Jala, Durham, England


Posted Jun 8, 2012, 11:59 pm
Hello everybody!

I'm Jala, a little monkey lady. Now I'm a ToyVoyager, too. I'm so happy about this. I hope I can see a lot of wonderful things in teh world and met some nice people.

I allready knew some TVs and I hope I will met some more.  :D

Many greetings,

Posted Jun 9, 2012, 12:07 am
Helloooooooooooo!!!!  B)

Toay mummy and I take a walt to take some pictures. And it wasn't easy, because I wanted to climb on different trees and this fast. And mummy would take some pictures, but therefore I must stand still and this is a hard job for me. But she said, if I will be a ToyVoyager, than I must learn to pose for pictures. So I try and I think for the first time I've made a good job. But I have to learn more.  :D

If you see I like trees. Climbing on them as high as possible.



And here I'm sitting on a stonewall and behind me you can see our castle from Íhringen.


That's all for the first time. I have to go to bed now.

Good night people!


Posted Jun 9, 2012, 7:43 am
Hello to you!

Now I will tell you the reason why I'm a TV  :D There are two TVs at our home: Mirembe and Meav. And it was Mirembes birthday today, so mummy asked us if we would celebrete her birthday. And of course we did!


It was funny, because we didn't know us before, but the feeling was really good from the first moment on. It was if we know us for years.

After Mirmebe had blow out the candel. We all clap in our hands, sing a lot of birthdaysongs, had some drinks and talked a lot.



At last we take a group picture with all the Mirembe-Birhday-Celebration-TVs  :D And from this party on I wanted to be a TV.


Greetings to everyone,

Posted Jun 9, 2012, 8:03 am
Time to say goodbye

Today I will leave my home for the first journey. And I'm so exciting. But I mustn't travel alone, Mirembe comes with me (or I with her, how you will see it  ;)).

We both will visit her mother and I'm so happy, that I mustn't travel alone the first time, this is great, so I can talked with her. But first we had to say goodbye to our friens. I get a lot of hugs from them.



And than it was time to crawl into our envelope.



Goodbye Germany and Hello UK  :D

Posted Jun 17, 2012, 12:40 am
MUM WE'RE HERE!!! :D I could hardly contain my excitement on arrival, but we had to wait in the college post room for a while until Mirembe's mum came to get us. I then heard small voices around, laughing at what was written on our envelope ;) 'Toy voyagers on tour! Travelling giraffe and monkey inside' Hehehe.

Mirembe was pulled out first, then my new Monkey host Sienna gave me a hand. I was so happy to meet her! :) They said we smelt nice :p and so I got out the soap gift, my host was very thankful.

And then... i couldn't resist climbing any longer. Up up up I went :P The others stared in amusement then followed. We had got out in the college reading room which was interesting to explore.

Our host says we arrived just in time for the Summer ball and Olympic torch!

Posted Jul 14, 2012, 12:14 am
BALL TIME!!! :D Helloo mum, sorry I've only just got round to updating some adventures. On my host's birthday in June coincidently it was also the college summer ball, themed 'Around the world in 80 days'. Each Christmas and summer there is a different theme, where the student counsel decorate the hall and bar. This year there were even fair ground rides outside! :o But it got a bit hectic so we didn't get a picture. Edelweiss and I were very excited. After the dinner we had to go back to my host's room so that we would be safe from the drunken antics, but before that we had lots of fun.

I found a TREE!!! B) I had to be dragged away eventually. I also had a ride on a camel that was just outside the dining room. As TVs we didn't need a ticket, but the people partrolling the entrance thought my host looked shifty with a bigger bag so had to check that there was no extra drink hidden in there. They got a surprise when we jumped out :p Luckily we passed as not being forbidden objects.

There were live statues too, which were scaring everyone else, moving unexpectedly every few minutes. But I was brave and with the help of one of my host's friends I climbed up to pose for a picture. Be proud of me mum  :p

Sorry the photos are a bit blurred! The atmospheric lighting was cool, but not so great for pictures.

Posted Aug 23, 2012, 1:14 pm
Hi mum! Sorry for the long delay, we are back on board for updates now! :) However my host also apologises for the fact we now only have one picture of me at the Olympic torch gathering :( The other week she put her laptop into sleep mode, and it never woke up! :o Luckily we had a spare that we are using now but she had only backed up some of the pictures stored on the old laptop and our olympic ones were lost :( Fortunately we could salvage the below pictures as she had loaded up one of me onto facebook, so we took them off there. Although, since the torch went past so quick and it was rainy and crowded, we sadly didn't get a TV pic watching that moment anyway. I hope you don't mind the ones I have posted to show you what I saw, even though I wasn't on it? The third picture we did take one of me on, so if the other laptop does get fixed then we will substitute it with my pic. But I wanted to show you that picture because it was so nice to see the full rainbow, just as the torch hit the cauldron :) It looks very faint in the picture, but it was beautiful.

On the second picture if you look closely you can see the flame of the torch wooshing past amongst the crowds. It moved so quickly all the kids then ran to meet it at the stage, but we didn't want to get wet or squashed so we stayed under the umbrella. We used the camera to zoom in to see the gymnastics show though :) Gymnastics is the only sport my host watched of the olympics. She isn't very into sports but she says the gymnastics ground work is more dance-like and artistic. Do you think one day there will be TV olympics? I could create a professional tree climbing category :D

We have more updates coming soon!

Jala x

Posted Aug 25, 2012, 6:20 pm
Last week we went to the canal to see if we could find any narrow boats. A friendly duck came to see me, so I chatted to him a bit, although I suspect he had an ulterior motive for being friendly and thought we were going to give him food ;) I met some more ducks along the way. Then some boats came along! :D The people on the boat were smiling at me and one said 'I have a monkey like that!' I do think it is rather rude whether people talk about me rather than to me, but at least they were sociable :)

After watching the boats we came across a little door which looked mysterious. We thought maybe a secret garden was behind it but sadly our host told us we shouldn't try to get in as somebody might live there and think we are spying.

