Sterni, Stuttgart, Germany


Posted Apr 1, 2012, 3:46 pm

I am Sterni little bear. I am very brave. And I looking to my first big adventure.You would host me? Send my mommy a PM

see you soon Sterni

Posted Apr 8, 2012, 6:54 pm
Hello Mum,

Today we have colored eggs. I , Chino , TezTez have a lot of fun.

greeting Sterni


Posted Apr 8, 2012, 7:01 pm

Today I am on the way to my first Host.Hope I come quickly from my envelope.

see you soon Sterni

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 6:47 pm
Hey Mum!

So as you know, I arrived right in time to go with Tiffy on her London Trip.
And I got a warm and friendly welcome by _Lilly_ who also joined Tiffy for London.

And on that same day we had to pack Tiffy's Suitcase... and we already got excited about our trip. =)

Greetings Sterni =)

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 6:57 pm
Hey Mum!

So the day of my trip to London finally arrived at 11th April.
But it was a really toy unfriendly time, i had to get up.
2:50 in the morning was really early. But I was lucky, I got some sleep before... but Tiffy not. She told me, that she was so excited about that trip, that she didn't sleep. So the result of it was that she was 39 hours awake.. and walked with a lack of sleep through London that day. But she was fine. =)

So and then everything was packed and ready and we headed to the airport at 4:00am.

This is me in the departing area of the Cologne/Bonn Airport... unfortunatley it was kinda dark there  sorry for this! =/

After a very short flight (it was only 1 hour) we arrived in London.
We went to the hotel, to leave the luggage there (because the room wasn't ready as we arrived) and the first thing we did we went to see the London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

Atferwards we visted the Queen.... well not really. We visited the Buckingham Palace. But the Queen was at home, you can see that, because the flag was hoisted up!

and this fountain is in front of the Buckingham Palace.

Me in front of the Buckingham Palace... can you remember the last years royal wedding? This place was full with people back then, and there you can see the balcony were William and Kate kissed! And now I'm standing in front of it... unfortunately there were no royals in sight but it was really impressive, though.

And this is the square in front of the Palace... and ther you can see one of those famous guards, who protect the Queen and wear those bearskin on their head. And this guy was currently moving as I wanted to take my photo... but you can see the tiny guard in the background ^^ xD

And this is me at the King's Cross Station... the architecture is really impressive, isn't it? =)

So Mum, this was my first day in London...
the other pics will follow! Love you,

--- to be continued --- =)

Posted Apr 24, 2012, 8:08 pm
Hey Mum! =)

So here is my second London Update about my 2nd day in beautiful London! =)

Our Hotel, the Guoman Tower Hotel, was very close to the Tower Bridge... so as we started with our day, we took a photo in front of it.
In the Morning, the wheater wasn't that nice as you can see, and it was a bit misty... but fortunatley in the afternoon the sun came out =)

So and we started our second day, at the Buckingham Palace, again ;o).. no we didn't had breakfast with the Queen. But we went there to watch the guards changing at 11:30 am
The whole place in front of the Palace was totally crowed, and I asked myself if the Queen will show up or what was the reason for it. But all these people we're just there, to see the guards. Really strange, huh? =)

So and here they come... I think they now have finally home time... so they go home, have tea and chill on the couch and watch tv xD hahahaha :D or what do you think? =)

After the Guards changing we went to Carnaby Street to do some shopping ^^

and of course I took a photo with a read phone box <3

In the evening we went to the Picadilly Circus to watch a Westend Musical Show... =) We watched Ghost the Musical, which is based on the movie "Ghost - Message from Sam" and was quite a very popular movie back in the 90's with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. And still is a classic. I'm sure you know the movie and the story of it. And this fantastic piece is now on stage with music! And it's really awesome and totally heartbreaking. Some scence are also very funny and you have to laugh but some others, just make you cry.
And this is me in front of the Picadilly Theatre, were Ghost is played.

This are Sam and Molly, the main characters of the Show... in a very touching scence <3

After the show we went around the Picadilly Circus...
and I took a photo in front of this famous billboard... sorry for this bad and dark quality, but the camera of Tiffy wasn't that good. Sorry!

And as we came back, that Eve with took again some pics at the Tower Bridge in the darkness. It was really impressive.
And again, sorry for the bad camera quality.

Damn... I catched the flash... hope you can guess where I am.. I'm this white and shinny little plushie on the left xD

and atfer this exhausting day, full of walking, shopping, laughing and crying the theatre... I chilled a bit in our hotel room. And I watched some british TV before I went to sleep.

Love you Mummy,
x x x

-- to be continued --

Posted Apr 28, 2012, 12:03 pm
Hey Mum!!!

So this is my last London Update...
on our last day in London we spent the day at the Tower of London, before we headed back to the Airport and back to Germany.
I'm sure that you know the Tower of London it is a medieval palace, which is very near to the Thamse.
In the history many Kings used this as a residence, or others spent some time there before their coronation, like Anne Boleyn, on of the six wives of King Henry VIII .. or, as you also may know.. some criminals got arrested or even executed there...

Nowadays, the Tower is just mainly used as a museum, and many tourists go there to see the crownjewels and other exhibitons about these times.

So we visit the Tower... and it was really impressive to see this historic building and to see how the people lived at these times.
This is me in the medieval palace, and this is how a bedroom looked liked back in the 12th century or something like that..
(and sorry for catching the flash again.. but it was kinda dark in this room)

And this is me in front of a medieval throne.

On the outside, there are the walls... and these sculptures are there, to remind, that the walls of the tower were used to defend the palace...

And of course... there are also the guards with the bear skin in the Tower... and I had to take a photo again, because this guy was so close!

Unfortunaltey you weren't allowed to take a photo of the massive, glittering, sparkling crown jewels... =(

So... at the beginning of my update I talked about criminals who were executed in the tower... Queen Anne Boleyn got executed on the tower green, also Jane Seymour, Lady Jane Grey and many more...
this is a memorial on the Tower Green for them... and the pillow is a symbol of the pillow were they had to lay their heads on, because most of them got beheaded.

You can also meet people in the Tower who are dressed like in these old days...

