Josh, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Posted Feb 2, 2008, 5:21 pm
Hi i'm Josh.
I live in the Netherlands with my lovely family but i want to explore myself and see more of the world.
At first i went to a lot of cities in Holland and althought it was fun, everything here look the same.
So now i want to see the world and other cultures.

At first i went to my neighbours from sesamestreet. But they couldn't help me

At one day i was so sad and i was looking out the window

Suddenly the girl i live with called me. She had found the sollution! She found a site and you know the rest of the story

I hope this is the last time i cooked for my family because i'm ready to taste some foreign food

We hope to hear from you!


Josh and Eva

Posted Feb 3, 2008, 2:04 pm

Wednessday i'm going to travel to Germany! I'm very exited my adventure to see more of the world is started!
Although i'm gonna miss my family... But i keep them posted  :rolleyes:
My travellist for now is:

1. Blackcat (Germany)
2. Fam. United (Germany)
3. Koocachoo (Sweden)
4. Apperveilchen (Germany)
5. a Scottisch lash (Scotland)
6. Shana10214 (Florida USA)
7. Buggy 4526 (USA, Tampa, Florida)
8. Vicki (South Africa)

Greetings Josh

Posted Feb 6, 2008, 10:26 am
Today's the great day. We bring Josh to the airport..

Have a lot of fun Josh and were gonna miss you!

Posted Feb 15, 2008, 7:34 am
Hello everybody at home,

I arrived at my new home today. I will post some photos later.
I am not alone here. Bullet was in the mailbox with me and  Davy, Chokito, Tortilla and Wauzi were allready waiting for me :)!
It is nice here :)! I am the smallest one, but I think that is okay. They are all really nice.
Will post more later,


Posted Feb 24, 2008, 3:48 pm
Hey everybody,

today we make some nice photos of us all together. Tortilla and I had an own photo session - we are the smallest ones here.
We have a lot of fun together :)! Will write more later :)!


Posted Feb 24, 2008, 4:13 pm
Hello mummy,

we visited a friend of Fabi today, Vanessa. She has a dog named Digga - a really funny and lovely dog.
We made some photos - I will show you:
Tilda and me sit on a table and watched the dog :)!
It was a nice day,


Posted Feb 24, 2008, 4:36 pm
Hi there Josh!

What a funny dog! I can see you have a lot of fun and i'm really glad for you :)

Big Hugs Eva

Posted Mar 28, 2008, 1:20 pm
Hi mummy,

I just wanted to let you know, that I arrived in Bruchsal. Petra is really busy, but we all wanted her to get in contact with our family before the human guests arrive. Petra told us, that her daughter celebrates her birthday today, altough her birthday was in December. It seems to be a funny family.

Bye, Josh

Posted Mar 29, 2008, 6:36 pm
Hurray!!! Hurray!!!

We had a little party today!!!

We had some snacks and water to drink and a lot to laugh about, of course. Dogs became friends with cats, a turtle with a kangaroo, a monkey with a moose and more.

We played with a big and a small ball and we learned how to play the card game "Mau Mau".
Didn't the table look nice?
Mingus Moose prefered to sit on the ballon.
(Playmo)Bill decided to not eat anything, because he was afraid to be too thick for his hobby.
Bullet wanted all the peanuts for himself.
Coco first had been a bit sad, because there was no honey on the table, but she liked the gouda then.
How did (Playmo)Bill come to that peanut? Maybe he asked Mingus Moose???
HolidayHarry had been really thirsty after eating a lot of sweets.
Florence is very hungry and wants to try a chocolate banana muffin.
Pebbels thought, that the Harry Potter muffin looked nice. It was a muffin with blueberries. Curly took the chocolate banana muffin too.
Amara Anthea tried a muffin american style, just on with chocolate drops.
AliG seemed to play the detective. What did he expect to find out today???
Do you see how happy Tortilla and me look with this dish filled with gummi bears?
Chokito, Davy and Schnuffi shared another Harry Potter muffin.
Only Hasi prefered something healthy - she wanted to eat a carrot.
Tilda hadn't been sure, whether she should try a "nimm 2 " or whether it is better to eat a carrot too.

Then we started playing with balls. At first we choose the Australian ball, but it was so big, that the little toyvoyager among us had big problems.

Later we decided to use a table tennis ball, which of course is much easier to play with.

At last we learned how to play "Mau Mau".

Our first winner was: Chokito

Second place: Bullet

Third place: Hasi

Fourth place: Pebbels

Posted Apr 9, 2008, 8:13 pm
Today was one of the rare sunny days. Petra came home from school and packed her rucksack to show us some places in Bruchsal. She didn't have so much time for it, because she had to go back to school for a teachers' meeting.

Here you see the backfront of the palace.

This is the Feldkirchle (field chapel)

Next to the Feldkirchle (field chapel) you see this cross
and these beautiful flowers

Posted Apr 10, 2008, 11:15 am
Today it's time for baking cakes for my host's mum's birthday. She is 70 years now and Petra was asked to bake two cakes: Donauwellenkuchen (Danube waves cake) and Zebrakuchen (zebra cake). Petra decided to bake a surprise cake too, with a part of the Happy Birthday song.

We sat all together watching and helping Petra with preparing the dough.

So here are the photos with me. If you are interested in recipes, I can try to ask Petra to write them here or send them to you.
Do you see me?
I'm not tall enough.

Petra's daughter took me outside for a little walk.

Finally the cakes are ready

The nougat cream cake:
only the words "Happy birthday" have to be put on the cake now.

The Zebra-cake

Somehow we miss the last photo of the Danube waves cake, the one with the cherries.

Posted Apr 19, 2008, 11:00 am
Goodbye Josh!!!

Have fun in Sweden

Posted Apr 27, 2008, 11:46 am
Today Kari arrived at home again and he told us a lot about Australia. Now I know, that Kira1997 send him to my host family as a present for their daughter some years ago. He wanted to see them again, so he decided to go to Australia as a toyvoyager.

Posted Apr 27, 2008, 12:59 pm
Maybe you heard about the Buran arriving in Speyer? The new home will be the technical museum in Speyer:

The Buran ( the only space shuttle of the Soviet Buran program)was only on one unmanned spaceflight in 1988. The shuttle program was cancelled in 1993. It was destroyed by a hangar collapse in 2003.
The Buran is the world's first genuine space shuttle to be exhibited to the general public.

Petra wanted to go there to watch the arrival, but the weather was too bad, so we only got the chance to read the newspaper

Posted Apr 27, 2008, 1:57 pm

I'm so pleased to have arrived in Sweden!! Such a wonderful weather they got here! All sunny and everything!!

The travell here was just fine as I had company with Florence all the way from my previous host. We also got to meet Fifi here who are also staying here. I'm sure the three of us will have a great time!!

*Pictures are host has been very sick so she hasn't been able to upload anything yet*

Posted May 28, 2008, 10:04 am
I arrived in Germany this morning. I'm getting to see a lot of this country, I think. I was greeted by beck the lion and Little Tex and of course by my new host. She says we should get very comfortable with each other, because I'll be with her until August. So I am going to make myself at home here and pratice my swimming, because I'll be riding the waves this summer.

Posted May 30, 2008, 3:05 pm
Above the city I am in now are the ruins of a castle. There's evidence of earlier castles from medieval times, but the site has been raided and rebuilt several times, so the specialists have a problem keeping them apart. Here's what they think it was like at a later date:
But there also once was a draw bridge and the whole structure was (supposed to be, doesn't seem to have worked entirely) defensible. Festung = fortification
I even went inside those cellers and had a look around. I saw lots of funny flying insects... a little snack for lunch?
There were holes in the structures. I guess a real archeologist would want to explore them further but I said 'no thanks' and went back outside.

Posted May 30, 2008, 3:28 pm
I felt much cleaner outside in the sunshine with so many green plants.
Look at what we just saw close up:
We took a path along the perimeter of the hill to get to the other side of the ruins. It falls off very steeply here. A good thing I'm not scared of heights.
We had to climb up some way until we could see recognizable structures again. Like the archway?

Posted May 30, 2008, 4:01 pm
This is the highest part. From here they look really small.
But from the side one can see that the structure was larger.
We wanted to climb up on the 'roof' and passed the well.
The wall of it is pretty wide.
It's arround 55m deep.
Looking down 2 levels, from the top into the cellar...
...and looking down one level to the main floor:
The city from above:
Can you imagine forest and a few fields instead of all the houses? And then knights in armor and horse-drawn carriages on dust paths and the old Roman cobbled roads...
Ah well, we had to think about getting down again. I vetoed this way. Too spooky, who know which ghosts are still active here. I heard from Dharma that people tell many stories about local ghosts and giants and such.
This way looks much nicer to me. I'm off.

Posted Jun 10, 2008, 7:23 pm
Yay, I cheered for my national team and look what they did.... they had a great start into the tournament!

Posted Jun 10, 2008, 7:31 pm
Today our host grabbed us on the way out and told us she had to do something but we'd stop by a small water castle on the way back.
And we did!
A castle was first built here in 1395, but changed in the 16th century and the the building here is from the last reconstruction in 1721 by Duke Gustav Samuel Leopold of Zweibrücken who calles it Schloss Gustavsburg.
The courtyard:

Posted Jun 10, 2008, 7:39 pm
After looking at the castle we walked around the pond. We soon heard loud "mjeeeeeep"-noises and went to investigate.
There were these half gorown chicks in the water. Their feet were huge compared to the rest and they made a lot of noise.
A little way further we heard a softer "gnhonk" and saw a family of geese.
From the other side of the pond a bit of the castle stables can be seen:

Posted Jun 11, 2008, 11:49 am
Playtime! I had a bit of a wrestle with Eddie.  :cyclops:

Posted Jun 19, 2008, 12:59 pm
For this week we went on a little road trip. We all got comfy in the car and off we went...
But then we hit a traffic jam! It was a bit fotunate, though, because that way we got a watch a paraglider start his flight.

