visitor at the entrance.

This is a giant chocolate fountain. It looks so yummy and I hope I can taste a little bit of this chocolate.

Oh great, dad was so nice and shared his chocolate with me

Oh look I found some old Santa clause

Doesn’t these chocolate cats look cool?

The best thing in the factory beside the chocolate fountain is that you could design your own chocolate. You could choose which kind of chocolate you want and up to 4 ingredients which came into it. We choose white chocolate with cranberries, almond and crisps.

Here we could see how the self-designed chocolate was made.

After that we needed a little break

I didn’t know that Years ago you couldn’t buy chocolate in supermarkets. You had to buy it in drugstores or get it out of cool looking machines

I couldn’t imagine how long it will take to eat this huge chocolate ball

Here we could see how the packaging of some chocolate products changed through the years

On our way back to the factory we saw some old commercials

Great we got our self-made chocolate. It looks really yummy.

It was a wonderful day. We had so much fun and we learned a lot about the history of chocolate and how it was made.

Posted Jul 8, 2012, 11:52 pm
Today we bought a lot of strawberries for us. It was a giant bowl.

Hmm they smelled very good

And they tasted even better :)

After so many strawberries our bellies were so full

Posted Jul 9, 2012, 12:10 am
I am very happy, because today we went to Soltau to visit the Heidepark.
When we stood up in the morning we weren’t sure if the weather would be good, but we were so excited that we started our journey anyway.
After three hours in the car we are finally at the entrance of the park. I am so happy that we are here now and the weather looks good.

First we went on this small Ferris wheel, to have a look over the western land

Behind me you could see the roller coaster Big Loop. First I was a little bit scared because of the two loops, but then I had a lot of fun riding on it.

After the ride we went on the Panorama tower. From so high above we had a great view over the whole park.

This roller coaster is called Colossos. It is the biggest wood coaster in the world. Host dad wanted to have a ride on it, but we were too scared of the height.

We took a little break on this cool stone turtles in front of the Krake Roller coaster. While we sat here and enjoyed the sun, we were visited by a goose and here kids.

This free-fall tower is called scream. Host dad went on it, but for me it was too high. I went on this free-fall tower called screamie. It is the small brother of scream.

Now the park is closing and we were driving home. The day was really great, I love amusement parks.

Posted Jul 9, 2012, 12:15 am
Today Mum told us, that Lorca will travel on to her next host the next days. Because of that Snowball had the idea to have a Tea party before she leaves. We planned to make a cake for the party.

Before we started to bake the cake, we played around with the scale.

Then it was time for the cake. It was really funny backing it.

Doesn’t the cake look great?

Now we could start our original Bochumer Tea party. :)

It was a great Day, but it is sad that it was our last day together with Lorca.

Posted Jul 9, 2012, 12:17 am
Today Lorca was leaving Bochum to travel to her next host in Remscheid. I hope she will have a short and safe trip.
Before she left, we hugged her. I will miss her very much, but I hope we will meet again one day.

Good bye Lorca

Posted Jul 9, 2012, 11:09 am
Today we visited the friends from our parents and their TV’s again. We played the game “um Reifen breite” together.  I was in a team with Hoppsi. We were a really good team and made the second place.

After that we watched a soccer game. Because it made so much fun, we wanted to play soccer too. We looked everywhere around but found no ball, so the others asked me if I wanted to be the ball. But before we started, we changed our mind and Zeitgeist helped me to stand up.

Then Finchen came with a very interesting looking book. The book was called “Star von Bunny”. It is the story of a plush bunny who wanted to be a model. It is a really great book.

Posted Jul 9, 2012, 11:12 am
Hi everybody.

Today the weather was really bad. But we don’t wanted to sit at home the whole day, so we decided to go to the Museum of Natural Science in Dortmund. It is a small museum, but it made a lot of fun to look at all the different samples. We saw a lot of animals from all around the world, a lot of cool stones and skeletons from dinosaurs.

Look here are so many wasps' nests

Posted Jul 9, 2012, 3:32 pm
Hello everybody

Today a new TV arrived here in Bochum. Her name is Hase and she is going to America with us. We welcomed her warmly here.

After that she showed us the things she brought with. Snowball was very happy about the postcard and we all shared the sweets.

Than we sat down onto the sofa. Milk Chocolate told us, that one of her life missions is to watch the movie “101 Dalmatian”. Because of that we had the idea to watch the movie.

Snowball took out some popcorn for us. It was yummy and the film was great. But I don’t like Cruella De Vil, she was too scary.

It was a very funny evening.

Posted Jul 9, 2012, 3:35 pm
Today is the “Extraschicht – the night of the Industiekultur”. We were really happy to go there and decided to make the Duisburg route.
We started our tour in the Duisburger inner harbor. Here were a lot of people who were listening to the music from the live bands, or who just wanted to relax and eat something.

Look mum; I want to go all around the world. :)

From the harbor we went on to the Landscape Park. There we could listen to music and when it’s getting dark, there will be a giant fire work. While we were waiting for the firework, we were looking around the park.

Here you can see some pictures from the amazing firework.

On this stage stands we saw the winner from the last “X-factor” season here in Germany. He made really cool music.

After that we went on to Oberhausen to the theatre at the Niebuhrg. There we could see a lot of artworks and a fire show. The show was ok, but the best thing this evening was the firework on the landscape park.

When we came back home, it was 3 o’clock in the morning and we all were really tired.

Posted Jul 9, 2012, 7:25 pm
Today we wanted to cook something together. We planned to make gnocchi with tomatoes and zucchini. We were a very good team and at the end it tasted extremely good. And after the Dinner we brushed our teeth.

