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Posted Apr 23, 2014, 7:33 pm
Hey friends,

this is my first day at home. Today I arrived at my new home and got to know my mommy. She instantly fell in love with me - she told me that she always wanted to have a little donkey in the family - so here I am :)!
I feel very comfortable in mommy's hand, and I really like my new home - it's very nice and light and the sun is shining through the windows!
And I even met a new friend here, he's also a little donkey and he showed me around!
I'm very glad I'm here - lucky me :)!

See you soon with my first adventure!

Yours, Lucky

Posted Apr 24, 2014, 4:38 pm
Hey friends,

today I've started my very first adventure: a skiing trip to Sölden!
Although I'm a child of spring, I looove snow - and I never refuse a nice slope :)!
So we drove down the "Fernpass" to Austria and passed the "Zugspitze" - it's the highest mountain of Germany with 2962 metres. Of course I had to keep that moment with a nice picture ;)!
And then we were there: the weather was nice and the food was perfect - I love Austrian cuisine!

So see you tomorrow, the weather is said to be gorgeous then  B)!

Posted Apr 24, 2014, 4:42 pm
Servus from Sölden!

So this is exactly what I expected - blue sky, bright sun and perfect slopes!
Isn't it lovely to be a little donkey ;)???

This is our last day here, but I do anything to enjoy it to the fullest!

These are my pictures - I'll be back, I promise :)!

Posted Apr 24, 2014, 5:07 pm

what a big day for me: TODAY I'LL GET MY HÜ CAPE! It's yellow - my mom says it's the color of happiness and luck - so it's my favorite color now, it fits me :)!
It was really difficult for me to work with a sewing machine, but I think the result is good, isn't it ;)?!

After that I got to know my big brother Hotte. He was the first TV of the family and has already experienced a lot of great adventures. So he gave me a very warm welcome and told me some stories of what he has undergone so far! He's a real cool guy - maybe I'll be as cool as him someday...

I think we look sooo good with our Hü-capes - what do you think???
This is real brotherly love <3!

Posted Apr 26, 2014, 12:20 pm
Hello from on the road!

We are on our way to Telfes in Austria. It is located at the Stubaital, where there is a glacier and where you can have wonderful slopes to ski!
Tomorrow we will check this out of course ;)!

Our drive is also very interesting: we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Alpes and even drove by the famous "Bergisel". There you can find the ski-jump area,where the Four Hills Tournament takes place every year! It is really impressive to see this special location!

See you soon!
Yours, Lucky

Posted Apr 26, 2014, 12:36 pm
Wohooo! Today's the day, we go to the Stubai Glacier to have a wonderful skiing day! The weather couldn't be better and so we enjoy the perfect slopes and the sunshine!
My daddy took me with him in his pocket, so I see everything and feel the wind around my big donkey ears!
When having a little break, I drank something that is very special for Alpine countries: Almdudler! My mommy always drinks it when being on a skitour - it tastes like a mixture of apple juice, herbs and soda - sooo delicious and refreshing!

When you have a closer look at my scenery pictures, you can see veeery far! In the back you can even see the mountains of Italy! We stood on a very high mountain, it is called the "Top of Tyrol" and is 3210 metres high! It is really an incredible feeling to stand up there!!!

What a perfect day! I hope tomorrow will be as good as today ;)...!

Posted Apr 26, 2014, 12:48 pm
Hello from Sölden again!

We decided to make another trip into the Ötztal and check out the slopes in Sölden again!
Unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as yesterday, but nevertheless we had a wonderful day there! My daddy gave me a seat in his pocket again and so we dashed down the mountain!

Of course we had to have some drinks after our ski adventure - this is called "Après Ski". So I had a wonderful Jagertee and I must admit I felt a little dizzy afterwards  :p...!

See you soon!

Posted Apr 26, 2014, 1:21 pm
Hello folks!

After two days of sportiness we wanted to experience some more Austrian culture and visited Innsbruck, "the capital of the Alpes", and of course the capital city of Tyrol!

The sun was shining and it was very warm! We visited the "Goldene Dachl", a golden rooftop which is the town's landmark! It was glowing in the sunshine and I was very impressed by it!

Then we had a break in a nicely decorated sidewalk café and had a lovely drink in the sun! I could have sitten there for ages...!

Everything in Innsbruck was decorated in various colors, so we could feel that Easter was coming! Easter eggs and chocolate rabbits everywhere!

At last we visited the Swarovski museum and shop! Everything was sparkling and gleaming, what a wonderful view!

This is our last day here in Austria, tomorrow we'll drive back home - what a pity! I hope to come back very soon!!

Love, Lucky

Posted Apr 26, 2014, 1:39 pm
Good morning my friends!

Today we'll leave Austria and drive back home to Germany! But before we leave I have to take some veeeery special pictures in order to fulfill one of my life missions: I WANT TO MEET A REAL DONKEY!

So we went for a little walk in Telfes and went by some very nice flowers - everything is blooming here, although we had some new snow yesterday...!

And then we were finally there and met my fellows! They were almost as beautiful as I am - but just ALMOST ;)! I said hello to the grey donkey - I think he like me because I'm also grey - the brown one was a little shy first, but then he also came to me and told me about their lives in an Alpine village!
Maybe I will also come here when I'm wise and old - but at the moment this way of life would be far to quiet for me! I'M READY FOR NEW ADVENTURES!
Then we said goodbye and I promised to come back!

On our was back home we drove by Bergisel again and got a last glimpse of the impressive mountain range!

See you back home!

Yours, Lucky

Posted Apr 30, 2014, 9:02 am
Hello friends :)!
I'm sooo I had a hard working day with daddy in his office. Such a nice office with many many telephones, computers, printers and meeting rooms. First I had a telephone conference with some customers. Daddy was absolutly contented with my negotiating skills and I also got a commendation from the customers :). After this hard conference I checked the complete office and did some work to disburden daddy in his daily work. A working day is very hard for a little donkey like me, so i had to relax a little bit in the afternoon with coffee and a visit in the chill out area.

Now I'm very tired and must go to bed :)
I'm already very curious about my next donkey adventures

Greeeeeets Lucky :)

Posted May 5, 2014, 9:27 am
Hello friiiiiends!

Great days in Ischgl. I was allowed to join daddy and his friends to Ischgl season closing event with the great "Top of the mountain concert". This year it was unbelievable there, Robbie Williams performed on the mountain with 25000 fans :) . My papa bought me a lift ticket and I was allowed to celebrate with the whole Ischgl closing group. So exciting, so much nice people there and moreover an absolutly great performance by Robbie Williams. After the concert we all started celebrating in Trofana Alm and Pazze Nova and in the whole village. I will nerver forget this and hope to come back soon there with mummy and daddy.

Greeets Lucky :)

Posted May 11, 2014, 7:17 pm
Hello my friends!

juhhuhhhhhhh today we did something veeery special! We went on a tour with alpacas! Daddy loves these animals, so we went to a farm where there are two of them! And we were allowed to put a leash on them and take them for a walk.
It was soooo wonderful. Their names were Marf and Janosch and they were both sooo funny! Have you ever heard what kind of strange sounds they make? We almost died of laughter!!!