In the Tower of London there is also an exhibiton of the royal armoury. And this is really impressive! I can't even imagine, that the people back in these days, wore such heavy armours and fought with it!

And this guy was quite scary... and massive! A huge dragon... and when I got it right, it was something like a saga, that the dragon protected something in the Tower... but I'm not quite sure about that... look at his eyes!! oh my gosh.. this is really scary.

So this was my last update of London...
I really enjoyed my trip to this wonderful city! =) Thanks for letting me take part on this trip...
and now I'm looking forward for some Bochum adventures...

Love you and wish you a wonderful and hopefully warm and sunny weekend!
Sterni =)

Posted May 8, 2012, 7:21 pm
Hey Mum!

Ahhh what a busy week for Tiffy... she is spending the whole day at work and in the evenings she has to learn for some exams in the school... uff! I wouldn't want to be in her shows now.
But Tiffy promised, that we will go to the City on Thursday afternoon, so then I will finally see a bit more of Bochum! =) *whoop whoop*

And in the time, while Tiffy was at work today... NiliHH, Lilly and me spent a cuddly afternoon in front of the TV and in Tiffys Bed.. so we we're just chilling! =)

But first of all... we had to decide which programme we wanted to watch... and I'll tell ya, this wasn't easy! Cause Lilly wanted to watch something like a dailysoap, I wanted to watch some celebrity-magazine... and NiliHH wanted to watch a documentation about Hippos. So we discussed a bit.. but afterwards we decided to do some zapping so that everyone had the chance to watch, what he or she wanted.

And of course, there was some fighting for the remote control... because everyone wanted to have the unlimited force of the TV!

But after all this discussing and fighting... we sat entirley and full of harmony in front of the telly and watched some funny programs.

So and now we say good night, Mum! =)
Hope you had a great day... write to you soon, love you! =)

Posted May 12, 2012, 8:01 pm
Hey Mum!

On Thursday, we went to the town. As promised so here are a few pictures of me in the City.

This is me in front of the City Point in Bochum... it is something like a shopping mall. But you can not really compare it with the real big shopping malls. This is really tiny. But it's okay =)
And this thing above the street should be something like a traffic light.. but there's no light.. and I'm not really sure, if this is really working and if somebody even cares about it.. oO

So and this is me in front of the townhall of Bochum. And this huge bell in front of the town hall. This bell was made in one piece, for an exhibition. Impressive, isn't it?

And also on Thursday, we said goodbye to Lilly. She will now start a journey to Austria, and will travel with her new host to Italy =)

Wish you a wonderful weekend,
love you!
Sterni x x x

Posted May 31, 2012, 6:11 pm
Hey Mum!! =)

I was at Starlight Express on Sunday! Do you know it? It's the Musical which is located in Bochum and it's there for nearly 24 years now in Bochum.
And this is really a long time for a Musical! Unfortunatley I didn't went to watch the show. But Tiffy and some friends hung around the theatre, because some of the Cast Members had their last show and so we sat there, talked to other fans (who are also friends of Tiffy and also members of this Toyvoyagerssite) and talked, took some pictures, ate lots of food and all that stuff and talked to some Cast Members.

This is me at the stagedoor of the theatre, where we sat and waited for the the castmembers.

And this is also at the stagedoor... it was a really beautiful and sunny day.. so I got a little Hippo-Tan! xD hahahaha

Just chilling and having a little picknick or whatever... =)

Later that day, we orderd some pizza... I took one with ham and mushrooms. Yummiiiii!! =)

And there is a huge banner of all the starlight characters at the theatre... and I met there lots of Toyvoyagers! (who are currently hosted by friends of Tiffy)
This is me and our travelgroup with the picture of Pearl the 1st Class Car, and Electra, the Electric Train

And with Buffy the buffet car =)

And with Caboose (looks a bit like a clown to me...)

So I had a wonderful day, spending time at the theatre, eventhough we did not went to watch the show.
I know that this sounds really crazy and weird, but it was funny! =)

Love you Mum!
x x x

Posted Jun 10, 2012, 4:46 pm
Hey Mum!

Yesterday we went to Herne, to visit a friend of Tiffy and of course, to watch the football match between Germany and Portugal at the European Football Championsship.

And as we arrived there, we also met another host La_Kate_Boheme who also brought some TV's with her, who she's currently hosting Billy and Dottie Mouse
So we had our own, Toyvoyer Public Viewing!

Let's go Germany! Let's go!!!

Cheering on the German Team... come on guys and make a goal for us!

So and finally the German Team won with 1:0 I expected mor goals, but the most important thing is, that our team won, and nothing else matters.

At the house of the Friend of Tiffy I met also a funny guy. He is called Herbert Eckhart... and the Friend of Tiffy is a medicine student and this is what he got for his birthday this year, of Tiffy and her friends... a skeleton. And he was also cheering on the german team.

Hope you had a great weekend!
Love and miss you
x x x

Posted Jun 27, 2012, 7:01 pm
Hey Mum! =)

So as you can see, I'm still in Bochum and I'm fine! =)
On Sunday we went to watch Starlight Express! You remember.. I was there back in May but we just hung around the theatre, but on Sunday I was finally allowed to go inside and watch this thrilling show!
and it's super awesome! =)

We went there, cause one of the actors had his first show as Greaseball. Greaseball is the diesel engine in the show, and he is fighting against Electra - the electric enginge and Rusty the Steamtrain..
And so Tiffy was very excited about watching the show, and especially this one actor in his first show as Greaseball.

When you enter the foyer of the theatre, there's a huge display board, it's similiar to the destination boards you find in trainstations and airports... and there are listed all the roles of Starlight Express and behind them, there is the name of the actor who is playing this role, when you're visiting the show.
This is me in front of it.

also in the foyer there are many drawings and paintings on the wall, which show scences of the show.
This is me in front of an electra picture. x)

so and many friends of Tiffy, who are also crazy about starlight express and toyvoyagers came with us that day, so I had the chance to meet other tvs!
I met Billy, and Dottie Mouse, who are currently hosted by La_Kate_Boheme, and I already met them as we watched to football match, so I was happy to see them again.
And I met Batgirl and Marawarpina... who are also Tvs =)
So we hung around the stage during the break.