Now it’s time to brush the teeth :)

Posted Jul 9, 2012, 8:00 pm
I am so happy, because I got my ID Tags. I sat together with the TVs from mums friends, who were also waiting for their Tags. We opened the envelope and then I searched for my Tag. Didn’t we look good with our new Tags? :)

Posted Jul 9, 2012, 9:41 pm
Because this is the last day here in Bochum for Milk Chocolate and Hoppsi, we planned to go Bowling.
It wasn’t easy to play with such a big ball, but it made a lot of fun.

I needed this console to register our names

Before we started to play, I cleaned the ball with a towel

The ball is just a little bit bigger than I am and heavier, but I am strong. :)

Phew, now I need a little break and something to drink

This small ball is filled with talc powder.

It was really funny to play bowling.
After the game we went to the friends from Mum to play some games together and to give Milk Chocolate and Hoppsi the chance to say goodbye to their TVs.

Posted Jul 13, 2012, 10:32 pm
Today was a happy, but also a sad day. The happy thing was that a new TV arrived here for the America trip. We were really curious who would be inside, when we opened the envelope. Inside the envelope was a tiny bear called Sterni. We welcomed him warmly here in Bochum.

After the welcome, he showed us the sweets he brought with him.

Then we took a last group picture together, before Hoppsi and Milk Chocolate had to leave us.

Hoppsi had to pack his bag, before they left.

Then it was time to say good bye. We hugged them and wished them a save trip, before they went into their envelopes.

I will miss them, but I hope we will meet again one day.

Posted Jul 17, 2012, 7:57 am
Today a new TV arrived. His name is Purple Tentacle. He is a very funny guy, whose main intension is to rule the world.  Because of that we took out a Risk board, so that he could show us his plan to take over the world.
First he told us, who had to take over which continent. I had to take over Africa.

Then the battle started. First it looks good and Sterni could take Australia under his control. After that Purple Tentacle got the control over North America.

But then our luck ends and we lost North America again.

After a short motivation speech from Purple Tentacle, we started a new attack. In the end we took over the blue army and together with these troops we took over the whole world. Yeah we were so good. :)

Posted Jul 18, 2012, 6:14 am
Today was Freddis last day here in Bochum. It is sad that he had to go, but he told us that he is very happy that he could see his mum again. I could understand him, because the best place on earth is at home :)
But before he left, we helped Mum to pack the bags for our trip to America. All these things must go into these bags.

Look we are so good in packing bags. Everything fits into the bags.

Then it was time to say good bye. We all hugged Freddi before he went into his envelope. We gave him a present, which he could give his mum when he arrived at home.

Good bye Freddi, I will miss you and I hope we will meet again.

Posted Jul 22, 2012, 6:25 am
I am so happy because today started our trip to America. It is my first big trip. Very early in the morning we arrived at the Airport in Düsseldorf. Purple Tentacle guided us through the airport to the waiting area. We followed him around till we could see the airplanes. They were really huge.

On our flight from Düsseldorf to London were so many clouds, that we couldn’t see much out of the window.

After a short flight from just one and a half hours we arrived at T5 in London. This is a really cool terminal here. Now we had to wait 4 hours before our next flight to San Francisco will start. The airplanes here were much bigger than the one we took before.

While we waited for our flight we found this nice bear in front of the Harrods shop and this beautiful butterfly’s.

Then our long flight began. We will be on the Airplane for over 10 hours, before we reach San Francisco. Here we were flying over Greenland. Before we could see the land there was a long while only ice to see.

Time to drink some coke. I shared mine with Sterni

Here I can see our flight route.

To kill some time. We were watching the movie “the Lorax”

Finally we arrived at San Francisco. Here I am standing on the union square.

We were so tired from the long flight that we went to bed very early. But tomorrow we will go and discover San Francisco.

Good night

Posted Jul 23, 2012, 7:00 am
Today is our first real day here in America. I am so happy about it. After a great breakfast we started our tour on the union square. Look we found these cool looking hearts on every corner of the square.

Before we could start our trip to fishermen’s wharf, we had to buy some water for the day. On our way to the supermarket, I saw this cool looking house.

Then we went to the cable car station. I was so happy that we will ride on these famous cars. Unfortunately it was so full on the cable car, that we couldn’t take a photo from our tour. But I promise we will take a picture of the cable car later.
We went off at the Lombard Street. This is a very famous street because this street has very tight turns from the top to the end.

We decided to walk the rest of the way to Fishermen’s wharf. On our way we climbed up a small hill, from which we had a wonderful view down to Alcatraz.

We also saw this cool fire truck. You could make a tour over the Golden gate bridge with this car, but we didn’t want to ride on it.

Finally we arrived at Fishermen’s wharf. Here we saw a lot of shops and it was full of people.

We went down the pier, to have a look over the bay. From here we had a look at the Golden gate bridge at the end of the bay and we saw this see lions relaxing in the sun.

On our walk around the pier, we went into a Ship museum. The first ship was an old paddle wheel steamer. And on this ship we could see a lot of old cars. It was really cool.

Then we went onto the next ship. It was a beautiful old sailing ship. In the bottom of the ship we could see, a lot of things out of the history of the ship. What it has loaded and how the crew cabins looked like.

After that it was time to go back to the hotel. But before I forget it, here is a picture of the Cable Car.

Posted Jul 25, 2012, 5:06 am
Good morning.

Today is our second and last day here in San Francisco, because tomorrow we will travel on to the Yosemite National Park. But I don’t want to talk about tomorrow, because we have planned a lot for today.
After our breakfast, we started our tour at Fishermen’s wharf again. From there we planned to walk to the Golden gate bridge. I am so happy that I will walk on this amazing bridge.
On our way to the bridge, we walked along the beach. Isn’t the view great from here? I could see Alcatraz and far far away the bridge.

After a long way from an hour we are very close to the bridge. I am so excited about it and the weather is so unbelievable nice today.

On the bottom of the bridge we arrived at an old Fort. Fort Point was build 1794 and was completed just before the American Civil War, to defend San Francisco Bay against hostile warships. The fort is now protected as Fort Point National Historic Site, a United States National Historic Site administered by the National Park Service as a unit of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
We looked around the fort and then climbed up the stairs to the top, to have a look around from the top.

