Small Fry, Alpnachstad, Switzerland


Posted Jul 7, 2007, 8:15 pm
Today I said Hello to Morado and Goodbye to Kuma. Here we are lounging on steelxrose's deck.

I am leaving for Oregon tomorrow. :)

Posted Sep 30, 2007, 12:58 pm
Hi Steelxrose, I'm here in Bruchsal now and looking forward to see many interesting places.
Here you see the envie with me in it and then unpacked and meeting all my new friends: Tamalyn, Dottie Grace, Decker, Alfie Langer, Tux, Glory, Bongo, Elisabeth

Here is the place, where all toyvoyagers sit in the livingroom since the weather is colder and you need to make a fire in the oven (on which the toyvoyagers normally sat during summer).


Posted Sep 30, 2007, 5:17 pm
The first thing we did was playing soccer. Can you imagine, how it was for me to play that match? It's not so easy to play "sit-soccer" (that's how my hosts call it) without legs and arms. But of course I did my very best.
At first everyone sat on the place, where he or she was supposed to be. You only had been allowed to move on the place by turning around, but without walking and that was a very good point for me. Alfie Langer was the referee. He was the only one with a real soccer shirt.
At once Tamalyn tried to score, but Elisabeth did a good work and
just jumped to the right place and caught the ball. But then her punt was bad and luckily Bongo got the ball. He tried to score, but Decker was just at the right place to defend in front of Tux, who was the goalkeeper.
At the end of the first half we still played 0:0, but of course we had some chances for the first goal.

Start of the second half

Somehow Glory fell. I know, that I didn't hit her or something.

I nearly shot a goal after that, but Tux was such a good goalkeeper. Glory fell again, maybe she already was very tired, she is so tiny.

Here Tamalyn got the ball and tried to play to Glory. I'm sure, you see my nose.

Luckily I got the ball to play, but had no chance to score.

After a while Alfie Langer had to talk to Dottie Grace, who complained about something I didn't understand.

1:0 for my team!!! Thanks to Dottie Grace!!

And then a silly thing happened on our side. Bongo and I tried to catch the ball with our bodies, but we had no luck.

Elisabeth jumped to the right side of her goal, but the ball rolled into the goal on the left side. :(
So at the end the result was 1:1

After the match we danced around the ball, because we were happy that nobody had lost in this match.


Posted Oct 10, 2007, 9:24 pm
Today it is National Holiday of Germany and most people don't go to work on that day. There are some celebrations, that you can watch in tv (television, not in a toyvoyager :) ). But the people in Germany don't really celebrate on that day.
Petra and her family decided to go shopping in the Alsace, which is in France.

Posted Oct 14, 2007, 4:36 pm
In Lauterburg my hosts had lunch. We were in a restaurant, where you only could order pancakes or crepes to eat and of course something to drink.


Posted Oct 14, 2007, 4:37 pm
Then we drove to Weissenburg (Wissembourg), because we wanted to see the old part of that city, but it was so crowded, that we headed home again.

Not far away from Weissenburg we found this chapel. I think, it was very interesting.
Of course it was a little crowded by us toyvoyagers, but we tried to keep silent.


Posted Oct 14, 2007, 4:39 pm
The German Winegate is a building of the worst time in German history. It was built in 1936 officially to make the wineyards of the Palatinate more famous. Of course it was also a provocation against France, because the border is very close (only 1km to Wissembourg). The gate is the end point of the Palatinate Wine Route.
(I can't put this online without telling, that I'm so sorry for everything that happened during these years.)


Posted Oct 14, 2007, 4:42 pm
I only saw this church, when we drove through Karlsruhe, but I heard, that there is a nice palace too.


Posted Nov 1, 2007, 10:19 pm
Today we visited Maulbronn, where is a famous monastery. It is Unesco World Heritage. I thought, that it looks like a little town in the city Maulbronn.


Posted Nov 1, 2007, 10:23 pm
Today I helped Petra to bake cakes for Fabian's 17th birthday, which we will celebrate tomorrow. This cake is called Hannchen Jensen or Hansen Jensen cake.


Posted Nov 1, 2007, 10:26 pm
Today we were on a little sightseeing tour. Here you see me in Huttenheim with a nice church in the background.