And this is were we sat... right in front of the stage.. we were so close to it this was really amazing! and they skated right in front of us!

Love you! =)

Posted Jul 13, 2012, 10:54 pm
Hello Mum.

Today I arrived safe at my new host here in Bochum. When my envelope was opened, I was welcomed by a lot of TVs. There were Snowball, Knöpfchen, Freddi, Hoppsi, Hase and Milk Chocolate.  They welcomed me warmly with a welcome sign.

After the welcome, I showed the others the sweets I brought with me.

Then we took a group picture together.

Unfortunatly Hoppsi and Milk Chocolate had to leave today. So I haven’t got the chance to know them better. But before they could leave, Hoppsi had to pack his bag.

Then it was time to say good bye. We hugged them and wished them a save trip, before they went into their envelopes.

I hope we will meet again one day, so I got the chance to spend more time together with them.

Posted Jul 17, 2012, 7:55 am
Hello Mum.

Today a new TV arrived. His name is Purple Tentacle. He is a very funny guy, whose main intension is to rule the world.  Because of that we took out a Risk board, so that he could show us his plan to take over the world.
First he told us, who had to take over which continent. I had to take over Australia.

Then the battle started. First it looks good and I could take Australia under my control. I was so proud of myself.  After that Purple Tentacle got the control over North America.

But then our luck ends and we lost North America again.

After a short motivation speech from Purple Tentacle, we started a new attack. In the end we took over the blue army and together with these troops we took over the whole world. Yeah we were so good. :)

Posted Jul 18, 2012, 6:00 am
Hello Mum.

Today was Freddis last day here in Bochum. It is sad that he had to go, but he told us that he is very happy that he could see his mum again. I could understand him, because the best place on earth is at home :)
But before he left, we helped Shilo to pack the bags for our trip to America. All these things must go into these bags.

Look we are so good in packing bags. Everything fits into the bags.

Then it was time to say good bye. We all hugged Freddi before he went into his envelope. We gave him a present, which he could give his mum when he arrived at home.

Good bye Freddi, I will miss you and I hope we will meet again.

Posted Jul 22, 2012, 6:14 am
Hello Mum.

I am so happy because today started our trip to America. Very early in the morning we arrived at the Airport in Düsseldorf. Purple Tentacle guided us through the airport to the waiting area. We followed him around till we could see the airplanes. They were really huge.

On our flight from Düsseldorf to London were so many clouds, that we couldn’t see much out of the window.

After a short flight from just one and a half hours we arrived at T5 in London. This is a really cool terminal here. Now we had to wait 4 hours before our next flight to San Francisco will start. The airplanes here were much bigger than the one we took before.

While we waited for our flight we found this nice bear in front of the Harrods shop and this beautiful butterfly’s.

Then our long flight began. We will be on the Airplane for over 10 hours, before we reach San Francisco. Here we were flying over Greenland. Before we could see the land there was a long while only ice to see.

Time to drink some coke. I shared mine with Knöpfchen.

Here you can see our flight route.

To kill some time. We were watching the movie “the Lorax”

Finally we arrived at San Francisco. Here I am standing on the union square.

We were so tired from the long flight that we went to bed very early. But tomorrow we will go and discover San Francisco.

Good night Mum

Posted Jul 23, 2012, 6:52 am
Good morning Mum.

Today is our first real day here in America. I am so happy about it. After a great breakfast we started our tour on the union square. Look we found these cool looking hearts on every corner of the square.

Before we could start our trip to fishermen’s wharf, we had to buy some water for the day. On our way to the supermarket, I saw this cool looking house.

Then we went to the cable car station. I was so happy that we will ride on these famous cars. Unfortunately it was so full on the cable car, that we couldn’t take a photo from our tour. But I promise we will take a picture of the cable car later.
We went off at the Lombard Street. This is a very famous street because this street has very tight turns from the top to the end.

We decided to walk the rest of the way to Fishermen’s wharf. On our way we climbed up a small hill, from which we had a wonderful view down to Alcatraz.

We also saw this cool fire truck. You could make a tour over the Golden gate bridge with this car, but we didn’t want to ride on it.

Finally we arrived at Fishermen’s wharf. Here we saw a lot of shops and it was full of people.

We went down the pier, to have a look over the bay. From here we had a look at the Golden gate bridge at the end of the bay and we saw this see lions relaxing in the sun.

On our walk around the pier, we went into a Ship museum. The first ship was an old paddle wheel steamer. And on this ship we could see a lot of old cars. It was really cool.

Then we went onto the next ship. It was a beautiful old sailing ship. In the bottom of the ship we could see, a lot of things out of the history of the ship. What it has loaded and how the crew cabins looked like.

After that it was time to go back to the hotel. But before I forget it, here is the picture of the Cable Car I had promised.

See you tomorrow.

Posted Jul 25, 2012, 4:48 am
Good morning Mum.

Today is our second and last day here in San Francisco, because tomorrow we will travel on to the Yosemite National Park. But I don’t want to talk about tomorrow, because we have planned a lot for today.
After our breakfast, we started our tour at Fishermen’s wharf again. From there we planned to walk to the Golden gate bridge. I am so happy that I will walk on this amazing bridge.
On our way to the bridge, we walked along the beach. Isn’t the view great from here? I could see Alcatraz and far far away the bridge.

After a long way from an hour we are very close to the bridge. I am so excited about it and the weather is so unbelievable nice today.

On the bottom of the bridge we arrived at an old Fort. Fort Point was build 1794 and was completed just before the American Civil War, to defend San Francisco Bay against hostile warships. The fort is now protected as Fort Point National Historic Site, a United States National Historic Site administered by the National Park Service as a unit of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
We looked around the fort and then climbed up the stairs to the top, to have a look around from the top.

It was cool to look around the fort, but now it is time to move on to the bridge. But wait beneath the fort we found these interesting looking sign. A friendly old man, told us about the story behind this sign. Hopper is a true San Francisco hero. He is one of the many Golden gate bridge’s iron workers that not only risk their life each day maintaining this beautiful bridge, but volunteer to save the lives of lost souls attempting to end their lives jumping off the bridge. He saved 30 people in the time he was working at the bridge.
When he noticed that waterfront joggers have a ritual of touching the fence at the dead-end of the sidewalk next to Fort Point, he had the bridge's sign painter make a sign with two handprints on it, and another sign with two dog paws, because one woman had her dog touch the fence.
Now everybody is touching this sign. We also touched it, before we went the way back to climb up to the bridge.