It was cool to look around the fort, but now it is time to move on to the bridge. But wait beneath the fort we found these interesting looking sign. A friendly old man, told us about the story behind this sign. Hopper is a true San Francisco hero. He is one of the many Golden gate bridge’s iron workers that not only risk their life each day maintaining this beautiful bridge, but volunteer to save the lives of lost souls attempting to end their lives jumping off the bridge. He saved 30 people in the time he was working at the bridge.
When he noticed that waterfront joggers have a ritual of touching the fence at the dead-end of the sidewalk next to Fort Point, he had the bridge's sign painter make a sign with two handprints on it, and another sign with two dog paws, because one woman had her dog touch the fence.
Now everybody is touching this sign. We also touched it, before we went the way back to climb up to the bridge.

I am standing on the Golden gate bridge. I am so happy and the view over San Francisco is so beautiful. But it was a little bit too windy here for me.

After the bridge we walked on to the National cemetery. It was very impressive to see all this graves. We saw graves from people who fought in more than one war and survived them. And we saw a grave from a person who got the Medal of Honor.

Before we went back to the hotel we made a short stop at the Palace of fine arts. This place was very special, because you had the feeling like you were in Greece.

It was a wonderful day here in San Francisco. I will always have beautiful memories of this city. But I am also excited to see the next stop on our tour through America tomorrow.

So good night and see you tomorrow.

Posted Jul 30, 2012, 1:53 pm
Today we were driving to the Yosemite National Park. There we will stay two days, before we will travel on to Death Valley.
Here I can show you our car, we rent for our trip. Isn’t it huge?

We were sitting comfortable on the backseat.

On our way to the park, we saw this pretty lake and this cool view when we were making some breaks. But it was so hot outside that we didn’t left the car for too long.

After approx. four hours we finally arrived at the Park. The first thing we saw here was a forest from burned trees and bushes.  It was really strange to see something like this.

We took the chance and climbed down a small hill, to have a first view over the park.

Unfortunately we had to climb up the hill again, to go back to the car.

After a while we arrived at Curry Village. Here you can see our cabin for the next two days. In front of the cabin stands a bear box. There we had to put all our food and shower stuff in, so that the bears won’t get them.

Then we decided to use the time to walk to the Mirror Lake, to see the Sunset there. On our way we walked along the Visitor Centre.

It was a long walk, but it was nice because we had a nice view around us.

Then we arrived at the Lake, just right for the Sunrise. Unfortunately there wasn’t much water at the lake, so we haven’t the feeling of a mirror. But it was I nice Sunset.

Next to the Lake we saw these cool towers.

After the sun set of, it was quickly getting dark. And because we were afraid of bears and mountain lions we quickly went back to Curry Village.
It was a long day and I am really tired. So good night and see you tomorrow.

Posted Aug 3, 2012, 10:45 pm
Today the weather was a little bit rainy in the morning, so we decided to visit the Mariposa Grove. There we could see the giant sequoias. It was really cool to see these huge trees. We learned that these trees don’t die from age, after thousands of years they easily fall over because they get too heavy.

And not only were the trees themselves giant, their fir cone were also very huge.

In the Forest we found this cool rock.

From the Forest we drove to Glacier point. When we arrived there the rain had stopped and the sun came out. From the viewpoint we had a great view over the park.

Glacier point lies 7214ft / 2199m over the sea-level. It was very windy so high above, so we were hiding behind these rocks to get some break.

After our short break it was time for us, to move on to the Tunnel View. Doesn’t this view is really fantastic?

In the evening we planned to walk to the Yosemite Falls. On our way we stopped at this lake to swim a little bit. But the water was so cold for us, so we only hold our feed into the water.

After a while we moved on, but then we stopped because we saw this Mule deer. It is so cool.

And near the Mule deer we saw a real Black Bear. First it was scary, but then we saw the Park rangers and we started to relax. We were really sorry when we heard that the bear was hurt. We hope that the Rangers could help him.

It took a while but finally we arrived at the Yosemite Falls. They were cool, but I think in spring they were much more amazing.

Because the river bed was mostly desiccated we were brave and climbed through it to come nearer to the waterfall. It wasn’t easy but it made a lot of fun.

On our way back to Curry Village we decided to take the bus again. But we had to wait a little bit for it.

Tomorrow we will move on to the Death Valley. It will take a while before we will get there. So we had to stand up very early. Because of that I want to get enough sleep.

So good night everybody

Posted Aug 5, 2012, 1:23 pm
Today we will move on to the Death Valley. Shilo told us, that Death Valley is a desert and that it will be very hot there. Luckily we have air condition in our car.
But before we left, we had breakfast. In front of the dining room we saw this black bear and we wanted to ride on it.

Outside we saw a lot of squirrel. They were playing around and searching for something to eat.

Then it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful Yosemite National Park. I had a great time here.

On our way to the valley we stopped at this wonderful mountain lake. It was so beautiful here.

Later we stopped at another lake. This one was a lot bigger than the other and is called Mono Lake

Here I am standing at the Padre Crowley Point. It is the memorial of the padre of the Desert.

After six hours we finally arrived at our hotel in Death Valley.

It is so hot outside that we didn’t want to stay outside too long. So we took the chance that the hotel had a pool and went swimming. It was a strange feeling to swim in a pool and have a look over the desert from there.
We went out of the pool when the sun was going under. Even then it was very hot outside, but we wanted to take some sunset photos.

On our way to the restaurant we saw this old fire truck.

It was cool to see Death Valley, but I am very happy that we only stay here for one night.

Posted Aug 5, 2012, 11:03 pm
Today we stood up very early because we wanted to leave the Valley before it’s getting too hot. But even at 9 o’clock in the morning we have still around 100 °F / 38°C.
I am happy that we will leave here and hope that it will be a little bit cooler at the Grand Canyon. But before we will get there, we have a long journey from around 6 hours today.
Good bye Death Valley.