Posted Jun 19, 2008, 11:50 pm
Today we visited the Villa (mansion) Hügel (hill).
It's located on a hill overlooking the Lake Baldeney in Essen, a big industrial city in the west of Germany. It was built and inhabited by the Krupp family, who owned a lot of steelworks and related industry.
When you now enter an elevator anywhere in the world you might see their sign with the 3 interlocking rings and the name ThyssenKrupp (The Thyssens were another important family in this area.) Today the Villa is used for big events like exhibitions of art collections (they organize their own of international artwork) or a museum of industrial culture and local history.
Unfortunately we didn't get to see the inside because bags and cameras were forbidden.

This is the last part of the drive way, quite a bit past the gate to the property:
In the surrounding park we found this cute gatekeeper's house:
A nice statue of a horse with a good view of the main building and entrance:
A view to the other side of the lake. It’s covered by trees at the moment that are cut off again periodically.
A playhouse for the children of the family with child-sized doors, a full kitchen, upper story and basement. I would love one like this!
I peeked inside but the pictures didn’t turn out so well. It’s a cute little, now old-fashioned, kitchen.
A sandbox and shady place for the nanny:
There used to be a formal garden here, but now it’s only grass and parkland.

Posted Jun 23, 2008, 11:19 am
We went into the center today. There were lots of people and tents everywhere. They were all eating because it was the end of 'Essen genießt' where gourmet and specialty restaurants have stand in the city for people to try plus it was very good weather. Unfortunately that made it very hard to see anything more fo the town or to even stopp due to the press of people everywhere.

I too refuge in the cathedral. The oldest parts of the minster church are from the 10th century, the rest from the 11th. It became the cathedral in 1958 when a the Ruhrarea got its own bishop.
It was built and used for most of its time by a religious female community. Bishop Altfrid of Hildesheim founded it in 850 as a counterpart to the (monk's) monastery in Werden (now another part of Essen) for girls and women of the Saxon nobility who were to pray for the souls of the dead. It was always very to extremely exclusive and in the 15th century only women of the highest nobility were allowed to join the 'Stift'. They didn't become nuns or live monasterial life but had a duty of daily prayers in memoriam and lived in different monasterial buildings or castles and reigned over their lands (including the city).  The women could leave the Stift at any time to return to their families of to get married.
The 'Fürstliche Stift Essen' became one of the most powerful and influential religious institutions in Europe in the early and high middleages and it's leaders became some of the most powerful women of that time. Examples are the abesses Mathilde (971–1011), Sophia (1012-1039) and Theophanu (1039–1058) who were closely related to the reigning kings and emperors. The 'Stift' was given rich lands, treasures and privileges. The treasury can be visited. The central piece is the oldest known golden madonna that's displayed in on of the side chapels. The picture isn't that good because of the difficult and light the way the gold reflects. You can see and learn more here:
On the way back we found this fountain and in the background the old synagogue. It was also lit on fire on 9. Nov 1938. After 1945 it stood as a ruin for a long time. Today it's a memorial, a meeting place for Jewish culture and has an exhibition about Jews in Essen during the Nazi regime.

Posted Jun 27, 2008, 3:48 pm
We went to a city called Bedburg today and saw this cool car and nice house. It's a funny color combination.

What we really wanted to see was this medieval little town. Here we're sitting ion the bridge in front of the gates.

The gate to the town:
from the inside:

Look, a bunny rabbit:
and nice owls:

I heard that one can go treasure hunting here. I was immediately interested and asked what kind of treasure I might find. The story is that when Peter Stubbe was prosecuted for being a werewolf he managed to flee and hide his possessions before his execution.
Wow, a werewolf treasure I thiought. I wanted to know mroe about the werewolf. Here's a modernized version of the pamphlet that was handed out in Engliand, about the werewolf trial:
A true Discourse.
Declaring the damnable life and death of one Stubbe Peeter, a most wicked Sorcerer, who in the likeness of a Woolfe committed many murders, continuing this devilish practice 25 Years, killing and devouring Men, Women, and Children. Who for the same fact was taken and executed the 31st of October last past in the town of Bedbur [Bedburg] near the City of Collin [Cologne, Köln] in  Germany.

Truly translated out of the high Dutch, according to the copy printed in Collin, brought over into England by George Bores ordinary post, the 11th day of this present month of June 1590, who did both see and hear the same. AT LONDON Printed for Edward Venge, and are to be sold in Fleet Street at the sign of the Vine. A most true discourse, declaring the life and death of one Stubbe Peeter, being a most wicker [sic] sorcerer. Those whom the Lord doth leave to follow the imagination of their own hearts, despising his proffered grace, in the end through the hardness of heart and contempt of his fatherly mercy, they enter the right path to perdition and destruction of body and soul for ever: as in this present history in perfect sort may be seen, the strangeness whereof, together with the cruelties committed, and the long time therein continued, may drive many in doubt whether the same be truth or no, and the rather fore that sundry false and fabulous matters have heretofore passed in print, which hath wrought much incredulity in the hearts of all men generally, insomuch that now of days few things do escape be it never so certain, but that it is embased by the term of a lie or false report.

In the reading of this story, therefore I do first request reformation of opinion, next patience to peruse it, because it is published for example's sake, and lastly to
censure thereof as reason and wisdom doth think convenient, considering the
subtlety that Satan useth to work the soul's destruction, and the great matters
which the accursed practice of sorcery doth effect, the fruits whereof is death and
destruction for ever, and yet in all ages practiced by the reprobate and wicked of
the earth, some in one sort and some in another even as the Devil giveth promise
to perform. But of all other that ever lived, none was comparable unto this Hell
hound, whose tyranny and cruelty did well declare he was of his father the devil,
who was a murderer from the beginning, whose life and death and most bloody
practices the discourse doth make just report.

In the towns of Cperadt and Bedbur near Collin in high Germany, there was continually brought up and nourished one Stubbe Peeter, who from his youth was greatly inclined to evil and the practicing of wicked arts even from twelve years of age till twenty, and so forwards till his dying day, insomuch that surfeiting in the damnable desire of magic, necromancy, and sorcery, acquainting himself with many infernal spirits and fiends, insomuch tat forgetting the God that made him, and that Savior that shed his blood man man's redemption: In the end, careless of salvation gave both soul and body to the Devil for ever, for small carnal pleasure in this life, that he might be famous and spoken of on earth, though he lost heaven thereby. The Devil, who hath a ready ear to listen to the lewd motions of cursed men, promised to give him whatsoever his heart desired during his mortal life:  whereupon this vile wretch neither desired riches nor promotion, nor was his fancy satisfied with any external or outward pleasure, but having a tyrannous heart and a most cruel bloody mind, requested that at his pleasure he might work his malice on men, women, and children, in the shape of some beast, whereby he might live without dread or danger of life, and unknown to be the executor of any bloody enterprise which he meant to commit.

              The Devil, who saw him a fit instrument to perform mischief as a wicked fiend
              pleased with the desire of wrong and destruction, gave unto him a girdle which,
              being put around him, he was straight transformed into the likeness of a greedy,
              devouring wolf, strong and mighty, with eyes great and large, which in the night
              sparkled like unto brands of fire, a mouth great and wide, with most sharp and
              cruel teeth, a huge body and mighty paws. And no sooner should he put off the
              same girdle, but presently he should appear in his former shape, according to the
              proportion of a man, as if he had never been changed.

              Stubbe Peeter herewith was exceedingly well pleased, and the shape fitted his
              fancy and agreed best with his nature, being inclined to blood and cruelty.
              Therefore, satisfied with this strange and devilish gift, for that it was not
              troublesome nor great in carriage, but that it might be hidden in a small room, he
              proceeded to the execution of sundry most heinous and vile murders; for if any
              person displeased him, he would incontinent thirst for revenge, and no sooner
              should they or any of theirs walk abroad in the fields or about the city, but in the
              shape of a wolf he would presently encounter them, and never rest till he had
              plucked out their throats and tear their joints asunder. And after he had gotten a
              taste hereof, he took such pleasure and delight in shedding of blood, that he would
              night and day walk the fields and work extreme cruelties. And sundry times he
              would go through the streets of Collin, Bedbur, and Cperadt, in comely habit, and
              very civilly, as one well known to all the inhabitants thereabout, and oftentimes was
              he saluted of those whose friends and children he had butchered, though nothing
              suspected for the same. In these places, I say, he would walk up and down, and if
              he could spy either maid, wife, or child that his eyes liked or his heart lusted after,
              he would wait their issuing out of the city or town. If he could by any means get
              them alone, he would in the fields ravish them, and after in his wolfish likeness
              cruelly murder them.

              Yea, often it came to pass that as he walked abroad in the fields, if he chanced to
              spy a company of maidens playing together or else a milking their kine, in his
              wolfish shape he would incontinent run among them, and while the rest escaped by
              flight, he would be sure to lay hold of one, and after his filthy lust fulfilled, he would
              murder her presently. Beside, if he had liked or known any of them, look who he
              had a mind unto, her he would pursue, whether she were before or behind, and
              take her from the rest, for such was his swiftness of foot while he continued a wolf
              that he would outrun the swiftest greyhound in that country; and so much he had
              practiced this wickedness that the whole province was feared by the cruelty of this
              bloody and devouring wolf.

              Thus continuing his devilish and damnable deeds within the compass of a few
              years, he had murdered thirteen young children, and two goodly young women big
              with child, tearing the children out of their wombs, in most bloody and savage sort,
              and after ate their hearts panting hot and raw, which he accounted dainty morsels
              and best agreeing to his appetite.

