Mariposita, Madrid, Spain


Posted Sep 22, 2013, 11:17 am
Hi all!!!!
My name is Mariposita and I’m a beautiful butterfly. I was adopted by SiniS who found me alone in the street.
This is me!

I love to travel around the world smelling all that things with fragrance (flowers, chocolate, tea, incense, books, the sea…). At home there are some of them:

I love this door, although it hasn’t got fragrance:

Also, I love read books, at home we have a big collection:

I like listening to music, going to the cinema (mmm, popcorn!), playing games too…
As I want to become a Toy Voyager, I weight me and I measure me.
I ‘m only 19cm including my antennas

And I only weigh 24 grams

I make a sound like "clinc! clinc!" while I'm flying, so everybody knows it's me :) Do you want to host me? Just PM my mom!

Posted Sep 22, 2013, 11:31 am
As Zero, one of my brothers, was so sad because two Toy Voyagers gone, I went to talk with him.

I want to be a Toy Voyager, so I asked him how it works while we were playing cards.

And then… The doorbell sound and surprise! A package! Can it be a Toy Voyager???

Yes!!!! I can believe it!!! The same day Zero says goodbye to two Toy Voyagers, another one arrives!!!
Z-Look, Mariposita!!! It’s a Toy Voyager!!!
¿?-Hello!!! My name is Betzi!

Betzi is from Germany, but he comes from Bali!!! He has brought some presents with him, thank you!

As usual, Zero add him on his guestbook. Welcome Betzi!! I hope you have great time here in Spain

Posted Sep 22, 2013, 12:07 pm
Today we went to a mini postcrossing meeting!!!
It takes part in Les Glòries!!! I didn’t visit this place before.
This is Torre Agbar

Inside the shopping center, we found a sun clock.

We went up this stairs to go to the café.

Ooohhh!!! Flowers!!! I'm happy!

In the café, we ate something for breakfast: tea and croissants.

It was short but funny!!!

Posted Sep 22, 2013, 3:07 pm
This weekend we stayed at Sant Feliu de Pallarols, a little village in Girona.

After a long trip finally arrived at Sant Feliu de Pallarols!

First we went to the house to leave the package. Here you can see some rooms of the house:
Just in the entrance, there was a living room with a pool table:

Upstairs, another little living room near the bedrooms:

And in other floor, there was a big room to project films on DVD or to play with the Wii:

There was a garden with a border and with a little lake:

After seeing the house, we took a walk by the village.
This sculpture was at the entrance of the village and near the river. It’s a “Pescallunes”, this is the nickname of people who live there. A “Pescallunes” is a person who wants to fish the moon. The story tells that one night a young man was walking nearby the river when he saw the reflected light of the moon in the water and wanted to fish it with a basket. He tried it several times, but without success. And another man who saw him laughed and ridiculed him and called him “Pescallunes”. Now, “Pescallunes” means a person with dreams and illusions.

The center square with a market:

And the center of the square, a beautiful tree-fountain:

A fruit-garden:

Some roses:

A shield in the floor:

Some stairs to go near the river:

And the church:

In this trip we made a lot of new friends!!!
Some guinea pigs:

A snail:

And a bat!!!

Posted Oct 14, 2013, 12:13 pm
Today we went to the cinema to watch “RED 2”, an action movie.
We took the underground

We had to stop in “Rambla Just Oliveras”.

This is “Rambla Just Oliveras”.

After walking a bit, we arrived at the shopping center “La Farga”, where the cinema is.

Shhhtt!!! The movie starts!!!

Posted Oct 26, 2013, 4:52 pm
A new TV has arrived! Zero, Betzi and me were so nervous when we saw the package.

Suddenly, a little monkey appeared!
??- Hi!! My name is Qah!!!

Q-I’ve brought some things with me, let me see…

Qah showed his presents and we took a photo of us :) Thanks for all!!!

And, as traditional, Zero wrote his name on his guestbook. I’m so happy for him, because he has complete one of his life missions and improve two!!!!
Welcome Qah, I hope to have fun times with you!!!

Posted Oct 26, 2013, 7:06 pm
Hi all!!
Today we went to the swimming pool. We went to Can Sala :)

Here we are, at the gate of the pool!

These are the small and the medium pool (behind)

And this is the big one, the one where we took the bath!!

Oohhh!!! Some relax in the towel…

… and a walk. We saw a mill and a tennis court.

Then, Zero guided us to somewhere…
Z – Hey guys, let me show you something…

Z – Look. Here’s exactly the place where we met Vassily… Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of his arrival at our family :(

He’s one of our brothers who became a TV too and got lost…
Vassily, we don’t forget you and we miss you. Hope to find you again someday… Wish you will be fine…

Posted Oct 26, 2013, 8:00 pm
Woooww!!! :D Another TV!!!! We are all so excited!