On our tour we were looking out of the window. It seems like the road will end at the horizon.

It was so hot outside and there were so many hills, that we had to make a break to give the brakes on our car the chance to cool down a little bit. Far away we could see a river.

Oh no, on the horizon the sky is getting very dark. Some minutes later it was raining very strong and we couldn’t see much from the road.

After 6 hours we finally arrived at our hotel near the Grand Canyon. When we opened the door to our room we were really surprised. It was not only a normal hotel room, it was a suite. So we started to explore our suite. We found a kitchen, a living room and the bed room.

But it was too early to go to bed, so we drove to the Grand Canyon and watched the sunset there. It was really beautiful.

It was a long day for us, but I am happy to see more from the Grand Canyon tomorrow.
So good night.

Posted Aug 8, 2012, 10:21 pm
I have slept very well last night; the bed in our suite was very comfortable. But we had to stand up early, like the days before. Today we were planning to visit the Grand Canyon again and at noon we want to move on to Page.
So let’s start. Right after our breakfast we checked out of the hotel and drove to the Canyon. On our way to the Canyon we stopped in front of the National Forest because we saw this cool bear. His name is Smokey and he helps the Park Rangers to prevent the forest from fire.

Then we arrived at the Canyon. We started our tour at the Village Route Transfer.

From there we took the shuttle-bus to the Trailview Overlook. Because the weather was so beautiful we decided to walk to the next Viewpoints. We walked to the Maricopa Point, Powell Point and Hopi Point. It was a distance from 1,5 miles / 2,4 km. It was getting so hot while we walked around that we decided to take the shuttle to the Mohave Point.

Then it was time to move on to Page. On our way we stopped at the Desert View. Here you can see the cool Watchtower.

Before we left the National park, we stopped again to say good bye. From this site the Canyon looks less impressive then from the viewpoints. But it was a great time here.

Yeah we finally arrived at Page. Tomorrow we want to visit the Antelope Canyon, but today we only want to relax a bit. So we drove down to Lake Powell near our hotel and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

Posted Aug 12, 2012, 3:24 pm
This is our eighth day here in America and I am just a little bit tired at the moment and the others seem to be a little tired too.

In the noon we want to visit the Antelope Canyon here in Page. Because we have some time till then, we went to Lake Powel again.
We climbed around the rocks and after that I could relax at the water and swim a little bit. The water was crystal clear and very refreshing, with the heat outside.

On our way to the canyon we stopped at the Horseshoe bend. The Colorado River looks like a horseshoe here.  I was too scared to go nearer to the edge, to have a better look at the river.

Then we moved on to the Antelope Canyon. It was very impressive to have a look at this giant rocks and the light that shines on them.

Here I am standing on the south entrance of the canyon. From here you can imagine how small it is inside the canyon.

After one and a half hours in the canyon it was time for us to move on. Today we will drive to Bryce Canyon. Dad was very nice and let me drive a little bit on my own.

Then the others wanted to drive also, so we changed places and I took the chance to play around with the others in the car.

Posted Aug 13, 2012, 3:57 pm
We woke up in our cool country hotel near the Bryce canyon today.

It is a very nice hotel and we had the feeling like we were on an old western ranch, inside and around the hotel.

After our breakfast buffet we drove to the canyon.  We started at the Sunset point and walked the 0,5 miles/ 0,8 km to the sunrise point.

From there we saw a trail, which goes down the canyon. This trail is called the Navajo Loop and in our map we could see that the short part of the loop is 1,3 miles / 2,1km long. It is a moderate hike so we wanted to try it.
We had wonderful views inside the canyon.

What will be behind this tunnel? :)

Wow what a great cave. But we found no animals inside.

Look I found this tiny squirrel it was very nosey.

It was very nice here, but we have to move on to the Zion National Park. Good bye Bryce Canyon.

After a short trip we arrived at the Zion National Park.

First we checked in into our hotel and after that we drove to the Zion human history museum and from there took a shuttle bus to the Zion Lodge. We haven’t much time till sunset so we decided to take the trail to the lower emerald pools. Unfortunately it was so dry that the waterfall and the lake were mostly parched.

Posted Aug 13, 2012, 9:22 pm
Today is our second day in the Zion National Park. We started our tour at the visitor center and took the bus to the Temple of Sinawava. From there we followed the Riverside walk.

At the end of the trail we walked through the riverbed and followed the Narrows a short while.

After this refreshing walk through the river we moved on to the Weeping Rock. It was very impressive here, because this rock really looks like it was crying.

Posted Aug 17, 2012, 4:30 pm
Our trip is close to its end. Today we were visiting the Valley of Fire. It is a desert again, but with very interesting rocks.
This rock is called the Elephant rock. I think it really looks like an elephant.

Here we are at “the Cabins”. These historic stone cabins were built with native sandstone by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s as a shelter for passing travelers.

Here I am standing in front of the Mouse Tank. Named for a renegade who used the area as a hideout in the 1890’s. Mouse’s Tank is a natural basin in the rock where water collects after rainfalls, sometimes remaining for months.

On the half-mile round-trip trail to Mouse’s Tank, we passed numerous examples of prehistoric petroglyphs like this.

Here we are standing at the Rainbow Vista visiting point.

I think this multicolored sandstones look like the German flag.

I really like the White Domes because they were very impressive.

Because it was so hot, we decided to move on to Las Vegas our last stop before we will return to Germany.  I think this highway looks like the ones, which you could see in American road movies.

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Our hotel is the Stratosphere tower. It looks so amazing huge from down here.

Here I am standing at the View platform on top of the Tower. Behind us we could see the Strip.

Posted Aug 18, 2012, 11:54 am
I wish you a wonderful good morning everybody.

