Blinchick, At Marks Work, Germany


Posted Oct 4, 2009, 7:30 pm
Hello everyone!
My name is Blinchick which in Russian means pancake. Maria created this name when she was eating pancakes.  :stare:
Maria and I have been together since the middle of September - before I was in other house and my previouse owner repudiated me  :(
But everything is for the best! Now I`m with Maria and she will make me a ToyVoyager! It`s great and I`m very-very happy bear!
Now it`s very cold in Russia and it is getting colder and colder - that`s why I dream about warm country and sea... but I dream about other countries too! Maria was in Switzerland and in Italy and Hungary and she told that it was great. I want there too!!!!

My travel plan:
November 2009 - Germany with RikeH. Had much fun and have seen the sea! Many thanks to you RikeH!
December 2009 - Canada with Lisag123! Lisa thank you much for Christmas holidays!
February and March 2010 - USA with tarepanda!

Posted Oct 4, 2009, 7:44 pm
The view from my window is not very interesting. I wonder if there is any other window-views?

Posted Oct 5, 2009, 6:27 pm
Yesterday Maria told me that on Friday I would go to Germany (and then may be to Finland and Canada!)!
I`m so happy! I`m looking at postcards which she sends every week and dreaming about my future journeys...


Posted Oct 10, 2009, 5:33 pm
Today I have gone to Germany to RikeH!
They had no comfortable envelope for me at the post-office, that`s why I deceided to travel in my pink suit case!

Posted Oct 18, 2009, 10:54 am
Hi Mum!

Today I arrived in Sülfeld at RikeH’s home.

Dicker Kumpel gave me a warm welcome !

Then he introduced me to Mystery and Hugo.

After it I explored the house and searched for other bears. Here is the first one:

…not a bear, but a very friendly guy..

Some more friends for me – I think, I will like it here!


Posted Oct 24, 2009, 4:26 pm
Hi Mum!

We watched a match of handball today. Here you see us on the way to the statium.

On the way we saw this funny garden – full of garden gnomes.

Next to the handball statium is the soccer stadium, where the famous HSV plays.

This was the stadium we went into to see the match from the HSV against Zagreb Croatia.

You see all of us on our seat.

It was so interesting!

We won!!! What a great evening!

yours Blinchick

Posted Oct 25, 2009, 11:06 am
Hi Mum!

The weather was nice and we decided to make in walk in the sunshine. Here I am on a small bridge.

A nice view over the fields.

We found a really big tractor.

At the end we went to the playground and had so much fun!

yours Blinchick

Posted Oct 27, 2009, 8:50 pm
Hello Mum!

Today Cilly arrived. And it was just the right time, because we wanted to go with lanterns in the evening. First we said hello to Cilly.

We had a big discussion, which lantern we wanted.

The big moon?

or the beautiful flowers?

We all loved the sun, too.

We didn’t know what to do, so we took all of them with us.

Here you can see me – with a flash....

But this was really great – to see the lantern in the dark!

We walked and we sang great songs – what a nice evening!

yours Blinchick

Posted Oct 28, 2009, 8:10 pm
Hello Mum!

We visited Bad Oldesloe – a small town near to Sülfeld. RikeH went to school there – many years ago...

There is a nice island..

...and a beautiful river.

I made some horseback-riding.

Here is another part of the river – with troubled water.

We had to wait for a receipt at the doctor’s. But it was not boring – you know, Toyvoyagers can talk and talk and talk....

The last think we saw, before we drove home was the town hall.



Posted Nov 5, 2009, 6:43 pm
Dear Mum,

one of my life-missions is “See the sea”. RikeH told me that Tobias, a friend of her, wants to travel to Sylt, an island inside the North Sea.

So I went to Hamburg today to meet Tobias. He showed me a photo ablum and told me something about Sylt:
- Sylt is one of the Northfriesland Islands in the northern part of Germany in the North Sea
- Length: 38 km km, width: 12 km; highest point: 53 m (Uwes Düne)
- connection to the continent by train over the Hindenburg Dam, by plane or ferry
- largest German island in the North Sea, 4th largest island of the county

I'm so exited what’s to see there!

Yours Blinchick

Posted Nov 5, 2009, 6:51 pm
Moin Mum,

do you ever have heard "moin", Mum? That means in Friesland "hello".

Today I had to travel a lot to go to the sea. First Tobias and I took the underground in Hamburg to go to the railwaystation.

There we changed into a national train to Westerland, Sylts main town. On the way I saw meadows and fields and I crossed over the Kiel-Chanel, the most used built waterway of the world. Here I enjoyed the beautifull coloured countryside of Schleswig Holstein, Germanys northest federal state.

Before the train arrives in Westerland it has to cross over the Hindenburg Dam. On both sides of the dam you normally see the North Sea ... but today, Mum, it was dark so I couldn’t see the water.

In Westerland we changed our transport again and took the bus to Wenningstedt. There we walked to the beach. I was sure I wouldn't see the water but I wanted to hear rustling the sea when the water runs up and down the beach.There I first found a bank but it was to far away from the sand. So I climbed down and built with sand a small castle where I sat down to listen to the sea. Here, Mum, you see me at the beach ... beautiful!

When I enjoyed the fresh and healthy air of the North Sea I met two boys. They walked along the beach with their lanterns and lighted it up for me. We hoped to see the water by that way ... but it didn't work.  :(

In this case it was nice to meet the children they tried to help me to see the sea at my first evening. Afterwards I went to our hotel. Now I was waiting for tomorrow!

Yours Blinchick

Posted Nov 6, 2009, 12:16 pm
Moin Mum,

after breathing the fine North Sea air the evening before I slept very well. Now Tobias and I startet our walk to the beach. Here you see a postcard of the island:

On the way to the beach we passed a typical Friesland house with a reeds covered roof and wonderful blossoming roses.

There is the entrance to the beach ... that's not far away! Before I entered the beach I saw a map of Sylt. Mum, I stay these days in Wenningstedt, the railway station you find in Westerland - look here!

Mum, Mum!! Now I could see the water! Look there, the beach and the North Sea!!

At the beach I met again the two boys I saw yesterday evening. They called Finn und Jan. Today they didn't walk alone along the beach, their bear Bobo accompanied them. It was nice to talk to an other bear far away from home.

It was so exeting at the water. I saw sea gulls, jellyfishs and shells there. The waves came and left - so I jumped up when the water nearly reaches the beach and landed when the water was flowed away. That was so funny! It was so beautiful at the beach!!!

Later I saw a wooden beach cabin and two children repairing it ... I knew them, they were Finn and Jan again! They had found a damaged cabin with a caved in roof and broken walls. I helped the boys to back up  the roof and build up the wall. Later in the day we nearly built a "new" house.

On the way back to the hotel I had a break on a wall of rocks, at the sea it is called breakwater. There I saw living mussels which adhered to the stone. During the break I saw a sunset – it wasn’t a coloured one but it looked nice.

In the evening Tobias and I went to a fish restaurant because I wanted to eat fish at the sea. The fish soup as well as the main course tasted very well.

Good night, Mum!


Posted Nov 6, 2009, 7:09 pm
Many thanks to  RikeH and her friend Tobias! I have one my mission completed! I have seen the sea and was at the beach! Great hollidays!

Posted Nov 7, 2009, 10:55 am
Moin Mum,

in the morning I walked along the beachside where I saw sea gulls again.

After walking a while along the coast I noticed a ship-wreck which lies at the beach. First I was flustered and I wanted to call the police but then I realised it is a playground.

Normally the dunes should be crowed over by grass so the wind and the waves couldn't wash away the sand. Here everything is fine:

Other parts of the coast are damaged by the water when the rough sea crashed into the edge of the dunes and flushed out the sand:

Terrible destroyed is the Red Cliff by Kampen. Here the edge partly looks as somebody had cutted the ground with a knife. The administration tries to rebuild the countryside with replanting grass and erecting sand-catching-fences to keep the sand at the beach.

After travelling to Westerland we locked our luggage at the railway station. Then Tobias and I strolled through the town. Here, Mum, you see the upper part of the Friedrichstaße, the main shopping street. Nearby is a fountain that is called Wilhelmine. Another life mission is “Collect kisses from 15 different girls”. First I thought to swim to Wilhelmine to collect a kiss but then I decided to go for a walk through the Friedrichstraße. In November it is off-season so most of the shops are closed on Sunday … so there were not such a lot of tourists going around. At the end of the street is an art-gallery. Through the window I saw a painting with an old sailing ship. I though it must be very interesting to sail over the oceans with such an old ship. I asked myself what would be happen when a sailor falls into the water.

At the lower part of the Friedrichstraße at the end you see the entrance to the promenade. Here stay beach-chairs, something special at Germanys coasts. Beach-chairs are covered seats which protects against wind, sun and rain. In the centre of the promenade is a music-shell - in the summer an orchestra plays music there. Beside you can see MS Kaatje with a length of 7 m. Before it was taken out of service it was a rescue boat of the DGzRS, the German Society to rescue shipwrecked Persons. Now I knew there would be help if there is a disaster in the North Sea.

Afterwards I went back to the railway station. On the way saw a beautiful car, a Porsche Boxter S. It must be nice to drive in the summer with the convertible through the beautiful countyside of Sylt. In front of the railway station-building stands modern art: a "family" which is leant backwards by the storm (or something else):

When I entered my train to Hamburg I saw a cargo-train with open, two-storeyed wagons leaving the railway station. That was the Sylt Shuttle which carries cars and trucks from the continent to the island and back because there is no road between them. I tried to count the numbers of wagons but I couldn’t … the train was sooo long.

After I had taken a seat inside my train I looked out of the window and saw more cars running onto another Sylt Shuttle.

After leaving Westerland Tobias and I travelled back to Hamburg. The train-ride took three hours – each hour took me more away from the sea, the beautiful North Sea. What a pity!

Tomorrow I am going back to RikeH. I'm sure she is in a fever what I have to tell her about my trip to the North Sea.

Yours Blinchick

Posted Nov 7, 2009, 5:56 pm
Hi Mum!

Today we will have a party – it is RikeH’s birthday. First we looked at her gifts. Then we sang a wonderful song for her.

These flowers are so beautiful!

When we helped RikeH to prepare everything for the evening we heard the bell. Who can this be? Dicker Kumpel opened the door. Another Bunny!!! He was so happy and gave her a warm welcome. She is called Co Co Rabbit and is from the UK.

He introduced her to us – and we talked a lot.

Then we decorated the table – this is the way TVs would eat…

And this is the way, humans like to do it. They don’t sit on the table – this is strange.

We had fun behind the happy birthday sign.

The last thing this morning was to prepare the dessert. It looks yummy, doesn’t it? But it was very cold in this place.

In the afternoon RikeHs Mum Hummel invited all of us to have a delicious cake. It looks great – and tasted great!

In the evening we had a great party and ate a lot. But first we had some Champagne.

We went to the table and ate so much. I didn’t know, what to eat first.

Here are the desserts – now we were allowed to eat it.

Some more snacks...

First we looked into the camera for the photo....

...but after it – we ate everything!!!

Well Mum, it was funny – I hope to be on a birthday party soon.


Posted Nov 15, 2009, 9:38 pm
Hello Mum,

it was really early today, when RikeH came and invited us to come with her.

We get up and took a train. It was very dark outside.

So I decided to take another nap.

RikeH worked a lot – then we had the lunch break and walked around the Alster -a nice lake in the centre of Hamburg. There are small boats on it, they are beautiful.

There were some geese.

Two photos with all of us.

We found a funny monument with angels.

Another boat on the Alster.

Here I am on the other side of the lake.

This is the townhall – it is beautiful.

RikeH had to work in the afternoon – after the work we drove back to Sülfeld and had a stop in the train station.

Look – it is decorated for Christmas – Christmas seems to be wonderful.

Back in the train I looked out of the window – it is dark again. Working seems to be hard. I prefer to be a ToyVoyager.


Posted Nov 21, 2009, 7:21 pm
Hello Mum

we went to Hamburg today, because the weather was lovely. We went to the port with the tube.
We didn't see many big ships, but had  nice looks over the port.

Can you see the church in the background – it is called Michel – and it is very famous here in Hamburg.

Then we visited Bismarck – he was an important politician many years ago.

From this place we could see the Michel again. It is a beautiful church.

Another nice view over the port. It was such a sunny day!

On our way back we had a nice snack in the train.

And we went to a great restaurant and had delicious icecream. What a great day!


Posted Dec 1, 2009, 9:39 pm
Hello Mum

Today was my last day in Germany. I was a little sad,  but Dicker Kumpel told me that it is great to travel
through the world – and that I will find new friends in Canada.

Then I said good-bye to the others – and they gave me a big hug.

Now I am on my way to Canada – will see you soon.
Love Blinchick

Posted Dec 17, 2009, 3:53 am
Howdy mom! I have arrived in FREEZING cold Calgary and yesterday it was -29C here! It is very very cold and I am glad I had my sweater on. I have met my host Lisa and she told me I would have a great time here during the Christmas holidays with her family. I want to go play in all the snow but only when it warms up a bit. Lisa said it should be warmer by the weekend. YAY!