It was such a great day with a lot of fun, sunshine and laughter!

Yours, Lucky

Posted Jan 25, 2015, 10:51 am
Hello friends!

Yiiihhaaaa, summer holidays :). I was allowed to go on holiday with my parents to Pieve di Tremosine at Lake Garda. There I spent one evening at the James Bond Hotel Paradiso, where the movie "Quantum of Solace" was made. From the hotel terrace you have a great view over the whole Lake Garda and you can eat the best pizza in Italy :). Moreover I had the possibility to fulfill some part of my life mission and took a picture with a wonderful lucky charm: a lovely rainbow!

Love, Lucky

Posted Jan 28, 2015, 2:49 pm
Hello friends,

today I'm gonna start my first journey! As I'm the youngest of the Hü-family, my mom is almost as nervous as I am :-D! But now it's time to discover the world, and I want to start with my home country!
Germany has so many beautiful places I want to visit! And now I start with Bavaria! I can't wait to meet my host mom, I always need a mommy by my side...

Before I left my home, I had to take a good breath of fresh winter air and played in the snow. I tried to make a snowman, but I think I'm a lousy artist :-D...!

Then I packed my bag and said goodbye to my brother Hotte. He wished me good luck and told me to take care! My mom and dad kissed me goodbye and the I made myself comfortable in my travel envelope!

I hope it doesn't take too long until I can hug my host mom!

So long! Yours, Lucky

Posted Jan 29, 2015, 2:49 pm
Hello Mum!

Today I arrived at my first hosts.
My journey was not long but very cold!

You know I was a little bit fearful but when I saw the other TV’s and host mum I had no more fear!

I got a very warm welcome!

I think I have new friends:



Look! Here lives a little donkey too! He isn’t a TV and his name is Salvatore! I’m so happy!

I say „Hello“ to the two cats of my hosts.
This is Paulchen:

And this is Fini.
Ah….. She’s so warm! I think here’s the right place to warm me up!

I think I will have a good time here!

Big kiss,

Posted Feb 2, 2015, 10:30 am
Hello mum!

Look! It snowed last night!

I made a snow angel of myself! Brrr! Cold!

I warm me up in a snuggly blanket.

Host mum made me a hot chocolate! Yummy!

Lucky Hü

Posted Feb 13, 2015, 10:04 am
Mom, mom, mom!!!!

Today came Berta and Petunia to me. They want to bandage my eyes… strange  :stare:.
So I’m a good sport  ;)!

I heard Petunia and Berta whispered and a rustle.

Then  I could remove the blindfold…..

I saw a little candle in a carott and my TV-friends.
They sing „Happy birthday“…

Oops! I forgot my own birthday!

What a surprise  :cyclops:!

I blow out the candle and make a wish (you know what  :cyclops: … )

I got a little present….

Look! It’s a carott! I love carrots  B)!

I’m so happy!

Berta and Petunia decorated my birhtday-table with gras, a balloon, candles and paper-streamers!
It looks wonderful!
I got a flower-crown on my head.

Then I got a present from host-mum: a carrot-cake!

We enjoy the cake! Yummy!

Then we share jokes  :p! We had a lot of fun!

Ah! What a wonderful day!

Love you mum!

Posted Mar 12, 2015, 9:53 am
Hello Mommy!

Yesterday I said „Goodbye“ to Berta.

Today we found this bananas. They look not delicious…
But host-mom says they are right for a banana-cake!

Well, so we make one!

First I mix bananas with brown sugar and sour cream. Set aside.

Then I stir butter, eggs, sugar, baking powder, wheat and rye flour.

Stir both together.

Put the dough in a bundt pan pan.

After 45 minutes my banana cake is done. Yummy!


Posted Mar 26, 2015, 8:24 am

Yesterday arrived a new TV. It’s Gretel from China.


Posted Mar 26, 2015, 8:25 am
Hello mum!

Today we went to Wuerzburg.

This is the UNESCO World Heritage Site „Residenz“ with the „Franconiabrunnen“.

Behind me the old town.

This is the „Steinburg“.

View over Wuerzburg.


Posted Mar 27, 2015, 6:57 am

Hi mum!

I got an invatition to the north of Germany!
Yeah! It's traveling time!

I say "Goodbye" to Petunia and Gretel.

See you soon!


Posted Mar 29, 2015, 2:16 pm
Hello Mum,

Great News, after a fast trip I arrived in Sülfeld. Dicker Kumpel gave me a warm welcome.

I showed his brothers, sisters and girl-friend my postcard – Eselsfurt would have been nicer.

I found some nice flowers in the house – hopefully you like it, too.

Until soon
Lucky Hü

Posted Apr 8, 2015, 6:27 pm
Hello Mum,

We explored Sülfeld today. Our first stop was next to the Alster-Trave-Kanal. I learnt a lot about it on this sign.

There is a big nature reserve with many birds. Maybe I will see some in the next weeks.

I stopped next to a big meadow with many colourful flowers.

And I really liked this small lake.

Here you see me with my new friends in front of the old school of Sülfeld.

Look, this is the emblem of Sülfeld.

We wanted to see these two storks – and we were happy, because they were at home.

My last stop for today was in front of the beautiful church.

Lucky Hü

Posted Apr 20, 2015, 7:25 pm
Hello Mum,

Happy Easter to you!

I met the Easter Bunny! It was so cute and friendly.

Then it was time for the search.

I found something!

Look, there was something in the basket – but it was high in the air.

I asked Long Hippo and he wanted to help me.

This was steep.

But I did it!

We had a great Easter Party! And we were all excited to read about HolgiHH's wonderful Easter Gift  - a bike!

Love Lucky Hü

Posted May 3, 2015, 11:42 am
Hello Mum,

Spring is coming – and the trees look beautiful.

Behind me you can see the famous tree of Dicker Kumpel.

I found some small flowers.

Later I had a nice view to a lake with swans.

Time to relax!

There is a beautiful small river in Sülfeld, called Beste.

Lucky Hü

Posted May 3, 2015, 11:52 am
Hello Mum,

We took a trip to Timmendorfer Strand. First we went to a concert and heart songs of sailsmen.

Look – wonderful flowers!

I had fun with this funny fish.

Then we saw the Baltic Sea.

This old man and his granddaughter seem to have a good time.

We went onto the pier, it was a nice sunny day.

What a wonderful place.

Do you know Udo Lindenberg? He is a famous German singer – and this is a monument for him.

What a funny bird!

We had a great day here.

Lucky Hü

Posted May 8, 2015, 10:50 pm
Hello Mum,

It was time for some sport, but only for RikeH, she took her bike and we all went to this nice building in Borstel, a place near to Sülfeld.

Can you see the beautiful tree in front of it?

We continued our trip and found this lovely lake.

Spring is one of the best time in the year.

Dicker Kumpel, Krystal and I had fun on this big piece of a tree.

Maybe I should live in a house like this, when I stop travelling…

Lucky Hü

Posted May 14, 2015, 5:48 pm
Hello Mum, 

We went to Boltenhagen, a nice place and we saw a nice concert in the first evening.