Mum I am standing on the Golden gate bridge. I am so happy and the view over San Francisco is so beautiful. But it was a little bit too windy here for me.

After the bridge we walked on to the National cemetery. It was very impressive to see all this graves. We saw graves from people who fought in more than one war and survived them. And we saw a grave from a person who got the Medal of Honor.

Before we went back to the hotel we made a short stop at the Palace of fine arts. This place was very special, because you had the feeling like you were in Greece.

It was a wonderful day here in San Francisco. I will always have beautiful memories of this city. But I am also excited to see the next stop on our tour through America tomorrow.

So good night and see you tomorrow.

Posted Jul 30, 2012, 1:23 pm
Good morning Mum.

Today we were driving to the Yosemite National Park. There we will stay two days, before we will travel on to Death Valley.
Here I can show you our car, we rent for our trip. Isn’t it huge?

We were sitting comfortable on the backseat.

On our way to the park, we saw this pretty lake and this cool view when we were making some breaks. But it was so hot outside that we didn’t left the car for too long.

After approx. four hours we finally arrived at the Park. The first thing we saw here was a forest from burned trees and bushes.  It was really strange to see something like this.

We took the chance and climbed down a small hill, to have a first view over the park.

Unfortunately we had to climb up the hill again, to go back to the car.

After a while we arrived at Curry Village. Here you can see our cabin for the next two days. In front of the cabin stands a bear box. There we had to put all our food and shower stuff in, so that the bears won’t get them.

Then we decided to use the time to walk to the Mirror Lake, to see the Sunset there. On our way we walked along the Visitor Centre.

It was a long walk, but it was nice because we had a nice view around us.

Then we arrived at the Lake, just right for the Sunrise. Unfortunately there wasn’t much water at the lake, so we haven’t the feeling of a mirror. But it was I nice Sunset.

Next to the Lake we saw these cool towers.

After the sun set of, it was quickly getting dark. And because we were afraid of bears and mountain lions we quickly went back to Curry Village.
It was a long day and I am really tired. So good night and see you tomorrow.

Posted Aug 3, 2012, 10:52 pm
Good Morning Mum.

Today the weather was a little bit rainy in the morning, so we decided to visit the Mariposa Grove. There we could see the giant sequoias. It was really cool to see these huge trees. We learned that these trees don’t die from age, after thousands of years they easily fall over because they get too heavy.

And not only were the trees themselves giant, their fir cone were also very huge.

In the Forest we found this cool rock.

From the Forest we drove to Glacier point. When we arrived there the rain had stopped and the sun came out. From the viewpoint we had a great view over the park.

Glacier point lies 7214ft / 2199m over the sea-level. It was very windy so high above, so we were hiding behind these rocks to get some break.

After our short break it was time for us, to move on to the Tunnel View. Doesn’t this view is really fantastic?

In the evening we planned to walk to the Yosemite Falls. On our way we stopped at this lake to swim a little bit. But the water was so cold for us, so we only hold our feed into the water.

After a while we moved on, but then we stopped because we saw this Mule deer. It is so cool.

And near the Mule deer we saw a real Black Bear. First it was scary, but then we saw the Park rangers and we started to relax. We were really sorry when we heard that the bear was hurt. We hope that the Rangers could help him.

It took a while but finally we arrived at the Yosemite Falls. They were cool, but I think in spring they were much more amazing.

Because the river bed was mostly desiccated we were brave and climbed through it to come nearer to the waterfall. It wasn’t easy but it made a lot of fun.

On our way back to Curry Village we decided to take the bus again. But we had to wait a little bit for it.

Tomorrow we will move on to the Death Valley. It will take a while before we will get there. So we had to stand up very early. Because of that I want to get enough sleep.

So good night Mum

Posted Aug 5, 2012, 1:38 pm
Good Morning Mum.

Today we will move on to the Death Valley. Shilo told us, that Death Valley is a desert and that it will be very hot there. Luckily we have air condition in our car.
But before we left, we had breakfast. In front of the dining room we saw this black bear and we wanted to ride on it.

Outside we saw a lot of squirrel. They were playing around and searching for something to eat.

I also found this sign near our camp ground. Mum you know that I am nice and make no damage, do you?

Then it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful Yosemite National Park. I had a great time here.

On our way to the valley we stopped at this wonderful mountain lake. It was so beautiful here.

Later we stopped at another lake. This one was a lot bigger than the other and is called Mono Lake

Here I am standing at the Padre Crowley Point. It is the memorial of the padre of the Desert.

After six hours we finally arrived at our hotel in Death Valley.

It is so hot outside that we didn’t want to stay outside too long. So we took the chance that the hotel had a pool and went swimming. It was a strange feeling to swim in a pool and have a look over the desert from there.
We went out of the pool when the sun was going under. Even then it was very hot outside, but we wanted to take some sunset photos.

On our way to the restaurant we saw this old fire truck.

It was cool to see Death Valley, but I am very happy that we only stay here for one night.

Posted Aug 5, 2012, 11:09 pm
Hello Mum.

Today we stood up very early because we wanted to leave the Valley before it’s getting too hot. But even at 9 o’clock in the morning we have still around 100 °F / 38°C.
I am happy that we will leave here and hope that it will be a little bit cooler at the Grand Canyon. But before we will get there, we have a long journey from around 6 hours today.
Good bye Death Valley.

On our tour we were looking out of the window. It seems like the road will end at the horizon.

It was so hot outside and there were so many hills, that we had to make a break to give the brakes on our car the chance to cool down a little bit. Far away we could see a river.

Oh no, on the horizon the sky is getting very dark. Some minutes later it was raining very strong and we couldn’t see much from the road.

After 6 hours we finally arrived at our hotel near the Grand Canyon. When we opened the door to our room we were really surprised. It was not only a normal hotel room, it was a suite. So we started to explore our suite. We found a kitchen, a living room and the bed room.

But it was too early to go to bed, so we drove to the Grand Canyon and watched the sunset there. It was really beautiful.