Today is our first really day here in Las Vegas.  After a great breakfast at the Mandalay Bay hotel, we visited the shark reef, which was build inside the hotel.
At the entrance I saw this cool crocodile.

Luckily there is a window between this Komodo dragon and us. I think he wanted to eat us.

I touched a real ray. It was so cool and he feels like … hmm like jelly.

In this underwater tunnel and the reef connected to the tunnel, we saw a lot of different fishes and sharks. I also saw the big white sharks and a sawfish. The sawfish scared me more than the white shark, because his saw was so amazing huge. But he was too fast to take a picture with him, so I can’t show him to you.

I am in New York. :)
Just a joke, near to the Mandalay Bay hotel is the New York New York hotel. It really looks like a small version of New York. They even have a small Statue of liberty.

Here I am standing on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Inside the hotel I had the feeling like I was standing on a street in New York, it was really cool.

Because it was so hot outside we had the idea to take the chance and visit an exhibition here in Vegas. We decided to have a look at the Titanic exhibition. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the exhibition, but I can tell you that it was really impressive and sad to see the things from the ship and to read about all the hundreds of people who died on the ship.

Here I want to show you the Luxor hotel, were the exhibition was. The hotel looks like a giant pyramid and you have the feeling like you were in Egypt because of all the deco.

When its dark outside Vegas looks like a completely new place. Everything is really flashy, because there are lights everywhere.

But one of the most beautiful things in the evening is the view at the Paris hotel. Doesn’t is looks wonderful with all this lights?

Before we went to home to our hotel after such a great but exhausting day, we stopped at the Bellagio hotel, because I wanted to show you this amazing foyer.

Good night everybody

Posted Aug 19, 2012, 5:44 pm
Hello everybody.

I am a little bit sad, because this is our last day here in America. This evening we were flying back to Germany, but luckily we have the whole morning to look around Vegas.
After our breakfast we went to an M&M shop. It was a very big shop with 4 floors full with M&M’s and merchandise. I was really impressed of all this different colors.

Here I am standing right in front of the huge Caesars Palace. It is the biggest hotel we have seen here in Vegas.

This is a replica of the famous Trevi-fountain. It looks really beautiful. One day I will travel to Rome to see the real Trevi-fountain.

In the Venetian hotel they were celebrating carnival the whole year, but unfortunately we didn’t see anyone in a costume. Mum told me that this hotel really looks like a small version of Venice.

In front of the Tropical Island hotel stands a pirate ship and every evening there is a show in which the ship is sinking.

Before we leave we wanted to do one very important thing. So we went into a casino and played on a slot machine. It made really fun, but after a short while I game away my dollar.

Then it was time to say good bye to the beautiful and flashy Las Vegas.

When we arrived at the airport Mum told us, that we had to wait one hour before our flight will start.  First we sat down to wait for our flight.

But it was too boring for us. So we had the idea to play some games to shorten our idle time.

Our return flight took 10 hours and we all were sleeping most of the time. The craziest thing is that we started in Vegas on Saturday evening and landed in Düsseldorf on Sunday evening. Because of that we all were really tired and went to bed as soon as we were home.

Posted Aug 22, 2012, 5:52 pm
Hello everybody.

Today was a very happy day because a new TV arrived here in Bochum. We were really excited when we saw the envelope.

I opened it and out of the envelope came a bee. Her name is Bzzzzz and she is coming from Finland.

She told us that she is joining the Long tome RR in which I am taking part too. I am so excited to start my journey soon.

We talked a while before she showed us the things she had brought with her, they were really cool especially the postcard.

After that we all hugged Bzzzzz to welcome her.

Then we went into the kitchen and took out a cool ice cream. Purple helped Little to cut the ice into pieces. Can you see the small butterfly’s on it?

The ice cream was very yummy.

Posted Aug 22, 2012, 7:11 pm
Hi Mum

That was a quick journey. I've safely arrived in Heidelberg and have already said hello to nuriayasmin's cat Sammy.


Posted Aug 22, 2012, 7:21 pm
Good afternoon everybody.

Today is the famous Festival of Lights in Dortmund in the Westfahlenpark.
When we arrived in the park, we searched for the right place for our picnic and the firework in the evening. It was a great picnic and we had a lot of delicious foods.

After this great meal we had some time before the firework starts, so we were walking around the park. We saw a lot of cool lambs and pictures that were made out of lights.

This is the Florian television tower; he is the famous emblem of Dortmund.

Than at half past ten it was time for the firework. It was really amazing. Sometimes I had the feeling like the whole sky was full with lights.

We had a really great day in the Westfahlenpark today.

Posted Aug 23, 2012, 9:46 pm
Today I had to say goodbye to my family and my wonderful new friends. I am starting the long time RR today and because of this I am traveling to nuriayasmin today. I am so happy and excited that I could finally start my journey. I am also very curious about what places I will see and what new friends I will meet.
But I will also miss my family and my new friends. I hope I will see my friends again one day and that I will come back home safely after my journey.
Before I went into my envelope everybody hugged me and wished me a save and short trip.
Goodbye everybody and Mum and Dad

Posted Nov 8, 2012, 6:51 pm
Dear Mum

How are you? I'm fine but my host no longer likes to show TV's around her hometown, so that's why you haven't heard from me for so long. However, today we travelled to Hamburg and now I've finally got some photos to share. Here they are:


Posted Nov 14, 2012, 3:14 pm
Dear Mum

"Pozdrav z České republiky". That's Czech and means "Greetings from Czech Republic. We're in Plzeň, a city in the west of the country which is famous for his beer, Pilsner Urquell. Here are some pictures of me exploring the city.

This is the cathedral and the "nįměstķ republiky", the place of the Republic.

This is the city's main station, "hlavnķ nįdra˛i":

Plzeň has a lot of beautiful old buildings like these ones:

This is the entrance of the brewery:

Apart from the fact that my host spent quite a bit of money on books to help her improving her Czech, she mainly came here to see a concert of Karel Gott, a famous Czech singer. He also sings in German, but nuriayasmin says she only likes his Czech songs and never goes to concerts in Germany.