It was a group that played Rockmusic from the former East Germany.

It was a long concert – and it was dark outside, we had a great view from our holiday appartement.

They finished the show with a great laser show – it was amazing!

Lucky Hü

Posted May 16, 2015, 2:33 pm
Hello Mum,

Today it was time to visit some butterflies. I loved this blue one.

But this one on the flower was beautiful, too.

I went close to this butterfly.

What a great caterpillar!

Wow, bananas.

And this is one of the biggest butterflies in the world. Believe it or not – it was a living one, but it slept when we took this photo.

On our way home we stopped at his harbour of Boltenhagen.

The weather wasn’t too nice, but wait for the photos of the afternoon.

Lucky Hü

Posted May 25, 2015, 10:25 pm
Hello Mum,

In the afternoon we had wonderful weather and decided to take a trip in this nice small train called Carolinchen.

We drove along the sea – and will go to this high bank there.

The sky was blue, I loved it.

Then we reached this high bank and had a nice view.

What a wonderful yellow color!

Then we drove back to Boltenhagen.

It was time for another concert.

We went to the beach.

And went onto the pier.

Lucky Hü

Posted May 30, 2015, 11:27 am
Hello Mum,

It was time to see more of Boltenhagen. This is the Kurhaus.

Look, funny wooden people.

We went to the small church.

It was nice inside.

This building was funny, too.

This was the spa garden – and behind me you can see our house.

I loved this building.

Then it was time to relax.


On our way home we saw his nice fountain.

We lived in the left house on the photo.

Lucky Hü

Posted May 31, 2015, 10:25 pm
Hello Mum,

I went back into the Past – into the Stone Age. Here you see a house of this time.

This was a small storage house.

Maybe they took their water of this little river.

These houses were older.

Then I met these funny pigs.

This house was big!

And the garden next to it.

Here you can see the shoes…

… and some tools.

We were impressed by this stone tomb.

Lucky Hü

Posted Jun 1, 2015, 7:30 pm
Hello Mum,

We visited the Castle Bothmer, well not really the Castle, because it was not open.

But we were allowed to go into the park.

There were nice plants.

This was the moat.

Another nice view of the Castle – can you see the swan behind me?

What a beautiful mill!

Later that day we took a ride in this wonderful train.

This was the railway building.

It was great!

Lucky Hü

Posted Jun 6, 2015, 8:50 pm
Hello Mum,

Believe it or not – I am on a Cruise Ship. It is the Mein Schiff 4. First I show you the pool.

We started in Hamburg and had nice views over the new part of the Port.

Look, the ship had an indoor pool.

There was a smile on the chimney of the ship.

No problem, if I would jump into the sea.

A look into the other direction.

These guys were so funny.

On the way to our cabin.

This was our cabin, not that big, but enough for a short cruise.

We liked this place.

Then we started our cruise – with music.

Look, a funny boat with water fountains was in front of us.

This is a very expensive building in Hamburg.

The church is called Michel – it is famous in Hamburg.

Two old ships…

The port of Hamburg is beautiful.

Lucky Hü

Posted Jun 8, 2015, 7:50 pm
Hello Mum,

Today it was a day on the Sea – more time to spend on the ship. First we had a cup of coffee.

The machine did the work.

Well – water around us – but this is typical for a Cruise.

Nothing to see in front of us, too.

Then it was time for artist – these men did great things with fruit and vegetables.

Look, a funny bird.

These guys were great.

Some people relaxed next to the Pool.

Should I run around the ship?

Better not…

I decided to explore the Ship. These people with the umbrellas were funny.

I loved this couple.

We relaxed in the sunshine.

Lucky Hü

Posted Jun 13, 2015, 6:03 pm
Hello Mum,

We were in Copenhagen and left the Ship for some hours. It looked great!

This was the little Mermaid – full of tourists… but I was the only donkey.

We continued our walk and stopped next to this beautiful fountain.

Not far away there was this little church.

I think this is the place where the royals live.

Oh – a wonderful church.

I went into it.

Then we went back to the big place and saw the Guards.

This is one of the most famous places in Copenhagen, called Nyhavn.

Look, the town hall…

… a funny fountain….

… and a big hotel.

On our way back to the Ship I wanted to have this photo!

This was a great size of the Ship!

Time to relax in the sun!

Then we left – it was a nice day in Denmark.


Posted Jun 16, 2015, 1:29 pm
Hello Mum,

It is the start of summer – so I went into the garden and had a look at all the flowers here.

Do you know which vegetable grows here?

White flowers were beautiful, too.

And this curious frog told me a lot about the neighbourhood.

I loved the colour of this flower.

Lucky Hü

Posted Jun 17, 2015, 9:55 pm
Hello Mum,

Two months ago I visited the church of Sülfeld, today I walked there and it was open.

We went inside. It is beautiful!

I went to the front part and had a closer look.

Here you can spend money.

It was a very old church.

Lucky Hü

Posted Jun 20, 2015, 8:45 pm
Hello Mum,

It was Dicker Kumpel's birthday and we sang a song for him.

Then it was time for the party.

I love muffins!

Of course no parties without drinks.

Murph sent us wonderful lights.

Can you see, who this was?

Yes, it’s me!

The party was over!


Posted Jun 20, 2015, 9:02 pm
Hello Mum,

I was time to continue my trip, but first I wanted to see more of Hamburg.
This is the library.

What a funny man!

Then we went to the Alster lake. I really wanted to see it!

There were many birds around it.

Other views of the Alster lake.

These buildings are called Alsterarkaden.

And behind me you can see the town hall.

At home it was time to say goodbye to Dicker Kumpel. We had so much fun together!

I got a hug by my friends – now I travel to my next host.

Lucky Hü

Posted Oct 14, 2015, 6:05 pm
Hello Mum,

Where am I? Where should I go? :thinking:

I walked a long way – alone all the time. Now I need a break. This place there looks great.

I will relax here. B)

What was this?

I heard a voice, calling my name. :)

It was Murph! :D

He invited me to his home.

On the way we surely found mushrooms. ;)

It was nice in the forest, but it was more fun with a buddy. :)



Posted Oct 23, 2015, 4:09 pm
Hello Mum,

The weather was great. We enjoyed the sunshine and took an excursion. :)

We wanted to see the autumn – let’s start.

In the shadow it was frozen. :thinking:

Wonderful red leaves.

Let’s search for more interesting things.

Weren’t these colours beautiful? :)

It looked like burning trees.

A wonderful walk through the great autumn-forest. :D



Posted Nov 1, 2015, 2:34 pm
Hello Mum,

This looked exciting! We wanted to have a closer look. :)

We went over this bridge into the forest.

Let’s see what we can explore.

This tipi was wonderful – we wanted to stay here. B)

The Indians stored their dead like this in the Past.

It was a little scary. :thinking:

What will we discover next?

We observed the animals in the forest on this tower.

It was an exciting day!



Posted Nov 8, 2015, 4:23 pm
Hello Mum,

Today we searched mushrooms on a big meadow.