Posted Nov 1, 2007, 10:28 pm
Then we drove to the Rhine, which is the one of the longest and most important rivers in Europe at 1320 kilometres (820 miles)


Posted Nov 1, 2007, 10:30 pm
On our way to the Rhine we saw this two towers. It's the nuclear power station of Philippsburg, which was built in the 70th, the power-down is planned in 2011 and 2017, so still some years to go.


Posted Nov 1, 2007, 10:36 pm
1. Here we are on the way to Untergrombach.

2. On this photo you see rape, then asparagus and of course the beautiful trees.

3. Here is a view to Untergrombach with the Michaelsberg.

4. Untergrombach is one of the suburbs of Bruchsal. We drove to the top of the Michaelsberg, where I saw a nice chapel.

5. We wanted to take a little rest in front of the chapel

6.The weather was beautiful, but you see the fog coming up now. On the photo you see Untergrombach and the quarry pond of Untergrombach.

7. You find many beautiful views on the Michaelsberg and this is another one.

Posted Nov 1, 2007, 10:37 pm
It's Halloween! It's a little sad, that Petra and her family don't really celebrate this, but she likes to decorate the house with autumn stuff. Do you like it too? I think, it looks great.


Posted Nov 1, 2007, 10:39 pm
We visited a very interesting place today. It is called Siegfriedsbrunnen (fountain). In the forest of Odes (Odenwald) four fountains are named as place, where Siegfried was murdered by Hagen von Tronje. We saw one of this fountains. There is a famous song about the Nibelungs.

When I turned around I saw these beautiful trees.


Posted Nov 1, 2007, 10:42 pm
Then we drove to the Pfannwaldsee, a lake. They decided to walk around the lake and everyone got really cold feet. And I was a little sad, that I haven't been allowed to jump in the water. They told me, that I would get wet and that it is much too cold for a fish like me.


Posted Nov 3, 2007, 5:35 pm
Good bye, Small Fry!!!

Have a nice time on the European Trail.

Bye, Petra and family

Posted Nov 4, 2007, 11:45 am
Here I am in front of the rent house of my hosts. You also see their car and garage.


Posted Nov 4, 2007, 11:45 am
Today we drove to the Black Forest. Fabian, my hosts one son, was invited to stay there for the next two nights. So we all decided to bring him there.


Posted Nov 4, 2007, 11:46 am
We visited the Vogtsbauernhof in Gutach, which is an Open Air Museum. Here is what we read in a folder:

Where the magnificently preserved Vogtsbauernhof farmstead once stood alone in the open fields, it is now joined by numerous historical buildings from various regions of the Black Forest to breathe life into times of long ago. Six fully furnished farmhouses, the day labourer's cottage and 15 outbuildings, such as mills, sawmills, barns, stalls, a chapel, storehouses and granny house (Leibgedinghaus), invite to take a stroll and discover the multifaceted aspects of the Black Forest way of life.


Posted Feb 8, 2008, 5:16 pm
I arrived from Ukraine to Finland safely. My Finnish host said I was a special guest as she was my mentor's summerpostcardpal last summer (Postcrossing)! My host said I brought good memories with me - and I didn't even know!  :o  :D

I was able to try their Sauna and make friends with some of the watertoys. The sauna was hot but the water in the basket was cool. I can imagine why people like it, especially when its cold and wet outside.

Posted Feb 8, 2008, 5:21 pm
I was able to see some of the city center today. My host told abit about this town named Porvoo. It has 47 000 inhabitants and is situated only about 50km (1 hour drive by bus) from Helsinki, the capitol. Porvoo is a touristy town and it's most famous attraction is the old town. I was promised I would see it.

Posted Feb 8, 2008, 5:25 pm
Today my host and her daughters showed me their closest neighbourhood. They live by the Baltic Sea! Well, okay, it's not an open sea view as there's so much archipelago around the coastline. But it is the Baltic Sea. If it was warmer I would've jumped in! Of course this area has its downside as well - the factory on the other side.

I was told that the creator of Moomin spent her summers in this part of the archipelago. No wonder Moominpappa loves the sea!