              Moreover, he used many times to kill lambs and kids and such like beasts, feeding
              on the same most usually raw and bloody, as if he had been a natural wolf indeed,
              so that all men mistrusted nothing less than this his devilish sorcery.

              He had at that time living a fair young damsel to his daughter, after whom he also
              lusted must unnaturally, and cruelly committed most wicked incest with her, a most
              gross and vile sin, far surmounting adultery or fornication, though the least of the
              three doth drive the soul into hell fire, except hearty repentance, and the great
              mercy of God. This daughter of his he begot when he was not altogether so
              wickedly given, who was called by the name of Stubbe Beell, whose beauty and
              good grace was such as deserved commendations of all those that knew her. And
              such was his inordinate lust and filthy desire toward her, that he begat a child by
              her, daily using her as his concubine; but as an insatiate and filthy beast, given over
              to work evil, with greediness he also lay by his own sister, frequenting her
              company long time, even according as the wickedness of his heart led him.

              Moreover, being on a time sent for to a gossip of his there to make merry and
              good cheer, ere he thence departed he so won the woman by his fair and flattering
              speech, and so much prevailed, that ere he departed the house, he lay by her, and
              ever after had her company at his command. This woman had to name Katherine
              Trompin, a woman of tall and comely stature of exceeding good favor and one that
              was well esteemed among her neighbors. But his lewd and inordinate lust being not
              satisfied with the company of many concubines, nor his wicked fancy contented
              with the beauty of any woman, at length the Devil sent unto him a wicked spirit in
              the similitude and likeness of a woman, so fair of face and comely of personage,
              that she resembled rather some heavenly Helfin than any mortal creature, so far her
              beauty exceeded the choicest sort of women; and with her, as with his heart's
              delight, he kept company the space of seven years, though in the end she proved
              and was found indeed no other than a she-Devil.

              Notwithstanding, this lewd sin of lechery did not any thing assuage his cruel and
              bloody mind, but continuing an insatiable bloodsucker, so great was the joy he
              took therein, that he accounted no day spent in pleasure wherein he had not shed
              some blood, not respecting so much who he did murder, as how to murder and
              destroy them, as the matter ensuing doth manifest, which may stand for a special
              note of a cruel and hard heart. For, having a proper youth to his son, begotten in
              the flower and strength of his age, the first fruit of his body, in whom he took such
              joy that he did commonly call him his heart's ease, yet so far his delight in murder
              exceeded the joy he took in his son, that thirsting after his blood, on a time he
              enticed him into the fields, and from thence into a forest hard by, where, making
              excuse to stay about the necessaries of nature, while the young man went forward,
              incontinent in the shape and likeness of a wolf he encountered his own son and
              there most cruelly slew him, which done, he presently ate the brains out of his head
              as a most savory and dainty delicious mean to staunch his greedy appetite: the
              most monstrous act that ever man heard of, for never was known a wretch from
              nature so far degenerate.

              Long time he continued his vile and villainous life, sometime in the likeness of a
              wolf, sometime in the habit of a man, sometime in the towns and cities, and
              sometimes in the woods and thickets to them adjoining, whereas the Dutch copy
              maketh mention, he on a time met with two men and one woman, whom he greatly
              desired to murder, and the better to bring his devilish purpose to effect, doubting
              by them to be overmatched and knowing one of them by name, he used this policy
              to bring them to their end. In subtle sort he conveyed himself far before them in
              their way and craftily couched out of the sight; but as soon as they approached
              near the place where he lay, he called one of them by his name. The party, hearing
              himself called once or twice by his name, supposing it was some familiar friend that
              in jesting sort stood out of his sight, went from his company toward the place from
              whence the voice proceeded, of purpose to see who it was; but he was no sooner
              entered within the danger of this transformed man, but incontinent he was
              murdered in the place; the rest of his company staying for him, expecting still his
              return, but finding his stay over long, the other man left the woman and went to
              look him, by which means the second man was also murdered. The woman then
              seeing neither of both return again, in heart suspected that some evil had fallen
              upon them, and therefore, with all the power she had, she sought to save herself by
              flight, though it nothing prevailed, for, good soul, she was also soon overtaken by
              this light-footed wolf, whom, when he had first deflowered, he after most cruelly
              murdered. The men were after found mangled in the wood, but the woman's body
              was never after seen, for she the caitiff had most ravenously devoured, whose flesh
              he esteemed both sweet and dainty in taste.

              Thus this damnable Stubbe Peeter lived the term of five and twenty years,
              unsuspected to be author of so many cruel and unnatural murders, in which time he
              had destroyed and spoiled an unknown number of men, women, and children,
              sheep, lambs, and goats, and other cattle; for, when he could not through the
              wariness of people draw men, women, or children in his danger, then, like a cruel
              and tyrannous beast, he would work his cruelty on brute beasts in most savage
              sort, and did act more mischief and cruelty than would be credible, although high
              Germany hath been forced to taste the truth thereof.

              By which means the inhabitants of Collin, Bedbur, and Cperadt, seeing themselves
              so grievously endangered, plagued, and molested by this greedy and cruel wolf,
              who wrought continual harm and mischief, insomuch that few or none durst travel
              to or from those places without good provision of defense, and all for fear of this
              devouring and fierce wolf, for oftentimes the inhabitants found the arms and legs of
              dead men, women, and children scattered up and down the fields, to their great
              grief and vexation of heart, knowing the same to be done by that strange and cruel
              wolf, whom by no means they could take or overcome, so that if any man or
              woman missed their child, they were out of hope ever to see it again alive,
              mistrusting straight that the wolf had destroyed it.

              And here is to be noted a most strange thing which setteth forth the great power
              and merciful providence of God to the comfort of each Christian heart. There were
              not long ago certain small children playing in a meadow together hard by the town,
              where also some store of kine were feeding, many of them having young calves
              sucking upon them. And suddenly among these children comes this vile wolf
              running and caught a pretty fine girl by the collar, with intent to pull out her throat;
              but such was the will of God, that the wolf could not pierce the collar of the child's
              coat, being high and very well stiffened and close clasped about her neck; and
              therewithal the sudden great cry of the rest of the children which escaped so
              amazed the cattle feeding by, that being fearful to be robbed of their young, they
              altogether came running against the wolf with such force that he was presently
              compelled to let go his hold and to run away to escape the danger of their horns;
              by which means the child was preserved from death, and, God be thanked,
              remains living at this day.

              An that this thing is true, Master Tice Artine, a brewer dwelling at Puddlewharfe in
              London, being a man of that country born, and one of good reputation and
              account, is able to justify, who is near kinsman to this child, and hath from thence
              twice received letters concerning the same; and for that the first letter did rather
              drive him into wondering at the act then yielding credit thereunto, he had shortly
              after, at request of his writing, another letter sent him, whereby he was more fully
              satisfied; and divers other persons of great credit in London hath in like sort
              received letters from their friends to the like effect.

              Likewise in the town of Germany aforesaid continual prayer was used unto God
              that it would please Him to deliver them from the danger of this greedy wolf.

              And, although they had practiced all the means that men could devise to take this
              ravenous beast, yet until the Lord had determined his fall, they could not in any
              wise prevail: notwithstanding, they daily continued their purpose, and daily sought
              to entrap him, and for that intent continually maintained great mastiffs and dogs of
              much strength to hunt and chase the beast. In the end, it pleased God, as they
              were in readiness and provided to meet with him, that they should espy him in his
              wolfish likeness at what time they beset him round about, and most circumspectly
              set their dogs upon him, in such sort that there was no means of escape, at which
              advantage they never could get him before; but as the Lord delivered Goliath into
              the hands of David, so was this wolf brought in danger of these men, who seeing,
              as I said before, no way to escape the imminent danger, being hardly pursued at
              the heels, presently slipped his girdle from about him, whereby the shape of a wolf
              clean avoided, and he appeared presently in his true shape and likeness, having in
              his hand a staff as one walking toward the city. But the hunters, whose eyes were
              steadfastly bent upon the beast, and seeing him in the same place metamorphosed
              contrary to their expectation, it wrought a wonderful amazement to their minds;
              and, had it not been that they knew the man so soon as they saw him, they had
              surely taken the same to have been some Devil in a man's likeness; but for as much
              as they knew him to be an ancient dweller in the town, they came unto him, and
              talking with him, they brought him by communication home to his own house, and
              finding him to be the man indeed, and no delusion or fantastical motion, they had
              him incontinent before the magistrates to be examined.

              Thus being apprehended, he was shortly after put to the rack in the town of
              Bedbur, but fearing the torture, he voluntarily confessed his whole life, and made
              known the villainies which he had committed for the space of 25 years; also he
              confessed how by sorcery he procured of the Devil a girdle, which being put on,
              he forthwith became a wolf, which girdle at his apprehension he confessed he cast
              it off in a certain valley and there left it, which, when the magistrates heard, they
              sent to the valley for it, but at their coming found nothing at all, for it may be
              supposed that it was gone to the Devil from whence it came, so that it was not to
              be found. For the Devil having brought the wretch to all the shame he could, left
              him to endure the torments which his deeds deserved.

              After he had some space been imprisoned, the magistrates found out through due
              examination of the matter, that his daughter Stubbe Beell and his gossip Katherine
              Trompin were both accessory to divers murders committed, who for the same as
              also for their lewd life otherwise committed, was arraigned, and with Stubbe
              Peeter condemned, and their several judgments pronounced the 28 of October
              1589, in this manner, that is to say: Stubbe Peeter as principal malefactor, was
              judged first to have his body laid on a wheel, and with red hot burning pincers in
              ten several places to have the flesh pulled off from the bones, after that, his legs
              and arms to be broken with a wooden ax or hatchet, afterward to have his head
              struck from his body, then to have his carcass burned to ashes.