But there weren’t many yet. But we found some. This will be an Octopus stinkhorn soon. Looked strange, didn’t it? ;)

There were not many flowers anymore.

This mushroom had great colours! Orange and green.

I had to have a closer look. :)

The trees looked wonderful – they are so colourful now!

This tree was very beautiful! :D

This was a special mushroom. It is growing on underground pupae of moths… :thinking:

What a great walk! :)

Until soon


Posted Nov 15, 2015, 12:37 pm
Hello Mum,

a new guest arrived.

Who will it be?

It was PieksiHH.

He showed us his postcard and gifts.

Until soon


Posted Nov 15, 2015, 12:41 pm
Hello Mum,

We went to the Steinhuder Meer for a short holiday.

Steinhude is a nice small town.

This boat hang upside-down. :thinking:

The weather was nice, so we decided to take a boat-trip. B)

This was our destination.

A very small fortress… :)

… on a very small island. :D

Soon we will return with the boat.

What a beautiful day!



Posted Nov 25, 2015, 5:16 pm
Hello Mum,

Today was an exciting day. We visited dinosaurs.

No, this wasn’t a dinosaur, but he looked funny. :) We wanted to have a photo.

Let’s start.

Our first dinosaurs. They looked friendly. B)

These big Scorpions not… :o

This wasn’t a dinosaur, but he looked very dangerous.

This fence wouldn’t bear up against this big dinosaur. :thinking:

They were cute – and so small.

Ui, this one looked dangerous.

But I am a very brave TV. I am not afraid. :D Have a look:

to be continued…

Posted Nov 27, 2015, 2:40 pm
… Everything looked great here. :D

This was the biggest dinosaur that ever lived.

We had to be careful here. B)

There they very – so many!

I saw some funny dinosaurs. This one was colorful.

Oupps, it became dangerous! Let’s go.

Look, he had feathers. Was it a bird? :thinking:

We saw a lot of different dinosaurs.

It was a wonderful day! :)



Posted Nov 30, 2015, 5:04 pm
Hello Mum,

This was at the car park, where we started our excursion into the swamp. So many mushrooms, unbelievable. :D
It was a little foggy, suitable for a swamp.

Let’s see, what will come next.

I love it here in the swamp! :)

Everything looked great!

Where will lead us the path to?

This will become a new big swamp.

Hopefully it will look as nice as the other swamp, soon! :)


Posted Dec 6, 2015, 3:21 pm
Hello Mum,

Today we took a trip to Neustadt a. Rbge to see a Castle. Will this be the Castle?

No, this was the Castle, not that impressive. B)

But we found something great in the garden? What is it? :thinking:

You can see it better from here – it looked like a vine loose. :rolleyes:

This was the old harbor of the Castle. The boats were very small in the past.

This looked interesting.

They produce sparkling wine in Lower-Saxony!

We bought a lot here.

This bottle was amazing. :)

There is real gold in it. A treasure! :D

Until soon


Posted Dec 10, 2015, 4:35 pm
Hello Mum,

We visited Dicker Kumpel. :D

He showed us a very beautiful park.

The park belongs to this house.

This gate was the entrance.

Let’s go.

I learnt a lot about the park here.

These trees are called the 12 apostles. :thinking:

We were not allowed to take a photo of the Castle, because the way was closed.

There was a beautiful obelisk inside the little lake.

Dicker Kumpel showed us something interesting.

People cooled goods in this house in the Past.

On our way back we saw this beautiful graffiti, the church of Sülfeld.

And here you see the emblem of Sülfeld.

Unfortunately it was only a short visit. :(

Dicker Kumpel and Kleine Fee: it was nice to see you! :D



Posted Dec 13, 2015, 3:07 pm
Hello Mum,

what a wonderful day. :D We celebrated the birthday of PieksiHH and me. Murph had a cake with candles for us.

We blew the candles out.

And ate the cake.

It was so yummy! :p

Murph told us about a big surprise.

But first he tied our eyes. :rolleyes:

We had to wait.

What was he doing?

Eventually we were allowed to have a look. :)

But what was it?

3 canisters with oil? Oil to drink? :thinking:

How will it taste?

It was delicious! :D

And we get very tired. ;)

What a wonderful party!



Posted Dec 17, 2015, 4:49 pm
Hello Mum,

Today is Nikolaus Day : the humans put their cleaned shoes in front of the door the night before – and on the 6th of December the Nikolaus came and put sweets into the shoes – if the humas were well-behaved. Unfortunately I don't have shoes :( – but we searched big ones from HoBi. B)

These shoes are too small.

But this one was great ! This was big enough. :)

Bad luck for us – the boot was dirty. And the Nikolaus only fills clean boots with sweets. :thinking:

So we searched something to clean.

And we  cleaned it.

It looked great... :D

Ready – now we put the boot in front of the door.

This was exciting – we sat behind the door and wanted to surprise the Nikolaus.

We waited all night long – this was my time to hear what happens!

Well – I heart something!

It worked – the whole boot is full! :D

But what now? How can we get the sweets? We are so small – and the boot is so big! :thinking: We pushed togehter – maybe he will fall?

We made it – and so many sweets for us!

We must have been very nice over the year. ;)

Happy Nikolaus


Posted Dec 21, 2015, 3:43 pm
Hello Mum,

today I took a look at the hometown of Murph.

Bad Salzdetfurth is an old miningtown. And you find memories of this time everywhere.

I like this old door.

There are many old timbered houses.

The golden ball in front of the ‚Kurmittelhaus‘  is the sun. All over the town you find planets in the right distance and in the right dimension

There are 2 big salines in the spa gardens. The people used it to produce salt in the past.

This is the famous place of Murph. It is called Summstein – you sit inside of it and bumble. Then the whole body prickles. Very funny! :D

During the Advent season the whole city is decorated for Christmas. Beautiful, isn’t it? :)

Until soon


Posted Dec 30, 2015, 2:07 pm
Hello mum,

Today I went to a beautiful park.

On our way to the park we found this gate. I loved the color. :)

... and this fountain.

We wanted to have a photo with this tractor. Maybe it can still drive? :rolleyes:

Behind me you can see the castle.

There was a small pavilion in the park.

These old tomb slabs were impressive.

Oups, this way was closed. We had to search another way. ;)

A beautiful lake belongs to the park, too.

Let’s see, what more we can find here.

The Castle at close range.

These old bonnets look funny, don’t they? B)

Look what we found in the park. A mistletoe! Normally this plant is high in the trees.

What a beautiful park!



Posted Jan 9, 2016, 2:58 pm
Hello Mum,

We spent Christmas in Müden. A beautiful village with a small church.

We had no Christmas tree in our holiday house. So we searched on in the village. First we saw this beautiful house.

The street lights in Müden were decorated for Christmas. :)

We found these great figurines in a garden. :D

And a wonderful windmill – just built for us TVs.

Then we found it – a big Christmas tree…

… decorated with wonderful balls! :D

On our way back I found a beautiful dress for you, Mum! It looked great, didn’t it? :)

I hope, you had a wonderful Christmas Eve!