A white rabbit come out of the envelope!!!
?? - Hello!! My name is Madam Miff von Teacup, but you can call me Madam Miff.

She comes from Germany and she brought some presents. Thanks!! :)

Then, Madam Miff told us that she loves to sit in cups. Obviously, it is one of her life missions.

So we asked mom to leave us a cup for her and she let us her favorite cup. At the same time, Zero improve one of his life missions!!

Welcome Madam Miff!!!

Posted Feb 18, 2014, 12:20 pm
Hi mom!!!
This year we go to the festivities of Sants. This neighborhood decorates its streets.
The first street we found was this one decorated as a hell and it was a criticism about political corruption.

The next street was a forest.

This street was decorated as the house of Club Super 3. Club Super 3 is a TV program for children where we can see some different cartoons. Here, we met Son Goku and Vegeta and Shin Chan with his family.

This TV program is also a club. Look!! This is my membership card!!!!

And this hand is the mascot of the club. It’s a super hand!!

Oh, oh!!! :o In another street we found an Alien spaceship!!!

Waaahhh!!! A baby Alien attacks me!!!

Better run…

Ufff!!! We are safe now in this zouk :)

And walking, we arrived to Venice!!!

And in the last street we found a dragon. Can you see the knight at the left of the picture? This is the story of Sant Jordi (Saint George). The story tells that a dragon was frightening a whole village during a lot of time, eating its sheeps, cows… The people of the village decided to sacrifice a person per week to calm the dragon. But the random select the princess to be immolated!!! And when the princess was already in the cave of the dragon, a knight, Jordi, arrived and killed the dragon whit his sword. From the blood of the dragon, some red roses were born. The knight took one of them and gave it to the princess and returned her to the village. It’s a romantic story but poor dragon!!! I think he wasn’t as bad as people though, he only was hungry!!!

Posted Mar 17, 2014, 10:23 am
We go on holiday to Madrid!!!! Yeehaaaa!!
As Zero is a postcrosser too, he has a friend in Madrid, and we all go to meet her :D I’m very nervous!!!!
During our trip, we saw some interesting things: a bow situated in the same place where a meridian pass, some windmills and a bull, the mascot of Spanish trademark, Osborne.

Look!!!! We arrived!!! This is our hotel :)

We left our things at the room and we took the underground. We met Auri, Zero’s friend, in Madrid center. She’s a lady dragon :D

We met in “El oso y el madroño” sculpture, a symbol of Madrid.
Z-Auri!!!! Nice to meet you!!!!!

She showed us some interesting places during the day.
Km 0, the central point where all the roads starts.

Plaza Mayor (yes, a relaxing cup of “café con leche” :D)

Calle Velazquez

Teatro Real

Catedral de la Almudena

After a long way, we had something for dinner.

And before to take the underground back to the hotel, we visit “La puerta del sol”, where people celebrates the end of the year eating grapes.

Great day!! Thank you Auri!!

Posted Mar 17, 2014, 11:16 am
We went to Warner Bros Amusement Park, a temathic park with characters of Warner Bros Pictures and some superheroes.
Here we are in the entrance of the Park

Look! We saw el Oso Yogui! (Yogi Bear)

We went in the Clark Kent's office and we saw a fountain with his special mark

After, we went to Gotham city and we saw Batman and we ride on the Joker's bumper cars.

We arrived at the far west and we go on a train an a horse carriage.

And, finally, we arrived at Cartoon Village, where we visited Bugs Bunny's and Piolin (Tweety's) home.

It was a funny day!

Posted Mar 17, 2014, 11:55 am
Today we meet Auri again. She will show us more places in Madrid.
First we visited Plaza España and we saw a monument to Cervantes (the one who's sitting) with his two most famous characters, Don Quijote y Sancho Panza.

Then we went to Templo de Debod, an egyptian temple dating from 2200 years ago, which was devoted to the cult of the gods Amun and Isis. It was donated to Spain by the Egyptian government in 1968, as a token of Egypt's gratitude for the aid provided in rescuing temples of Abu Simbel, in Nubia.

We were hungry so we ate some typical food in Madrid: bocata de calamares (calamari sandwich)

After lunch, we visited Calle Alcalá where we saw Edificio Metropolis...

... and La Cibeles, where the fans of Real Madrid celebrates when they team wins.

And the, we went to visit Plaza Colon, where is situated a monument to Cristobal Colon.

To do a snack in the afternoon, we ate another typical food: chocolate con churros.

Now is time to say goodbye... :( We have to come back to Barcelona, so we give a very big hug to Auri. She has been a perfect guide!!! We will miss you, Auri, we will be in contact!!!!