              Also his daughter and his gossip were judged to be burned quick to ashes, the
              same time and day with the carcass of the aforesaid Stubbe Peeter. And on the
              31st of the same month, they suffered death accordingly in the town of Bedbur in
              the presence of many peers and princes of Germany.

              Thus, Gentle Reader, have I set down the true discourse of this wicked man Stub
              Peeter, which I desire to be a warning to all sorcerers and witches, which
              unlawfully follow their own devilish imagination to the utter ruin and destruction of
              their souls eternally, from which wicked and damnable practice, I beseech God
              keep all good men, and from the cruelty of their wicked hearts. Amen.

              After the execution, there was by the advice of the magistrates of the town of
              Bedbur a high pole set up and strongly framed, which first went through the wheel
              whereon he was broken, whereunto also it was fastened; after that a little above
              the wheel the likeness of a wolf was framed in wood, to show unto all men the
              shape wherein he executed those cruelties. Over that on the top of the stake the
              sorcerer's head itself was set up, and round about the wheel there hung as it were
              sixteen pieces of wood about a yard in length with represented the sixteen persons
              that was perfectly known to be murdered by him. And the same ordained to stand
              there for a continual monument to all ensuing ages, what murders by Stub Peeter
              was committed, with the order of his judgment, as this picture doth more plainly

              Witnesses that this is true: Tyse Artyne. William Brewar. Adolf Staedt. George
              Bores. With divers others that have seen the same.


Posted Jun 27, 2008, 4:02 pm
We drove back to Essen and stopped to take a look at the Mosel Valley and the vineyards there. Heavy storms were moving in from the north behind us. Look at the wind in my hair!

Posted Jul 6, 2008, 3:27 pm
We decided that is was boring at home and in the last nice days before the coming rain and cooler temperatures we should get out some. So drove over the Vosges into France.

Posted Jul 6, 2008, 3:33 pm
Our first stopp was this old mill in Eschviller.
The French have such beautiful flower arrangement in the towns.
From the car I saw these lazy white cows.

Posted Jul 6, 2008, 4:02 pm
We drove on to Bitche. It's built around a citadel that's about 80m above the town. The walk up was not easy.
When we walked toward the citadel we passed the city hall and were surprised to see real storchs nesting on top of it.
This is the view on Bitche from the citadel. A castle was built here in the 12th century by the dukes of Lorraine that passed to Eberhard I of Zweibrücken in 1297 as part of a marriage contract. When his line became extinct a few hundred years later it reverted to Lorraine and was captured by the French in the 17th century.
The citadel was first built in the 17th century by Vauban, but was rebuilt starting in 1740 by Cormontaigne.
It has a seperate, deep well inside and a bombsafe ring of the local sandstone. That way it held against Bavarian troups for 230 days, until the end of the war in 1870. There are movies about that.
the first gate, then a second gate with a draw-bridge in between.
Now it's a habitat for many insects and lizards.
Unfortunately the lizards didn't want to pose with me, but I asked for some of the photos of them to be added here anyway.

Posted Jul 7, 2008, 8:06 pm
We visited the city Zweibrücken. You already heard about their dukes owning this or that in my earlier updates. Well, this is their Herzogsschloss (Herzog = duke) from the back.
And this is me at the place in front of the city hall. The statue is of Bismark.
Here you can see a bit of the state stud farm of Rheinlandpfalz(that's the German state). It's very close to the city center.

Posted Jul 10, 2008, 2:56 pm
Tonight we heard many sirens and screeching tires and saw blue, blinking lights outside the window. Hopefully nothing really bad happened there.

Posted Jul 18, 2008, 10:52 am
I am now in Essen and we're busy packing the suitcases and buying some small stuff we still need. Bye for now! I'll update again when we're back in Germany!

Posted Aug 10, 2008, 11:51 am
We wanted to go to Anso Lazio again today, but the other way around the island this time. The bus ride wasn't as long. It ended half way up the mountain. We climbed the rest of the way and saw some houses, the many plants and small springs. Just over the top we were rewarded with a view of Aride in the distance.

Posted Aug 10, 2008, 12:12 pm
Anse Lazio:
A small farm:
Finally there:

Posted Aug 10, 2008, 12:27 pm
From Praslin we'd flown to Mahé and there we checked in to fly to Dubai in the middle of the night. In the morning we were in Duabi airport. We did a little shopping and got some breakfast before we suddenly saw that our flight was boarding and had 'final call'. We rushed through half the airport only to have to stand in line and then wait in a small overcrowded waiting area to get on the bus and drive quite a long way to our plane. *Someone* wanted to cheat me out of my window seat, but in the end I had a nice view of the airport and could even see some of the desert through the window.
I settled down for a bit of rest until we could see Germany below us and had to get ready for landing.

Posted Aug 12, 2008, 9:15 am
We had to go to Düsseldorf to catch our first plane which took us to Dubai. I can't tell you much more because for this part of the trip, I was mostly sleeping in the suitcase.

Posted Aug 12, 2008, 9:18 am
In Dubai we changed planes and it took nearly 5 more hours to fly to Mahé, the main island of Seychelles.

Posted Aug 12, 2008, 9:22 am
We arrived at Mahé early in the morning and I was glad to get out. We just spent the day relaxing. we found that the food on offer here is much different from Europe.

Posted Aug 12, 2008, 9:30 am
We live in a self-catering house and it has a private beach that we went to today.
We have to be careful not to get sunburnt!

Posted Aug 13, 2008, 11:52 am
Today the weather is warm but not beach-sunny so we are going to explore the island a bit. We're going to drive to the west coast. Here we are still on the east coast, doing our very own version of 'drive-by shootings'.

There are abount 5-7, depending on which size you count, different mountain roads that allow you to traverse the island. They are very narrow and esp. the bus drivers drive them very fast and not only on their side of the road, either, so it was a bit scary because on the one side there are the huge granite rocks and on the other it goes down without guard rail or even a tiny side-strip.
The mountains go up to around 900m and have a real rain forest.

We're through! This is Boileau Bay.

Posted Aug 13, 2008, 12:20 pm
We wanted to get to a marine national park at Port Launay so we took the coastal (not that there is any other) road north.

Grand Anse and Île aux Vaches:

Port Glaud:
the Sundown restaurant:
A little boutique and grocery store. Small ones like this are all along the roads.
a very nice garden
In front of Port Glaud there's Thérèse Island and the smaller L'Islette.

Posted Aug 13, 2008, 6:30 pm
After all my adventures I am going back home for a bit. I can't wait to see my family again!

Posted Aug 13, 2008, 6:50 pm
The road led through some mangrove areas.

We drove up until Cap Mantoopa where the road ends at a youth village that borders on Baie Ternay, a nature reserve, on the other side. The children of the island all spend some time here in the summer.

We turned back a bit to find the best place to go to the beach at Port Launay Marine National Park.

We looked for a dry and not too sandy place in the shade to relax a bit. These roads are very curvy and narrow in places.

Then we made your way back. Days are relatively short this close to the equator. At 5 p.m. it already starts to get dark.
Back to the east coast.

We wanted to do some more shopping. Fresh fruit and also fish are often sold in small amouts (extras from the garden or the day's catch).

North again to the capital: Victoria

Posted Aug 13, 2008, 7:23 pm
Victoria is the capital of Seychelles. It has ca. 60 000 inhabitants, the only traffic light on Mahé (Praslin has one at the airport that warns cars when a plane is landing, I rather doubt that there are any others), no parking garage and most shops close at 5 p.m.

This is the clock tower in the modern center of Victoria. It was erected in 1903, the year when Seychelles became a colony of the UK, instead of just a province of the colony Maritius. It's a smaller copy of a clock tower that was built in London a few years earlier.
It has become the symbol of Victoria. It strikes the hour twice, with one minute in between.

the postoffice:

palace of justice, also called Victoria house, it was built as the New Oriental bank in the late 19th century:

Seychelles emblem in front of the ministry of finance:

There are a number of shops for clothes and a big supermarket (for these islands) but all in all the choice is very limited. 2 or 3 different kinds of instant milk, 3 different kinds of rice, 2 different types of pasta, 3 different kinds of totmato sauce, 2 different juices...

Posted Aug 26, 2008, 6:25 pm
Today we had dinner at the Carefree Restaurant. We were the only guests, but we had great service and food.
We had the nice lady show us which fish she had to offer today.
A 3 D map of the island Mahé:
We are here:
Lot's of money, the official certificates and private photos.
The food:
fresh lobster
fish kebab
caramelized bananas and vanilla ice-cream
We're full!

Posted Aug 26, 2008, 6:28 pm
We watched the fruit bats today. In German they are called 'Flughunde' (flying dogs) because they aren't actually closely related to bats. They live in all the tress here and make holes into the fruit to eat them and leave the rind/nut.... They are very loud and seem to fight among themselves for the best places to sleep. They are most active at dusk.

Posted Aug 27, 2008, 9:48 pm
We spent the day at our beach.

Do you think the snail likes me?

Posted Aug 28, 2008, 2:12 pm
Here I am at a craft village where souvenirs are handmade and sold.
We then drove to Anse à la mouche once more

and to Anse Boileau.

Posted Aug 29, 2008, 12:15 pm
Josh arrived at home today. I wanna thank you all for the great updates and hosting me!

Hugs Josh

Posted Aug 30, 2008, 12:21 pm
We wanted to visit the tea plantation up in the mountains today.
This is the view going up the road above Victoria.
Here we are at the ruins of a boys' school run by monks. When there are no clouds one has a beautiful view but the mountains were hanging int he clouds once again giving the ruins a haunted atmosphere.
We walked around a little way through the forest. Sometimes on can see only outlines in the fog.