This is the church of the holy Jan Nepomuk, kostel svatého Jana Nepomuckého.

More beautiful buildings:

Na shledanou,

Posted Nov 29, 2012, 12:19 pm
Hello Mum,

today I arrived at my new RR-Stop in Germany. It was an awful and boring journey in that nacked envelope  :rolleyes:. Fortunately Dr. Kröbner and all other TV´s and cuddly toys welcome me very kindly and handed me some delicate foot with something to drink. Hmmmm yummy. Now I feel fine and will made a degistion sleep in Dr. Kröbners comfortable armchair.

Kiss your Knöpfchen (little buttom)


Posted Dec 3, 2012, 12:09 pm
Hello Mum,

First snow in Delligsen, on schedule to Advent. Scruffy, Mr. Casanova, *coco* and me argue Hostmum- and dad to hike in the snow. So they put the car out of the garage and we drove onto the Hils. It´s a hardly work to accomplish a snowcovered trail for us TV´s especialy for Mr. Casanova and his little feet.

On a smal clearing we get the idea to keep an eye out for a christmastree.

At one place we found so much nice trees, and we can not decide whichone to take. We felt into a great discussion and after testing we defer this campaign because we´ve forgotten the saw. ;)

After arriving at Home Dr. Kröbner illuminated the Advent wreath with  the first candle and we enjoy a evening in the warm livingroom.



Posted Dec 10, 2012, 9:37 am
Hello my mum,

Today we TV´s be an awful bore, so we began to telling fantastic storys about our travels around the world.*coco*, Mr.Casanova and Scruffy McGee want to here about Mr. Shauns odyssey homeward bound from USA. Who can tell the story greater than Mr.Shaun ?

But when we went to his deckchair we found it empty. Only a small Note: Bye my friends, I´m down under Mr. Shaun.

We shared asking looks and started to search what did he means with down under?

Under the deckchair? – No!… :o

under the window bench? – No!!

under the sideboard? –No!!!

  under the armchair? –No!!!!


We decided to ask Dr. Kröbner…

. he take us to a terrestial globe and explaind us: Australia ....thats  “Down Under”….Ahhhh

Mr. Shaun done a moonlight flit. Crazy guy. :cyclops:




Posted Dec 17, 2012, 11:41 am
Hello mum,

last week, Hostmum and dad have a business call in Hamburg. *coco*  Mr. Casanova and I  sneak off to the car and stow away in the big city.
As hostmum and dad left the car we drave downtown by urban railway to visit the Christmas market ,

Mini Hamburg

the beautifull town hall

sorry, I`m blurry B)

By the way, I'm still sitting on the railing, I'm frozen, but Andrea has promised  to pick me up  in the spring. ;)

D`nt worry mom, it was a joke :D


yours Knöpfchen


Posted Dec 24, 2012, 9:59 am
Helloooo mum,

tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we TV´s decided to take a bath

before we step face to face with Santa Claus in expectance of big

presents ;)

So we took our bath towels, let water with bath essence into the

tube… uuiiii. What a foam explosion….

*coco* entered at first the bath and disappear….

Next Mr.Casanova

and I have used our chance to bath in white mountains. Only

Scruffy McGee stay out of the water, (I´m not a water rat  :cyclops:).

with candlelight, it is more relaxing :rolleyes:

after this odoriferous bath, I get a massage by*coco*

and Mr.Casanova enjoyed a back scrub by Sruffy McGee.

Now I`m  in a good preparation for Christmas.


Posted Dec 26, 2012, 1:43 pm
Hello mum,

merry christmas to all at home  :rolleyes:

Today is the great holy eve….. and I´m very curious about the

Christmas presents. I hope the bath yesterday amount to anything… ;).

Wouuw there is the tree with all the little parcels…

it take some time til every TV get the right one.

Than I open the packet cord I found a huge cookie inside  Hmmmmm yummmmmyy….

Smells very well and taste delicious…..

Christmasdays are saved… :cyclops:




Posted Jan 2, 2013, 7:35 pm
Hello mum,

Happy New Year from our alternative New Year's Eve party :cyclops:

hostmum had  the great idea,to renovate the dining room and the kitchen. :stare:
we Tvs have helped so busy that we fell asleep shortly after twelve,

between the old wallpaper and chipped tiles  :thinking:



Posted Jan 14, 2013, 10:38 am
Hello my mummy,

3 weeks with dingy, dully and rainy weather lay behind us, and the time of depression is over.

Yesterday the sun finally appears and I took the chance for a walk in the Hils
to supplement my mind. ;)

It was so beautiful in the dence spurce thicket ……. 

and I looked foreward to see the sun again at the end of the  foresttrail.

I climbed a high hunter seat to have a better view …….

Group photo :D

Ohhh how the sun feels good…..

And what a beautiful ice sheet…..

Its quite funny on the ice.

Ups… I lost my hat…..

back in hostmums home we found a message on the laptop, Mr.Shaun has arrived safely in Australia and has already found a friend (Cyril)...good news  :D


Posted Jan 23, 2013, 9:00 am
Hello mummy,

We are away on business in Köln and Bielefeld  to

visit exhibitions for fabrics and furnitures. :rolleyes:

First time it was very interesting to see courious fabrics,

but after

the first hour it get boring so I decided to leave this busy stressful

place to made a sight-seeing trip downtown to a bigWorld Heritage Site,

the Kölner Dom.[url=][/url]

Unbelievable what the architects had performed since the 13th

century! What mass of stones, all carried by human hands

whithout  cranes build up to a level of 157m.

The size inside took my breath away, one roon approximately 100m

long, over 40m from the flor up to the ceiling! Incredible. Its to

leisured to talk of all the great things inside, take a look at the pictures.