It was a long day for us, but I am happy to see more from the Grand Canyon tomorrow.
So good night Mum.

Posted Aug 8, 2012, 10:31 pm
Good morning Mum.

I have slept very well last night; the bed in our suite was very comfortable. But we had to stand up early, like the days before. Today we were planning to visit the Grand Canyon again and at noon we want to move on to Page.
So let’s start. Right after our breakfast we checked out of the hotel and drove to the Canyon. On our way to the Canyon we stopped in front of the National Forest because we saw this cool bear. His name is Smokey and he helps the Park Rangers to prevent the forest from fire.

Then we arrived at the Canyon. We started our tour at the Village Route Transfer.

From there we took the shuttle-bus to the Trailview Overlook. Because the weather was so beautiful we decided to walk to the next Viewpoints. We walked to the Maricopa Point, Powell Point and Hopi Point. It was a distance from 1,5 miles / 2,4 km. It was getting so hot while we walked around that we decided to take the shuttle to the Mohave Point.

Then it was time to move on to Page. On our way we stopped at the Desert View. Here you can see the cool Watchtower.

Before we left the National park, we stopped again to say good bye. From this site the Canyon looks less impressive then from the viewpoints. But it was a great time here.

Yeah we finally arrived at Page. Tomorrow we want to visit the Antelope Canyon, but today we only want to relax a bit. So we drove down to Lake Powell near our hotel and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

Posted Aug 12, 2012, 3:45 pm
Hello Mum.

This is our eighth day here in America and I am just a little bit tired at the moment and the others seem to be a little tired too.

In the noon we want to visit the Antelope Canyon here in Page. Because we have some time till then, we went to Lake Powel again.
We climbed around the rocks and after that I could relax at the water and swim a little bit. The water was crystal clear and very refreshing, with the heat outside.

On our way to the canyon we stopped at the Horseshoe bend. Look Mum the Colorado River looks like a horseshoe here.  I was too scared to go nearer to the edge, to have a better look at the river.

Then we moved on to the Antelope Canyon. It was very impressive to have a look at this giant rocks and the light that shines on them.

Here I am standing on the south entrance of the canyon. From here you can imagine how small it is inside the canyon.

After one and a half hours in the canyon it was time for us to move on. Today we will drive to Bryce Canyon. Host dad was very nice and let me drive a little bit on my own.

Then the others wanted to drive also, so we changed places and I took the chance to play around with the others in the car.

Posted Aug 13, 2012, 4:10 pm
Good morning mum.

We woke up in our cool country hotel near the Bryce canyon today.

It is a very nice hotel and we had the feeling like we were on an old western ranch, inside and around the hotel.

After our breakfast buffet we drove to the canyon.  We started at the Sunset point and walked the 0,5 miles/ 0,8 km to the sunrise point.

From there we saw a trail, which goes down the canyon. This trail is called the Navajo Loop and in our map we could see that the short part of the loop is 1,3 miles / 2,1km long. It is a moderate hike so we wanted to try it.
We had wonderful views inside the canyon.

What will be behind this tunnel? :)

Wow what a great cave. But we found no animals inside.

Mum look I found this tiny squirrel it was very nosey.

It was very nice here, but we have to move on to the Zion National Park. Good bye Bryce Canyon.

After a short trip we arrived at the Zion National Park.

First we checked in into our hotel and after that we drove to the Zion human history museum and from there took a shuttle bus to the Zion Lodge. We haven’t much time till sunset so we decided to take the trail to the lower emerald pools. Unfortunately it was so dry that the waterfall and the lake were mostly parched.

Posted Aug 13, 2012, 9:17 pm
Hello Mum.

Today is our second day in the Zion National Park. We started our tour at the visitor center and took the bus to the Temple of Sinawava. From there we followed the Riverside walk.

At the end of the trail we walked through the riverbed and followed the Narrows a short while.

After this refreshing walk through the river we moved on to the Weeping Rock. It was very impressive here, because this rock really looks like it was crying.

Posted Aug 17, 2012, 4:41 pm
Hello Mum.

Our trip is close to its end. Today we were visiting the Valley of Fire. It is a desert again, but with very interesting rocks.
This rock is called the Elephant rock. Can you discover the Elephant?

Here we are at “the Cabins”. These historic stone cabins were built with native sandstone by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s as a shelter for passing travelers.

Here I am standing in front of the Mouse Tank. Named for a renegade who used the area as a hideout in the 1890’s. Mouse’s Tank is a natural basin in the rock where water collects after rainfalls, sometimes remaining for months.

On the half-mile round-trip trail to Mouse’s Tank, we passed numerous examples of prehistoric petroglyphs like this.

Here we are standing at the Rainbow Vista visiting point.

This multicolored sandstones look like the German flag, don’t you think so mum?

I really like the White Domes because they were very impressive.

Because it was so hot, we decided to move on to Las Vegas our last stop before we will return to Germany.  I think this highway looks like the ones, which you could see in American road movies.

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Our hotel is the Stratosphere tower. It looks so amazing huge from down here.

Here you can see the view from the View platform on top of the Tower. Behind us you could see the Strip.

Posted Aug 18, 2012, 11:46 am
I wish you a wonderful good morning Mum.

Today is our first really day here in Las Vegas.  After a great breakfast at the Mandalay Bay hotel, we visited the shark reef, which was build inside the hotel.
At the entrance I saw this cool crocodile.

Luckily there is a window between this Komodo dragon and us. I think he wanted to eat us.

Mum I touched a real ray. It was so cool and he feels like … hmm like jelly.

In this underwater tunnel and the reef connected to the tunnel, we saw a lot of different fishes and sharks. I also saw the big white sharks and a sawfish. The sawfish scared me more than the white shark, because his saw was so amazing huge. But he was too fast to take a picture with him, so I can’t show him to you.

Mum I am in New York. :)
Just a joke, near to the Mandalay Bay hotel is the New York New York hotel. It really looks like a small version of New York. They even have a small Statue of liberty.

Here I am standing on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Inside the hotel I had the feeling like I was standing on a street in New York, it was really cool.