Next we drove to the tea factory. We could already see the tea fields passing by.
We wanted to have some tea. It was 3:30 and they were supposed to be open until 4, but...time is relative here and the ladies were closing up the tea room already and the truck with the workers from the tea factory left when we arrived.
We just had a quick look around and then drove on.
A few people were still working at planting new fields.
We found a great point for a view of the next bay and the small islands before it. It was sunny but the light was filtered by the trees and then by the camera.

We drove up to Port Claud. Here's the church. They'd just had a funeral and we saw the procession. People weren't dressed darkly but in their sunday best with hats and flower prints.

Posted Aug 30, 2008, 3:48 pm
We decided to spend our last day on this island at our beach. By now the water was very low.
All this was underwater before.
The rocks are great if you don't want to get wet.
We walked out quite some way, as the water was so low. There are some deeper pools inbetween. One can find all kinds of animals between the seagrass, in the sand and corals. Grey herons like that, too.
a sea-cucumber
What's this?
a sea star with little spikes like a hedgehog.

One last exploration of the area around the house: This is the road that runs along our garden. On the other side there's a little stream, hidden by all the high grass. It runs through and over the big rocks.
There are a few more houses behind ours. They are head to see by daylight because the rule is that a building may only be as high as the vegetation around it. By night one can see all the lights and see how many houses there are all along the side of the mountains. To stop the building of more houses there, there's the Eden project. The made an island close to the shore not far from Victoria. It's called Eden island and will be comploetely covered with villas, small appartment buildings with big appartments, parks and sports facilities. We saw the advertisements and the on going work.
After packing our bags we relaxed a bit in the garden and enjoyed the sun.


Posted Sep 6, 2008, 3:17 pm
Today we took a little island-hopper, a propellor plane that flies between the different islands of Seychelles, one like this.
It only has place for 20 passengers. We were sitting all the way in the back, next to the emergency exit and could still see what the pilots were doing.
On the runway
We had a good view of some of the small sattelite islands arouns Mahé.
We're landing on Praslin:

Then we needed to relax a little after the short drive to our house.

We had a look at the beach across the street from the house. Teh weather wasn't that good (again) but we had fun.
We could see Cousin and Cousine, two privately owned islands.
We walked some way intot both directions and found the black pearl near the airport.
Directly in front of that is the runway of the small airport.
We walked back along the road. That works much more nicely here than on Mahé. We saw lots of little and big crabs next to the road.

Posted Sep 6, 2008, 3:55 pm
This morning we got ready and then went to the bus stop. The bus-ride took quite a long time. It was very full with both tourists and natives, most going to the other side of the island.
We drove over the mountain, through the Unesco protected Val de Mai. That was a bit scary because it was steep and there were many curves.
We arrived at Baie St. Anne on the other side and then turned east toward the port to La Digue. There the bus turned around again and we drove toward the west and the most touristy beaches: Anse volbert and Anse Lazio.
Here we are still on our way, looking out of the window of the bus at La Digue.
We got out at the last stop. We wanted to go to Anse Lazio, btu the last part of the way is so steep, that the bus won't drive there. I had to try my best to keep and and couldn't take any mroe pictures before we got over the first incline.
This bay belongs to a hotel.
Walking down was also exhausting.
Only a few more meters...
Now, to find a nice place in the shade.
Here's good.
Isn't she a beauty?
Lot's of people had photo sessions on these:

I also got to go snorkeling. The camera we had wasn't very good, though, so the pictures aren't even half as clear or colorful, as the real experience.

Posted Sep 6, 2008, 4:11 pm
A few last pictures of our house and garden:
We had a jambose rouge tree in the garden. The birds seemed to like it a lot.

Posted Sep 6, 2008, 4:13 pm
Unfortunately it's time to leave Seychelles now. We were booked on the 7:30 p.m. flight from Praslin to Mahé, the last one of the day, and then on the machine from Mahé to Dubai at 1:35 a.m. and on to Düsseldorf at about 8:40 a.m. That was the plan.
When we went to check-in at Praslin we were already told, that due to bad weathe in Mahé our flight would be delyed to about 8 p.m. No problem, we bought a few last souvenirs and settled down in the tiny airport and watched to opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing. Then it got later and later and no plane arrived. At about 9 p.m. we were told the plane had taken off from Mahé only to be informed 20 min later, that due to technical problems, they had to turn around.
It was much later that our little propellor plane finally arrived and even later that we could get on and take off. You see that the boarding pass here is just a plastic cards that's reusable. This way, people for the different take-off times are differentiated by color. Ours was green.


Posted Sep 6, 2008, 4:13 pm n j
Unfortunately it's time to leave Seychelles now. We were booked on the 7:30 p.m. flight from Praslin to Mahé, the last one of the day, and then on the machine from Mahé to Dubai at 1:35 a.m. and on to Düsseldorf at about 8:40 a.m. That was the plan.
When we went to check-in at Praslin we were already told, that due to bad weathe in Mahé our flight would be delayed to about 8 p.m. No problem, we bought a few last souvenirs and settled down in the tiny airport and watched to opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing. Then it got later and later and no plane arrived. At about 9 p.m. we were told the plane had taken off from Mahé only to be informed 20 min later, that due to technical problems, they had to turn around.
It was much later that our little propellor plane finally arrived and even later that we could get on and take off. You see that the boarding pass here is just a plastic cards that's reusable. This way, people for the different take-off times are differentiated by color. Ours was green.


Posted Sep 23, 2008, 6:05 pm
This is so great! I heard Eva organised a 'challenge' and asked me if i want to join that. I said yes, because i'm becoming restless of being home. It's time for me to travel again :D

Hugs Josh

Posted Oct 17, 2008, 10:31 pm

I'm going on a mission again. Today i'm leaving my home, and i have no idea were i'm going to. I'm so excited!

Big hugs Josh

Posted Oct 28, 2008, 2:24 am
Hi mom! I've arrived in Orange, it's quite hot here... so very dry... so I'm staying by the air conditioner for a little while... I'll update again soon, after a little nap... miss you!

Posted Nov 1, 2008, 3:09 pm
Today we all went to the dog park... it was VERY warm today, it was around 95' degrees in Sydney but they have the wind from the ocean when there is any... we are more inland and no rain so it was very very hot outside... we decided to take the dog to the dog park and just let her run like crazy... here I am at the dog park... you can see the dog, and Sara's husband Daniel were getting quite the workout... I'm not in the photos because Sara was zoomed in quite a distance... in the first picture you see that huge hill? They were up there when the photos were taken... pretty crazy the distance her camera can zoom in...

...and here's a picture of her 6-month old beagle puppy called Anni... isn't she cute?

Posted Nov 1, 2008, 3:37 pm
Well after the long day at the dog park (even a few hours felt like much longer in that heat) we celebrated Halloween... Sara got some candy for her, Daniel and us to share... Halloween isn't as widely celebrated down here as - nothing like it is in America. We've never gotten trick-or-treaters... in the bigger cities and suburbs they do sometimes but nothing like in America so no worry about that here... we just sat down ate some nice candy, burned the jack-o-lantern and watched scary movies... :-)
...there was some pretty scary looking candy... there was gummy vampire tounges, gummi eye balls, that looked really realistic... freaky!... some skeleton lollipops and some marshmallow scary creatures like a witch, a vampire, a skeleton and a pumpkin... it was quite yummy! I hope you had a good Halloween mom! :-)

Posted Nov 1, 2008, 4:00 pm
Today was a nice day, much cooler than the past days so Sara decided to take us all to the park... she went to a park that wasn't as full of people since they stopped off at Cook Park and it was packed because of a wedding so we went to a much smaller park called Memory Park... Sara swore it was called Moulder Park... but apparently not... it's really nice and green isn't it?

...we also got to see some strange looking beetles... they kind of look like they have a tribal shield thing on their back don't they? Well, they're harmless so we left them alone... :-)

I've only been here a few days but sorry for not really updating earlier, Sara's been trying to get over this cough she has so all of the toyvoyagers are staying together and just having a chat and resting a lot... it seems a bit too hot to do much else... but Sara says were going to be going to Dubbo next week, and then Sydney the week after... it's going to be a busy next few weeks... write again soon mom! Miss you!

Posted Nov 1, 2008, 4:15 pm
Sara decided to show me around her house today... she told me that it's not as clean as she would like it too but it's hard to keep it so clean with a husband and a 2-year old... but just cope with me. :-) So here are the photos...

This is the front door... facing the front door anyways, and were standing in the front door of the actual house... this room is the sun room where Andrew (Sara's young child) plays... you can even see the dogs tail at the bottom of the picture... hehe

When you turn around you enter the living room, this is what you see when you enter the living room... it's the TV and the mouse mansion and a hallway which you can't see would be on the right of the picture... that leads to the two bedrooms (Andrew's bedroom is straight ahead and Sara and Daniel's is to the left... then a hallway to the right)...

...turning around this is what the other side of the living room looks like... you've got the TV, an air conditioner in the corner and the top of the dog's kennel...

...right next to where we came into the house if you turn right is Daniel's office straight ahead, which would normally be a dining room but has been changed into an office... and then you turn right again and your facing the kitchen... can't tell while were taking photos but I think her dog likes me... she's been following us around the house... crazy puppy...

...walking into the kitchen this is what you see...