Posted Jan 13, 2016, 5:04 pm
Hello Mum,

Today we took a long walk through a moorland.

A beautiful region!

We had to be careful. :o

But we were brave TVs! ;)

I had no idea, what this cross is for.

Then we found these red points. Blossoms of a lichen. It looked funny, didn’t it? :)

It was a great landscape although we didn’t found wolves. B)

Until soon


Posted Jan 23, 2016, 3:40 pm
Hello Mum,

today we had a closer look at Münden. This was the Heidesee.

We found a comfy swing and took a break. :)

We saw this big millstone at the mill of Müden. It was impressive.

This was the famous mill of Müden.

In front of it we found something unbelievable.  People hang their shoes at this tree… :thinking:

In the Past many people had wells like this, today there were only a few of it left.

An old storage from the earlier days…

On our way back we found this sign. First we didn’t believe it. But then we tried it, of course. :D



Posted Jan 30, 2016, 5:35 pm
Hello Mum,

It was the last trip of our holiday. :(

This was a monument for a famous poet. The poet’s name was Herrmann Löns.

We had a rest.

Next to this barn…

… we found these old bee hives. Really beautiful. :)

Next to the paths in this wonderful forest…

… we found these red berries.

And another monument for a famous poet. :rolleyes:

On our way back to the car we found our yummy dinner. :p



Posted Feb 8, 2016, 5:48 pm
Hello Mum,

We took a nice walk along the „Innerste“.  Look, we had snow. :rolleyes:

It was not much snow, but the nature looked beautiful.

This tree was very old – very impressive. :)

There was an old water mill at this place in the Past.

The nature looked much nicer with snow in the wintertime. B)

We saw the Murph’s home from this place.

There were two lions to guard it. They look funny at the moment. :D

We had to warm up and dry after the walk.

Until soon


Posted Feb 18, 2016, 5:50 pm
Hello Mum,

this looked exciting. :)

We wanted to have a closer look.

Behind the entrance we saw this buggy. It was so big! :D

The first fairy tale: „Snow White“. Unfortunately you cannot recognize the images of the fairy tale on the photo. :(

The area was very beautiful.

The fairy tale was shown in different scenes.

There were small figures in the houses. They played the scenes for us.

Let’s see more.

The grandma of Little Red Riding Hood lived in this house.

The 4 Bremen Town Musicians are 5 now… ;)

This tool didn’t belong to a fairy tale. Messages were send with it through the forest in the Past.

I wanted to stay in this beautiful mill. It was so beautiful! B)

On our way back we saw this drawing. Beautiful, wasn’t it?

I wanted to take these funny guys with me, but they were too heavy. :rolleyes:

What a wonderful trip!



Posted Feb 27, 2016, 2:56 pm
Hello Mum,

After a long break we were able to go into the forest. We wanted to see Murph’s famous mushrooms in the wintertime. On the way we found something funny. Ears were growing in Murph’s forest. :D

But where were his famous mushrooms. They should be here… :thinking:

We had to have a closer look! There they were! Can you see the red thing?

Weren’t they beautiful?

They were called Scarlet Elf Cup. :)

Everybody knows these plants. In this young age they hurt! :o

I have a small spring-greeting for you!

It was time to say goodbye to the others. I had a great time here, but now I wanted to go home.

See you soon!


Posted Feb 27, 2016, 5:08 pm
Hi friends,

today I arrived at home. I didn't know what to expect there, will there be some new TVs to get to know? Then I heard some noise from the outside - it sounded like a low neighing and barking... Then my travelling-parcel was opened and bright sunlight shone into it! And guess what! Hotte and a friendly looking dog looked at me! The dog's name is Karakolak and we became good friends immediately!

We had a wonderful evening with a lot of stories to be told!

Yours, Lucky

Posted Mar 14, 2016, 8:28 pm
Hi friends,

so this is the day of continuing my journey. I've received an invitation from Wuppertal, and I'm really excited to visit another famous German sight ;)!
I said goodbye to my big brother Hotte, and of course he gave me some sweets for my new host :)! Then he gave me a big hug and told me to take care! After mommy also hugged me - I almost couldn't breathe - I crawled into my travelope!

See you very soon!

Love, Lucky

Posted Mar 17, 2016, 7:45 pm
Hi Mum,
today I arrived at my new host's home. I am staying with Katja in Wuppertal now. Wuppertal is located in the German state North Rhine-Westphalia.

Katja, _Mishuta_ and Jasper gave me a warm welcome. They are saying "Thank you" for the candies I brought with me  :D

Today we just had time for a quick overview from the balcony.

Because the weather forecast sounds good Katja promised that we would take a walk tomorrow after work.

Lucky Hü

Posted Mar 17, 2016, 8:14 pm
Hi Mum,
today the weather was fantastic, so we went for a walk immediately after finishing work. We met a friend of Katja and took a walk to "Hardt", a large landscape park. We started our trip close to the district court.

We went here by "Schwebebahn". This is a suspension railway which is travelling along the valley of river Wupper, mostly following the river. The Schweberahn route is about 12 km long and has 20 stations along the way. We had to leave the train at the station "Landgericht".

Hardt is a height inside the Wupper valley, so we had to walk uphill for some time to get there. On our way we had a good overview across the city.

On Hardt you can find lovely houses which were mostly built in Wilhellminian time.

Soon we reached the Botanical Garden. There is an information board in the entrance area showing some important data.

A large area was planted with the most beautiful crocus.

There is a lovely tower in entrance area - Eilse Tower. Elise Tower was built in 1838 A.D. as the garden's focal point.

There is also a smaller "twin" of Elise tower - an insect hotel.

Of course in March there are not so many blooming flowers.

Next we took a walk in the large park.

Katja told me that in spring and summer lots of people enjoyed being here, sitting on the lawns, relaxing or making music.

We found this exotic tree (not a sequoia!).

You can also find greenhouses belonging to the Botanical Garden, they were already closed.

Can you see the three-part building located at that hill in the right part of the next picture? This building belongs to a well-known insurance company. My current home is in the vicinity of this company building.

This was a very interesting first trip in Wuppertal  :D

Lucky Hü

Posted Mar 27, 2016, 12:36 pm
Hi Mum,
unfortunately the fantastic weather is over, nontheless Katja showed me the city centre of Wuppertal-Elberfeld today. We left the Schwebebahn in the city.

The Schwebebahn (suspended monorail ) is one of the city’s greatest attractions. It was established in 1901. The tracks are 8 m above the streets and 12 m above the Wupper River. Here you can see one of 20 stations along the 13,3 km long route.  This station is built in a modern style while others were restored in their original historic appearance.

This is one of the shopping streets. You can find lots of bars here ...

... and a funny statue. It is called "A new successful day".

This is the city hall, built in 1900 in gothic revival style. The fountain in front of it on Neumarkt is a copy of the Neptun's fountain in Trento/Italy.

In the pedestrian area you can find the "Uhrenmuseum", run by a local jeweler family.

This is another famous museum. The Von der Heydt Museum includes works by artists from the 17th century to the present time. They already had important exhibitions here, a Monet-exhibition five years ago for example. The building was the city-hall of Elberfeld once.

