Batcat, My Home, Ipswich, U.K


Posted Jan 15, 2008, 3:43 pm
I'm about to start my maiden voyage. Across the world and hopefully to outer space!

Here's me with Rosie's dog, Percy. God his breath stinks! He was a very loud creature, but I must say I will miss all of the ruckus.

Here I'm having a "goodbye" party with my stuffed friends. From left to right we have:
(Fortune the TY Beanie Baby Panda, me, my elephant wife Bump, Kill Baby the Living Dead Doll [a scary madam] and finally Spank the PG Tips Monkey)

I'm really looking forward to my voyages. Especially going into space. Deep Space. I'm so excited!  B) :D

Would you like to host me? I'd be so pleased if you did! PM Rosie if you're interested!