For the night we stayed in a Hotel with a great view over the city.



Posted Jan 23, 2013, 9:42 am
Hello mummy,

I met an amazing Teddy, his job is to comfort sick children in hospital :rolleyes:
good job  :D

We've talked a bit and he tells me something about his work and he

never wants to do something else, because it's the best job he can




Posted Jan 31, 2013, 11:34 am
Hello mummy,

Yesterday evening we TV´s went cooking.

After a short discussion the choice felt for Spaghetti with vegatarian

sauce Bolognaise. First Dr. Kröbner brought a pot of water to a stire,

Scruffys  job was to open the Tofupacket.

After this delicate work, I tried to chop the tofu and risted it in a pan.

*coco*  peeled a clove of garlic and cut it into small pieces.

Mr. Lemony had the same Job with an onion.

*coco* and Scruffy where very noisy…. to noisy… B) with the effect: 

they need lots of tissues. ;)

After the big snivel the tofu meet garlic and onios

Dr. Kröbner and Scruffy tried to carried the pasta out of the cupboard . :rolleyes:

The Tofu Bolognaise where refined by tomatos and tomato purée,

while the meal has to cook for a few minutes we TV´s waited impatiently with a big hunger…


and very yummy  :D

Love and hugs


Posted Feb 8, 2013, 11:34 am
Hello my mummy,

When I woke up yesterday morning, I saw snow :rolleyes:. After

breakfirst I took *coco* and our woollen hats and we went outside

to take a walk in the mountains.

We had a lot of fun in snow and sun… ;)

first we rolled large snowballs, then we put them above each other,

stones for the eyes, a stick created the nose and ready was the

snowman… STOP.. *cocos cap will fits him wonderfull.

Next we played hide and seek in the snow. First time I had to seek.

*coco* tried to hide into a Treehole. No good place. Found!!.

Next I had to hide….. hmmm… I tried lot of snow…. Brrrrr...

and *coco* found me too.  :mad:

And so on… look to our funny hideouts.

Then we walked through the forest for a good lookout to catch a

great view down in the valley.

First we climbed some shrubs….. nice

pictures but no good lookout….

Second attempt: a treestump,  not easy to climb ..but great view…  :D

by the way mummy, I fulfilled two  Life Missions.... :D

your happy little Knöpfchen

Posted Feb 16, 2013, 12:20 pm
Hello my mummy,

Snow, more snow and much more snow,

At last weekend we made a short trip to the Harz Mountains…

it was so nice wether up there… we took our Gummischnulli as a

substitute for a sleigh….. either the outborad engine nor the paddle

do their work in frozen water… so Scruffy pulled the snow vessel.  :rolleyes:

After a while by cruising the snowpath we heard a call near the way.

We stopped and noticed a little green turtle in the snow.

It was a

common forest turtle  ;),and she introduced herself as Brundhilde.

We invided her to join our sleigh ride. So she took place and we

continued our winter excursion.

At a smal hill we stoped and Brunhilde convinced us to tried to coast

with the Gummischnulli downhill. First *coco* and Iwhere a

little bit afraid in case of an accident, but Brunhilde dispelled our

fears with the argument: This rubbersleigh has a intigrated airbag! :rolleyes:

So we started the adventure, Scruffys job was, to give the inpetus

and    huiiiiiiiii what a fun!!! So we tried second time…..  huiiiiii….

Great….. next time HHUUUIIIII ….a.s.o. …..

Lots of fun and fresh air makes hunger… so we looked out for a picnic

ground… we splayed our picnic plate under a spruce ….hmmmm *coco*

was afraid of falling snowballs :rolleyes:

so we leave this place and found a nice spot in the afternoon sun,

took out the chocolate candy  hmmmm jummy…. Brunhilde asked to

accompany us and yes that´s a good idea.

Brunhilde, welcome in our Plüschtierteam…..plushygang

Love you mummy

Posted Feb 28, 2013, 11:25 am
Hello mummy,

I visited Fritzlar, Andreas hometown, here are some facts

This is the grey Tower

an informationboard

a part of the old city wall

ring ring

another view to the grey tower and city wall

another board

.here you see the biggest halftimbered house in hesse,
"das Hochzeitshaus" the wedding house -

The monk called Winfrid, Boniface

The St. Peter's Cathedral is one of the most beautiful Romanesque-Gothic churches in Hesse.

the city hall

see you in  ... .... ;)



Posted Mar 1, 2013, 11:33 am
Hello mummy,

Boooooring days in Delligsen, I close my eyes and start to dream :rolleyes:

Start spreading the news
I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York

These vagabond shoes
Are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it
New York, New York

I want to wake up in a city
That doesn't sleep
And find I'm king of the hill
Top of the heap

These little town blues
Are melting away
I'll make a brand new start of it
In old New York

If I can make it there
I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you
New York, New York

New York, New York

I open my eyes.

and mummy, believe it or not, the dream has come true

I`m in New York



Posted Mar 7, 2013, 10:33 am
Hello mummy,

I`m back in Europe :rolleyes:

and made a trip to Alfeld, an old town at the river Leine in south-lower-saxony.

In the city I found an miniatur modell of Alfeld….. very interesting

the church St. Nicolai
with the huge steeple

and the old Latin-school, one of the oldest building in town.

unfortunately the weather started to rain, so we abort the trip and returned back home.



Posted Mar 13, 2013, 11:02 am
Hello mummy,

time to say goodbye, Dr.Kröbner organised a small farewell party.. :rolleyes:

We talked about my time here in Delligsen and our excursions...

and now, bye,bye my new friends







mummy, Andrea promised that spring is I decided to send my cap to you at home.. ;)

bye,bye Dr.Kröbner

I´m ready to go….looking foreward to Great Britain



Posted Mar 28, 2013, 1:13 pm
As soon as I arrived, I was taken for a quick trip on the bus to Llanberis for lunch
The lake is very choppy in the wind.
The view towards Snowdon. There is snow at the top of them hills.