You can find lots of historical company buildings along river Wupper. Wuppertal was well known for its textile industry and cloth mills once.

Here you can admire another main sight of Wuppertal: a giant building site. A vast area including a national highway (B7), a central bus terminal and the entrance area of the central station are rebuilded. The project is planned to last from summer 2014 till summer 2017. This means lots of traffic jams and detours for drivers and also for pedestrians.

Time to walk home. Here you can see the official sign for the Schwebebahn stations.

You can find about 400 public stairs in Wuppertal, to make it easer for people to reach the areas at the steep slopes of the valley. They often have more than 100 steps. We often take this one on our way home. The great overview compensates the 100 steps  :D


Posted Mar 27, 2016, 1:00 pm
Hi Mum,
Katjas often takes her neighbour's dog Jule out for a walk. Today we picked up Jule, took the Schwebebahn to Barmen, bought a special knitting yarn and walked back home through several parks and forests.

Wuppertal in its present borders was formed during 1929 by merging the industrial cities of Barmen and Elberfeld and also several further communities.

A former tram track is planted with daffodil.

Soon we left the actual city area and reached a lovely landscape park, Barmer Anlagen. There are two parts, a smaller one and a large one emering into a forest, divided by a large road.

Like always, taking a walk means uphill, uphill, uphill.... Wuppertal is a city for people and donkeys with a decent level of fitness  :p

During autumn and winter a lot of trees were fell.

What is this? This silvery thing looks a bit weird in the forest.

Katja told me that Wuppertal is the home of a British sculptor, Tony Cragg. He created a sculture park in a forest. Maybe we will visit it while I am staying here.

It looks interesting with all the different reflections on its surface.

New green leaves - it seems that spring is on its way to us  :D

Jule is also saying Hello.

In the meantime we reached another part of the forest.

No more photos now, it was already rather late and it was beginning to get dark, so we had to hurry a bit. In the end the route was almost 8 km long.

Lucky Hü

Posted Apr 4, 2016, 8:23 pm
Hi Mum,
today Katja showed me where she grew up. She was born and lived in Remscheid until summer 2014 when she moved to Wuppertal. She grew up in the historic district Lennep.

Lennep is the second largest district of Remscheid with about 25.000 inhabitants. Lennep once was one of the most important cities of the region Bergisches Land.

Lennep has an historical city core based on a medieval structure. There were several large city fires, the last one in the year 1746 which destroyed most of the city. It was rebuilt afterwards. Lennep received its town charter between the years 1259 and 1276- In 1929 Lennep was annexated to Remscheid.

The city core is characterized by timber-framed houses and houses covered with slate, the houses usually having a green door and green shutters.

Here you can see remains of the historic city wall.

Look at those narrow lanes.

This is the market place with one of two churches in the city centre.

A well-known scientist was born in Lennep - Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, founder of the X-rays. He was born here in March 1845. The Roentgen-Museum is located here.

The heraldic animal of Remscheid is a lion (a very special one, with two tails). In 2014 the "Lions Parade" was celebrated. Those large lions were decorated and can be found in many places in Remscheid.

Klosterkirche was the chapel of a monastery once, today it is used as an event location A really restaurant can also be found here.

Another extremely narrow lane  :D

We found more parts of the city wall...

... and a nearby park.

After our walk in the city we went to visit Katja's Mum. She is living in a home for the elderly. They are keeping some animals here, Cameroon sheep and a donkey named Kasimir. Unfortunately Kasimir was not willing to say hello to me.

Bye for today
Lucky Hü


Posted Apr 4, 2016, 8:32 pm
Hi Mum,
today we bought flowers for the balcony. Of course I helped to put the flowers into their pots. We bought hornet violet, primrose and tunic flower.

I was not the only one to help Katja  :D Katja's pets also helped (or at least they thought they would help). To be honest, they caused chaos! Katja told me that ferrets ALWAYS caused chaos  :D  :D

These are Shiva and Zähnchen.

And this is curious Charlotte.

Finally we finished planting the flowers.


Posted Apr 4, 2016, 8:50 pm
Hi Mum,

today we met a friend of Katja in Remscheid and took a walk in the forest with her. We started our trip in a rural district close to a large stadion.

Soon we reached the forest.

Sometimes you can find pieces of artwork in the forest, like this statue which more than 2 m tall.

Here you can see Muengsten Bridge, Germany's highest railway bridge. It is under construction for more than three years now, but nontheless it is crossed by trains.

We walked downhill some time and reached river Wupper. The river is marking the border between Remscheid and the neighbour city Solingen here.

The soil was covered with wood anemone.

There were some sources along the slope of the valley building small waterfalls.

Later we walked underneath Muengsten Bridge which is overspanning the valley of river Wupper. This bridge was built in early 20th century, it is 107 m tall and about 500 m long.

What a great scaffolding!

We reached a lovely outlook pavilion then.

This is the view into one direction ...

... and towards Muengsten Bridge and the leisure park which was created under the bridge.

From here we had to walk all the way uphill.

I think that Germany's highest railway bridge could count as a famous German sight  :D


Posted Apr 14, 2016, 8:13 pm
Hi Mum,
like often after work we took a walk in the city, dog Jule accompanying us. Today we went to Hardt, where I already have been (this hill with the lovely Botanical garden). The view across the valley is great. Yopu can see that there are woodland areas all around the city.

We walked through a part of the park where you are allowed to let your dog run without its leash.

We crossed Hardt and had a look at the opposite slope of the Wupper valley.

This is one of about 140 Bismarck monuments  in Germany which were erected in many parts of the German Empire in honour of the long-serving Prussian minister-president and first German Reichskanzler, Prince Otto von Bismarck.

We left Hardt by using one of several hundreds of public stairs.

Next we walked through a district called "Ostersbaum", one of the "old" districts which many old houses still remaining here.

The streets are narrow and the quarter is generally densely built.

We stopped in a small park to let Jule play with two other dogs. In the meantime I rested for a while.

I like this funny coloured house  :D

Just a few moments after taking this photo it began to hail and we had to look for shelter. That's April  :p


Posted Apr 14, 2016, 8:56 pm
Hi Mum,
the weather was fantastic today so we decided to take a really long walk, once more taking Jule with us. We walked to a nearby wooded area called "Friedrichsberg".

Like so often, the overview across the city was great. This time we looked across the city centre of Elberfeld.

In the background you can see the university, built in the 1970s years. The complex is constantly enlarged and the university has several outposts in Elberfeld.

"Baby trees" are growing everywhere.

We reached an area which is called "Königshöhe". We found an old marker, it was called "Königstann" about  100 years ago.

Next we walked through a housing area.

We reached a special place then, an arboretum. Do you know what an arboretum is? An arboretum is a collection of trees. From 1900 A.D. trees from other continents were planted. After WW II especially trees from Northern America were planted in search of fast growing trees. The arboretum is a vast area and we followed a hiking trail which is leading across the area.

Of course all the broadleaf trees are still bare-branched, the conifers were obviously not only domestic trees.