...and you turn around and this is what it looks like facing out of the kitchen... going towards the bedroom... Andrew is asleep so we won't be seeing that but lets have a look in Sara's room... this is what you see a little bit into the doorway... Sara recently redid the bedroom so it's all nice and matching - Sara really likes it... :-)

...and this is facing the opposite side of the room, the wardrobe that they use... it used to be this huge dark colored one that Sara and Daniel had to entirely dismantle to get out of the house, there was an identical one in the hallway, which you'll see soon...

...on Daniel's side of the bed, this shows that Sara's a bit strange... she has a wind sock... a scarecrow windsock... she bought it when she was in America and hung it up in Andrew's room and it started to get ruined in there so she moved it into her room... crazy isn't she? :-) walking straight ahead out the door this is what the hallway looks like... this is actually the wardrobe that was in the room... the identical one got put in the garage in the back yard part of the house... but this is actually facing the opposite direction from where we are going next...

...going through the hallway the back part of the house is separated into three different rooms, the shower and sink, the toilet, and the laundry room... here's the shower...

...we'll skip the toilet, and here's the laundry room and back door of the house...

Well... that's where I'm living right now, it's not the greatest but it's home... :-)  It's an old home that looks identical to others down the street, there's a huge company down the street that's called Electrolux.. maybe you've heard of it? They make vacuums, fridges and freezers, and a whole bunch of stuff like that. It used to be an ammunition factory in World War II and all the houses were built for the employees... so the house was built in the 1940's and a lot of it is the same including the hills hoist in the backyard and there's even an outdoor toilet... well, I hope you enjoyed the little tour through my temporary home... write again soon mom! :-)

Posted Nov 1, 2008, 4:32 pm
Sara decided to kill two birds with one stone and got some pictures of her pets too... she has a zoo... literally... Daniel deals with all the animals and loves animals but doesn't admit it sometimes... hehe Sara is a huge animal lover if you can't tell... well here we go... you've met her dog, Anni... she's a 6-month old beagle and she's quite hyper and seems to bark a lot sometimes which drives Sara and Daniel insane... hehe... they just hope she'll grow out of it... :-) stop were the mice... Sara has 6 mice that live in a mouse mansion near the TV... their names are moo, little foot, charlotte, choc chip, puff and fluff... :-) they're all sleeping now though... they seem to be quite active at night... :-)

...Sara also has a bunch of fish... the tank needs a water change as it hasn't been done for about a week so that's due... but one big thing you can see is a huge sucker fish sucking on the drift wood in the tank, there are also a couple barbs, platties, a swordtail, a guppy (they have no luck with guppies), some loaches, another suckerfish that's much smaller called a bristlenose which is related to the bigger suckerfish but not the same... most of the fish you see are platties though - they had babies right after they got them - one of the momma fish had 26 babies... seriously, it was amazing... that's why they all look the same too - hehe..

okay, now were moving onto a bigger cage... Sara has a whole bunch of finches... everything from star finches, gouldian finches, spice finches, society finches, diamond doves, button quails and zebra finches... all but the soiety finches are Australian finches... society finches are the only finches that cannot be found in the wild... they're good in bird aviary's because they raise babies that other parents might give up on, like gouldians and star finches which are hard to have not abandon their nests they're quite timid and easy to scare... now the first picture is the gouldian finches, there threatened in the wild because of deforestation... quite sad really... Sara actually has a pair that have been sitting in the box nest for over a week, she's thinking they may have eggs but isn't going to check... are the star finches... they're up in Northern Queensland and quite uncommon in the wild as well... there are different varieties so there's the yellow face and the red face... Sara has a bit of both of them - one of her star finches - called Peep is actually seen singing in this video he's got a different song to the other star finches... which normally sound like this... you can also see the birds flying around in her aviary and Frank at the end with an egg... :-/ are the society finches... which are the newest addition to the aviary - they were at the pet store for like 2-3 months because no one wanted them because they weren't "pretty" enough for people to pay money. Kind of sad because they're great birds to have, they're very peaceful... see the bigger bird on the perch? That's a diamond dove, they're not much larger than a finch... they're the world's smallest dove... very peaceful birds... :-)

...the little brown finch in the middle is a spice finch... also known as a nutmeg finch they're quite vocal in the morning otherwise are very quiet birds and seem to bond really well with the star finches and you'll find them all cuddling up next to the star finches... for the main flying birds... these are the zebra finches... very VERY common you pretty much find them in every pet store everywhere because they're easy to breed... Sara's bred a few of them... and some of the males and females are children of some of the older zebra finches... there are a few that just recently came out of the nest... if you look you can see them - they're the ones with the darker beaks... :-)

...and last but not least if you look at the bottom of the aviary there are two button quails... they're also good in aviary's because they pick up dropped seeds and everything... they fly when they're startled but otherwise they don't... they also will crow like a chicken... quite loud as well and it's kind of random when they do it - kind of surprising because of how small they are... :-)

I think that just proved how much of a zoo Sara really does have... well I hope you enjoyed reading about her beloved pets... :-) Write again soon mom! <3

Posted Nov 9, 2008, 8:51 am
As you may or may not have known Sara took us all to Dubbo today for a whole bunch of jobs she had to complete. She did it today instead of Friday, in which it was originally planned for... they decided after they got the jobs done to go to the Old Dubbo Gaol which she had never been to before... so this was totally new to her... it's quite a historic little piece of work right in the middle of town... so it's time to go and find out what this little (or not so little) museum is all about...

After Sara paid for our admittance into the museum (thankfully it didn't cost anything for all of us to come along - although we stayed in the bag most of the time... Sara will show you what we saw along the way... here I am with the map of the gaol and the self guided tour information was on the back... I'll read it out to you as we go through the gaol...

Once we entered the main gate we turned around and got a photo, it's called the "West Main Gate", this is what the self guided tour map and information told us about it...
This section was completed in 1887. The main timber gates are the original gates and many of the wooden pavers are original. Note the small gate within the iron gate. This is where prisoners and visitors would have entered the Gaol until 1929 when it was replaced by the Eastern entrance.

...The guy in the office told us to first go to what was called the "Infirmary" or the hospital of the old gaol, when we walked in we heard this voice... it was an old goast of the gaol he told us about the gaol and what we can find there... it was really interesting to learn about it... kind of freaky too..

When we turned we saw there were some paint scrapings... so what is the significance of that you may wonder? Well, they scraped away the paint to show the original paint, which was the orange/red colored paint, then through the years they painted it the other different colors than you can see... this is what that sign says next to it...
Paint Scrapings were carried out to identify previous colour schemeds used in the Gaol. Peeling back the paint has revealed the following sequence of colours and possible dates.
1970's Pale Green
1940/50's Pink
1930's Emerald green above and below a cream line
1880's Red and Orange with a stone color above a black line

Next stop off was the Vegetable and Food store, which was right next to the infirmary...
In 1885 the prison diet consisted of wheat bread, an overcooked mixture of maize meal, vegetables and meat juices, known as hominy. As a minor gaol, prisoners at Dubbo were allocated a different diet to those of the larger labour prisons with less meat (1/4lb on Wednesdays and Sundays served with rice). Prisoners also received a ration of salt, sugar and soap. Bread and water was considered a low diet and issued for punishment or when ill. From the late 1890's the produce from the vegetable garden was storedhere for use in the kitchen next door.
This area originally housed the Gaol's kitchen. There were two prisoners who worked as "Cooks Assistants" under lock and key. All meals were prepared here and then issued to prisoners in their cells.

Finally out of the first area of the gaol, it's time to move onto the more interesting areas of the gaol... we got to see the original gaol bell, which is located on the northern end of the building. When the gaol was closed in 1966 the bell was used at Newnes Prison Farm. It was returned in 1974, restored and re-erected in it's original place...

Next stop is the prisons well, this was used by on average 2-4 prisoners at a time that were responsible for pumping and distributing water throughout the gaol... this is what the plaque said right above the well...
In 1865, when the gaol was a 'holding lockup', consisting of a construction of some eight cells, the prisoners had no water supply in the existing gaol and were obligated to borrow water from a property close to Dubbo, hauling the barrels by bullock dray. However, due to severe drought, the property owner objected to supplying water as there was insufficent quantities for his own use. The then Member for Dubbo, Mr. George W. Lord, wrote to the Minister for Public Works, requesting a well be sunk in the gaol yard.

Now the next stop on the self guided tour was something that was originally not part of the Dubbo Gaol, but something that was used during the time that the Gaol was opened, and it is dated back to the early 1900's it's the portable cell...
Originally from the Pilliga region, this is a typical example of the portable cells that were commonly used across the state, particularly in the far western areas. This size is also similar to the original first lock up in Dubbo in 1848.

Right next to the portable cell was a washtub and a vegetable garden...
Prison reforms in the late 1890's resulted in the development of prison vegetable gardens and farms at most NSW prisons. They were part of an agriculture training program designed to give prisoners a specialised skill for later employment. This garden is a reconstruction of where it is believed once stood the original vegetable garden. There is also a suggestion that area outside of the walls was also converted for vegetable production.

A formal garden also existed outside the hospital block. Both were maintained by prisoners as part of their daily work.

Next were ready to get into the more interesting areas of the gaol, the actual cells and dark rooms, and all that interesting stuff... welcome to the male division...
The entrance of the cellblock is the oldest portion of the gaol. It was built in 1871 and initially housed the warden, his family and four cells. The building now comprises 14 cells of differing sizes and two dark cells, used for solitary confinement.

Next stop were the dark cells, or also known as the solitary confinement cells... they were totally black, even the walls were painted in black and there was a sound of some chains dragging along the ground when you walked in there... really quite eerie when you think about it... this is what it looked like by using the flash... Sara read a plaque that said that prisoners that were put in solitary confinement for as much as 21 days let out once a week for a nice meal before being put back into the dark cells. It also said that prisoners would tear off a button and throw it against a wall, and then search around in the pitch black cells to find it, and then throw it again as a game to keep themselves from going crazy...
The use of the solitary confinement in dark cells was officially discontinued in 1896. However, there is evidence that it, and the use of the mouth gag, was still practiced in 1900 in Goulburn Gaol despite being considered inhumane.