Posted Dec 22, 2009, 4:08 am
It's almost Christmas!! Today I got to help Lisa and her mom decorate thier Christmas tree. i have never done this before so I thought it was quite fun!

It was the prettiest tree ever. It was a real pine tree too! Can you see me?

Then Lisa took me outside to play in the snow. It had been falling all morning and the snowflakes were big and white and fluffy.

It got dark very fast so Lisa took one photo of me playing on a huge snowdrift.


Posted Jan 9, 2010, 11:36 pm
Happy New Year mom!
I'm a little late on this but better late than never!
I have had a good time here in Calgary. It's still very cold though.
Christmas with Lisa was fun and I ate a lot of turkey for dinner on the 25th! Lisa's family was very nice and pretty funny too!
On Christmas morning we all got up early and opened gifts, I even got one too!
Then later in the evening, Lisa's family came over for the big dinner.
Can you believe I ate all this??
Then it was time to open the Christmas crackers!!These are very fun because they have toys inside and jokes and even paper crowns! Here is me trying to open my cracker, it was a little hard.
And I got a miniture deck of playing cards as my prize!
Well, unfortunatley Lisa was sick on New Year's Eve so she was not able to celebrate the night. She wishes you and everyone a Happy and very prosperous New Year 2010!

Posted Feb 4, 2010, 1:21 am
Hi Mommy,

I have arrived in a new country!  I am now in Miami, Florida, USA!!!  The weather here is quite a bit warmer, and I think I will have a good time here.  I am sleepy now but hopefully in a few days I can show you some pictures!

Love, Blinchick

Posted Feb 22, 2010, 4:33 pm
Today we go with our host to a park.

Look at all the palm trees!  Even thoug the weather is still a bit chilly, the trees make me feel warm.

Someone is here to feed the ducks.

I say hi to the seagull friends.

Our host is here to practise dragon boat.  Here the boats have arrived on a trailer.  It's a very long boat, and during races and festivals they put on a dragon head and tail, but today for practice they don't put the decoration on.

They unload the boats into the water.

The boat can seat 20 paddlers, though in the picture there are only two people on board.

There are some people jetskiing as well.

We also have fun in the playground.

Posted Feb 24, 2010, 2:06 am
Today we go with our host to a hotel.  It's called Foutainbleau and it's on Miami Beach!

She has some classes in the hotel.  It's wine tasting and olive oil tasting.  Here we are sitting in front of the olive oil samples.  We learn how to do a tasting.  You have to first warm the oil in the little cup in your hands first.  Then you sniff it and taste it.  You may taste fresh mowed grass, green tomato, artichoke, and other flavors.

They talk about the different types of oil and what are the different tastes.

Unfortunately, I cannot sit in the wine class because my host says I am too young.  But she promises she will take me to somewhere special.  So I stay quiet while she drinks her wine. 

Okay so where is she taking us?

I see something blue!

Oh it's the ocean!  This is the Atlantic, and on the other side is Europe!!

It's quiet since the weather is a little cold.

We decide to take a walk down the broadwalk.

Wow that's a lot of palm trees!

Now we are on Ocean Drive in South Beach.  It's a very well known tourist destination famous for the art deco style buildings, all painted in pastel colors.

And this was the house of a very famous person.

It was Versace's home.  He was murdered right on the doorsteps some years old.  Spooky!!

Sniff and Snuff, the two Huskies also visiting here, scare this cat up the tree! Poor cat. 

Posted Mar 4, 2010, 6:04 pm
Today we help our host prepare some turnip pudding for the Chinese New Year Festival.  There are many types of cakes or puddings, the sweet ones made with ngredients such as sugar, coconut, red beans, waterchestnuts and the savory ones with yam or turnip.  For our host, her favorite is the turnip pudding.

First we prepare the ingredients.  We have sausages, shiitake mushrooms and dried shrimps.

I dice the mushrooms after soaking it in water.

Then the shrimps.

And the sausages.  It's a lot of work!

Now we season them with some cooking wine, sugar and soy sauce.

Next come the main ingredient, the turnip.  We use 6 lbs of it!!

We peel and shred it.

Now we are ready to cook!  First we stir fried the diced ingredients.

Then the turnip.

Now, we mix everything together.

We prepare a paste of rice flour and corn starch with water, which we add to the mix.

Everything is poured into a pan.

We now steam the pudding for an hour.

When it's cooked through we add some sesame for garnishing.  Our host usually uses some cilantro too but she forgot to buy some.

Now it's ready!  The pudding is enjoyed with some soy sauce and hot sauce.  It's very delicious.

Posted Mar 4, 2010, 10:17 pm
Today we visit a Buddhist Temple to celebrate Chinese New Year.

There is a beautiful little Zen garden.

There is a Buddha statue.

Outside the entrance there is an incense burner.

People come here to offer their first incense of the year.  A friend of my host came on midnight to offer the first incense!

We notice some children practising for something.  I wonder what it is?

And hmm, what is this monster head?

This is the hall where people pray.

Here is a wishing tree.  And we wish you all a "Kung Hei Fat Choi", A Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

People write their wishes and tie it to te stems.  There are wishes like: "Ace the exam", "World Peace", "Health for the Family".

On the walls there is exhibition of paintings done by a monk.

I make a prayer and knock on the bell.

There are some beautiful good luck charms for sale.

As well as books, CDs, tea, incenses and other things.

After lunch we watch the performance in the hall.  Ah, this is what the kids are practising!  Our host tells us that this is called a lion dance.

The lions are very pretty, colorful and energetic!

Next is a lady in traditional Taiwanese costume playing an instrument called zither/koto.  The music is very sweet and tender.

Then we watch some children play the Chinese yo-yo.  It is quite interesting.

Posted Mar 11, 2010, 5:36 pm
Today we are going to the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival.

First we go to take the train.

Here is the train!  A lot of people are getting off.

We sit on the second level so we can see the scenery.

After about an hour, we arrived in Lake Worth.

Next we take the trolley to go to the festival.

We are finally in Lake Worth!

There is a children alley where the kids can enjoy painting on the street.

We watch as the artists paint on the street.  The paintings are very beautiful!!

It must be very hard sitting on the street, bending over to paint with little chalks.  t's very hot too.  A lot of the paintings are copies of famous classics.

This one is very, very beautiful and we think it's the best one.

Some of the artists have serious tools.  This one has a nice set of pastels.

Some are more contemporary.

This is copied from a newspaper photo about Haiti earthquake.

There are some cartoon characters.

Our host is excited about this one from her favorite manga Death Note:

There are also food vendors.

We continue down the street to admire the paintings.

Hmm, this one is really nice too.

Look they paint on the wall too!

And even the children!

A lot of people come out to this festival.  THe artists are mostly local, though some are from other cities.  Some are art students.

We find this statue on the street.  Our host tells us that it's a real man painted gold pretending to be a statue!  Wow!!

Posted Mar 14, 2010, 6:12 am
These few days my host has been very busy packing her lugguage.  She tells us that we will be travelling somewhere far, out of America, and we are coming along too.  We are very excited.  She won't tell us where it will be, just that it's somewhere we haven't been to.  She is not sure if she can upload pictures while travelling, so mommy, don't worry if you don't hear from me.  I am probably having too good a time! 

Posted Apr 16, 2010, 3:55 am
Wow we are at the airport!!

We have to buckle up.  The airplane is about to take off!  I wonder where we are going?

Our host tells us it will be a long flight.  Happily there is a TV at each seat so we can watch movies.  This one is about a piglet called McDull.

After several movies and some sleep, we are finally here!!  We are in HONG KONG!!  We are so excited as we wait for our lugguage.

Let's pick up some brochure and start exploring!!


Posted Apr 25, 2010, 2:58 am
We are staying at the house of our host's parents.  Today we greet their dogs.

This is Gigi, the pomeranian.

This is Bobo, a white poodle.

We take the dogs out for a walk.  I am walking a dog with two dogs, Sniff and Snuff!  How weird is that?

We see a lot of people waving around their swords!  We wonder if they are having a fight, but turns out they are just doing kung fu exerciise.

Posted Apr 25, 2010, 3:43 am
Today we visit an outdoor market calls The Woman's Street.  It's located in Mong Kok, a place which, according to Guinness World Records, has the highest population density in the world.

Here is the Woman's Street, so named because there are a lot of outdoor stalls selling clothes, handbags and accessories.  Now that it's popular with tourists, there are stalls for souvenirs, imitation name brand handbags and watches, and other things too.  You have to bargain the prices here.  Notice that the building on the left is under renovation, and the scaffolding is built with bamboos.

These sell handbags and fans.

This one has T shirts.

This one has towels.

And look, lots of stuffed toys!

There are also a lot of food shops here. 

This window display is not real, but made with plastic to show you what they have.

This tea shop boasts that the president of Taiwan is a regular customer.

This booth sells a lot of snacks.  Sausages, meatballs, and eve beef tripe.

We head on to another market nearby.  It's the type of market where people buy their cooking ingredients.  While there are supermarkets many people still prefer to get their meat and produce at the street markets, where the price is better, the food fresher and the service friendlier.

This is a soy bean stall.  It sells bean sprouts, tofu, bean curds and other things make from tofu.  When a customer wants to buy tofu, the owner cuts from the big block on the wooden board.

This one has dried fishes hanging, and bags of dried shrimp and other stuff.

Ah, something we recognize!!  I spot some broccoli and zucchini!

The fruit stall has longan, starfruit, dragon fruit (the big red ones) among the bananas, papayas, guavas, mangoes and pears.

Posted May 1, 2010, 5:47 am
Today we visit Tsim Sha Tsui, which is at the southern tip of the Kowloon Penisula which extend from mainland China.

We take a double decker bus to get there.  We are travelling along Nathan Road, a very busy main sreet in Kowloon.  It's a bit scary to be sitting so tall.

The bus has a TV, but a lot of the broadcast is advertising.

We are having dim sum for lunch today!  Mmm all the dishes look delicious.

Sorry the food is so tasty we all dive in, and then remember that we forget to take pictures first.  So some of the plates are empty already.  Except for that chicken feet which I am so not touching!!

In Hong Kong, many of the restaurants who provide seafood keep their stock alive in aquariums.  When a customer places an order, they will take the fish, shrimp, or whatever it is out of the tank and cook it in the kitchen, so the food is as fresh as can be.

Here are some scary looking lobsters.

These are some mighty prawns!

These funny looking stuff are called abalones.

After lunch we walk towards the harbor.  We pass by an exhibit that shows the costumes for Cantonese opera.  Very eleborate looking!

We walk along the Avenue of Stars.

This is a broadwalk by the Victoria Harbor to honor the movie industry of Hong Kong.

This is the Victoria Harbor, separating Kowloon Penisula with the Hong Kong Island.  Across the harbor is the Hong Kong Island.

This is Bruce Lee, an iconic figure of Hong Kong origin.

Look, we find the hand prints of Jackie Chan, a famous kung fu actor from Hong Kong!

And this one is John Woo, a famous director also from Hong Kong.

Night has fallen and now we can see how beautiful the world famous night scenery of Hong Kong is.

This is the clock tower of the original Kowloon railway station.  The station is no longer here but this relic remains.

Nearby is some decorations.  These are made in the style of traditional paper laterns, and depicts a scene of children playing.

Posted May 11, 2010, 3:36 am
Today we go with our host to attend the BookCrossing meeting.  BookCrossing is a worldwide group of readers who love to share their books with the world.  Sometimes the members will get together so they can exchange their books.

We are taking the subway.  First this is where you can get a ticket, if you don't have a pass already.

Now we pass through the gate.

Here is a map to show you all the stations so you know which line to take.

We wait for the train to arrive.  Ah, here it is.  There is usually a train arriving every few minutes.

Oh it's really crowded!

When we reach our station, we take the escalator to go up to the street.

We have a great time at the meeting.  Everybody brings lots of books so we have plenty to choose from.

This coffee shop is also an Official BookCrossing Zone, so here's a bookshelf full of free books that people can take.

Afterwards, our host stops by one of her favorite shops.

This is a dessert shop famous for its fruit drinks and fruit salad desserts, especially ones with mangoes.  I have to say everything on the menu looks delicious.

After some deliberation, we decide to get the mango coconut aloe vera drink.  It's very tasty!!

Posted May 11, 2010, 2:10 pm
The weather is getting really warm here,  My host thinks it's time for me to change out of my sweater.  She happens to have something that fits my size.

I try to tell her that I am a boy... but I guess she doesn't understand Russian.  Oh well... at least I am not sweating like crazy...

Today we are going to try some Shanghainese food.  The restaurant is in Tsim Sha Tsui, not far from the Avenue of Stars we visited a few days ago.  Here is another view of the Harbor, where the cruise terminal is.

This restaurant is called Crystal Jade Ramen and Xiao Long Bao.