Because it was so hot outside we had the idea to take the chance and visit an exhibition here in Vegas. We decided to have a look at the Titanic exhibition. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the exhibition, but I can tell you that it was really impressive and sad to see the things from the ship and to read about all the hundreds of people who died on the ship.

Here I want to show you the Luxor hotel, were the exhibition was. The hotel looks like a giant pyramid and you have the feeling like you were in Egypt because of all the deco.

When its dark outside Vegas looks like a completely new place. Everything is really flashy, because there are lights everywhere.

But one of the most beautiful things in the evening is the view at the Paris hotel. Doesn’t is looks wonderful with all this lights?

Before we went to home to our hotel after such a great but exhausting day, we stopped at the Bellagio hotel, because I wanted to show you this amazing foyer.

Good night mum.

Posted Aug 19, 2012, 5:41 pm
Hello Mum.

I am a little bit sad, because this is our last day here in America. This evening we were flying back to Germany, but luckily we have the whole morning to look around Vegas.
After our breakfast we went to an M&M shop. It was a very big shop with 4 floors full with M&M’s and merchandise. Have you ever seen so much M&M’s in so many different colors? I was really impressed.

Here I am standing right in front of the huge Caesars Palace. It is the biggest hotel we have seen here in Vegas.

This is a replica of the famous Trevi-fountain. It looks really beautiful. Mum will I travel to Rome one day, to see the real Trevi-fountain?

In the Venetian hotel they were celebrating carnival the whole year, but unfortunately we didn’t see anyone in a costume. Shilo told me that this hotel really looks like a small version of Venice.

In front of the Tropical Island hotel stands a pirate ship and every evening there is a show in which the ship is sinking.

Before we leave we wanted to do one very important thing. So we went into a casino and played on a slot machine. It made really fun, but after a short while I game away my dollar.

Then it was time to say good bye to the beautiful and flashy Las Vegas.

When we arrived at the airport Shilo told us, that we had to wait one hour before our flight will start.  First we sat down to wait for our flight.

But it was too boring for us. So we had the idea to play some games to shorten our idle time.

Our return flight took 10 hours and we all were sleeping most of the time. The craziest thing is that we started in Vegas on Saturday evening and landed in Düsseldorf on Sunday evening. Because of that we all were really tired and went to bed as soon as we were home.

Posted Aug 22, 2012, 5:46 pm
Hello Mum.

Today was a very happy day because a new TV arrived here in Bochum. We were really excited when we saw the envelope.

Knöpfchen opened it and out of the envelope came a bee. Her name is Bzzzzz and she is coming from Finland.

She told us that she is joining the Long tome RR in which Knöpfchen is taking part too.

We talked a while before she showed us the things she had brought with her, they were really cool.

After that we all hugged Bzzzzz to welcome her.

Then we went into the kitchen and took out a cool ice cream. Purple helped Little to cut the ice into pieces. Can you see the small butterfly’s on it?

The ice cream was very yummy.

See you
Your Sterni

Posted Aug 22, 2012, 7:30 pm
Good afternoon Mum.

Today is the famous Festival of Lights in Dortmund in the Westfahlenpark.
When we arrived in the park, we searched for the right place for our picnic and the firework in the evening. It was a great picnic and we had a lot of delicious foods.

After this great meal we had some time before the firework starts, so we were walking around the park. We saw a lot of cool lambs and pictures that were made out of lights.

This is the Florian television tower; he is the famous emblem of Dortmund.

Than at half past ten it was time for the firework. It was really amazing. Sometimes I had the feeling like the whole sky was full with lights.

We had a really great day in the Westfahlenpark today.

Posted Aug 23, 2012, 8:53 pm
Hello Mum.

Today we were preparing the presents we brought with us from America. We bought some M&Ms in the great M&M world. We were sorting the colors of the M&Ms, so that everyone got the M&Ms in the right color. It was really funny and look how many I’ve got.

Posted Aug 23, 2012, 9:54 pm
Hello Mum.

Today we had to say goodbye to Knöpfchen. He is starting the long time RR today and because of this he is traveling to nuriayasmin today. I wish him a save journey and that he will experience great adventures on the RR.
We became good friends in the time, that we were spending together and I will miss him. Hopefully we will meet again one day.
We all hugged him before he went into his envelope.

Goodbye Knöpfchen

Posted Sep 4, 2012, 5:18 pm
Hi Mum.

Today Zeitgeist and Little Dragon were leaving. It was sad to say goodbye to my new friends. I hope they will experience a lot of cool adventures in the future.

Before they left we took a last group picture together.

We hugged them and wished them a save trip. I hope I get the chance to meet the two again one day, so we could spend more time together.

Then it was time to say goodbye. Little and Zeitgeist packed their presents for their parents and left.

Bye bye you two. I will miss you.

Posted Sep 13, 2012, 8:40 pm
Hello Mum.

Today was a special day. We went to Mandrara for a group meeting with the other TVs who were staying with her Rosalind, Karlos, Drashuven and BineHH. We planned to surprise Bzzzzz and Suomi-girl who is also staying with Mandrara at the moment, because they had the same mum. 
There we also met the family from Little Dragon, his parents Imodra Dragon and Feru Dragon and Thorin Dragon his elder brother. It was cool and very interesting to meet so many TVs. We talked a lot about our adventures and dreams.

Then it was time to eat something. I had a typical German fast food, curry sausage with fries.

It was a great evening.
Love you mum
Your Sterni

Posted Sep 14, 2012, 8:19 pm
Good morning Mum.

Today was very cool, because we visited an amusement park called Phantasialand. We stood up very early this morning so we could enter the park right after the opening. Because of that we had a lot of time to have fun on the attractions.

I love this chairoplane. While I was riding on it I thought my feed could get wet because of the water fountains :)

Here I want to show you Talocan. I got very dizzy after this ride.

This is a part of the River Quest water ride. The scariest part of the ride is the giant fall into the deep ground.

Here you can see the Colorado rollercoaster

After a while we had a break and I shared these yummy strawberries with Snowball.

I really like this old car.

In addition to all the funny rides I saw a lot of interesting decorations.

Don’t you think this house is looking like a head?

Before we went home we watched this artistic show in Chinatown. It was a very cool show and the perfect end for a great day.

Posted Sep 15, 2012, 9:31 pm
Hello Mum.