Posted Feb 15, 2008, 8:25 pm
It was a chilly weather when we walked thru the Old Town. This place is crowded up with tourists in the summer - now I was the only one! In the third picture I'm looking towards the Castle Hill (and River Porvoo) where used to be a castle/fortress hundreds of years ago. My host says it's a great place to play Robin Hood :) On top of the hill is a great view to the River and Old Town, it's my host's favorite and she promised she'll try to take me there! The church has been under construction after an arson in May 2006 (the roof was burnt down). The red shore houses used to be warehouses - and they still are mostly but they have been renovated from the inside to livinquarters as well. They're the most wellknown sight here. The red'ish house further away is a historical museum. There's clothes, coins etc. from past centuries but it's closed for renovations now, so we couldn't go in. There's also a Toy Museum, showing toys from past centuries but it's open in summertime only, that would've been interesting. The Old Town is really a historical place with lots of stories - if the walls could speak...

Posted Feb 15, 2008, 10:31 pm
We toyvoyager friends climbed on the lights, but I'm not sure, whether you find us here. This window is in our hosts' kitchen.

We had some fun here and it helped us a lot. We weren't too sad anymore, that we are no monkeys. Of course we thought of those toyvoyagers, who are in Oregon right now.

Posted Feb 16, 2008, 6:18 pm
As we had a better (sunny and cold) weather today my host took me to the local "sightseeing tower". As you can see it was a great view over the town and river! We took a few pics underneath it too - the red shorehouses and the bridges.

The hill with white top is the local ski centre, they've brought the snow there (it hasn't snowed that much for a long time). 

Posted Feb 20, 2008, 6:07 pm
We finally had some more snow here in Finland! Naturally we had to test the new sleighs right away  :D That is me with lucky-Ducky and Ms Mini Meow. The kitten had just arrived from Australia back home for a short stay (she's my host's own travelling toy from Postcrossing).

We went cat-sitting the cats of my host's mother-in-law. I tried my best to stay away from them as they seemed to be very fond of fish - as food! I'm glad my host was there too to look after me.

Posted Feb 22, 2008, 5:55 pm
This is me on the Castle Hill (I saw it from beneath earlier) where used to be a castle/fortress hundreds of years ago. This is my host's favorite place in this town and I can't blame her for loving the view! You can see the 5 bridges that cross the Porvoo River! The place has a special spot in her heart also because she used to date her then-boyfriend-now-husband on the side of thet hill many many years ago :) Ah L'amour!

These past two weeks here have been hectic, my host wanted to show me as much as possible in as short time as possible because I was stuck quite a while before I got here. She understands my need to move on :) She told me to say "Hi" to my mentor when I go back home :) I'll head towards Czech Republic now! Bye bye Finland!

Posted Feb 27, 2008, 5:52 pm
Hello from Prague! I've arrived today and met Majed here.
As soon as possible (maybe this Friday) we will visit some interesting place.

Posted Feb 29, 2008, 11:00 pm
I've always thought that a rook is just some kind of bird similar to a crow, but today I found out that this word can have also another meaning. Majed taught me to play chess. It was quite fun  :)

For dinner we had bramboračka - Czech potato soup with mushrooms and lots of vegetables.

Posted Mar 9, 2008, 7:21 pm
Majed promised to take me to the Prague Castle. He told me about some bears, but we didn' meet any.

In front of the gate, Castle Guards stand. They don't move at all - unless someone tries to borrow their rifles  :cyclops:

St. Vitus Cathedral is the biggest church in Czechia. Its construction began back in 1344 under Charles IV.

And tomorrow we'll visit another castle!

Posted Mar 9, 2008, 8:05 pm
Although "hrad" means "castle" in Czech, Vyšehrad is rather a hill fort. But it's amazing!

We had to go through this gate.

Don't be mistaken - this is not the same cathedral we visited yesterday! It's St Peter and St Paul's Church.

Josef Václav Myslbek was a famous Czech scupltor. We saw some of his works.

This is Přemysl and Libuše, alleged founders of the most significant Bohemian ruling dynasty. (Bohemia is the western and central part of Czechia, while Moravia is on the east. Also a small part of Silesia belongs to our country.)

Ctirad and Šárka are famous for taking part in the "Girls' War", a legendary conflict between men and women. Ctirad was a man and Šárka was a woman, so they fought against each other.

Majed and I also liked the 3D map of Vyšehrad.

Posted Mar 31, 2008, 10:01 pm
Last Monday was the Easter Monday. On this day, people in Czechia bake the Easter Lamb - a sheep-shaped cake symbolising the resurrected Lamb of God.

Posted Apr 2, 2008, 1:59 pm
On Sunday, I visited the Lesser Town Bridge Towers, two towers at the western end of famous Charles Bridge. There is an exhibiton about the bridge and Vltava (the river under the bridge) and the view from the top is excellent.