One of the most famous food from Shanghai is the Xiao Long Bao.  We are reading the restaurant's placemat, which has a story about this dumpling.

Let's see what we shall order!

The dumpling (bao) comes in small bamboo steam basket (xiao long).  Traditionally, pork is used as filling.  Chilled meat gelatin is wrapped inside, so once it heats up, the dumpling is filled with hot, juicy soup.

We also order some ramen noodles.  Ramen literally means "pulled noodle" and the noodle is made by stretching a round of dough, folding it and pulling again, repeating until you get many strands of noodles.  Sounds easy in theory but takes lots of practice to get noodles that are thin, uniform in width and not broken apart. We can kind of see the chef at work pulling the noodles, but he is working too fast for us to take good pictures.

We first enjoy the Za Jiang Mein. (Jajangmyeon in Korean)  It is a popular Northern China dish with minced meat and bean paste on top of noodle.  You can call it a Chinese style spaghetti bolognese.

Next is the hot & sour noodle, which is noodle in hot and sour soup.

This is a dish of fried eel, a little crunchy and sweet.

Turnip pancake.

And last, something sweet to end the meal.  Steamed buns with a sweet paste.  Usually the paste is made with azuki beans or lotus seed or egg custard.

Posted May 11, 2010, 2:38 pm
Today we are taking the double decker bus again.  To cross the harbor, we go through the tunnel under the water!

This is the Wan Chai district on the Hong Kong island side.

Wan Chai used to be the red light district for American sailors when they stopped by Hong Kong.  Today, while many bars and nightclubs remains, Wan Chai is among the most affluent district in Hong Kong, boosting lots of five star hotels, a government office complex, art center, exhibition hall and restaurants.

Let's take a group picture by this interesting statue.

Behind us is the financial district of Hong Kong, the Central.  You can see the tallest building, IFC, to the right, and th Bank of China building (like a cutting blade) on the left, amidst the many highrisers.

This obilex is a monument commemorating Hong Kong's return to China (after a 99-year lease to England) in 1997.  The handover ceremony was performed here.

The bauhinia is the city flower of Hong Kong.  At this Golden Bauhinia Square, you can see the flags of China and Hong Kong in the background.

Posted May 11, 2010, 8:38 pm
Today we are going to see a big Buddha statue.  It is on Lantau Island, the largest island in Hong Kong.  While it was once a hangout for pirates with a few fishing villages, today Lantau is where the airport and Hong Kong Disneyland are located.

After taking the subway, we line up to take a cable car.  Oh this looks scary!!

We have set off!  Look at the buildings!  Or don't look!

They are getting smaller and smaller!

There is the airport!  The planes look so small!

We have to go over the sea and the mountain! Just a little cable car swinging in the wind!

Look, we are almost there!  Can you see the Buddha statue in the mist?  I am so happy because I don't think I can stand it anymore!

We arrive at the Ngong Ping, home of the big Buddha!

This is not a real village but a collection of shops for tourists.  The buildings are built in the traditional Chinese style.

Some of the shops sell Buddhist souvenirs.

This is a wishing tree.

We continue on to the monastary.

The Buddha is just up the stairs!!

Being a small bear it's not easy to make it up the 268 steps, but I did.  The Buddha is 34 metres (112 ft) tall, weighs 250 metric tons, and is among the world's tallest  seated Buddha statue.

Surrounding the Buddha are six small statues: "The Offering of the Six Devas", posed as offering flowers, incense, lamp, ointment, fruit, and music to the Buddha.

This is the main hall of the monastary.  In front of it is a white statue of Kwan Yin.

We help our host's mom make an offering.  First, we have to light the incense.

People then kneel here to say their prayers.

I guess the huge joss sticks are for some really big wish!

The small incense sticks are placed inside the burner.

Cough! It's very smoky!!

Near the temple is a small tea plantation.

Further up along the path is the Wisdom Path, where the Heart Sutra is inscribed onto 38 wooden columns arranged in a figure 8 symbolizing eternity.

Afterwards, we take a bus to Tai O, a small fishing village on the western end of the island.

Besides fresh fish, they also have dried fish (kind of like a bacalao), scallop, shrimp and other products for sale.

We wonder what this is? Our host tells us that it is a wooden bucket of soft tofu, it's made a bit sweet to be eaten as dessert.

Posted May 16, 2010, 12:19 am
We have a new TV, Thiele, who just flew in yesterday.  We have been expecting her and actually get kind of worried when she still hasn't shown up.  Turns out she flew to China before finding the correct way here. So glad she's arrived safely.

Today we start off the day by eating some traditional Chinese breakfast. 

Chinese like soybean a lot.  You can drink soy milk, which is a nutritious drink, especially before dairy milk was introduced from the West into the diet.  Just like milk is made into cheese, the soy milk is made into tofu.  If they make it very soft and young, it is like a pudding.  In Northern China, it is usually eaten with soy sauce, salty peanuts, pepper and scallion with a savory flavor.  In Taiwan they like it sweet with beans.  In Hong Kong it's usually sweetened with ginger syrup.  This one looks a bit dark because of the black bean in it.

Next is rice noodle roll, "cheung fun".  It is made by rolling a sheet of rice pasta.  Sometimes it's eaten plain, with just sauces.  Like what we have now.  With lots of sesame seeds, soy sauce, hot sauce and sesame sauce.  Or you can add beef, shrimp, mushrooms, or other ingredients inside the roll.

At night we take Thiele to visit Mong Kok.  Some of the streets are closed off on weekends and nights to make room for all the pedastrians.

We take her to the Woman's Street, which we have visited a few days ago.  It is a street filled with street vendors selling everything from fake name brand handbags, clothes, toys and tourist souvenirs.

This one has some pretty Chinese dress.

There are also a lot of food stalls too.  This one specializes in a snack called eggies.

This one has snacks like stuffed pepper, meatballs, sausages and other things on a stick like a kebab.

People line up on the street to buy snacks.

Posted May 16, 2010, 1:05 am
As Thiele hasn't been to dim sum yet, we take her out today.

We show her how to mark what she wants on the order form.

This is the Hainanese Chicken rice.  It's considered a National dish of Singapore.  The rice is cooked with ginger, garlic and chicken stock to give it a delicious flavor.

More dim sum arrive at the table.  They come served in small dishes or bamboo steamers.

The sesame ball has a creamy custard filling.

I am not sure I like this dish.  It's fish head with soy sauce.  Maybe a bird will like it better.

Afterwards, we take the bus to cross the harbor.

I don't like dark tunnels and tunnels under the water sounds creepy so I am glad we are seeing the light!

Last time we get off at Wan Chai but this time we ride on longer to get to Central district.

Central is the financial district of Hong Kong.  Many multinational financial and trade businesses have their headquarters here.  Here you can see from the left the Bank of China Tower (designed by I. M. Pei and the 4th tallest building in Hong Kong), Cheung Kong Center and HSBC HQ.  The little brown building behind me is the old Bank of China office, which looks really tiny compared to all the shiny new buildings.


Posted May 16, 2010, 3:44 am
Today we are travelling again.  We wait at the ferry terminal.  I wonder where we will be going?  Mocha gets that funny smile like he knows but is not telling!

It's time to board the turbojet!

Goodbye to Hong Kong for now!

I hope I won't get seasick!!

After an hour, we arrive at the new place.  Everything looks a bit different from Hong Kong.  There are signs in Portuguese, Chinese and English.

Mystery solved!  We are in Macau!

Posted May 20, 2010, 5:08 pm
Today on our way to downtown Macau we pass by the Macau Tower.  You can try the world's highest bungee jump from there.  Which of course we are not interested in.

First we want some breakfast.  We go to a this place, Margaret's, which is very famous for its egg custard tart, nata, as you can imagine from the long line.

We finally get our natas.  They are so delicious, fresh from the oven, with a flaky crust and a creamy warm custard filling slightly burnt on top.

Now we are full, we can do some sight seeing.  We first go to the town square, Largo do Senado.

From the square we walk up to the most famous landmark of Macau, Ruinas de S. Pablo.  The church, originally built in 1602-1640, was destroyed by fire in 1835.  The facade was left standing alone.  This is a World Heritage site.

There are a lot of shops selling snacks along the street to St. Paul.  We can watch the staff make the snacks.  This lady is making sesame candy by rolling the sweet roll in coconut, peanut and sesame, then chopping them into bite size pieces.

Here she is rolling up little egg pancakes to make phoenix rolls.

This man is making little almond cookies.  He puts them onto a big bamboo basket then into the oven to roast.

Here the machine is making dorayaki, a Japanese pastry.  It will be filled with red beans in the center.

There are also all type of jerkies, made with beef, pork, boar...

Lots of candies and cookies to choose from!!

Enough food for now... let's go on more sight seeing!

We pass by this bookstore.  Macau was a Portuguese colony, so the buildings have a European influence, and streets have Portuguese names, even though the residents speak mostly Chinese and English.

We see some tile paintings showing how Macau looked like when the Portuguese first arrived.

We now visit Casa de Lou Kau.  Built in 1889 it was the home of Lou Kau, a prominent merchant, and is a showcase of traditional Chinese style mansion.

I imagine old grandpa Lou used to sit here and sipped his tea...

And the mother watching from upstairs as the little children played in the courtyard below...  Traditional houses have a courtyard in the center of the house to let in more light and air.

A beautiful lattice work on the wooden window.

I wonder if this is where they had dinner.

This is the family altar, where they would offer incense to the gods and the ancestors.

Afterwards we stop by the library so our host can check her emails.  The library is in Holland garden, so named because the Portuguese had a battle with the Dutch here.

Can you spot us?  Also did you notice the design on the plants?  It's a picture of the St. Paul's ruins which we visited earlier today.

As Macau is a small place of only less than 30 sq km, people like to get around with mopeds.

Posted May 20, 2010, 7:55 pm
Macau is famous for its casinos.  It is called Las Vegas of the East, and actually has more gaming revenue than Las Vegas.  Today, we go visit some of the casinos.  We are too young to go inside the casinos but some of the hotels are very pretty inside and worth a visit.

The first one we visit is the City of Dreams.  At the entrance, they have a screen showing an underwater world.

We walk around but it's mostly shops.

Next door is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

They have a lot of memorabilia from famous musicians.  Here's something from Elton John.

A guitar from Eagles.

Hey Mommy do you know whom these things belonged to? A diamond studded glove!

Posted May 20, 2010, 8:47 pm
We walk across the street to visit the Venetian.  It's by the same owner of the one in Las Vegas.

It is so beautiful inside!

Look, this escalator is curved!!

They have a huge food court, with a large variety of food: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Macanese, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, dessert and more...

They have a canal inside the hotel and you can even get on a gondola!!  The steer will sing as the boat floats down the canal.

There is also a square modelled after the San Marco Square in the real city.

Posted May 22, 2010, 4:48 am
Today we go to visit Casas-Museu da Taipa.  They are the restored buildings which were once the residences of Portuguese officials and Macanese families (Portuguese who were born and grew up in Macau) in the early 20th century. 

On the way to the houses, we walk along a small street.  We see a small temple.

This used to be a firecracker factory, but not anymore.

Further down the road, there is another temple.  This one is for the bodhisattva Kwan Yin, who is often portrayed as motherly figure like Maria.

Inside we see a lot of large coils hanging there.  What are they?

They are incense.  By making them this shape they can burn for a long time.

We take the stairs up.  The trees lining the steps are over a hundred years old.

On top of the stairs is a small church, Our lady of Carmel Church.

Next to the church is a small park, where there is a statue of Luis Vaz De Camoes, the National poet of Portugal.

There are some exercise equipment in the park.  It looks like gym equipment but it's for outdoors, and it's free!  Since we have been eating so much, it's time to do some exercise!

Oh, I think I spot the houses we are looking for!

They are very European looking.  It must be very nice living here.

On the other side of the lake, we can see the casinos that we visited yesterday.

This is the typical style of street signs in Macau.  Very elegant, isn't it?

Nearby there is a garden.

It's a beautiful pond with koi fishes and lotus.


Posted May 31, 2010, 3:58 am
We are back in Hong Kong. 

We go to a department store, and happen to see a man from the Dragon Well village in China talk about tea. 

Here you can see the bags of tea as well as a bamboo tray of harvested leaves that are being dried.

He is demostrating how they pan fry the tea leaves after they are harvested.  There is a fire under te circular wok, and he keeps stirring and rolling the leaves with his hands.

Then our host takes us to try a new dessert. Yay!!

This is Taiwanese shaved ice.  It has become popular in Hong Kong recently.  As you can see it is very pretty, with very thin sheets layered one on top of the other, looks like layers of cream, and is different from the regular shaved ice.  Instead of granular ice crystals, this one is smooth almost like ice cream.  This one is the mango flavor.  It is topped with syrup with cubes of dragon fruit and mango.

We order another one, this one is sesame flavor, with red beans.  Delicious but I like mango better.  I wish I can eat this every day!

Posted Jun 1, 2010, 9:44 pm
While we had a really good time in Hong Kong, sadly it's time to leave. 