As you enter the long hallway with all the cells, the first cell on the right side was known as the Condemned cell...
In this cell there was an animatronic character that was called Thomas Moore, who was one of the prisoners that were convicted and put to death at this gaol. His death was actually one of the deaths that was quite memorable for the people witnessing, he was 67 when he was executed and it was said his head was "removed" from his body when he fell through the trap door of the gallows. Quite shocking.

There were three cells that showed normal prisoner conditions during the times that the gaol was opened, there were times that the gaol was so full that they had three or more prisoners in each cell... this picture you only see one prisoner, but there were two others in the corner and three beds side by side. The beds were literally just wooden planks, and quite uncomfortable I'm sure...

In the next cell was something they commonly used as a punishment (one of the many forms) used mainly during the 1880's... the whipping stool... there was even a painting above it representing the times it was used...
The whipping stool was used in both regional and city gaols throughout the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth centuries. The prisoner lay across the stool and his wrists and ankles were manacled to the device. This prevented the prisoner from moving or resisting the punishment. Prisoners were then flogged using a leather tawse. Flogging could occur as part of the punishment issued by the courts or be inflicted for misbehaviour once inside the gaol.

The next cell over was the one padded cell in the whole gaol, at least that's still as it was when the gaol was opened...
The padded cell was added in 1886 and was used to house violent and mentally ill inmates, known as lunatics. Records indicate that a 68-year-old labourer was imprisoned at Dubbo Gaol for over a year suffering from melancholia, an illness currently known as depression. By 1904 official documents noted that the "system of dealing with lunatics in goals was (still) unsatisfactory.

As were leaving the male division of the gaol you could almost miss the next exhibit, it was known as a watchman's telltale...
The small green metal Watchman's Telltale, located on the outside wall of the male cell block, was used as a security device. Wardens inserted a key into the aperture and wound up the spring within. If this procedure was not repeated on the hour, the spring unwound and set off an alarm bell, alarming the watch officer that either the warden had come to harm, or that he was not doing his duty. These were also located at the western end of the block, and the remand yards and outside the former library.

Throughout the museum if you look along the edges of the gaol, you can see statues of prisoners trying to escape over the walls of the prison...

...although that wasn't the best place to escape, as right near it was the Watchtower...
The watchtower dominates the north eastern corner of the Gaol. Wardens entered this tower from a flight of fifteen wooden steps outside the Gaol wall. Use of the tower was discontinued in the early part of the 20th century. Another watchtower existed in the southeast corner of the Gaol in the 1890's but all traces of this bulding have vanished. stop is the much smaller female division...
The small female area comprised of an exercise yard, covered shelter, clothing store, ablution block (bathroom), kitchen and two cells. The display shows the maximum capactiy of the female prisoners.

Within the female division was an area where you heard about the hangman, who had no nose, and the 8 men that were condemned to death at the Dubbo gaol, it was quite intereseting to listen to... next were going into what is known as the gallery of the condemned. This is where they have information about the men that had died, age, date of death, date condemned to death and the date they were executed with information about their crime...

...and there was information about the gallows that were used...
Eight men were hanged for murder in Dubbo Gaol between 1977 and 1904. One or two appear to have been ruthless and calculating murders. Others claimed to have killed in self-defence or in passion. But under the law at that time, no mitigating circumstances were recognised; the penalty for murder was death.

But was the penalty applied equality to all? All the hanged men were poor and uneducated; most beloged to minority groups, and prehaps it is no coincidence that they were often those most generally disliked at the time - Irish Catholics, Aboriginal people and the Chinese. They struggled to survive on the harsh margins of an alien society, with no influential friends, no money and no resources. Some may have been mentally ill.

Would they be convicted of murder today? The evidence against many of these men was only circumstantial - one was found with a dead man's possessions, another was the last man to be seen with the victim. There were rarely any witnesses, and community feeling ran high against them. In one case the policeman chose to pursue the offender rather than seek medical assistance for the victim. As a consequence the victim died adn the offender was charged with murder. Interestingly, in at least two cases, the community at the time thought that the punishment was unfair, and sought to save the condemned man. Today men and women are still found on Death Row all over the world. Do you think their deaths serve a worthwhile purpose?

Going back outside again, we got to see the exercise yards that were mentioned earlier in the self guided tour...
Male prisoners only used these yards. They were rquired to complete 1 hour of exercise per day and were separated by classification of crime and sentence. From 1934 prisoners were required to do their own laundry in exercise yard 1.

Another part of the museum that was hard to see unless you were really looking, the roll call lines...
The two red lines painted onto the cement near the south eatern end of the male cellblock were used as the assembly point for the daily roll call of prisoners.

Now something a bit more eerie, but quite interesting to actually see... the Dubbo Gaol Gallows...
These were erected for each execution. When not in use they were stored under the courthouse. Like the hangman's kit, the gallows are unique to Old Dubbo Gaol. It is not known when the gallows were first erected or when they were dismantled, but they were in use over a period of more than 30 years - from the 1870's to the early part of this century. The gallows are approxmiately 16 feet high, with a base of 12 feet by 9 feet. The top bar is 10 feet wide and there are 13 steps up the platform from which the felons "took the drop".

Here's a plaque showing the names and dates of the men condemned to death, and the date they were executed...

Nearing the end of our tour, was some original artifacts from this time, from this gaol and from other gaols in the area at the time. This is known as the "hangman's kit"...
The hangman's kit displays the ropes, nooses, and other tools of the trade used by the State Executioner to preform his macabre duties. The items in this display are all original artefacts that were used by the hangman and his assistant.

Right near the area with the hangman kit was a covered area that was known as the prisoners labour area of the gaol...
Male prisoners were kept occupied with labour such as woodcutting, gardening, book binding, and tailoring. These tasks were also designed to retrain inmates with a more useful trade to take up upon their release.

Last thing to see as your ready to exit the gaol and onto your way was the pillory...
The item was donated to the Gaol many years ago. Although this form of punishment was not standard practice for prisons, it makes for a great photo opportunity!

Well, we just had a really long day and we got to see and learn a lot of things about Australian prisons, especially back in the day, which was really interesting especially since that is what Australia is known for, when England sent their prisoners to Australia as a form of punishment... very interesting... I hope you enjoyed that mom! I'll write again soon, Monday were off to Sydney...

Posted Nov 11, 2008, 8:35 am
Today we were taking another trip, this time to Sydney... we stopped off quite a bit to get some nice photos of whatever we could along the way... Sara decided first stop would be Bathurst, we would see if we could spot some kangaroos... and we did... sadly when I tried to get in front of the camera the kangaroos bounced off... they didn't seem to want any of that... you can see they saw Sara get close with us, and got a bit spooked so moved on back... we'll try again on Wednesday when we're going to Bathurst for a longer trip... we'll see if we can get in the photo this time! :-) There is more to come... just hang tight! :-)

Posted Nov 11, 2008, 8:59 am
Next stop was Lithgow, which was about an hours drive from Bathurst... honestly, there's not too much there, but Sara decided to show us something she's always liked for part of Lithgow, which is the Lithgow's Miner's Lamp... here I am in front of it...
...since this is the backside of it you can't see it all that well... it doesn't look much different, although this is what it looks like from the front...
...not much different as you can see... but you can see the windows at the bottom... there's a little bit of cloth thats is lit by an orange lamp and a little fan to make it look like a flame... kinda cool... :-) Otherwise Lithgow there isn't much to see... we're only at the half way point of Sydney now... watch for more updates. :-)

Posted Nov 11, 2008, 9:15 am
Next stop was in Sydney's Blue Mountains... they're in the outskirts of Sydney, a lot of people don't really think much about the outskirts, let alone thinking there is a huge mountain range that goes through before you get to Orange, Bathurst and even Lithgow... well, welcome to the Blue Mountains... it was time to visit one of the big tourist spots for people visiting the Blue Mountains and Sydney... the Three Sisters... a huge rock formation...
...can you see it? It's behind some trees, but Sara had to take photos in an odd spot as it was quite full near the view point so she didn't want to loose any of us... so she then walked over and got a proper photo of it... isn't it pretty? Also you can tell in the distance why they call it the Blue Mountains... :-)
The Three Sisters comes with an old aboriginal legend... this is what it is:

Long ago in the Blue Mountains there lived three little Aboriginal sisters. They were Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo, whose Witch Doctor father was called Tyawan.

Only one creature was feared by all – the Bunyip who lived in a deep hole. When Tyawan had to pass the hole, he would leave his daughters safely on the cliff behind a rocky wall. One day, waving goodbye to his daughters, he descended the cliff steps. On top of the cliff a big centipede suddenly appeared and frightened Meehni, who threw a stone at it. The stone rolled over the cliff and crashed into the valley.

Birds, animals and fairies stopped till as the rocks behind the three sisters split open, leaving them on a thin ledge.

The angry Bunyip emerged to see the terrified sisters. In the valley, Tyawan saw the Bunyip close to his daughters, so he pointed his magic bone at the girls and turned them to stone. The Bunyip then chased Tyawan, who found himself trapped, so he changed himself into a Lyre Bird. Everyone was safe, but Tyawan had dropped his magic bone. After the Bunyip had gone, Tyawan searched and searched for his bone – and he is still searching.

The Three Sisters stand silently watching him from their ledge, hoping he will find the bone to turn them back to Aboriginal girls.

As you look at the Three Sisters, you can hear Tyawan – the Lyre Bird – calling his daughters as his search for the lost bone continues.