This is me in front of a Gothic door in the second floor.

And this is me in the claws of Bohemian Lion, a mighty but friendly heraldry figure.

Meet Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and Bohemian King who lived and ruled in the 14th century. Czech people usually call him "Father of the Homeland".

These sabres and swords were found at the bottom of Vltava - maybe some armed Swedish tourists lost them during the 17th century  :)

This sword reputedly belonged to Bruncvík, a legendary Czech nobleman who sailed to distant countries and enjoyed a lot of adventures.

The Charles Bridge is under reconstruction, but it's not closed.

Here you can see St. Nicholas Church - maybe the most beautiful Baroque building in the Middle Europe.

And here again, along with the panorama of Prague Castle (you maybe recognize St. Vitus Cathedral, which I visited three weeks ago).

I also took picture of the cathedral itself.

Have you ever heard about the Infant Jesus of Prague? It's an almost 400 years old statue located in the Church of Our Lady Victorious, which you can see behind me.

After I had left the towers, I still had some time, so I decided to go to Wenceslas Square (rather a  boulevard than a square), named after Saint Wenceslas (Svatý Václav), a Bohemian Prince who lived in the 10th century. The building on its upper end is the National Museum. And those two towers behind the Museum - that's St Peter and St Paul's Church on Vyšehrad, which I also visited some time ago.

I also visited another famous square - the Old Town Square with its Old Town Hall. Astronomical clock (horologium - orloj) with moving figures of Twelve Apostles are a masterpiece of medieval technical skills.

Posted May 16, 2008, 5:08 pm

Today I arrived to my next destination - Moscow, Russia!!
The weather was sunny and warm.

Kristl came to meet me with many TVs who were staying here or just leaving Moscow. Here I'm with Trafalgar, Elisabeth, Sniff, Otto and Decker! Trafalgar and Decker were leaving us so I wished them good luck!

Here I'm near the post office, the car I'm going to get in, and a motorbike that looks really GREAT!!

Driving back home we got in a traffic jam.. That was a bit boring so we took photos not to bore..

The sky was really wonderful..

Here I'm sunbathing on Kristl's Scottish bag:

All the TVs got tired..

And here you can see a banner with Congratulations to the Day of Victory (it's celebrated on the 9th of May in Russia)

And here you can read the name of the town Kristl lives in - Zheleznodorozhny :) - I'm trying to learn Russian letters!

Posted May 16, 2008, 5:20 pm
Did you know that Easter is on the 26th of May in Russia??? I was so surprised!! But I was really glad to get the opportunity to eat eggs and Easter cakes!! Look how beautiful it was!!!

Posted May 16, 2008, 6:00 pm
After eating Easter food we went to ride bikes!!!

The weather was great and the nature was very beautiful:

That's where we came from:

And that's where we're going to:

I found a pool there and even wanted to swim there, but Kristl was worried I can get cold - so I decided not to do this. But I took a lot of photos!!

Then we learned to ride a bike ourselves:

We found a strange tree and climbed upon it.. It was very cosy)

On our way back we saw a wonderful landscape.. Kristl said such landscapes are very typical in Russia :)

I'm swimming in the sky!!!!

Posted Jul 19, 2008, 4:57 pm
Hi or Salut in french,

Indeed, I just arrived in France today and I already know how to say hello in french  ... Great isn't it ?

Well, here are the first pictures of my arrival in St Orens where I was welcomed by Smooch, another Toyvoyager coming from England.

She asked me where I was coming from, as she couldn't read what was written on the stamp, so I show her the postal card from Russia that Kristl sent in my package,
It's a picture of the Kremlin by night!

Posted Jul 19, 2008, 6:25 pm
Today, I went for a walk with Smooch in Toulouse, which is the main town of the south west region (the 5th biggest town of France in fact)
Here I am on the Capitole where you can see the french/ European and Occitan flags waving
This is the main place of the town, where sits the townhall

Toulouse is called the Red pink city because of the colour of the bricks used for the buildings

This is the Henry IV (king) courtyard (look at his statue above)

Hey !!!!Look what I just saw????

Going into the "Salle des Illustres" (a museum)

where you can see paintings

interesting paintings I must say !!!

This one shows the New Bridge ...