This was a very special Weekend. We visited good friends from my host parents in the Saarland, because Shilos godson will be baptized this Sunday. It was very special for me to be here, because I saw so many different baptize traditions.
The Saarland is next to France and because of this they had a special baptize tradition which comes from France. The godmothers and godfathers of the child pack “Gutzien”, little backs with sweets. After the baptism they were a present for all the kids, the family and friends so they welcome the child as a part of their community.

Here we are shopping the sweets for the “Gutzien”. The sweets look so yummy.

After our shopping trip it was time to pack the backs. First all the sweets were mixed together in a big laundry basket. Who wants to swim in gold, swimming in sweets is much cooler. :)

Then we helped Shilo to fill the bags. At the end we had packed 50 “Gutzien” and the best is that we have our own “Gutzien”.

This is the christening robe. It is hands made and in family property since generations and a lot of kids were baptized in this robe.

Then we had some free time, so we took the chance and played around in the garden.

Another tradition for the baptism is that an apple tree was planted. So one of the godfathers brought one with him and we planted it in the garden. It wasn’t easy but it made a lot of fun. I wonder how the apples will taste one day.

After the baptism we were helping to decorate the tables for the coffee and cake.

Shilo gave the baby a baptism bracelet. It is another tradition here in Germany. Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture with it.
It was a special weekend for me and I had a lot of fun.

Love you mum
Your Sterni

Posted Sep 16, 2012, 8:13 pm
Hello Mum.

Today arrived a new envelope. I was so pry to see who was inside. Bzzzzz opened the envelope.

Out of the envelope came a little Rat. His name is Mr. Stanley. We all hugged him to welcome him here in Bochum.

Stanley told us about his adventures. It was great to hear new stories.

Then he showed us the postcard he had brought with him.

In the evening we played some board games. The first game we played was “Heimlich & Co.”. In this game you should hide from the others which figure color is yours to win the game.

The next game we played was “DonPeperoni”. In this game you want to become the mayor of a small town. To become the mayor you could win votes by giving the people money. It was a very funny game.

The last game we played this evening was “Bezzerwizzer”. It is a quiz game, where you had to answer questions. Some questions were easy but others were extremely hard to answer.

Posted Sep 17, 2012, 6:05 pm
Hello Mum.

Today Snowball took us into the cinema. We planned to watch “the expendables 2”. Look Mum I’ve got my own Ticket.

While we were waiting for the movie we were watching around the cinema.  On this big screen we could watch movie trailer.

Look we have found a giant movie display from the film.

Then it was time for the movie. We all charred a seat together, while we were watching the movie.

Oh it’s getting dark. I am so excited to see the movie.

The movie was really great and I had a lot of fun watching it. And mum I can tell you that I love the cinema.

Posted Sep 23, 2012, 3:21 pm
Good morning Mum.

Today we drove to Hagen, were we are visiting the open-air museum. This museum is really cool because it is the only open-air museum in Europe which shows only the history of craft and technology. It shows moments of the history of the Westphalia craft and technology from the end of the 18. to the 20. Centaury.

We saw a lot of different old smithies. They were really impressive especially this giant one.

Mum have you ever seen the many different wigs? It was cool to see the work of the wigmaker.

When you stand here you’ve got the feeling like you were standing in the middle of an old German village.

Here you can see the room of the shoemaker.

In one of the houses we found a scale. We were playing and looking who weighs more. Purple Tentacle is heavier than I am.

Here we saw how clogs were made.

Then it was time for us to go home again. Goodbye open-air museum.

This was another funny day. I hope you have fun too mum.
Love you mum
your Sterni

Posted Sep 23, 2012, 6:51 pm
Hello Mum.

Today was a lazy day, so we decided to go to the playground. On the way to the playground we walked through the garden plot which is behind the house from host mum. Behind this garage we could see the house.

Garden plots were typical German and also the garden gnomes which we could see in some gardens. It was really nice to walk this way.

At the end of the Garden plot we arrived at the playground. We had a lot of fun playing there.

Posted Oct 11, 2012, 8:12 pm
Hello Mum.

Today Snowball showed us around the Bochumer City. It was cool to walk around there. We saw this old statue which is a memorial of Fritz Kortebusch the last cowherd in Bochum, who had done this job from 1850 till 1870.

Near the memorial we saw this interesting art sculptures. Unfortunately the battery of Shilos cam was empty so we couldn’t take more pictures of the city.

When we were back at home we had to say goodbye to Hase. She will travel to Berlin and visit Orangesunshine there.  Before she left we hugged her and wished her a save trip and a lot of great adventures on her way.
I will miss her because we became good friends the time we spend together.

Goodbye Hase.

Posted Oct 11, 2012, 9:06 pm
Hello Mum.

Today was very funny because Snowball took us to a bowling Centre. She told us how to play. She said that we had to throw one of the bowling balls onto the pins, so that they fall down. I played with the pink ball from Shilo. The ball is so extremely huge and heavy that it wasn’t easy to roll it. But I made it and I had a lot of fun. I throw a strike but I forgot to take a picture of it because we were celebrating it. :)

Posted Oct 25, 2012, 9:55 pm
Hello Mum.

Today we drove to Essen and visited the Phänomania. It’s an exhibition we could learn something about our senses and the law of nature.
Here I could see how pictures learn to move. It was funny to see this caterpillar moving.

Look mum I’ve found beautiful gongs together with Mr. Stanley.

When I was moving this kerchief the Styrofoam balls were moving too.

In this vase were different things which we could feel with our hands and guess what it is.

Here we were exploring a cool tactually pathway.

Mum I’ve learned a lot about light today. Can you see the different colors of the shadows behind us? We made them with different lights in green, blue, red and yellow.

This was the best thing in the exhibition. I liked this lightning’s that were moving under me.

Outside the exhibition we could play around before we went back home. It was a very funny and interesting day for me.

Love you Mum,
Your Sterni

Posted Nov 5, 2012, 8:25 pm
Hello Mum.