Here are some of the views around the Three Sisters... it's quite beautiful isn't it?
Well... were almost in Sydney now... just a bit longer... sadly we weren't able to see any of the big famous things like the Harbor Bridge or the Opera House but you can see what Sydney looks like at least... :-) Write again soon!

Posted Nov 11, 2008, 9:43 am
Well... we were finally there... well no, not really Sydney is a HUGE city full of smaller suburbs, the actually city of Sydney is pretty small which is just the CBD, which is what everyone sees, the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, all that fun stuff... lots of huge buildings and very expensive shops... :-) Kind of like Rodeo Drive in Hollywood... lots and lots of expensive shops and tourists...

Sadly, we weren't able to visit that - Sara and Daniel had an appointment at a dietician and allergist for their son Andrew at the now famous hospital RPA (Royal Price Alfred Hospital) - why is it famous you might ask? Because it's got a TV show on every Thursday... Sara enjoys watching it... it's got some pretty crazy stuff from what I've seen of it... lol...

...that's mainly what a lot of Sydney looks like, very similar to Orange actually... very old looking buildings... Sydney is a mix of old and new buildings... as you can see...

...we were also very very close to the Sydney CBD, we got to see the Sydney skyline while we were driving but it was quite hectic driving around Sydney, especially this close to the CBD, you take one wrong turn and your in a different suburb and lost..., you might wonder what that strange looking tower is in between the bigger buildings... it's called the AMP Tower, also known as the Centerpoint Tower, it's right in the middle of Sydney... you wouldn't have any idea, but people walk along the top of it, it's called the Sydney Skywalk... Sara honestly thinks people are crazy, there's a part with a walkway that's clear so you can look straight under you... so creepy! Then again, Sara's not fond of heights...

...but as you can probably imagine, Sara had a good time navigating their way to Camperdown, without one wrong turn (without using the map even)... then when we got there... we couldn't merge... so we drove into another suburb and got lost... so there was a lot of this:
If that doesn't look scary, I can guarantee you it is... haha... well, I'm back in Orange now, safe and sound it was quite a long day... we're going to Bathurst on Wednesday though for some mystery shopping, and some more kangaroo searching... and maybe a bit more, we shall see won't we? :-) I hope you enjoyed my trip to Sydney! :-)

Posted Nov 13, 2008, 1:13 pm
Well, I'm almost done with my trip to Orange, so Sara decided to show me what she enjoys doing with her time... besides toyvoyagers of course... :-)

Sara LOVES to send and receive postcards from postcrossing, like a lot of the people on toyvoyagers, she came from postcrossing, and does things like notebooks, round robins, even hosting a few of those things of her own...

Sara also loves to read... and watch movies... so this goes into both of those... although this is a book, it's a book about her favourite movie... sadly she hasn't been able to sit down and read it, but it's a really good book from what she's read... she definitely recommends both the book and the movie. :-)

Sara has a community on livejournal, it's called notallbeauty - it's a "rating" community where people enter an application of sorts, and the members decide if they would fit in well with the group of people... there's lots to do there... including a bit of toyvoyagers, her toyvoyager Hermies is hosted by some of the people on that community... :-)

Of course she enjoys watching her birds, she'll whistle along with them and they seem to have a bit of communication with the birds... there's a whistle they do when the lights being turned off at night and the birds will whistle back as a warning to the other birds that could be not ready for bed... it's really cool actually...

...toyvoyagers of course! This is a frog beanie baby, with myself and then Toothy Walrus I've become really good friends with Toothy since I've been here...

...and last but not least... something that Sara does in her mean time to get a bit of extra money she does mystery shopping... where she goes in as a customer, to places like kmart, banks, grocery stores, pretty much anywhere that serves customers and plays a customer, sometimes purchases something and then gets paid after typing out the "surveys" online which rates the performance of the people that helped Sara with the customer service... there's lots of it they do - and that's the big reason why we go to different places like Bathurst, Dubbo, and other surrounding towns...

Well... that's about all that Sara does, a few smaller things here and there but those are things Sara really enjoys doing... :-) I hope you liked learning that... it's also a lot of what I've been doing over the past few weeks! :-) Write again soon mom!

Posted Nov 13, 2008, 1:22 pm
Now... it's about time to see what the common foods are around Australia... popular foods especially in their "culture"... it's a very Western type culture, so you have a lot of American type foods... but there are a few things that Sara can say (as an American herself) that they don't really have in America...

First things first are the "party pies"... they're like little miniature meat pies... they're quite yummy! :-)

Next, is lamb... lamb is a big thing in Australia - Australia is known for it's sheep and it's wool, and lamb is a huge meat industry in Australia as well... Sara hadn't ever tried lamb before coming down... this isn't the greatest photo as it was still cooking but none the less... it was quite yummy!...

Another very big "Australian" thing is their prawns, Sara always called them shrimp, and believes they're the same thing... Sara and Daniel have prawn cocktails a lot during the Summer months... something nice to have, especially as part of the Christmas dinner... very common this time of year... this is a very bad photo as Sara didn't think about it until they were all peeled... whoops!

...and last but not least... the most Australian thing of the house would be the Vegemite... if you've never tried it, it's full of vitamin B, and it's very VERY salty, it's usually spread on bread, crackers, and sometimes people put cheese on it, or just eat it straight... Sara doesn't like it at all... but Australia is known as more of a savory type country, where as America is a very sweet country...
When Sara went up to America, she tried to get her family to try it and no one of them would try it... it's a very acquired taste... recently they were holding this huge "census" about what Australian's like for their vegemite... it was held at - funny!

Well I hope you enjoyed learning some very Australian foods... :-) Write again soon mom, I'm going to be off to Hawaii very soon! <3

Posted Nov 13, 2008, 1:59 pm
Today we took another trip to Bathurst it's a 45-minute drive from Orange, and that's where Sara always sees the kangaroos, and where thousands of people flock each year to see the famous Bathurst 1000 races each October... well, Sara decided since we were going in again it was time to visit the famous race track...

So here I am in front of the famous sign (on the side of the mountain) and the entrance of the track, which people can drive on all year round, and actually some people have to drive on to get to their house... funny isn't it? :-)

There was this really strange noise behind us while Sara was taking photos of us in the above photo... then she turned around and there were two magpies making some strange noise... after thinking about it for a little bit she realised it's still around the breeding season for them and they're very good about swooping you when you get close to their nest.. thankfully none of that happened, but it was pretty strange...

Well, there was another thing to see before we drive on the track... something new to the "Motor Racing Museum" right next to the track... it's a statue that's of the late Peter Brock who was famous for driving the track and winning 9 times... he's known as the "king of the mountain"... here's the statue...

...and here we all are in front of the statue...

Well... now it's time to finally see the track for ourselves...

So as you can see it's quite the track... and to know people go around that at around 200 to 300 kilometres per hours is crazy... especially in that "drop" downhill, it doesn't look like it, but it's quite steep around the mountain... and then the straight at the end, people get really fast up that... there's a speed limit for most people on the track, a lot of people walk the track or ride bike on it every day so you have to be careful around the corners especially... but that definitely was quite the experience... well next thing, were going to have a search for kangaroos...

...there was a lot of the kangaroo crossing signs around...
...but sadly there were no kangaroos to be seen this time... I'm just glad we got to see some on Monday! It was so hot today, it was actually 8 degrees above average for this time of year in this area... so it was extremely hot and apparently the animals thought so too... oh well! I'm glad I at least got to see some while I was here! Well, I hope you enjoyed my trip to Bathurst, I'll write again soon! <3

Posted Dec 2, 2008, 1:31 am
Hi mom!  I have finally arrived in Honolulu, Hi to visit with Rachael and her family.  Rachael says she's going to update my travel log as soon as she gets some new batteries for her camera.  I can't wait to go to the beach and see all the cool places out here.  Maybe Rachael will even teach me how to surf!

Posted Dec 28, 2008, 12:58 am
Finally time to update my log!

Rachael told me that she feels really bad about not being able to update my log until now.  Her camera's been broken, and she finally got a new one.  Yay!  That means lots and lots of picture taking.  She's only had a new and working camera for a few days, but she's already taken over 300 hundred pictures!

And tomorrow she's promised to take even more since we're going to the beach!  Yay!  I can't wait to go the beach.  She said we're going to go snorkeling and maybe even try surfing!  I can't wait!

Those two big dogs I'm pictured with are Rachael's golden retrievers and their names are Loki and Cyndir.  They seem nice.  I hope we can become real good friends!

I made two other friends too and their names are Hedgie and Bobbie.  They're in the picture with me.

Posted Dec 28, 2008, 9:04 am
Here are some pictures Rachael took earlier.  She's still figuring out how to do the whole upload thing.  Let's see how well she did!

This is me (of course!) with Josh and Hedgie sitting with Cyndir.  She was so friendly, she didn't want to stop cuddling with us!

Here I am hiding in their (Rachael & her hubby's) white Christmas Tree...

And here I am in the Christmas Tree with Hedgie and Bobbie.  Can you see me?

And here we all are wishing everyone Happy Holidays! (Even though it's after Christmas, we're all still filled with lots and lots of Holiday spirit!  No one's quite ready to let it go just yet!)

Earlier Rachael made her favorite-ist thing to eat in the whole world!  Can you guess what it is?  I had some too and it was absolutely delicious!

If you said Mac & Cheese, then you were right!  Bobbie, Josh, and I all helped her make it!

After a nice long day of hanging out in the Christmas Tree, playing with Loki and Cyndir, and having some yummy mac & cheese, it's now my bedtime.  I can't wait until tomorrow when we finally get to go to the beach! :p

Good night everyone!