We had to follow this yellow hiking sign.

These are trees from Northern America, mostly giant fir.

I hope that nobody can see that these are only three-leaf clover  :D (Katja said that maybe a hungry mouse has eaten away all the fourth leafes  :p )

Highway L74 is marking the border of the arboretum.

A lot of hiking trails are crossing this area. The large "W" for example is a hiking trail around the municipal area of Wuppertal, about 120 km long.

I found an abandoned bird's nest in a toppled tree.

We almost reached the "end" of the arboretum. Here you can find one shorter trail with special trees from Europe and Eurasia and another one with trees from Northern America. On these special paths you can find information boards for the respective trees.

Yes, these trees are tall!

And the sequoias are even taller!

The walking path is ending in the district Cronenberg, one of the historic districts of Wuppertal. We still had to walk for almost half an hour to reach the small city core. On the way to get there we saw lovely blooming trees and bushes, like this star magnolia.

The houses are really pretty.

After walking for almost 14 km we were almost starving, so Katja bought delicious french fries for us and later we took a bus to get home.

Maybe we will visit the arboretum again to walk along those "special" paths.


Posted Apr 20, 2016, 8:41 pm
Hi Mum,
I played with the ferrets today. There are four of them: Zähnchen (8 years in summer), Shiva (7,5 years in summer), Charlotte and MollyMops (3 years in summer). It is quite difficult to take photos of ferrets, because they are so playful and always fooling around. Here you can see ferret bums ... (after they knocked me over)

... ferret backs...

... Charlotte and me ... (Charlotte is a well-behaved ferret)

... ok, not too well-behaved  :D ...

... and MollyMops and me (Molly is a beauty, but a real goop)

... YES, a horrible goop.


Posted Apr 20, 2016, 9:39 pm
Hi Mum,

the weather was fantastic today, so we took a walk when Katja finished work. We took the Schwebebahn to Elberfeld and got out at "Robert-Daum-Platz", a major intersection.

We walked towards a quater called "Briller Viertel", you can find lots of the most beautiful mansions here, most of them originally built by manufacturers in late 19th or early 20th century.

Ooops, this is not a mansion, but a train station!

Katja told me that this WAS  a station once. We reached the so-called "Nordbahntrasse", a closed former railway track. It was re-built to a lane for pedestrians, bikers and inline skaters. In the municipal area of Wuppertal this track is about 23 km long, altoghether it is much longer as it does not only belong to Wuppertal, but is following the complete former track. The conversion was initiated by citizen's movement.

You can often find industrial sites along railway tracks, here also. Partly abandoned sites as well as those where there is still worked in.

Graffito are allowed here.

There are also several tunnels, sometimes rather short ones, but there is one about 500 long!

Each tunnel has its own illumination style, red and white here.

We reached the so-called Nordstadt, a large coherent old building area.

This is not a desert, but the laydown of a big building site - a bridge has to replaced by a new one.

This is also an interesting place, the former station "Mirke". Nowadays a sociocultural centre can be found here. There is a bar, a service station for bikes - just a lovely place to enjoy free time.

We found an information board.

We started our trip in Ottenbruch and we will leave the track after passing Ostersbaum.

This building look more or less abandoned  :D

Another interesting place: The track is crossing one of the main streets here. (The historic factory building is gorgeous!)

Can you see the bridge in the background of the next picture? This is the A46 motorway.

There is the district Ostersbaum behind me, I was there a week ago.

Another tunnel came into sight...

... this time illuminated blue!

One more interesting point: The Lego Bridge.

In 2011, a graffiti and street artist repainted the bridge in the style of Lego bricks. The work was awarded the Deutscher Fassadenpreis Advancement Prize in 2012. Of course I cannot see it as long as I am standing ON it, so Katja promised that we would leave the Nordbahntrasse soon and then walk to the Lego-Bridge.

By the way, the green area in the background of the next picture is Hardt, the landscape park which I already visited twice. There are also allotment gardens along its slope, you can find lots of allotment gardens (about 8.000) all over the municipal area.

We left the track here and reached the Lego-Bridge within a few minutes.

Wow! What a crazy bridge  :D :D :D

From here we walked to Ostersbaum, this time the climbed the large stair I already saw last week.

Here, on top of this hill, there is Platz der Republik. It was first created in the 1820s years as a military drill ground. Later it became a park for the citizens of this quarter. There are also many beautiful old buildings here.

There is a beautiful fountain in the park, called "Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen". It was a present once from an manufacturer on the occasion of the 300-years-celebration of Elberfeld in the year 1910.

From here we walked to the city centre.

Here you can see the Schwebebahnstation "Hauptbahnhof/Döppersberg" with parts of the gigantic building site.

We walked along river Wupper towards the next station.

The company building of a provident bank is one of the best-known landmarks of Wuppertal.

These are our favourite trees this week  :D

We walked uphill to get home. We came across the historical concert hall.

Katja is living in the so-called Südstadt, located on the Southern slope of the valley, above this main road.

I am living in this street at the moment, just a short walk away from the city centre.

Bye for today (Tomorrow we will meet a friend and walk another part of the Nordbahntrasse)

Posted May 3, 2016, 8:31 pm
Hi Mum,
today we started a walk on the Nordbahntrasse just where we left it yesterday.

Once more we found fascinating grafitto.

It's hard to believe, but there is a beekeeper at the Nordbahntrasse. His bees are producing honey from robinia in early summer and a different honey during the rest of summer. You can buy this honey here, just from his garden.

Next we walked along an estate with a large garden. This garden is decorated with the funniest things from household, toys etc.

Here you can see teddy bears in roller skates...

... or plants in tin boxes or buckets ...

... or in a meat mincing machine.

Another former station ... here a separate track for handcars is starting.

We almost reached the district Barmen, the second largest district of Wuppertal. Here are several bridges with a fantastic overview.

Another tunnel, much longer than those we walked through yesterday.

We were standing on an historic viaduct, the renovation works are still going on.

Here we left the Nordbahntrasse.

This apartment complex is quite a contrast to the city itself :)


Posted May 3, 2016, 8:34 pm
Later, at home, we spoiled the ferrets with vitamin paste. It is originally made for cats, but all ferrets in the world seem to be addicted to this stuff :D :D :D


Posted May 3, 2016, 8:48 pm
Hi Mum,
today we went to Barmen to go shopping. Katja's daughter got engaged this week, we had to buy some special things for making delicious cupcakes.

Here you can find the "Historic centre" with the house where Friedrich Engels grew up, a social scientist and journalist, one of "Marx and Engels", founder of Marxist Theory. He lived from 1820 till 1895. Nowadays the Museum for early industrialism is also located here, with an adjoining park along the main street.

This is old man Friedrich Engels.

From here we had to walk just for a few minutes to reach the shopping streets. You can also find one of Tony Cragg's shiny sculptures here.

Those pillars belong to the Schwebebahn station, they are also visible from the viaduct at the Nordbahntrasse.

The shopping streets ...

There is a funny story which belongs to Wuppertal like the Schwebebahn , it took place in 1950 and an elephant was leading character ... I will tell you later about this. But this story is the reason why there are so many elephant sculptures, pictures etc. in Wuppertal.