Posted Aug 30, 2012, 7:34 pm
Hello mum :) The other day we went to the city of Chester, which is just next to the Welsh border. First we went to the park. I tried to talk to a squirrel but he was being antisocial :(  So then I went to see a cute train. However we had to cut the kids on it out of the closer picture as we couldn't figure out how to blur them. What is left is a confused looking man :p I also saw a statue with a pigeon on his head :D

We then walked along the famous Chester walls and from there we could see some Roman ruins, including the amphitheatre which you can see in the background of the seventh picture. Further along we looked over to see the main street of Chester.

We also saw the town hall and Chester cathedral, plus an 'old fashioned' sweet shop. The shops there are along what they call 'the rows' and they are pretty. One of the shops sold bears; they were having a picnic! And then we saw a key and I tried to reach up to get it to see what it would open, but I wasn't big enough :(

After our walking we had a rest and I drank some alcoholic slush  Not too much though, I could still walk afterwards ;) 

Posted Sep 3, 2012, 12:58 am
On Saturday we went on another walk to the Canal. We went through the woods first and found a nicely carved bench to rest on. Then we proceeded and I spotted a narrow boat when I looked over the bridge. Sienna and I admired the garden of a house that led onto the canal. It looked very pretty and we wondered whether we could get a house like that for monkeys ;)

On the way back we walked in twos and I held Edelweiss's hand to make sure she didn't fall over :)

Posted Sep 9, 2012, 5:52 pm
Guess what mum?!! I've completed a life mission! :D I saw monkeys in the zoo!!! B)

When we first went through the entrance I was greeted by a group of big ducklings. Maybe they were teenage ducks... But one was a bit too interested and tried to peck me! :stare: There was an old man nearby laughing his head off :p But don't worry, I wasn't harmed!

Then we headed straight for the monkey house! I saw some Spider Monkeys and behind me you can see one trying to steal the other's food ;)

We saw butterflies, and turtles, and then we found the Apes! I got excited because I saw an ape that looked very much like me, as she had lovely white fur :) She looked so much like me that when seeing the picture of her swinging my host's brother said 'how did you get Jala up there?!' Then he took a closer look and realised that it wasn't me! Haha. I wish I could have been swinging up there! She swung all the way along. I hope you don't mind that I am not on two of them, we had to zoom to get a better picture.

BUT, we have done some research, as my host was a bit silly and didn't know the difference between apes and monkeys :thinking: It is weird but she didn't even notice Sienna doesn't have a tail! But I do have a tail. So it turns out that I am indeed a monkey, but Sienna is an APE! :stare: And on the second white ape picture I can see that she hasn't got a tail. So, she can't be one of me :( I was still inspired by her powerful movements though.

Next up were penguins, and then we heard scary dinosaur sounds! Surely the dinosaurs haven't come back from extinction?!... But they had! How exciting. Well, it would have been scary had we not quickly figured out that they weren't real, which explains our casual sunbathing in front of them :p Hehe. But they did keep trying to squirt us with water! They missed us and got my host instead ;)

I found some bamboo! :D Look mum, I am still practising my climbing!

Later on we found some more monkeys; miniature ones this time. Do you think this one is a relative of mine? He has similar colouring but his tail is dark and mine isn't. Hmm. Unfortunately he couldn't seem to hear me through the glass to see what he thought of my features. I am glad I don't have to stay behind glass though, I love being a free spirit!

We tried to get some close-up pictures of the penguins swimming, but they were very quick and the water was murky, so they aren't too good.

We then got back into my host's friend's car which I liked very much as it had an open top and it was a lovely warm day :D

It seems that summer has finally arrived here in Britain! *touch wood*. I hope it stays this sunny.

I hope you are well mum!

Love Jala x

Posted Sep 25, 2012, 7:47 pm
MUM! I MET AN OWL!!!! :stare: I think she liked me! :D We had a bit of a chat and I explained how I travel as a toyvoyager. She seemed impressed with this and also said it was a nice change to meet someone more of her own size to talk to, as usually she has to put up with all the humans crowding round her. Today she was here to provide entertainment as it was a Heritage open day at the castle (ruins) we were visiting.

It is on the other side of my host's town but we never knew it existed as it isn't usually open to the public. And from up there on the hill we had a lovely view of erm... a power station! It is called Fiddlers Ferry and dominates the landscape round here. Haha, a bit ugly, but we took a photo anyway. It was very windy so I had to be careful not to fly away.

Posted Jun 2, 2013, 10:03 pm
Helloo mum! So sorry it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I last updated! :( But we are going to start catching up, beginning with December last year:

We went with our host for a walk around Durham on the way to the last day of lectures. We went along what is called 'The Bailey' and then stopped off at the cathedral. It was a very cold day but the mist was pretty. I decided to try to take a silhouette picture of myself and the cathedral.

We walked back into the centre of the city then across the bridge where the sky and river looked lovely.

Next we went to the science site where the lectures are and took a picture of the new statue in front of the library. The statue is so depressing it is actually quite funny. My host thinks that the statue accurately represents how students feel when entering the library  People start crying and screaming 'Nooo!' Haha, that is a joke... I hope ;)

We then faced the hill up to the psychology department which was our destination.

When we went back it had gone dark so we went back through the centre to see the lights. Our camera isn't that good in the dark though. I saw santa's grotto :)

We have now travelled back to the north west for christmas, so we will update with christmas shenanigans soon!