Beethoven, Moscow, Russia


Posted Apr 27, 2008, 11:52 pm
Call me Toby! I have been rescued by Izzy from a thrift shop. Its amazing to be loved again, and share my happyness with everyone! :) Izzy says I will get to meet lots of nice people as a voyager, and get to see amazing things! I can't wait! but first I have to get a bath... I think I will just hang out for the night while I dry, atleast the bath was warm!

Posted May 10, 2008, 7:28 am
Today was a looong day. Izzy got Abeeku, Filia, Samantha, Twilight and Pearly and I togther and we went to the library to help her study. We all read magazines though! After that we had lunch in a beautiful park right next to the library! it was so nice.

Posted May 10, 2008, 7:33 am
Luau! I was invited to attend our friend's Bon and Kate dance in a traditional Hawai'in Luau! It was put on by the Hui of Sacramento. They had a long boat out to show, and so much food and dancing! Those Polyniasian dancers are really good! I wish i could move my hips like that!

After a great show, we went to a resterant for some water to help hydrate our dancing friends. We had so much fun and were so full when we came home!!

Posted May 10, 2008, 7:42 am
So today mom took me out to see the farm animals. They are so cute! I met sheep and horses and goats.

Posted May 10, 2008, 7:56 am
After we played at the pasture, We met up with Pollunga and her voyagers for some fun and games. We also went to a grocery store and goofed around!

Posted May 10, 2008, 7:59 am
Moms kitty Mr. Pickles got sick on her keyboard, and so she had to wait to get a new one.. But Mr. Pickles is feeling much better now! Today was Izzy's last day of school, so we went with her to help her with finals. That bum is mostly taking art classes! But we helped her study for English, we read the poem "the Fish" by Elizabeth Bishop. After her final Izzy took us to the science building which also houses a natural history museum! We found a stuffed deer with.. fangs! I was afraid but Scott the lobster protected me. Its called a Mutjak and they come from India! Their one of the oldest species of deer around! They look like vampires to me!
After we left the museum we headed to the art building to help out with a final critique, where the students have to talk about their work in front of the whooooooole class. Izzy did hers on tuesday, so she just laughed. When everything was done we found the printing press, which they use to sqeeeeeeze ink and paper together! We tried to squeeze Scott, but he was just to strong!

Posted May 28, 2008, 5:56 am
I got to go to PowWow Days, which is a small carnival in Orangevale, and a family tradition! We got to see a live show and rides and lots of neat crafts!

Posted Jun 10, 2008, 11:27 am
hey mum!

today i arived at goofychickens place and she was realy happy :)
she tells me squiggles is leaving any day now and she was worried already having no TV to take to the zoo next friday


Here are my arival pictures
first there was a buzzing noice then some talking and then i felt i was put down somewhere :)
then something got ontop of me and i saw flashes :s what was going on??
then i saw a little light and i tried to get out of the envalope!
what a suprice! there was a toyvoyager waiting outside for me and his name is squiggles!
we post on a picture together and then we started talking
i just got on the laptop for a second to tell you i got here and will go and play some games now :)
will update soon again

Posted Jul 21, 2008, 8:19 am
finaly an update!!!
mum goofychicken has been soooooooooooooooooooo busy she feels realy sorry for not helping me on her laptop sooner
but here are my pictures from the zoo :) it was realy cool
here we are ready to go!
this backpack is starting to feel like home :D traveling around in it
a veryvery big bird is looking at me  :cyclops:
they have a exebition about bats in a batcave (*sings batman tune*) its realy cool they give alot of info about bats also these big heads of different kinds!
this is a vampire bat :D
these animals smell funny
this goat wanted to give me a little kiss  :stare:
i also visited asia :D in 5 minutes :)
i talked to the meercats they told me amazing storries about building homes and playing with sand
this one is working! he is on gaurd :) he was a bit moody and told me to stop distracting him  :thinking:
must be a very important job... he looked serious
SHARKES!! and turtles :D

then goofy took me to the bugs  :o
the grasshopper wasnt too scary
but these where
and these
i was realy happy there was also something nice...
like new born birds
i feel someones looking at me...

krokodiles rule!! these are very old they say these crocs are here from before the rotterdm bombing!!
that was in 1940

time for some good food
goofy told me about this traditional dutch food called poffertjes
they where yummy
i climbed some trees in the butterfly garden
look how pretty it is

possing with zebra's
then i was realy tired so i relaxed at the zebra gate
they came so close i didnt dare to move

hope you like this little review of the zoo :)
soon there will be more updates and wild news :D

Posted Sep 5, 2008, 8:05 pm

just letting you know Toby has gone away to travel to russia :)
hope he arives savely

Posted Oct 6, 2008, 6:54 am
Hi there!

I've finally arrived to Moscow in Russia!!

Today Kristl took me to a festival called "Fireside"! We saw many beautiful things there!