We are at the airport now.  Good bye Hong Kong!

It has been a really fun trip.  Now I am heading back to the U.S. I wonder what adventure I will have there?

Posted Jun 12, 2010, 2:53 am
As Thiele is visiting Miami for the first time, we decide to take her to Miami Beach.

First, we go to Lincoln Road.  It's a Pedestrian walkway with shops, restaurants and even performers and street vendors on weekends.

We have a bit of lunch sitting outdoors.

Then we go and visit the Botanical Garden.

This man looks like he has a bad hair day!

It is a beautiful garden with some interesting statues.

We help our host release a BookCrossing book at the garden.  Hope someone will pick it up!

One part is arranged as a Japanese garden.

I listen to the whisper of the bamboo trees and feel very meditative.

Not far from the Botanical Garden is the Holocaust Memorial.

As we walk around the pond, there are displays with photos about the Holocaust.

The photos make me feel very heavy in my heart.

We then walk through this tunnel.  The slits on the wall allow sunlight to enter in an interesting pattern.

At the end of the tunnel we see this monument.

The figures all look like they are suffering in great pain.

This is a quotation from Anne Frank: "Then in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."  When I learn from our host that Anne was a young girl who was killed in the war, I am so sad I want to cry.  I hope there will be no more war like this!

Posted Jun 12, 2010, 4:26 pm
Today we go to the Knaus Berry Farm.  It's opened by some Quarkers and the place is only open during winter.  In the summer they return to Pennslyvania.  They are famous for their cinnamon buns and people will drive an hour to come get them.

They sell a lot of strawberries grown from their farm.  Usually strawberry season here is February but because of the cold winter we have them now:

There are other veggies too.

Here are the cinnamon buns.  It's still early so there is not a line, but later it will extend outside the store.

Cinnamon buns, strawberry shake, and some veggies for dinner.  Yummy!  There is no table or chair so we eat in the trunk.

Posted Jun 16, 2010, 4:38 am
Today we go down to "The Keys"!!  Florida keys are a chain-like cluster of about 1700 islands in the southeast United States, beginning from 15 miles (24 km)south of Miami.  At the nearest point, the southern tip of Key West is just 94 miles (151 km) from Cuba.  The word "key" comes from the Spanish "Cayo", meaning small island.

Marathon is located among the "Middle Keys", about 2 hours from Miami.    We arrive at the beach.

We go there for the dragon boat festival.  Here are the atheletes getting ready!

Here they are loading up the boat.  The dragon boat is a long boat that seats two paddlers in 10 rows.  The watersport originate in China.

We wave them off with a good luck!

The beach is really beautiful!! I have been to the beach in Germany, and it's interesting how different the same ocean can look in different parts of the world!

It's kind of far out there but can you see the boats racing out on the water?

On the shore there are some vendors for food as well as arts and crafts.

After each heat, the racers come to check out their time at the score board.

What a beautiful day to be out on the Florida beach!!  I am feeling a bit sad that I will be leaving soon but my host tells me that my mommy has bought a ticket for my next flight!

Posted Jun 22, 2010, 4:29 am
Today we go to a hospital!  Don't worry mom, nobody got hurt.  But we are going to visit some sick sea turtles!  This is a very special hospital in the Florida Keys.  They take care of turtles that are sick.  Thy have a website
Look, they even have a turtle ambulance!

We go to the visitor center first.

We read some information about sea turtles.

These are the shells of the different species of sea turtles.  They are very large animals!!

We watch a slide show telling us more about sea turtles and why they end up at the hospital.

This is the emergency room.  The lady is using a toy to show us what they do when a turtle is delivered to an emergency room.  Did you know that turtles are conscious breathers?  That means that while they are under anaesthesia an assistant has to stand by and pump oxygen into the turtle's lung at regular intervals so it won't suffocate.

They have equipment to take digital X Rays of the patients.  Digital is useful because the doctors are volunteers so they are not at the hospital all the time.  Now they can view the digital image from where they are and give diagnosis quickly.  These x rays show that the turtle has a fishing hook in the stomach!  Ouch, that must really hurt.

Next we walk over to visit the patients.  First we go to the ICU where each patient has his own room, er, pool.

We meet Kentucky.  She has been biten by a shark but is lucky enough to live to tell the tale!  (you can read more of her story at

Here you can see clearly the shark bites on her shell.  She is so excited to see us, I guess she never tires of retelling her adventure!

This turtle suffers the bubble butt syndrome.  This happens when a motor boat hits the turtle so hard that the shell is misshapened.  An air bubble forms inside the shell.  This is a problem as the turtle can no longer sink below water, meaning that he cannot find food or shelter from predators.  The doctors have not found a cure yet, but they put a weight on the shell so the turtle can sink below the surface.  However, as the turtle grow, the old plates on the shell fall off, so the weight is not a permanent solution.  The turtles will thus have to spend the rest of their lives in the sanctuary.

Here is another turtle recuperating.  You can see that on her flippers there are some scars.  She has tumor but it has been removed.

This is Romeo.  He's a baby but sadly has lost a flipper already!!

This is Joe.  He was born without one flipper then got another one bitten off by a predator.  But we are told that Joe seems to swim around pretty well with just two flippers so they may release him into the wild.

Isn't he a beautiful turtle?

Besides the individual Intensive Care Units, there are two big pools.  It used to be a swimming pool of a hotel.  The pool gets water from the sea outside.  Here lives the turtles who are soon to be released back to the wild as well as those permanent residents.

Here you can see the weight attached to the turtle's back to keep him from floating all the time.

We are given some pellets to feed the turtles.  My host cannot manage holding the feed and us and the camera (she needs another flipper -- I mean hand) so there is no picture.  She says she doesn't want to feed us to the turtles by mistake. 

I am really glad to vist the hospital.  It's nice knowing that the injured turtles are well cared for.  We hope that all the sea turtles will recover soon.  We also hope that humans will stop throwing garbage into the sea, respect slow boat zone, so that the turtles will have a easier life.

We save the band for souvenir.

Afterwards we have lunch.  We sit outside so we can enjoy the breeze and the view.

We have a fish rueben and a basket of fish and chips.  Delicious!!

Posted Jul 5, 2010, 11:43 am
Hi mum,
I'm arrived in Italy! My host has just opened the envelope and she says I'm so cute!
It's quite hot here and my host shows me the balcony and some flower, she says there are a lot of TV here... I just can't wait to meet them all!

Posted Jul 19, 2010, 9:51 am
Hi mum,
it is still quite hot here so I've decided to undress. Today I'm relaxing on my deck chair, nothing is better than an ice cream and a bath to get fresh!

Posted Jul 30, 2010, 9:20 am
Hi mom!
Thank you so much for your postcard, my host and I were so glad to find it in our mailbox!

Posted Aug 5, 2010, 3:43 pm
Hi mum,
I'm walking in a wide park close to where I'm living with my host, I took a photo with the other TV that are here with me: Barnardo, Baabaa, Nathalie and King Tut!

Posted Aug 10, 2010, 7:20 pm
Hi mum,
today I'm in a frightening place, it's a natural gorde formed by glacial waters. There are waterfalls and caves...I'm a bit worried!
I'm very close to the Lake of Como and I can't wait to see it too!

Posted Aug 11, 2010, 1:40 pm
Hi mummy,
here is the Lake of Como! Today it was supposed to rain but it's sunny.

Posted Aug 12, 2010, 1:38 pm
Hi mum,
I'm drinking an Italian cappuccino in Varenna, which is another place on the Lake of Como...soon I'll go to the seaside!

Posted Aug 13, 2010, 4:32 pm
Hi mum,
it's time to go to the seaside, my friends and I are so impatient to leave!

Posted Aug 17, 2010, 2:14 pm
Hi mum,
I'm in the region called Liguria, which is placed in the north-west of Italy. I'm in a town called Loano. My hotel looks nice, especially the swimming pool!

Posted Aug 19, 2010, 8:56 am
Hi mum,
today I'm to the beach. There are a lot of people here, early this morning it was cloudy but now the sun has arrived!

Posted Aug 25, 2010, 3:20 pm
Hi mum,
while I'm in Italy I couldn't miss a pizza and since I'm at the seaside I wanted to eat a "seafood pizza".
Then I went for a walk on the seafront till it was late in the host said it was time to go bed!

Posted Aug 27, 2010, 1:11 pm
Hi mum,
my holiday at the seaside is going to finish and I'm coming back in Milan but first I want to say "hello" to the sea and to spend some more time to the pool of the hotel.

Posted Sep 1, 2010, 9:48 am
Hi mum,
here I'm in Laglio, on the Lake of Como. This small town has become quite popular because of the house of George Clooney. Maybe I'll meet him...

Posted Sep 1, 2010, 9:49 am
Now I'm in another place on the Lake of Como, it's called Argeno. Also my friends Nathalie, Barnardo and Baabaa are with me and they all say "hello" to you!

Posted Sep 1, 2010, 1:56 pm
It's time to start a new adventure... another host is waiting for me, goodbye Italy!!!!!!!!

Posted Sep 23, 2010, 11:46 am
Today I finally arrived in Chile!  :cyclops:
I wanted to get out from that narrow envelope so bad!

I was welcomed by Claire Tamias, she's a TV, just like me! And she's been here for a few weeks already.

In my first walk outside I found a treile egg!  :stare:
They're chilean birds, and it's very common to find their eggs on the grass in this time of the year, because spring just started here!  :rolleyes:

Posted Sep 28, 2010, 12:50 am
I tried some empanadas, the national food of Chile, they're fried dough filled with meat, onion, one olive, and some other ingredients, they are really really yummy!!  :p

Posted Sep 28, 2010, 11:51 pm
We are going to Queule for the weekend, it's a fishing village with beautiful beaches. My host has a summer house there, so i might be going there often!  :D

We got there at night, so all I saw that day was the big and beautiful full moon above in the sky!

Posted Sep 29, 2010, 11:25 pm
The next morning we woke up and went straight to the deck to see the view and then to the garden to see the plants and flowers!

These are called ''nalcas'' and they're native from Chile.

These little flowers are called ''no me olvides'' which in english is ''dont forget me''

Have you ever seen a flower like this? It's a tree called floripondio and the flower can be used as a drug, but it's not my case  :p


Posted Oct 1, 2010, 8:43 pm
We went to the town to see the boats and everything closer, the weather was really nice!  :)

Many of these boats were destroyed by the tsunami in february 2010, and there are still some traces of it.

Posted Oct 3, 2010, 3:21 pm
Later we headed to ''Agua de las Niñas'' beach, which in english would be ''girls' water''
We passed through this viewpoint called ''El Tope''
From here you can see the whole fishing village.

That beach is called ''La herradura'' (the horseshoe) because of its shape, oh, by the way, that's an island.

...then we kept walking...

I found this dock, Leslie told me it was destroyed by the tsunami

This is called lion rock, can you guess why?  :p

Time for a little rest  ;)

This is Ronca beach, ronca means snore. It's called like that because of the loud sound of its waves.

We arrived! This is Agua de las Niñas.

Look what I found!!  :o

A jellyfish  :o

I found  this very weird rock full of wholes, what could have made them?

After all that I can say...

Finally we went back to the house.

Posted Oct 8, 2010, 10:54 pm
Today we are going back to Temuco, I enjoyed a lot this weekend here!
I made a few last shots from the main dock  :rolleyes:

Posted Oct 10, 2010, 4:30 am
It's beautiful to see how all the trees are blooming at last after the cold winter! Spring started around 20 days ago and the weather is nice almost everyday!  :rolleyes:

Posted Oct 11, 2010, 1:51 am
We visited the central market of the city. There were lots of artisans in their stands selling typical stuff.

These are kultrunes, they're drums from the Mapuche culture.

More Mapuche instruments.

These are Mapuche jewelry pieces. The biggest ones are ''trapelakuchas'', they are made of silver and are very expensive.

This is a huge ''indio pícaro''

The Indio Pícaro is a traditional wooden statuette of a Mapuche Indian with a long penis. It is found in traditional artisan shops in south-central Chile. It is usually made of wood, used primarily as decoration or for jokes. It consists of an image of a traditionally dressed Mapuche painted with a broad smile that, when lifted, shows an erect penis.

These are ocarinas, musical instruments from the altiplanic zone.

Posted Oct 16, 2010, 12:41 am
We watched the rescue of the 33 miners who were trapped for 69 days 700 meters underground in a mine in the north of Chile.
The rescue process lasted 22 hours and 30 minutes.

I have to admit I dropped a couple of tears watching them hug their relatives again.
Now they are all safe with their families again! :)

Posted Oct 22, 2010, 5:34 pm
We went to Ñielol Hill, a natural monument.
It has a huge historic meaning, because here, chileans and mapuches established peace.

There were super huge trees!  :D

This is the Patagua tree, here is where spanish and mapuches established peace,  in 1881, after 3 centuries of war.

These 4 meters tall mapuche totems are called chemamüll, they represent the family.

This tree is a Notro, they have these cute little red flowers.