And here is the real one called the New bridge, but in fact, the oldest of the town!
The river Garonne, with its embankment.. Unfortunately, it was too late for cruises

Then we went on to the Jacobins convent
with its charming cloister
and its so special church : Look I'm flying!!!!

There was an exhibition about Arab old manuscript, look what I found!
It's about astrology


Posted Jul 19, 2008, 7:15 pm
Olŕ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This time, I speak spanish !!!!!! Indeed, Mood had a surprise for me! She took me for a short stay in Rosas (mediterranean cost of Spain)

wonderful !!!!!!!!!!! We went to the sea where I met some spanish small fries cousins ...

(hey look behind me on the left? there's a big one splashing!!!)

Then, we went to a small fishing port

Port Lligat, where lived Dali (spanish surrealist painter)

We even visited its house recognizable with its eggs on the roof!!!

here are some pictures of the inside

The hall
with its strange polar bear
and its sticks collection

Then, the studio

And the sleeping room
.. a very strange house !!!

But a very good painter as you can see on this picture below!!!

Lifelike isn't it????

Posted Jul 19, 2008, 7:32 pm
Today we went to the Cap Creus (a beautiful wild regional parc)
It is a peninsula of 190 square kilometres of an extraordinary landscape value; a very rocky dry region, with almost no trees, in contrast with a seaside rich in minuscule creeks of deep blue sea to anchor

Cap de Creus is the easternmost point of mainland Catalonia. The legend tells that the Cap de Creus was made by Hercules.

On our way back to Cadaques..

..I met this spanish lady

Then we went for our last swimming in Rosas bay

Have you seen the coulour of the see ?

and then it was time to leave ...


Posted Jul 30, 2008, 9:51 pm
It was such a hot day that by the time I arrived in London my furry scales were feeling quite dried out. My new host, Travel Ted, was kind enough to run a nice cool bath for me. This tided me over until I could get to the nearest pond for a spot of refreshing aquatic exercise.

Posted Jul 30, 2008, 9:55 pm
Today I did my grand tour of London (or as much as I had energy for). I like rivers so I headed for the Thames. On the south bank I saw the big wheel called the ‘London Eye’ and met one of the strange fish supporting the lamp posts. It was a great spot for a panoramic view across the river to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. I considered swimming across the river for a closer look but it didn’t appear very clean so I decided to take the bridge instead. From that vantage point I could look back at the London Aquarium. Unfortunately this was closed but I consoled myself withthe fact that I'd completed that mission already.

Posted Jul 30, 2008, 10:00 pm
St. James’s Park was nice. I liked the lake, although some of the birds were a bit frightening.

Posted Jul 30, 2008, 10:03 pm
Next I walked along Horse Guards Parade where I saw some impressive buildings as well as a war memorial (although I didn’t see any horse guards). I finished my tour in Trafalgar Square where I saw Nelson’s Column.

Posted Aug 11, 2008, 10:04 pm
Today I visited Greenwich, which is a very historic place. Having overslept rather badly it was already getting dark when I arrived so I only had a couple of pictures taken outside the Observatory and at the top of the hill that looks down from the park to the National Maritime Museum. In the distance you can see another big ferris wheel, although it's not as big as the one I saw last week in the centre of London.

Posted Aug 26, 2008, 11:14 pm
I ha've arrived! Munich and the host seem to be nice. All sort of toyvoyagers are here, too ... so I do not feel lonely.

Posted Sep 13, 2008, 11:58 am
Today we went for a hiking tour - this time we were out all day for a 18 km tour. We started in Aying and then walked all the way to Kirchseeon. On the way we passed several lakes and had a stop-over and a swim at the Steinsee (stone lake). We walked to the Deininger Weiher, a little lake with an attached beergarden/restaurant. The wind was too cold and although the sun was shining I did not go for a swim.

Posted Sep 13, 2008, 12:03 pm
I went shopping on the nearby market - and it turned out that it is a famous market in Munich where lots of tourists go - the Viktualienmarkt.

Posted Sep 13, 2008, 12:13 pm
Probably it's one of the last summer weekends so I decided to go to Possenhofen at the Starnberger See (Starnberg lake). The water was still warm enough for a swim and I sunbathed close to the lake.

Posted Sep 13, 2008, 12:33 pm
The weather has changed - so no more swims in a lake. Instead we went sight-seeing in the Munich city centre. First we walked to the Residence, the Residence court and strolled through the English Garden to the Chinese Tower Beergarden.