Today we were visiting Mandrara a friend from host mum. We planned to play a game together with the TVs who were staying with Mandrara.
We decided to play Descent, in this game we had to defeat monsters in a dungeon.
At the start the dungeon was very small, but with every door we opened it got bigger and bigger and we found more monsters. We got special weapons or magical spells to attack the monsters. A while it looks very good and we seemed to win the game, but in the end the monsters were to strong and we lost. But this is ok because we had a lot of fun together.

Posted Nov 20, 2012, 5:03 pm
Hello Mum.

This weekend is very special, because we were visiting the SPIEL '12 with COMIC ACTION - the world's biggest consumer fair for gaming. There we have the opportunity to see and test games from all around the world and for that we have four days. *g*

I am so happy because we are finally in Essen and behind me you could see the entrance.

Wow, here were so many people.

Look mum; I want to show you some of the games that we played here. We played River Dragon, Zug um Zug, Las Vegas and Fire Station. They were all very funny.

Purple Tentacle found a very special game, it is called Tentacle Bento. I think you could imagine why he loved this game *g*

Additional to all this cool games that we saw here, we also saw a lot of other interesting and funny things here.

On the last day of the exhibition we found a special new friend. Maybe you know our friend ;)

One of the best things on the exhibition was the stand from Dungeons & Dragons. They were very friends to us and so we could play with their miniatures.

Mum this was a really great weekend and I had a lot of fun.

Posted Nov 20, 2012, 7:42 pm
Hello Mum.

Today we were preparing a Halloween dinner. We made scary looking chicken wings and croquettes. They were looking like ghosts and pumpkins. I love Halloween.

Posted Dec 11, 2012, 8:50 pm
Hello Mum.

I am really sorry that I haven’t written for such a long time, but Shilo was very busy the last weeks so that we were only sitting around. But today she told us, that Bzzzzz will travel on to her new Host. But before she left she packed a package for her mum.

And after that it was time to say goodbye to our new friend. It is sad to say goodbye to friends, but I am sure that I will meet Bzzzzz again one day. Before she left we hugged her and wished her a save trip and a lot of fun with her new host.

Goodbye Bzzzzz

Posted Dec 11, 2012, 10:31 pm
Hello Mum.

Today a new envelope arrived. Stanley was so happy to meet a new friend that he wanted to be the first to welcome our new guest. So he opened the envelope for us.

Out of the envelope came Gwen Jolie. She came the long way from Finland and is joining the long time RR like Bzzzzz, who left us some days ago.

We all hugged her to welcome her warmly here in Bochum.

After this Gwen Jolie showed us the gifts she had brought with her and Snowball took a photo with Gwen for her memory album.

Later Shilo told us that we will visit Hamburg this weekend, so we all went to bed and I dreamed from the weekend.

See you soon
Your Sterni

Posted Dec 23, 2012, 7:54 pm
Hello Mum.

This weekend was very special, because we were visiting Hamburg together with host mum and dad. There we planned to watch the musical Tarzan.
When we arrived at Hamburg it was already dark, so we decided to visit the Christmas market.
It was a very beautiful there. I love all this wonderful lights everywhere. Unfortunately some pictures where a little bit blurry or a bit too dark, but I hope that you could see me. :)

The decoration on this house was the best, with all the different languages on it.

Tomorrow we were watching Tarzan but not it is time for us to go to bed.

See you tomorrow mum.

Posted Dec 23, 2012, 8:55 pm
Good morning Mum.

Today is our second day here in Hamburg. I am so happy because today we will see the musical Tarzan.  Host mum told us that this musical is really cool.
Before the show began we were looking around the musical hall.

Look Mum this is the handprint from Phil Collins

Than it was time to sit down. I am so exited…… and then the lights turned off…

During the break I had a pretzel and an apple spritzer

Wow this musical was really amazing.

Posted Dec 23, 2012, 9:35 pm
Hello Mum.

Tomorrow the Advent season is starting and because of that we were helping host mum to prepare the Advent calendar. All this sweets were looking so yummy. I wish I could eat them all by myself.

This is the calendar from host mum.

Then it was time to fill host dads calendar. It took a while but then it was finished. Doesn’t it look great?

I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas time Mum.

Posted Dec 23, 2012, 10:26 pm
Today it was time to say goodbye to our good friend Mr. Stanley. He will travel on to his new host.
Before he left we lighted up the first candle on our Advent wreath.

Then we said goodbye to Stanley. We hugged him all together and wished him a save and short trip.

Bye bye Mr. Stanley I will miss you and hope we will meet again one day.

Posted Jan 4, 2013, 9:29 pm
Hello Mum.

Today arrived a new envelope with a TV inside. I was so excited to meet a new Friend. We sat down around the envelope and Gwen Jolie was the lucky one who opened it.

Out of the envelope came a little bear called Peppi Pooh. To welcome him here in Bochum we hugged him all together.

After that we sat down with some cookies from cookie monster and talked about our adventures and the TVs we met on our journeys. It was a wonderful evening.

Posted Jan 4, 2013, 10:16 pm
Hello Mum.

The weather was rainy today but we didn’t want to sit around at home. So we planned to visit the Christmas market in Oberhausen. This market is really wonderful. Unfortunately it was too wet to take more pictures but here I can show you some of the decorations on the streets and look at this giant nutcracker isn’t it cool?

Posted Jan 13, 2013, 4:19 pm
Hello Mum.

Today we were decorating the Christmas tree and the rest of the living room Host mum planned to decorate everything very colorful this year.
Look at this wonderful Christmas tree balls. I put some of them onto the window bench.

I love this star because it looks like there were a lot of other stars in it.

Then it was time to decorate the tree. We climbed up the tree to place the Christmas tree balls. Can you see us sitting in the tree?

I want to wish you a merry Christmas mum.

Posted Jan 13, 2013, 5:52 pm
Hello Mum.

We were visiting some friends of our host parents in Stuttgart to celebrate New Year's Eve. We were starting our day with a cookie breakfast :)

Then to pas some time we were driving around with the car of host mums little godson.

The car was a little bit too big for us so we needed a break.

After our rest it was time for us to prepare the firework for the evening. We unpacked everything and put it together. I think this could be a great firework.

Then it was time for dinner. Today we had Raclette. Doesn’t it look really yummy?

Finally it was midnight and we had a really wonderful firework.

I want to wish you a Happy New Year 2013 Mum