Posted Mar 28, 2013, 1:23 pm
We've come out for a drive, and there is a geocache near here.
The trees look quite pretty with the snow on the branches.
Near the geocache
Some pipes
He's having fun in the snow.
Warmer now inside a cafe looking across the road at a popular sledging field.
Nice cup of tea.
Hits the spot nicely

Posted May 17, 2013, 4:27 pm
Resting at Springfield Festival Gardens.
on a nice sunny day
Plenty of walls to rest on...
and admire the shadows...
And bright colours...
Water features...
A fountain...

Posted May 17, 2013, 4:50 pm
On the way back to Wales, we stopped to stretch our legs.
Snow still on the ground, brr!
Look at all that snow!
Nice rock formation.

Posted May 17, 2013, 5:01 pm
We went Geocaching
There is one near this gate.
My host's son wanted this bulb out of the cache!
This is another cache we found.

Posted Jun 2, 2013, 7:05 pm
Today, we've come to Porthmadog to go on the Ffestiniog Railway.
Looking out at the sea.
A pretty garden at one of the stations
There's the engine.
Trawsfynydd's old power station.
A station with a loop.
Tanygrisiau reservoir.
A waterfall.
The train was slowing into a station...
So we were able to get more photos of it.
At Blaenau Ffestiniog. The engine needs to take on water.
On the return journey,. there's a bit of the loop again.
Passing another train at a station.
The tickets.
Returning to Porthmadog.

Posted Jun 2, 2013, 8:48 pm
Today, we've come to Llandudno for the Victorian Extravaganza.
There were many old engines.
We listened to some music.
There's a little railway with little engines.
Choo choo
We didn't go for a ride though.
My host didn't go on the chair-o-plane.
A wheel on an engine.
Some engines are tiny!
But this one is bigger!

Posted Jun 2, 2013, 9:37 pm
Today, we went to the Centre For Alternative Technology in mid-Wales
We travel up to the centre via a little cliff railway.
The centre is in an old quarry high up in the hills.
Some herbs.
Inside the polytunnel, brassica (cabbage family) seedlings.
That is an education centre.
A herb bed.
Details of electricity generators.
Closer view.
Small life.
Starting to look lush.

Posted Jun 2, 2013, 9:49 pm
On the way back, we take a stroll.
while the sun is shining and the sky is blue
Afon (river) Mawddach
The railway also crosses here.

Posted Jun 2, 2013, 10:47 pm
A trip to the allotment today...
Found some gooseberries on the bush but they aren't ready..
Peas are growing as are the weeds... My host has a lot of work to do!

Posted Jul 16, 2013, 10:03 am
A sunny day is perfect to visit Bodnant Gardens
The Alliums are in flower.
Bodnant Gardens is famous for its Laburnum arch.
The yellow flowers are pretty
The flowers are late out this year.
There's a little fountain in this garden.
More pretty yellow flowers
This is different.
A little waterfall
A little stream running through the gardens.
This is another iconic view of Bodnant, the lily pond.
Too early for the flowers.
Another lily pond.
Croquet lawn.
Garden is closing so we sneaked another look at the arch

Posted Aug 1, 2013, 11:01 am
We went for a walk, with my host after she had met some friends for lunch,
on the Uwchgwyrfai Common (Gwyrfai is a river, uwch means upper).
We are going to the red line, a road, by the map legend.
Rhos = moor/heath.  Pawl = pole/stake. A farm hand fell in love with the daughter of a nearby landowner but the landowner refused permission. He challenged the young man to spend a night naked on the slopes of Mynydd Mawr (lit. big hill). The young man did, but to keep warm, laboured putting a wooden pole in the ground with a hammer. He survived and he married the landowner's daughter.
We set forth to find some geocaches on route. Found one near this tree.
We found another one and inside, was The Traveler, a trackable on the Geocaching website.
That's Mynydd Mawr.
There's another geocache nearby.

Posted Aug 9, 2013, 12:08 am
Today we went to the North Wales Agricultural Show just outside Caernarfon
Pet rabbits..
I hope I don't get pecked..
More chickens..
Guinea Pigs...
Inquisitive rabbits..
Sheep being judged..
Poll Dorset sheep
More sheep...
Even more sheep...
Wiltshire Horn Sheep...
Yet more sheep...
Different sheep..
Yet even more sheep..
Black sheep..
Owl crafts...
More exhibits in the tent..
Pretty pink things...
Plants and potatoes and ...
A woodcutting demonstration..
What's he making?... It was a chair.
Vintage tractors..
More vintage tractors..
Yet more vintage tractors..
And even more tractors..
And even more...

Posted Aug 9, 2013, 12:11 am
Today, we went to Stone Science.
There were fossils..
And rocks...
More rocks..
Fossil shells..

Posted Aug 9, 2013, 12:35 am
My last trip out before travelling onwards was to the allotment.
Pumpkin patch..
Yummy slug damage... I need to come here at night and couple them up in the act.
Root vegetables
Brassicas, beans and pumpkin...

Posted Aug 14, 2013, 10:24 am

I'm in Finland!!! Hurray!!!

First I crawled out of my envelope...

...I met many other ToyVoyagers here! There's Kurnau, Phillip, Nyankororin, Ronya, Dottie Mouse and Nayeli.
I showed them the postcard I took with me from United Kingdom.

They gave me a group hug :)

Here's Kurnau. He is also my host here. He promised to show me some interesting places over here. :)

I'm sure I'm going to enjoy my time in Finland. :)


Posted Oct 17, 2013, 5:40 pm
Hi mommy!

SNOW!!! We got snow today!!! Look! It's amazing!!!  :o

Posted Mar 24, 2014, 2:37 pm
Mommy, I'm cooooooomiiinnnnggg home!

I'm already travelling.

See you soon!