This is the view of Temuco from the summit of Ñielol hill.

I read the description of some tree, they were in braille as well!

There was a little museum, so we went in :)

These things are Piñones, they are the seed of araucarias, the national tree.

I made a new friend! He is a Coipo, a South American species of rodent.

WOW, this one IS important! It is a Cóndor, the chilean national bird.
It is the biggest flying bird in the world!

The Andean Condor's wingspan ranges from 280 to 320 cm (9.2 to 10.5 ft). It is heavy, reaching a weight of 11 to 15 kg (24 to 33 lb) for males and 6 to 14 kg (13 to 31 lb) for females. Overall length can range from 102 to 135 cm (40 to 53 in).

This is a map of The Araucanía region. By the way, Chile is divided in 15 regions, La Araucanía is the 9th of them.

After the museum we kept walking though the forest :)

Look at this weird tree!!  :o

Posted Oct 31, 2010, 6:07 pm
We went to the main cementery of the city which was opened in 1897.[img]

This place is for policemen who died working.

After the cementery we went to a memorial park, which is in honor to all the people who died in the militar dictatorship in 1973.

This stree symbolizes the strenght of life.

On this wall there are the names of some of the missing and dead people.

Néstor Gallardo Agüero is Leslie's relative.

Posted Nov 1, 2010, 10:09 pm
NO PARKING sign in spanish  :p

Posted Nov 13, 2010, 11:06 pm
We went for a walk around the house. Did I ever mention that the house is just 5 houses away from the very end of the city? so you just cross the street and youre in the country side :D

Posted Nov 20, 2010, 12:54 am
Heading south from the house I found this nice lagoon, sadly the day was kinda rainy, so we had to go back pretty soon and couldnt go further.

Posted Nov 28, 2010, 3:23 pm
We visited the cementery again, but this time I focused on the flowers, they were absolutely beautiful!  :D

Posted Dec 1, 2010, 10:57 pm
Today Leslie recieved some presents that Claire's mum sent her.
Of course I wanted to help opening the candies  :p

Posted Dec 13, 2010, 7:41 pm
We visited a famous train museum Pablo Neruda.
Sadly we couldn't go in to where the main trains are, because the structure is damaged since the earthquake in february and it's dangerous to go in, so that part is closed  :(
This is a part of the wall...

Do you know the onomatopoeia for the sound of trains in spanish?
well, i do, it's ''chucu chucu'' lol

This is where thay loaded charcoal

This was the presidential train many years ago. Can you see me there?

There were lots of poems carved on copper that Pablo Neruda, wrote to the trains.

Posted Dec 23, 2010, 3:35 pm
The last place I visited was an art exposition... though I think it was boring, too abstract for my taste, lol

...And this is my last day in Chile,
I had a great time here and I'm going to miss it!
Now I'm heading to Finland where I'm sure I will have fun!


Posted Jan 25, 2011, 6:50 pm
Hi Mom,

Finally I'm here in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Wow, it took a really long time for me to travel here, but everything is fine now. I'm really hungry and I want to meet some new friends here at my new host's home. I'l write more later, but now I'll go to eat something... Oh, I almost forgot - here's lots of snow and really cold compered to Chile...

Posted Jan 29, 2011, 5:59 pm
Hi Mom,

When I arrived here on Tuesday evening I got lots of fish soup. It was made of salmon and it tasted delicious. No pictures of me eating - I was just too hungry and I think I forgot my good table mannors... After the soup I got a cup of warm tea and some gingerbreads (Picure 1) - and then I finally met the rest of the gang. There were Michel, K-Bear and Manu the Rubber Duck. (Picture 2) They wanted to hear all about my trips, but unfortunately I was too tired to talk with them. They all seemed really nice though and I felt myself very welcomed here. Before I went to bed we all got some sweet chocolate dessert. (Picture 3)

On Wednesday my host went to a hospital for a few hours. It was a beautiful sunny day, but a way too cold, -17C. My host asked would we like to join her so we could take some pictures, but we all answered "No, thank you!" It was nice to stay inside and we had so much fun there together chatting and getting to know each others a bit better. -17 C and really cold wind, hrrrrrr...

Today it was only -7C and it felt much warmer so we went to the city to see some sights. Manu and K-Bear stayed at home so Michel and I got a private tour. We went to the city by tram. It's the easiest and fastest way to travel here. The tram stop is in front of my host's outdoor. We waited for a tram and I saw snow here for the first time. (Picture 4) Well, I had seen snow through windows here, but not for real before this. It looked nice, but I didn't want to touch it though.

At first we went to the main railway station of Helsinki. (Picture 5) It was designed by architect Eliel Saarinen and it has been there since 1919. Right next to the railway station is the most important building of Helsinki - the main post office. Oh, my host is addicted to Postcrossing
( www.postcrossing. com ) and that's her oppinion. The post office is the yellow building behind me. (Picture 6) We went in to the post office and looked really impressive. (Picture 7) There's also a nice café there and my host told me that it is the place where they usually have their postcrossing meetings. If I stay here long enough I can join their meeting - that sounds interesting. Mailboxes are here bright orange and in the 1st of February there are also going to be blue mailboxes for the 1st class mail. I like the colour of those boxes. (Picture 8)

We walked about 200 meters and saw three interesting buildings. The first one was Kiasma, the contemporary art museum. (Picture 9) It's a modern building in the middle of the city and all the old buildings. Kiasma was opened in 1998. The next building was the Parliament House of Finland and it's Eduskuntatalo in Finnish. (Picture 10) It was built between 1926 and 1931. It is a huge building and I think it would be interesting to go inside of it too. My host told us that there are arranged guided tours sometimes and she promised to find out when are the next ones. She hasn't ever been inside of the Parliament House either... The last of these buildings was the National Museum of Finland. (Picture 11) The tower is 58 meters high. I wasn't so interested in the history of the building anymore after I noticed a big bear statue in the front of the museum. My host just had to take a photo of me and Michel with the statue. (Picture 12) Kirsi told us that there's also another bear statue in a place which is called the bear park, Karhupuisto in Finnish. That statue is now covered with snow, but we can go to see it someday.

We jumped to a tram again and went to the Senate Square. There is a big white church and it is the Lutherean Cathedral of Helsinki. THe Cathedral looked beautiful. (Pictures 13 and 14) There was a lot of snow at the Senate Square and I wanted to have my photo taken with snow. (Picture 15) Michel was really brave and he sat on the snow. I wouldn't dare to do the same and so I got to sit on his lap. (Picture 16) Wind was freezing and we were almost frozen so we stopped our tour of archoitecture and went quickly back to home by tram. We had lots of hot tea there. It was a cold, but nice day and I saw and learned a lot about Helsinki.

Posted Jan 29, 2011, 10:14 pm
Today our host asked us what would we like to do. Michel said he'd like to visit in the town hall if that's possible. My host said that it is a good idea and there are always interesting exhibitions there. So once again we took a tram to the city and went to the town hall of Helsinki. This time there was a photo exhibition and the photos were all wonderful black and white pictures from 1940 to 1998. My host called to her boyfriend and invited him to the exhibition too. The town hall was a very intersting place and the others liked it too. (Pictures 1-4)

Kirsi's boyfriend was still at work so we walked around while we waited for him. At first we saw the Orhodox Cathedral of Helsinki. (Picture 5) It was only -2 C, but we noticed soon that it's always windy by the sea - and the wind was strong and cold. I'm not going to tell you any history of the places we saw, because we had just a quick tour there and wanted to go inside to a warm place soon. The next building was the Presidential Palace. (Picture 6) Did you know Mom that the President of Finland is woman? Her name is Tarja Halonen. My host told me that The President was not in the Palace, because the flag of Finland wasn't fluttering on a flagpole.

There was a big ferry going to Suomenlinna, which is the UNESCO site of Helsinki. (Pictures 7 and 8) My host told us that it is a beautiful island and there's an old fortress. The island is a popular place especially in the summertime and people go there for a picnic or for a walk. The blue building behind me (Picture 9) is the town hall of Helsinki where we already visited. There was a smaller boat too and it was a café, but we wanted to go to a warmer place. (Picture 10)

We went to the Old Market Hall and my host told us that it is the oldest market hall of Finland. We walked straight to the café and Kirsi ordered a big latte. The mug was warm and we all warmed up slowly. (Picture 11) The latte was really good also. Kirsi's boyfriend called and we didn't have time to see everything in the hall, but we can go there back later. We walked to the town hall again and watched the photo exhibition with Ikke. Then we went to a grocery shop and back to home. No more photos, because the battery of Kirsi's camera run out of power - or maybe it was just frozen...

Posted Jan 29, 2011, 11:12 pm
Hi again Mom,

One more update and then I'll go to bed. This morning we woke up early and went to the city for breakfast. There's a nice and peaceful little café called Salt & Pepper. We had a great breakfast there and it was fun to go out for a breakfast. (Picture 1)

We came back home by tram and it was still so early that the tram was almost empty. Finally we had a good chance to take some photos inside of a tram. (Pictures 2-5) Too bad the windows were so dirty...

We all slept in the afternoon for a few hours. We had a lazy Saturday evening and we just watched TV and chatted. We won't have a lazy Sunday, because we'll go to a birthday party. It's so exciting I can hardly wait for tomorrow, but I'm sure we'll have fun there :) Bye for now! Yours, Blinchick <3

Posted Feb 5, 2011, 9:03 pm
Hi Mom,

We had fun in the birthday party last Sunday and we all ate lots of cake. There were so many guests and children that my host couldn't take any pictures, she didn't want us to get lost there.

After the party we drove by the sea near a café to see some snow sculptures. It's amazing what they can make of snow. It was already dark, but my host got a few photos of us there playing there. (Pictures 1-3)

One day my host took us to the Bear Park to see the big bear statue. Wow, it was a great statue and it felt like the bear was actually alive. (Pictures 4 and 5)

You can see icicles here everywhere and you have to watch around, because they can fell down and hit you. Here are a few big icicles. (Pictures 6 and 7) They look beautiful, but they are quite dangerous though.

On our way to the main post office we saw the National Theater of Finland. It is a beatiful building and my host told us there are many interesting details on the walls of the theater. Too bad we didn't have time to go there and see those details. The statue in front of the theter is made to honor the national writer of Finland and his name is Aleksis Kivi. It was funny to see that statue and hear his name, because the address of our host is Aleksis Kivi's Street :) (Picture 8)

There was a big happening in the city a few days ago where they celebrated the Chinese New Year. We saw dragon dancers and acrobats there, but unfortunately we were standing too far from the stage so no pictures of them. The area was decoreted with beautiful red lanterns and you can see some of them behind me. (Picture 9)

Yesterday my host went to the city to meet her friend. She had surprise for us when she came back home. We all were sitting and waiting on a couch and then she introduced us to Kerttu. She is a tiny moose girl and she wants to become a TV too. Kerttu is very sweet and we all liked her right away. (Picture 10)

Today we all went to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate the Chinese New Year, better late than never. We had a delicious meal there and it was also a welcoming party for Kerttu. (Pictures 11 and 12)

After the meal I went to chat with Lauri the Cat. He is a nice and playful cat, but I went there when it was time for him to take a nap. I took a nap together with him and he warmed me nicely :) (Pictures 13 and 14)

Today it was also J.L. Runeberg's day. He was the national poet of Finland. We celebrated his day by eating small cakes named after him, in Finnish they are called Runebergin torttu. (Picture 15)

OK, now I'll go to bed. We have to wake up early tomorrow, because were are going to the movies with our host to watch a new animation movie by Disney. I'm looking forward to it already.

Bye Mom! I miss you <3

Posted Feb 11, 2011, 10:13 pm
Hi Mom,

Here I am again :)

The Disney's movie was great and we had special glasses, because it was a 3D movie. We ate a lot of popcorn there too, yammy! Unfortunatelly it was not allowed to take any pictures at the movie theatre so you can't see any parts of the movie.

On Monday we all went to the main post office - it was time for K-Bear to start her trip to Germany. It was the first time she was travelling alone and she was a bit nervous, but also excited. We had a big latte there together and wrote a few postcards. (Picture 1) Too soon it was time for a group hug (Picture 2) and after the goodbyes K-Bear jumped to an envelope and started her own adventure.

On Tuesday my host had a bad headache and we stayed inside reading and playing. There was a snow storm and we didn't want to out so it was a good day to stay at home.

On Wednesday a mailman brought a big box to my host and we were all curious to see what was inside of it. At first we saw a blue towel and soon we noticed that someone was looking at us. (Picture 3) My host picked the towel on the couch and the eyes inside of it watched us carefully. (Picture 4) After a while we saw a bread coming out of the towel and my host told us that he is Bernd the Bread, a ToyVoyager from germany. Bernd gave us some chocolates and a nice postcard of Hamburg. (Picture 5) Michel was thrilled - he is also from Hamburg. We wanted to know all about Bernd and his afventures, but he was a bit grumpy and really hungry after his long trip - just like I was when I arrived here.

In the afternoon my host told us that she was going to the TV (means television, not ToyVoyager this time) studios for a few hours and we could come there with her, but we would have to stay in her bag and be quiet. We all thought that sounded really interesting and so we jumped in to her bag. My host worked at the studios as an assistant for a TV serie and we could hear everything what happened. Kirsi didn't have her camera with her, because it's forbidden to take cameras there in the studio area. She has been an assistant in four movies and 3 TV series and she said it's fun and interesting to see all that behind the scenes.

At home we were all a bit tired and Bernd went to sleep right away. We got a big muffin and some cookies for a snack (Picture 6) and then we went to bed too. I got a new experience again today and I feel almost like I'm a movie star :)

Yesterday we went to a small tea room, there were only four tables, but over 300 different teas. My host met two of her best friends there and they chatted and chatted a long time there. They also laughed a lot and that sounded nice. It was really difficult to choose what tea we'd like to drink, but finally we decided to have wild cherry tea with croissant and jam. It was a perfect choice, the tea was warm and delicious. (Picture 7)

Today it was freezing, -12C and terrible wind. We wanted to go outside to get some fresh air though and we played in snow for a short time. (Pictures 8 and 9) I found a small cave and it was actually warm there. (Picture 10) Well, it wasn't warm there for long and soon we wanted to go back home. Bernd liked the "cool" weather, as he said, so my host went to the city with him to see some sights. We stayed at home reading and watching TV until they came home. It's getting colder here and I think I don't want to go out anymore...

Until later Mom. Yours, Blinchick <3

Posted Feb 14, 2011, 8:27 pm
Happy Valentine's Day Mom <3<3<3

Today it was Valentines Day or Friend's day (Ystävänpäivä) as they call it here in Finland. We had a special photo shooting by our host and it was fun. We also had chocolates and a big doghnut - all heart shaped of course :)

Btw, it was -22C here this morning so it was really nice to spend a day inside playing.

Hugs and kisses, your Blinchick <3

Posted Mar 2, 2011, 10:28 pm
Hi Mom,

So much has happened since the last time I wrote here. I've had fun here, but I've also missed you...

It was really cold here for two weeks (-24C or even -27C) so we mostly stayed inside. We read a lot (picture 1) and I lerned to like Moomin stories very much. Manu the Rubber Duck has his own photo book and here you can see him together with Finland's ex Prime Minister. Manu sure knows many important and famous people. (picture 2) We watched movies like Shrek 3 and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I really liked them both and the other movies too. You can't just watch Charlie and Chocolate Factory without any chocolate (picture 3) and we had some hot chocolate with chocolate biscuits :)

Sometimes we played hide and seek. There were many great hiding places at Kirsi's place and I always found the best ones. (pictures 4-6). We also had nice talks with some other toys. Here's Little Hunger and Helppi with us. (picture 7) Helppi was really friendly and cheerful (picture 8) - he always made us smile.

Sometimes I jus looked at all the wonderful postcards my host has - there are lots of empty cards ready to be sent and many boxes of received cards at her place. (picture 9)

I don't want you to think that I didn't eat anything else than chocolate, candies and cakes here Mom, but my host just didn't take any pictures of me eating. Well, here you can see I've had one of my favourite meals - meatloaf and mashed potatoes :D (picture 10)

Posted Apr 25, 2011, 8:50 pm
Hi Mom,

Yes, I'm fine and still here in Helsinki. My host had had huge problems with her computer (and she still does) so we haven't been able to update my travelog.

Hmmmmm, so much has happenend since I last wrote here. Maybe I should let all the photos speak for themselves. Well, short explaining at first. Many TVs has left and many has arrived. I've got some great new friends and I'd like to believe I can meet them again someday somewhere... I've travelled a lot here by busses and trams with my host and with other TVs. We have been watching trains at the railway stations quite often and one day I saw a brand new train called Allegro - you can travel to St Petersburg by it from here. Hmmm, I wonder if I'll come back home by train... Manu the Duck had a birthday party and he is 3 years old now. I've met Moomins and and seen the Lutheran Cathedral of Helsinki. I've been in many postcrossing meetings and written lots of postcards. I've had fun and I've learned to like Finnish coffee, especially latte.

OK, now I'll show "some" photos to you dear Mom :)

Posted May 30, 2011, 8:13 pm
Hi Mom,

Well, here are my last updates from Helsinki, Finland. At first I have a big surprise for you - I completed one of my life missions :) I got kisses from 15, well actually 16, girls :D Here you can see my kissing photos... *Blushing*

Posted May 30, 2011, 8:51 pm
We had a great Easter here. We were hunting eggs and we found lots of chocolate eggs. (Picture 1-4) Finnish chocolate is really delicious :)

A week from Easter it was the MayDay, the first of May or Vappu as they call it here in Finland. It's a big celebration for students and most of the people. It's almost like a Finnish carneval. We had a peaceful Vappu at home. We ate some doughnuts and had balloons. It was a nice day and it also means that now spring is here. (Picture 5)

In the sunny days we like to sit out in the balcony and have some latte or ice latte. It's just nice to sunbathe sitting in a chair with friends :) (Pictures 6 and 7)

Well, it's the end of May and summer is almost here. I think it's time for me to travel again, I need to see new places and meet new people. I know I'll miss my Finnish friends, but new adventures are waiting for me. Today we went to a park and I saw some blossoming appletrees - they smelled wonderful. (Pictures 8 and 9) We sat there on a bench and enjoyed the beautiful and warm day. (Picture 10) Then we went to a small café to have a latte and say goodbyes - it was time for me to go. A few tears, big hugs, nice words and then I jumped into an envelope. (Pictures 11-14) My host took me to post office and I'm on my way to England now. I'm excited - and a bit sad too, but that goes by when I'll arrive to my new host's place.

Thank you Helsinki! Thank you Kirsi, my host! Thank you my sweet friends!

See you soon Mom :) Kisses, Blinchick <3

Posted Jun 2, 2011, 11:05 pm
I'm here...    in York!!

I wasn't sure what it was going to be like here at all but I was greeted by two other Toyvoyagers Karlie and Phillip.

I didn't get much time to rest because there was much work to be done here helping host Leslee's dolly friend (Yewlee) put down her green grass carpet in her new house.

I rested on Leslee's knee while she sewed in the garden.

I will tell you more tomorrow but now everyone is tired so it is time for lights off,
Good night xx

Posted Jun 4, 2011, 9:33 am
Hi Mom, we went out locally today (Friday)

Owen, the boy who lives here had a friend to visit because his Mum was at work and school is out htis week.  This is just a small appartment so we had to get out.

Here is Squeeks, that cat who lives in this block of flats and visits Leslee very often.  She was very friendly and we watched birds together while the boys got ready to go out.

We went out to the community furniture store (sells donated furniture for very very cheaply) because host Leslee needs a sofa and some better storage.
This sofa was good.  It has legs that come off so it might get up the bend on Leslee's staircase to her flat.  I liked the colour but Leslee and Owen didn't. 
No furniture for us today... we went to a little eco centre and reserve.
We had a picnik in the park.
Phillip(TV) wanted to sit and admire this big compost heap.

We found a 'mini Stonhenge' made by the people who run the eco centre but Leslee is having trouble with her camera and the best photo of us all there went wrong.
Here I am playing on it.

We collected some wood for Leslee's dolly friend

It was quite a hot day and we all fell asleep on the bed as soon as we got back!

Bye for now


Posted Jun 4, 2011, 9:43 am
Hi Mom,

I wanted to show you my place on the purple shelf where I stay here.  There isn't very much on this puple shelf which makes it a very relaxing place to be.
Snugglebumm and Troll are great company

I need some help choosing a yarn for my scarf!

Here are some of the choices
5 & 6
7 & 8

Oh, and did you know that I like to eat crab sticks?  I didn't know I liked them but I do :O)

Anyone can PM Leslee if they want to suggest which yarn might be best.  I am really not sure brcause I like them all!

Bye, love Blinkchick

Posted Jun 6, 2011, 10:58 pm
Hi Mom,
I've been into the town!  In fact.  I have been twice but Leslee has been a bit tooth hurty and resting once we get back to base camp.

Just to get into York we went through a bar.  This is Monk Bar, a gate into the city beyond the Medieval walls.
If we went up these dark stairs we could walk along the city walls but I think we are doing that another day.

We saw York Minster
This is the back of it which is under restoration.
here is the stone mason making new bricks for it on site
Oh look!  This is me and Phillip on Constantine's feet!
I thought that was really funny.  Karlie wouldn't come up and try because he said he'd already done it.  I would have still done it again!  I want to sit on his head next time.

We saw lovely old buildings like St Williams collage
the Lord Mayor's house
the Merchant Adventurer's house

We did a bit of shopping and I did like the miniatures shop
but I liked the teddy bear shop the best.
We couldn't got in because it was too ealry when we passed it but we seriously plan to go back there.  I think I am in love with this bear girl in the window.  I think she likes me too!

The river Ouse runs through York and Leslee says that tourists like to go up and down the river on these boats.
Instead, we went for a cycle ride along the river
all the way to Acomb to go to the charity shops.

The best fun I had over the last few days was probably the little boating lake, (for model boats not big ones)  I quite fancy having a go at that myself!

I think we are back in York again tomorrow because I heard Leslee getting cross on the way home about her bike breaking and needing to go an get it fixed.
Maybe the Teddybear shopp will be open.

Good night
Blinchick xx

Posted Jun 9, 2011, 9:55 pm
Hi Mom,
on Tuesday we all went out for lunch.
First I waited while Leslee wrapped some parcels.  The postman brought Leslee a parcel too.  It was from Finland with Moomin stamps on.
Then we went to the post office, amd then to the bike shop.
People donate old bikes and the bike rescue center people mend the and sell them at good prices.  Leslee had an old bike to donate
and her own bike was broken and they mended it for her.

This is where we wanted to be!
Stonegate Teddy Bears.
This is where I met that beautiful bear through a shop window.  I went to see her and discovered that I would need over £60 to take her home with me!
We had a snack at the shop's cafe.
It was a lovely old building.

We went back home to fix a lamp for Leslee's pets.
They are Yellow Bellied Slider terrapins, both boys, called Shelly and George.
They are 10 years old.

It was a fun last day off work before we go back to work tomorrow.
Bye, love from Blinchick

Posted Jun 10, 2011, 7:46 am
Hi!  I got to go to the Railway museum today, but first we had to go to work.
Thankfully, the work was fun :OD

Then we went to get Leslee's bike but it wasn't ready so off we went to the railway Museum while we waited.
I found this lovely engine
called the Duchess of Hamilton

We saw lots of lovely engines and models and then had a look at the place where they mend the trains.
There is a balcony for people to stand on and watch the engineers work.
I could have watched this for hours but we had to go and get the bike and go home to cook tea for Owen.

Bye, love from Blinchick


Posted Jun 11, 2011, 1:49 pm

We got a new bear here today!  Mishuta from Ukraine arrived from his last host also in England.
I am waiting for Mishuta to share out those Mr & Miss candies :OD

Bye, hope you are well, lovel from

Posted Jun 13, 2011, 8:28 pm

I haven't been out anywhere for a bit apart from to work with Leslee.

This weekend we all did crafts and Owen wanted to make a board game.  I chose to hold the pearls for making score keepers with.

Owen made the spaceship counters

Later I met more toy friends on the toy shelves.
I met the three Mothercare bears
We had lots of bear things to talk about

I also met
the Gongas

the Monchhichi and their friends

and the Tiemi angel Mom and her two little devils

I will let you know when I actuall go somewhere!
(actually I am going on trains tomorrow with Leslee's school but we can't take photos :O(  )

Bye xx
(don't forget to choose a yarn for my purple scarf, or just tell us if you don't like any of them.)

Posted Jun 19, 2011, 8:05 pm

I had my photo taken in Leslee's mini portable photo studio by Owen yesterday.  I felt like a real model.  I think Owen did a good job too.

I went to a party on the Dolly shelf onFriday night which was wild even though not all of the dolls were there.
I was so tired the next morning and we all had an extra hour in bed drinking coffee and reading magazines.

We didn't go anywhere on Saturday because Leslee was making a Fathers day present for her Dad.  I helped
She covered a bag of rice in foam and the black material.  It is a door stop hor her Dad's office.

I wanted to get wrapped up with the camera door stop and chocolates but Leslee said that I could go there anyway but I could just travel there with her.


Posted Jun 19, 2011, 8:19 pm

I went to a car boot sale.  A farmer charges people £7 to park their car in his field and they open up the back of their car and lay out blankets and tables with all their old things on to sell.

I went there in a car with Leslee, Owen and Grandma and Grandad and they paid 50p for the whole car full of us to get in to buy things.

It was a bit rainy so we only got this photo at the sale but here is a photo of me at Grandma and grandad's house.  I am wearing a deer brooch that I found at the car boot sale for Leslee.

When we got back to base camp I had a stroll around the garden.
We cut off the dead pinks
and accidently cut off a bud!!!

I saved the bud and put it in a pot to open indoors.

It was a lot all in one day, so I will rest now

Posted Jun 22, 2011, 7:20 am
My bud opened!

Posted Jun 25, 2011, 6:18 pm

I haven't been anywhere else yet because it has been rainy and Leslee has gone a bit potty with organising the flat.

I got to help with the food today and I threw some leeks into the slow cooker.  She was making root mash but the leeks got cooked in there too to go on the plate next to the root mash.
I met Mr PepperBear and Mrs Saltbear

I was glad to discover that Leslee has got us a new bag to travel in now.  Karlie's car takes up so much room inside that monster bag so this big orange one is much better.

We all want to go out tomorrow if we can, Leslee says we will know tomorrow.


Posted Jun 26, 2011, 10:23 pm
Hi Mom,

We got out for a few hours today.  Leslee got bored of waiting for the boy to be ready and went out without him.  I got so many photos that I can't show you them all at once.
I'll have to add more another day.

Here we are in the bike.  We cycled through Monkgate bar again
and she parked the bike in her favourite parking place near St Williams College where I showed you a photo before.

We went back to Monk Bar and this time I went through the dark doorway, up the stairs and onto the top of the city walls.

I got a few photos along the way but I'll show you those another time soon


Posted Jul 2, 2011, 8:42 pm
Hi Mommy,

Now I can tell you a bit more about my day out last Sunday

I could see some very pretty gardens from the bar walls.

We could see this old sign painted on the wall. Leslee says it has been there for over 60 years and someone has repainted it because the people like it.

This is the bit where the wall joins the next gate and we have to get off here

Can you see me here inside the top of the bar?

We could see the art gallery from the top of the stairs out of the bar.

Underneath the bar we could see the wooden gate

We went across the road so the the tour bus.  We don't need to go on it because we can just ride with Leslee.

Karlie and I liked the fountain outside the art gallery a lot

Then we found the theatre

We all went to the Minster next to show Mishuta.  I've already shown you the Minster but I didn't see this cool church last time.
It is just near the Minster and people like to get married here and then they go straight to the Minster for their wedding photos.

xxI told Leslee not to take so many photos because It takes me too long to tell you about it all!

Posted Jul 2, 2011, 8:59 pm
Hi, I went shopping in York town with Leslee today.

We stopped off to look at the model shop under Monk bar.
There were trains, cars, planes, spaceships, farm equipment...
The shop will be 50 years old in two years time.
Leslee went to school with the youngest of the two father and son owners.

On the way home we took a short-cut from town to the supermarket and stopped at a little bit of the wall that the tourists don't usually see.
The chimney that you can see is very old and is a listed building so it can't be knocked down.  It is right outdise the supermarket.

I was too busy helping with the food shopping after that, so no more photos today.

Posted Jul 8, 2011, 5:27 pm
Hi Mommy,
I went swimming on Sunday.  Well, I went to the pool anyway.  I didn't fancy getting wet.

No swimming this Sunday though because the boy is grounded :O( 
Leslee says she is going to make my scarf this weekend.  Lesley asked people on the forum which was the best colour but they all liked different ones so if you like one best let me know so I can tel Leslee which one.  I think I might know which one if not.


Posted Jul 8, 2011, 5:42 pm
The boys and I enjoyed playing on the Eeyore at Grandma's house.

Posted Jul 10, 2011, 2:31 pm
Yesterday I watched Leslee making a customised Monchhichi
It is going to have a posable bendy body.

Today, right now, it is time to make my scarf.  Leslee realy doesn't know what colour to choose so she is making it with more than one colour.  I hope I like it!

Posted Jul 10, 2011, 11:41 pm
Well she did it!  In the end.  I watched her do the whole thing.

Look here, I sat on her knee while she crocheted.

It was very relaxing.
Then can you believe it, the cat I met before outside, came in the house and sat on me!

The cat hadn't even noticed and wondered what all the fuss was about
so I just wriggled out and got comfy watching my scarf being made again

I got tired after a bit and climbed down to see the cat.
She remembered me

The cat fell asleep first.  It was a lovely place for a nap

When I woke up it was time to try it on.  I will get photos tomorrow so you can see me in it in day light.

Do you like it.  Is it purple enough.  Leslee says that she might add some more purple.

Posted Jul 11, 2011, 10:22 pm
Karlie made the family tea today!

He went out with Leslee to pull up some carrots but aparently they forgot to do it anyway.  Instead, they went shopping and brought food home.
The other ToyVoyagers and I came to have a look at all the food.

Then he made coleslaw with the carrots he bought and served it with tuna, potatos and garlic bread.
We all came and had a good taste.

After tea I watched Leslee make a motage all about my scarf being made yesterday

xx Bye
(you can see more about Karlie's shopping trip and cooking in his travelog if you wanted to)

Posted Jul 17, 2011, 9:52 am
Hi Mom, it was Phillips leaving do at an indian restaurant.
We all wore Toyvoyager t shirts!

The food was lovely

I am going to miss Phillip

We all went for a lovely walk home afterwards but I#ll tel you about that later



Posted Jul 18, 2011, 9:37 pm
I've come back to tell you about the rest of Phillip's leaving party.

After the food, we walked home along part of the Bar Walls.
It had rained all day today so we were glad it stopped and let us have a lovely walk home.

I could see grass over the side of the wall

here I could see an old ice house.

Owen told us which way to go so I followed him through this gate and along the river.

Mishuta showed me how to look for berries.

I found a ripe bramble to eat

I don't know what these berries are, no one did so we didn't eat any.

It was such a great night and I am glad the rain stopped and the sun came out.
Indian food is yummy

Bye, love Blinchick

Posted Jul 24, 2011, 4:17 pm
Hi, This is St Mary's Abbey. said that...This abbey was built in 1088 but in the 1530s King Henry the 8th banned monasteries and got rid of the monks and used the Abbey for himself when he was passing by this way!  Then it fell to ruin. 

I found it in the Museum gardens while we were having a rest and doing puzzles.

I also saw the huge trees, squirrels medieval hospitium, Roman fortress, observatory and Museum but I will have to get the photos of these things next time.

The gardens are just here in the middle of town and a great place for people to come to rest or eat their lunches.


Posted Jul 31, 2011, 7:25 am

I went to a really nice park called Homestead park.
A very famous person in York is Joseph Rowntree and Leslee told me he was born in 1836.  He made lots of money with his chocolate factory but he used lots of the profit to build houses for the workers, library, theatre and provided the people with health care and other charitable ventures and this park.
This is the pond.  The heron in the middle is a toy like me.

I went in the play park part
and got so tires I needed  a rest on this tree stump with the rest of the voyagers.

The I had a nice stroll home along the river Ouse.

and met some geese

(Leslee has been testing the tents recently, I wonder if we might go camping soon?)

Posted Aug 3, 2011, 8:29 am
Hi, I am at grandma's house waiting to set off to the seaside!

While I was waiting I got to see Grandma and Grandad's fruit.  In the green house there were green peppers and tomatos

ans out in the garden there was a huge tree with plums growing all over it, though they are not ripe yet.

Leslee says we are going to Bridlington for the afternoon.

Posted Aug 7, 2011, 12:30 pm
Here is a quick update about the trip to the seaside because I am going camping tomorrow!  Yipee!

Bridlington has a lovely big fishing harbour

The beach is just sandy with sea weedy rocks at one side

and the other side is sandy with pretty pebbles

We had a lovely day out and enjoyed a lunch at McDonalds with a smurf

My next update will be in a week to tell you about the lake district.
I'm so excited!  Bye x

Posted Aug 16, 2011, 11:43 am
Here I am with the other ToyVoyagers in Grandma and Grandad's campervan on the way to the lake District to go camping.

The land near York is mostly flat and is in a huge valley.  Once we drive over the hilly bits to get out of the valley, it is still quite flat, but then it startet to get hillier and hillier.

The weather is lovely.  Lots of blue sky and pretty white clouds.  It is not hot but not cold either.

Setting up the big tent was hard work because the ground was soft and soggy and there were lots of rocks under it. 
Leslee brought a smaller tent for us but said that the ground was too wet and we could sleep in the big tent until the ground dried out a bit.

I didn't take photos at the camp this evening because putting tents up is hard work and I was a bit tired!

I'll tell you more later.

Posted Aug 19, 2011, 8:30 pm
Hi!  I enjoyed one lovely day of sun at the campsite while Leslee and the family climbed a big hill.

Today however was not nice at all!  It starting raining heavily at 3 o clock in the morning and just didn't stop, all day!!!

Instead of hill walking, I went to Maryport.  It is a town near the sea. 
I couldn't really see the sea because of rain and wind and there were piers and harbours and a muddy estuary.

I had heard that there was an aquarium there and Owen is a big fan of fish so I knew I'd have someone to share the fun with.

I had my dinner at the aquarium too.

I had a lovely peice of orange.

Leslee had popped into a few charity shop to find some shoes because her feet got wet yesterday looking for Geocaches in a bog!  She didn't find any shoes but she did meet this lovely bear who is going to live with her now.
(he cost just ten pence)

After the aquarium, I went back to the campsite.  It was raining so much that Leslee decided that I and the other ToyVoyagers will sleep in the campervan with Grandma and Grandad rather than in the wet tent to keep us all clean and dry.

It was very cosy in the van.  I learned how to play scrabble on this little magnetic set that Owen found in the charity shop.

Posted Aug 25, 2011, 4:45 pm

It has been quite rainy for the last few days and I have been keeping dry in the van.  I decided to get out of the van here though.  It was so pretty.

It wasn't raining either.  I could see hills and hills and hills.  It was so peaceful.
(sorry about the picture being all lopsided)

Posted Aug 25, 2011, 5:05 pm
After Wastwater I went for a leg stretch at St Bees.  It is just a beach at a seaside town.

It was a bit cold!

Posted Aug 26, 2011, 3:14 pm
Today was lovely.
The weather was dry and actually quite warm.

The van was parked at the beach here so I got out and had a look.

The beach was a bit grassy

I went searching with the other bears and we found a feather and a 'mermaids purse(an empty shark/ray egg.)

The rest of the beach was quite pebbley.

We all found a raft and pretended to sail across to Ireland.

This dog was really cute and he played with Owen for a long time.

Wooohoooo!  Kite flying!  Can you see it?

Posted Aug 26, 2011, 5:47 pm
The sky was a bit pink and pretty but you can't see it because of the setting sun but I thought I would show you it because it is my last night in the lake district.

The good news is that I will be making visits to a few places tomorrow if the weather is good.

Posted Aug 29, 2011, 10:27 am
Last day of the camping holiday!!  I am still having fun though.

This is Castlerigg.
It was not far from the campsite.  I could have walked there... if it hadn't been raining... and my legs were a little bit longer...
It was so big it was trick for me to show you it all well!

But here is a close up of part of it and of course me and the other fellows

I even found a mole version of Castlerigg in the same field.

Just one last visit somewhere on the way home left.

Posted Aug 29, 2011, 11:15 am
Well, this is Buttermere.  It is very tiny but pretty.

The best thing about visiting Buttermere was feeding the sparrows.  It was difficult to get a photo and the other ToyVoyagers were hogging the camera!
Grandma helped me with this photo while Leslee was getting more food :OD

Posted Aug 29, 2011, 12:04 pm
Hi.  I am back in York now and have been enjoying relaxing.

I just wanted to introduce you to Cody
a dog I met
and this guineapig who wouldn't tell me his name.  I think he was shy.

Cute hey?  Bye

Posted Aug 29, 2011, 12:36 pm
I enjoyed walking Leslee's friend's dog today by the river.

Posted Aug 29, 2011, 1:38 pm

I had so much fun today watching Koi carp feeding in a big pond of waterlillies.

I thought it was so funny

There were just so many of them

and the children let the fish suck their fingers.  Yeauch

I had time to have some lunch with the others before it was time to get back in the car to go somewhere else.


Posted Oct 26, 2011, 2:36 pm
Well I went to some interesting places here and then had a little rest but now it is time for me to move on.

I said good bye to two of my new friends (Yewlee gave me a kiss!) and then hopped into this envelope.

The next time I see you I should be in Norfolk!

Bye for now...

Posted Oct 28, 2011, 3:29 pm
Hello Mum!

I have arrived in the village of Pentney in Norfolk. My previous host sent a
postcard as well as a lovely drawing with me too.

Well, I just wanted to let you know I am safe and I shall post again as soon
as I've settled in a bit more.

Speak soon,

Blinchick x

Posted Oct 30, 2011, 7:47 pm
Hi Mum,

My host said you gave her permission to give me a bath and freshen me up (thanks!)
so Ive been relaxing in a bubble bath this morning..

....I was scrubbed with apple scented wash, so now I smell like apples!

...and my jumper (sweater) and scarf had a wash too :) ..Here I am
drying off afterwards..

Well better be off for now, we have some pumpkin carving to do this weekend
so Ill update again soon!

Blinchick x

Posted Oct 30, 2011, 8:06 pm
Hi Mum,

Pumpkin Carving

Ive spent today at my hosts' boyfriends house in a nearby village called East
Walton. We were getting in the Halloween mood and decided to carve our

My hosts' boyfriend decided to do an 'Apple' logo'd pumpkin as a tribute to Steve
Jobs and my host (because she isnt very good at carving) decided to make a
spiderweb cave out of her pumpkin!

I helped her of course... first we laid out our pumpkins and materials..

..before cutting the front off of my hosts' pumpkin and scraping out the seeds...

..Then we made a lid at the top and pinned spider webs to the front of the pumpkin
putting some spiders in there too!

...both pumpkins together? :

:) What do you think?

Love Blinchick x

Posted Nov 1, 2011, 1:29 pm
Hi Mum,

Its Hallloooweeeen!

Tonight we went to my hosts' nans house in a village called Terrington St Clement
here in Norfolk. Her nan loves Halloween and decorates the house with lots of scary
decorations but she also has lots of sweets and balloons to give out to the trick or
treaters.... so I came home afterwards with these!

Dont worry mum, I will share them!

Oh and if you wondered if I dressed up tonight... I did, I swapped my jumper and scarf...

..for this jumper and scarf...

..and had a little pumpkin mask on...

Speak soon,
Blinchick x

Posted Nov 6, 2011, 7:56 pm
Hi Mum,

Bonfire Night

I have spent this evening at East Waltons firework display.

They had a robot that started the event off and then a big bonfire...

..the fireworks were very loud but very pretty to watch....

We had a lovely time and somebody even asked about me! My host explained
that I was a toyvoyager and a visitor to England :)


Posted Nov 9, 2011, 10:30 am
Hi Mum,

Today I got to venture out a bit more, my host and I travelled down to London and
spent a morning there - she had a work meeting first of all but afterwards we had a
little wander around the West End  :).

Burlington Arcade, Mayfair

Here I am walking the red carpet of the Burlington Arcade which is full of little shops
that sell antiques, jewellery and leather goods.

Savile Row

Savile Row is a street famous for its tailoring, this is where men come if they want a
very special suit made for them and have alot of money to spend on it!

Carnaby Street

Here we are at Carnaby Street admiring the holly and mistletoe Christmas decorations
they have up..

Candy Cakes, Kingly Court

Our last stop for the day was at Kingly Court (just off Carnaby Street) where they have a
very nice shop called ‘Candy Cakes’. Here they make large delicious colourful cupcakes,
the photo below was taken looking in the shop window... mmmmm.... you can see more of
their cakes here: Candy Cakes Website

Of course we couldn’t visit the cake shop without buying one!

When we got home from London we had someone waiting for us... a new arrival...

...Mr. Furrington. He has come to visit over Christmas just like me and we are
already making friends...

Until next time,
Blinchick x

Posted Nov 13, 2011, 4:57 pm
Hi Mum,

Operation Christmas Child

Last week my host and I went shopping for a project called Operation Christmas
. She told me it was an appeal where you fill an empty shoe box with gifts
and the shoeboxes are collected locally and sent across the world to children who
are less fortunate than us and would otherwise probably get no presents this

I thought it sounded like a great idea so my host, her boyfriend, mr. furrington and
I packed our boxes together this evening. First we had to wrap the box and its lid
in pretty christmas paper and then we had to fill the box with items from different
categories including hygiene, educational and toys.

This is my hosts shoebox:

There was a little mermaid pen, a cuddly toy dalmation, a notebook, toothpaste
and toothbrush, erasers, chalk, crayons, a flannel, hairbands and sweeties
in our box amongst other things.

The boxes have to be labelled with who we have made the box for, we chose a
little girl between the age of 5-9 years old.

Time to put a lid on it!

My hosts boyfriend made a shoebox up too, he decided to do one for a little boy :)

Well I better go mum,
til next time,


Posted Nov 15, 2011, 2:59 pm
Hi Mum,

Baking Cherry & Coconut cakes

So we spent this morning indoors and did a bit of baking. We found a recipe for
Coconut & Cherry cakes that my host has never baked before and thought we
would give it a try (she says she isnt a good cook though so Mr. Furrington and
I were ready to lend a helping hand!)

First we got our ingredients out and opened our recipe book to the page we

They suggested we put the cake cases in the baking trays first so they were
ready for when the mixture was...

The first ingredients into the mixing bowl were caster sugar and

..followed by two eggs, flour and then the coconut and cherries..

Time for spooning out the cake mixture!

..then we had to wait for them to cook...
...and wait..
...and wait..

..and here they are..

We were planning to ice them but with the cakes texture and the flavours inside
we decided to leave them as they are.

Well I better go (before Mr. Furrington eats them all!)

Blinchick x

Posted Nov 20, 2011, 11:06 am
Hi Mum,

At The Movies

Tonight we went to see 'Breaking Dawn' at the movies. We travelled to Norwich
to the Odeon cinema to watch it. Here I am outside the building..

Our verdict? We loved the film :D - we recommend seeing it mum!

My host apologises for not being able to take me out much this week but hopes
to post some 'out and about' photos very soon.

Blinchick x

Posted Nov 21, 2011, 10:48 am
Hi Mum,

Countryside Walk

Today we decided to explore something that Norfolk has alot of - countryside!

My host, her boyfriend, Mr. Furrington and I decided to go for a nice walk around the
countryside in the village of East Walton.

We had a lovely bit of sun for our walk but Im glad I had my jumper and scarf as it
was still quite cold..

..having a rest..

The grass looked a little bit frosty here.... but I think the moles still like this area, dont
you?  ;)

..our bit of November sun..

This area looked a bit misty where the sunlight was hitting it..

..but out of the mist we found we had some company..

They didnt seem to mind us getting a little closer..

...It was time for us to leave after that and we made our way through the wooden
gate and back home for tea..

Who knows, maybe next time we go for a walk we might have some snow!

Take care,

Posted Nov 25, 2011, 9:28 pm

Well Mum, yesterday we ventured over to the local town of Kings Lynn as the towns
christmas lights were being switched on. My host hoped to get some photos to
show you of this however unfortunately everybody else seemed to have the same
plan to go to see them too and it was far too crowded so we had to leave and
without photos in the end. My host was a bit disappointed but she has something
special and christmassy planned for the first week of December so watch this space.

'Press Out and Make' Christmas Book

Anyway, while my host was shopping today she found a christmas 'press out and
make' book so tonight we have been getting into the christmas spirit with this....

We decided to make the rocking reindeer first..

Mr. Furrington pressed out the reindeer head and built his rocker up...

...I helped press out the elves..

..Ready to rock?

We then decided to make a more difficult one, the gingerbread house!

We pushed out the pieces again...

..time to build the house for them..

...and put the roof and chimney on!

..I think the gingerbread couple liked the house we made for them, im sure they
would have invited us in if we could fit through the front door :s

Have a wonderful weekend,
Blinchick x

Posted Nov 27, 2011, 8:29 pm

Castle Acre - Castle Ruins

This afternoon we headed to the village of Castle Acre to see the remains of the
castle there. This sign shows a drawing of how the area originally looked.

Alot of the buildings outer walls are still in tact and due to the moat-like ditches around
the castle itself there are lots of bridges to cross.

We climbed to the top of one of the hills for the view..

This is the main bridge up to the castle ruins...

Signs give indications on age and what parts of the building they originally were ..

This is a sketch of what the main building looked like many many years ago..

This is what remains of that building now...

...and that was how I spent my day :)

Until next time,
Blinchick x

Posted Nov 30, 2011, 9:42 am

Putting Up The Christmas Tree (No. 1)

So mum, we tried to wait until December.. we really did.. but tonight we gave in and
all decided to put my host and her boyfriends christmas tree at his house.

So we got the tree and all the decorations out of their boxes...

First we started putting all the branches of the tree together..

Here I am getting a little bit tied up with the christmas lights..

...after I was untangled from them the lights went on the tree first..

Time for decorations!

I like this bauble mum, it looks like a snowball :)

My host also had personalised decorations for her and her boyfriend..

... and here is the finished tree! Can you see me?

Well Ive got a bit of practice in putting a christmas tree up, Im sure it will help when my
host puts up the christmas tree at her house soon too.

Take care,
Blinchick x

Posted Dec 8, 2011, 11:02 am

Putting Up The Christmas Tree (No. 2)

So today we decided to put up the christmas tree in the family home which is a bit bigger
than the christmas tree we put up first.

So out came our tree..... which took quite a long time to put together!

Then the boxes of decorations ...

..and lights...

Mum, my host thought she was funny and hung me and Mr. Furrington on the tree!

...we said that the baubles would be better for the tree and not us!

.....and the finished tree!

Speak soon, Im off to see something very christmassy this week so will update again soon.

Blinchick x

Posted Dec 8, 2011, 11:28 am
Hello again,

Christmas Tree Festival

Tonight we ventured over to a little place called Fakenham for their Christmas Tree
Festival which is held in the church there.

Here we are walking to the church, they had lots pretty christmas street lights..

The christmas tree festival is made up of 75 christmas trees, each decorated by a
charity or organisation. It is free entry to go and see them however you can bring a bag
of change and donate money as they all have a collection bucket beneath each tree for each

From left to right, these trees are for the Cats Protection charity, The British Heart
Foundation, Macmillian Cancer Support and the Coastwatch Institution.

The heart on the top of the Heart Foundation tree!

This is a tree that the charity Barnados decorated ..

We put some money in their charity bucket ....

The last trees we saw were these which werent charity trees but prayer trees. The public
were invited to write on a star and attach it to one of these trees :)

Well, Im definitely in the christmas mood now!

Blinchick x

Posted Dec 16, 2011, 12:32 pm
Hi Mum, I hope you are well.

Im sorry for not updating this past week, Ive been spending some time indoors in the
warm as the weather here has been quite rainy and very cold, so cold in fact that it
is snowing outside as I type this! Unfortunately the ground is too wet for it to settle
so there is no playing in the snow for us just yet though :(

Advent Calendar

So mum, my host has an advent calendar that we are using in our countdown to Christmas.

..She said that Mr. Furrington and I could open todays door! Number 16 for the 16th of

...mmmm a chocolate-y shape!

...It was only a very small piece of chocolate.. but luckily for us our host was a bit behind
on her advent calendar and we opened the doors she has missed for her too... which
meant we had four chocolates to share!

Well Ive got some chocolate to eat, so better go!  :p

Til next time,
Blinchick x


Posted Dec 23, 2011, 4:54 pm

Christmas Cards & Presents

We havent been out much lately unfortunately.. its been very cold and rainy :(  ..
according to the weather report we are unlikely to get snow for christmas too BUT I
will still have a great Christmas regardless mum!

...My hosts family has been receiving lots of christmas are a few...

...the presents are slowly piling up under the tree too. Fimbo_Fimble, Mr Furrington & I
have been a little bit sneaky and have been sitting under the tree looking at all the
presents and trying to guess what they are!

..this present is for my host.. I wonder what it could be..

..this present hasnt been wrapped though! Its a sweet hamper for my hosts brother
who is coming up to Norfolk on Christmas Day.. do you think he will share mum?  ;)

Well Mum, I'll post again soon.
Wishing you a very merry christmas!

Love Your Blinchick x

Posted Dec 27, 2011, 10:41 am
Hello & Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day

Its Christmas...!

We opened presents at home, watched christmas films on tv and then sat down for
a yummy roast dinner - I helped to pull some christmas crackers! Here is what we
got inside them.. a chocolate bar that squirts water, a whoopie cushion and a little
santa tile puzzle :)

After lunch my host and I went to see her boyfriend at his home in East Walton.
We had lots more presents to open there! I helped :)

My host is a big fan of Tim Burton, look what her boyfriend bought her!

Well I better go mum but I hope you had a lovely day :)

Posted Jan 4, 2012, 8:53 pm
Hi Mum,

Well my holiday in England is coming to an end now, Ive just had a lovely bath to get
myself all clean again and Im preparing myself to come home very soon... I havent
seen you in so long!!

Ive had a great time here and my host says im welcome to come back anytime if I
wanted to  ;)

Ill see you very soon

Posted Jul 1, 2012, 10:17 pm
I`m at home!
Moscow is my favorite city ad I`m inviting you for a ship-walk. 

Posted Jul 4, 2012, 9:31 am
Hi Mum,

I have reached my host. Mark and Steffi are very kind to me. I like to be here and I have found a lot of new friends.

First I will show you Saphira, the guinea pig. She is so sweet.

And on my first day I could help to watering the chili plants

I hope you are fine!


Posted Jul 24, 2012, 12:23 pm
Hi Mum,

I enjoy my life in Germany. We had a barbecue today and it was delicious.

Mark seems to be ill, I'll take care that he's better soon.


Posted Jul 24, 2012, 12:35 pm
Hi Mum,

Mark had some problems with his blood pressure. But with the right medicine is he now good again.

I supported him today at his work. I had to monitor the database systems. This was exciting and I did it well.

And here I have also watering the chili plants.

I hope all is well with you.