This is the city hall of Barmen.

Katja told me that behind the city hall there was something much more interesting, a brewhouse!!! Really, this sounds really thrilling! I hope we will have a look at the rear side of the city hall one day :D


Posted May 3, 2016, 9:02 pm
Hi Mum,

today we met Katja's friend Kerstin and took a walk with her and her dog Pepe. Jule also accompanied us. We went to Scharpenacken, a former army training area. This area was used for military purposes until 2004 A.D as a shooting range. Today there is a local recreation area with vast open areas.

A lot of people come here with their dogs, because they can be here without their leashes, they can run and play as much they like and they will always find other dogs to play with.

There is a house in the forest, far away from civilization :)

We reached a park area, the park was created by a factory owner once. I think it will be wonderful in a few weeks when all the trees are green and rhododendron will be blooming.

The landscape is lovely, isn't it?

Kerstin went home to Remscheid by car and we took the way back home through the forest, thankfully mostly downhill. It took us about 40 minutes until the three-part company building came into sight. I know that we are almost home when I can see it :)

From here I can look across the valley towards Hardt, with the Botanical Garden.

Bye for today

Posted May 14, 2016, 3:36 pm
Hi Mum,
today we took a shorter walk in the district Sonnborn, located in the West of Wuppertal. Well known in Sonnborn are the stadium and the zoo. The stadium still has its historical facade.

Like always ;) we had to walk uphill to reach the forest.

We took a lovely path towards home in Elberfeld. From a hill we had a great overview across the valley of Wupper. Can you see two towers in the background of the next picture (on the left side)? A slim television tower and an angled one? Katja promised that we would have a look at those towers maybe at the weekend, because they belong to the best known landmarks of Wuppertal.

Our way back home took us along the railway track for a while, you can see the historical concert hall in the background.


Posted May 14, 2016, 3:38 pm
Good morning on a sunny holiday :D


Posted May 14, 2016, 4:03 pm
Hi Mum,
today we went to Remscheid, the neighbour city where my current host has lived until late summer 2014. A special event was taking place here, it was called "Park Food". You could try street food from all over the world. It was really exciting! This event was taking place in the municipal park, we had to walk there from the city centre.

Remscheid is well known for its tool producing industry. These giant forceps at the entrance of the shopping street are reminding everybody of this fact.

This is the city hall with its characteristic tower which is 48 m tall.

We almost reached the municipal park. Close to it there is another small park in front of the police headquarter. The pillar is showing the coat of arms of Remscheid and the names of the twin cities.

In the municipal park there were lots of food booth and food trucks. I was almost starving!

At this booth Katja and her friend had delicious burritos, Katja a veggie version and Kerstin the one with beef.

There was so much different food: Sweets, pasta, all kinds of burgers, Thai food, Chinese food etc.

Here we tried Chinese dim sum filled with shrimps.

This crèpe booth is the cutest booth I have ever seen :)

Then the ladies tried fried Pirozhki from Poland, delicious fried buns stuffed with vegetables and sour cream, served with a really hot sauce made of beetroot and horseradish. Then unfortunately it was time to take the bus home.

Lucky Hü


Posted May 14, 2016, 4:41 pm
Hi Mum,

today we walked along a hiking path along the Northern slope of Wupper valley. On this hiking path you cross several alltoment garden areas, the whole walkway is about 10 km long.

We started our trip in the garden plot "Eschenbeek". Lots of fruit trees were blooming.

Do you know this plant? It is wild garlic, you can often find it in the forest and along gardens.

The walking path was leading us through woodland areas as well as through housing areas...

... and more allotment gardens.

The housing complex on the next picture is opposite of my current home, we can see it from the front window, located at the opposite slope of the valley.

Columbine is already blooming.

This building complex is a hospital.

We had to walk uphill once more to reach the top of the hill. The angled tower is coming into sight!

And also the television tower!

The angular tower (hidden behind the trees) is a water tower. It is called "Atadösken" because its shape reminded people of the packing of the scrubbing agend "Ata" when it was built in 1927.

When we reached another garden plot, it seemed we entered a completely different world. There was nothing to see from the city, only green.

Already on the way back to the car ... we had a good view to the Southern slope of the valley.

Next, the path led us through a landscape park...

...and another garden plot. The large building in the background is a vocational school. Katja's daughter's final examination as a professional cook took place here some years ago.

The following building is the remaining part of "Teschemacher Hof" which was build in the 1630's years. It is one of the most outstanding and eldest timbered houses in Wuppertal-Elberfeld.

Really interesting, this passage way in the housing complex.

Soon we reached the car and went home to have a cool drink on the balcony.


Posted Jul 29, 2016, 1:28 pm
Hi Mum,

once more we visited the Botanical Garden. What a difference to my first visit here in March this year!

The beautiful mansion is under construction at the moment, what a pity.

Lots of flowers are blooming now, one of them angel's trumpet.

Wild strawberries are growing along the beds.

The park itself is also looking great now.

By for today

Posted Jul 29, 2016, 1:42 pm
Hi Mum,

we went on a weekend trip to Bad Driburg, a town and spa in Höxter district in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. We stayed in a wonderful hotel which is situated in the "Gräflicher Park", an English landscape park which goes back to the 1820 years. In the city itself you can find a lot of half-timbered houses.

In the evening we had a big ToyVoyager meeting, Strunki and mcdaniels were also here with their ToyVoyagers.

Bye for today

Posted Jul 29, 2016, 1:49 pm
Hi Mum,
today we went to the city centre of Bad Driburg, enjoyed ice-cream and strolled around.

Bad Driburg is also well known for its glassworks, located here since 13th century. We found a respective statue of a glassblower.

The weather became really ugly then, so we hurried back to the hotel to celebrate a lazy afternoon  :D

Bye for today

Posted Aug 13, 2016, 12:58 pm
Hi Mum,

today is our last in day in Bad Driburg. First we took a longer walk in the beautiful park.

This bridge is called the "peacock bridge".

We walked uphill in a small forest.

This is a part of the hotel complex buildings. On the right side there is the restaurant where we had dinner on Friday.

Later we visited the Iburg, the ruin of an ancient hill castle. It goes back to the Saxon wars in 8th century.

There are really only ruins left, the tower is the only remaining building, and just because it is being restored.

There are also the outlines of the former chapel.

Afterwards we had a drink in the nearby restaurant "Sachsenklause" with a fantastic view across the landscape.

We were leaving Bad Driburg then, on our way back we will visit another historic castle.


Posted Aug 13, 2016, 1:06 pm
Not too far from Bad Driburg we visited the Wewelsburg, a Renaissance castle in the village of Wewelsburg. The castle has a triangular layout - three round towers connected by massive walls.

From the outside the triangular shape is almost not noticable. It looks quite normal :)

Inside the courtyard the shape is visable. The castle is containing a museum and a youth hostel nowadays.

It was time to drive home then.


Posted Aug 13, 2016, 1:09 pm
Hi Mum,
today I packed my things and I am already on my way home :)

See you soon!