Posted Sep 17, 2008, 10:06 pm
At first we were afraid when suddenly Maggy (our host's dog) jumped on the sofa. But then we realized that Maggy only wanted to play. She even offered her chewing bone. What a nice dog!

Posted Sep 20, 2008, 10:57 pm
Today we went for a walk at Schloß Nymphenburg (Nymphenburg Castle). It was a sunny day and great to see the castle. Unfortunately we had forgotten our camera, so no pics to see  :(

Posted Sep 21, 2008, 7:59 pm
This morning we went for a walk with the dog. And just when we passed the bridge close to Deutsches Museum a lot of horse-drawn carriages rode along. The horses were beautifully made up and the carriages with nice decoration.
It is the beginning of the Oktoberfest (large beer festival) and on this Sunday there was a tour of the city of horse carriage, traditional costume clubs and they were just heading off for the meeting point ... when we came home we saw the same carriages at TV which showed the city tour.

Posted Sep 21, 2008, 9:32 pm
Today we went on the country-side. The round-trip from Aying took us over fields and through the forest.

Posted Sep 28, 2008, 8:56 pm
Today we had to get up really early - the train left at 7:42 a.m. to Geitau.
From there we walked about 3 hours to the top of the mountains to see the Soinsee (a mountain lake). When we came back in the evening all of us were really tired! Seven hours of hiking in the mountains!

Posted Sep 28, 2008, 9:38 pm
Today was another beautiful autumn day ... sunny, warm, a perfect day to go for another hiked in the mountains. Today we went first to Schliersee (lake) and walked to the Gindelalm (Gindel alp) where we had a rest. Then we crossed the mountains and walke to another lake, the Tegernsee. The sceenery is great as the photos will show.

Posted Oct 8, 2008, 10:04 pm
Time to go - I'll continue the trail with Swiss_sunshine. Watch out, here I come!

Posted Oct 24, 2008, 4:36 pm
I'm currently swimming in cold swiss waters! Pictures will arrive later!

Posted Nov 10, 2008, 1:13 pm
Ah finally the pictures!
Yesterday we went for a walk in Fribourg, a town of 35,000 inhabitants near the swiss capital, Bern. Sunshine show me the old part of the city, protected by the UNESCO. I saw a swimming Pool but it was closed. It's too cold to swin...

Posted Nov 10, 2008, 1:17 pm
Then the city Hall.
Fribourg used to be a very religious city. That's why there are a lot of churches. The most famous and the most beautiful is the cathedral St-Nicolas whose tower is well-known in Switzerland. Then near the cathedral there are the Basilique Notre Dame and another church in the area is called "Les Corderliers"

Posted Nov 10, 2008, 1:21 pm
Yesterday's last event was the CIRCUS!! Yeah, I went to the national swiss circus owned the the family Knie. The circus makes a tour of Switzerland and last week-end it was in Fribourg for 3 days. Unfortunately there are no picture of me with artists or elephants, only the following ones:

Posted Nov 10, 2008, 1:27 pm
2 weeks ago I spent one afternoon in Vevey. This town is about 50 km far from Fribourg and it's near the Lake of Geneva! We only hung around near the lake, drinking Caramel Macchiatto from Starbucks, chatting with the swans and the sparrows...

Posted Nov 10, 2008, 1:30 pm
Yesterday just before the circus, I saw 2 museums: The museum of history and art of Fribourg. The second one is dedicated to Jean Tinguely, a famous sculpter of the 1960s born in Fribourg and of his second wife, the amercian Nikki the Saint-Phalle. Both are dead now but Fribourg built a museum for them and I saw a Nikki's sculpture in the park of the museum.

Posted Nov 15, 2008, 1:59 pm
During my stay in Switzerland I also went to Aarberg for the "Onion Fair". The fair was not interesting at all because they were not many onions!! Only stupid stuffs you can see everywhere. But Aarberg is nice. I saw the Main Place, the Church and the river.

Posted Nov 15, 2008, 2:04 pm
I met a zebra in Fribourg. (ok, ok it's not a wild zebra. It belongs to the Circus Knie). Doesn't it look soooo sad alone in its park? I'm glad I'm Traveling fish...

Posted Jan 26, 2009, 9:11 am
I`m here in Alpnachstad, looks good. Photos to follow when annbear finds her mislaid camera  :cyclops: