Knut, on the ferry to Helsinki, Germany


Posted Oct 24, 2011, 12:24 pm
Hello world!

This is me, Knut! My family lives in Germany, a small town in the east of saxony. Yes, you are right, I have the same name, like the famous polar bear Knut, from Berlin. He was my great hero.
It's great in the middle of my family! But now I think it's time to see a little bit more than our village. It is really beautyfull here, but I think there are places in the world which are much more beautyfull.

So, here on the picture you can see me infront of my mommys notebook watching a world map. There are many places I want to visit and so I made some Life Missions.

I hope to start my travel soon! I'm so excited!

Your Knut

Posted Oct 24, 2011, 5:21 pm
Hello world,

as you see on the photo I prepare for my first journey. I will start soon and I'm so excited about it. My host will be Stu1981 and I'm so happy that he will give me a home!

I hope I will have a great time!

Your Knut

Posted Oct 25, 2011, 10:28 am
Hello world,

this is me, Knut again! I'm so excited, today I start my first journey to my first hoster Stu1981. I never have been to bavaria befor. I hope I have a nice time there and hope my little surprise for Stu1981 is the right ones. I hope he like it!
Now I hear my mummy calling, she want to bring me, to the postoffice. I have to hurry, I don't want to miss the postcar.
I think my mummy is a little bit sad, to send me away, but I will give her a message soon.

I hope I have a good and fast journey!

Your Knut

Posted Oct 26, 2011, 11:09 am
Just arrived at my first host in lower Bavaria together with Joe, another ToyVoyager. I tell you, it has been really hard to travel together with some chocolate without pinching a bit of it, but somehow, I managed it.

My host is very happy about the little present and I hope, I can get a piece of it  :)

Now he is going to show me my accomodation for the next few days and maybe take some pictures  :)

Posted Oct 26, 2011, 11:37 am
Hi again!

I just took a look at my hosts home. He has got a fish-tank in here! Great thing! Fresh food all the time!  :)

I also found new friends already, as you can see on the other picture  :)

Posted Oct 27, 2011, 1:30 pm
*grml* Bad weather again today... But at least it is dry outside, so my host said to me, we 're going to take a look at the village as soon as he gets his car from the repair shop later that day  :)

Posted Oct 27, 2011, 3:45 pm
I'm just back from a trip to the surroundings of my host's home. It is all very rural here, a simple, bavarian village with lots of farming fields around.

I'm beginnig to notice, that the bavarian people are a little crazy. On a hiking trail nearby, they built a hotel for wild bees! Have you ever seen wild bees checking in on a hotel?? I took a closer look to this crazy thing and have to say: It is at most a 2-star-sleazy-hotel. How convenient is my accomodation compared to this...  :)

Because it's been very cold outside, we went back home after a while and my host started a fire in the wood stove for us  :)

Ah, tomorrow we're going to the next bigger city around, called Abensberg  :)

Posted Oct 30, 2011, 6:56 am
Hey there!

Now I'm in Hamburg. We arrived here last night and are going to take some pictures tomorrow  :)

Posted Oct 30, 2011, 3:48 pm

Today I did my first trip to the city of Hamburg  :)
My host took me to the harbour and the famous police department "Davidwache".

It's been very nice and I hope, I can go to the city again soon  :D

Posted Oct 31, 2011, 10:32 pm
Hello, it's me again!
Today my host shows me a little of the first sight from the district he was born, he took me to "Schloss Bergedorf". It has been built in the 16th and 17th century and, if my host is right, it is the only castle on the territory of Hamburg. If the weather is fine one of the next days, he wants to show me the palace garden and maybe the inner courtyard of the castle.

On wednesday we're going to visit the "Miniatur Wunderland" near the harbour :)

Posted Nov 6, 2011, 8:49 am
Hello there!

On friday my host took me and the other TVs to a typical old sailors pub in Hamburg, called "Zum Silbersack". This pub opened in 1950 and the founder, Erna Thomsen, sometimes is still there to serve the guests. She is over 80 years old and in St. Pauli everyone only knows her as "Tante Erna". The interior is most original from the first years of the bar and on the walls there are a lot of paintings of the harbor from the 1920-1930's.

We met some friends of my host and I have to say, we had a lot of fun there :)

Posted Dec 29, 2011, 7:37 pm
Hello world!!!  :D

I'm back home! After such a long time it is now time to update my travellog again!  ;)
I'm home since a few weeks, but I hadn't much time to write anything here. I had much fun with my new friends and also a few things I told my mommy, about my journey.

But now back to the day of coming home!
When I crawl out of the envelope I saw so many other TVs... it was amazing. When I started my first journey there was nobody I could welcome, but now there were so much TVs, who welcomed me!

But also cool is... I will not stay very long at home! Tomorrow I will start my journey on the Big German Round Robin. That's cool I will see whole Germany and when I'm ready with that I will see the whole wide world!  :D

But now I have to prepare for my next journey!


Posted Dec 30, 2011, 10:38 am
Hi world!  :D

The last hours or I should better say... the last minutes at home! Today I start my journey on the "Big German Round Robin", you can't believe how excited I am. I hardly sleep last night.

Today early in the morning, the other TVs who are guests of my mommy called me into the kitchen. It was hard for me not to cry, but as a big and strong polar bear it will be a little bit embarrassing to cry. They made a Goodbye committee only for me!

Then I had to prepare my envelope for the journey. It was the first time I recognized I will travel to North-Rhine-Westphalia. Mommy told me she was there one time, but this is long time ago. She also said it is really nice there, but they havn't as much snow as we have!  ;)
Not so good for a polar bear, but I think I can handle it!

I prepared the envelope also with a little postcard and chocolate. It will be hard again to travel with this sweet temptation, but I will manage it!
I hope my new host likes the chocolate, it is a special one from saxony!

And in the end, I crawled into the envelope and my mommy closed it. I hope my trip will be fast and safe!

So good bye home and hello North-Rhine-Westphalia!  :D

Knut is on the road again... yeahiiiiiii!!!!


Posted Jan 3, 2012, 1:26 am
Hello Mommy,

i'm arrived at Bonn, North-Rhine-Westphalia. It was a long journey because the German Post had a lot to do.
But now i'm at Bonn.
When i crawl out of the envelope, my host happily welcome me.
It was very exiting for me, because it is my first time in North-Rhine-Westphalia.
Now, I'm curious about my time in Bonn.


Posted Jan 14, 2012, 11:31 am
Hello Mommy,

sorry, i wasn't able to update my travel for the last days. My host was at a College in Münster and worked so hard, that he had no time for me.
Her at this school i'm for a week. It was forbidden to take pictures from the place....there are great fire engines at this place....and a lot of firemens and firewomen :-)
But now i'm back in Bonn. My host takes a walk to the "kreuzberg" where is a little chapell on the top of the hill.
When we walk around the chapell, i have a great view to the "Rhineland". In the backyard, you can see Cologne. In front is the home of my host. It's called "Endenich".
Back at the chapell i want to know why the door is open. There is a long stairway. This stairway is called "hl. Stiege" and was build in the century from Balthasar Neuman. Its an holy Place. The stairs can be climbed up only on your knees.
In the backyard yoy'll see the headquarter of the German DHL. This Tower is about 158m high. It's the highest skyscraper in North-Rhine-Westphalia.
On the way home my host shows me his firebrigade. It was very interesting, because i havent' seen such a truck before.
Now a short view from my hosts home. In the Backyard yuo see the "Vorgebirge". Behind this, the Nationalpark "Eifel" begins.

So, my host has to work a little. See you later...


Posted Jan 22, 2012, 3:21 pm
Hello Mommy,

today, i smuggled me in my hosts jacket to go with him to work.
Because, the weather is bad and i don't know what to do.
So we arrive at a Place called "BMWi". My host find me in his jacket and so on, he shows me a litte of this place.
The wall in the back will be often shown at the news on TV.
It's quite funny here. I make only nonsense :-)
Ooohhh...i'm at the 12th was very windy...not my favourite place...
There was a World-Time Clock at the wall...very interesting..
....i climbed at this art host hasn't recognized it.  :D
Great!! A microphone!! I told all the people, that i'm here in the house!  :D
...can you find me????  :D

So, Mommy, it was a funny day! Now i'm tired! Let's watch some TV.


Posted Jan 26, 2012, 2:43 pm
Hello Mummy,

these are the last days in North-Rhine-Westphalia and my host made a trip around Bonn. It was very interesting and so you can see some great places.
The first amazing station was a trip to the river Rhine. There were many ducks and sea gulls. It was very loud!
Then, we made a trip with a ferry. It was very windy and cold. We cross the river Rhine from Bonn to Mondorf at the right side of the Rhine.
In the back you can see the harbor of Bonn.
Then we drove across the highway to the south of Bonn and take a walk to the river Rhine.
In the back you can see some mountains. It's called "Siebengebirge". It's the greatest natural park in North-Rhine-Westphalia.
Now a look to Bonn: you can see in front the "Post-Tower", the highest building in North-Rhine-Westphalia. In the back you will see the "Langer Eugen". Earlier it was a building for members of the government. Today, it's the headquarter of the United Nation in Europe
And this imposant building ist the new "Kameha Grand Hotel". It's a 5 Star Hotel and located directly at the river rhine. Oh Mummy, it was wonderful, but very very expensive to take a sleep there. But i saw a prominent Man coming out of the hotel: Thomas Gottschalk!! But i can't take a picture because he quickly disapear in a black Limousine.  :( My host tells me, that there are very often prominent people stay at the hotel.
It was a wonderful day and it's a pity that i have to leave Bonn in a few days.
But the journey continues.....


Posted Feb 1, 2012, 6:17 pm
Hello from BERLIN, Mummy!

WOW, such a fast journey to Berlin. I love the "Deutsche Post" ;)
Just wanted to let you know that I arrived safely. Tomorrow I'll visit the "Tropical Islands" in Brandenburg!!! This is so cool.
Bye for now,

Posted Feb 3, 2012, 12:58 pm
Hi again,
I had such a great day at the "Tropical Islands" with my host Marie and her family yesterday. Before we started our trip I helped to pack the bags and then I went into my own bag. During the whole drive I was so excited because I didn't know exactly what would await me. Sometime I saw a big hall out of the bus window. Marie told me that this hall used to be a dockjard for airships. But the company which wanted to pruduce these airships became broke and then somebody had the idea to build the "Tropical Islands Resort" in it ;).
When we got of the bus it was very cold outside. Actually the perfect temperature for a polar bear like me but I wanted to get warm again :rolleyes:. And my wish became true. Inside the hall it was so warm and the hall was really big and high. And not only that: It really looked like I were in a tropical forest. Tropical plants everywhere and two big swimming pools: the "Southsea" and the "Lagoon". Later I even saw a golf course and waterslides.
But first I wanted to explore the tropical forest. I saw many beautiful plants, little lakes and (wooden and some living) animals.
Then we all went swimming and Marie's little sister taught me how to swim :D.
Swimming makes hungry and so we ate a delicious pizza, YUM.
By now I was a bit exhausted but that was no problem. I could relax on the beach and on another little lake with koi fishes inside :).
Later I enjoyed a cocktail and when I looked up I saw a hot-air balloon! Some people were inside the gondola and looked down at me, amazing :o.
We stayed at the "Tropical Islands" till 9:00pm. When it got dark, the masks which were at some of the walls were glowing. That looked very cool.
Then the time came to go home. I was a bit sad about it but I was so tired that I only wanted to go to bed. Besides, I got a souvenir: a little pin which is now on my scarf. So I can always remember at the beautiful time I had here :D.

Posted Feb 4, 2012, 4:20 pm
Yippie, there is snow in Berlin :D.
Immediately I went onto the balcony to build a little snowman :). Then I really went outside and I had so much fun: I climbed at a snow covered plant, wrote my name into the snow, slid down a snowy slide, and played hide-and-seek. Can you see me, Mummy?

Posted Feb 5, 2012, 12:24 pm
Today I met another part of Marie's family: the guinea pigs QuamQuam and Klea. They are soooo cute :).
When I wanted to say "hello" to them, QuamQuam came at once and looked friendly at me. With his long hair he looks so fluffy and he is so soft.
Klea is more shy than QuamQuam. First she hid from me and I had to look inside her little house to find her. But then she came out to welcome me, too :D.
Love you, Mummy

Posted Feb 10, 2012, 5:06 pm
Hey Mummy,
today I went shopping at the "Eastgate", a big modern shopping center in Berlin. First I ate something but I was VERY hungry and so I ate too fast for Marie to take a photo :stare:.
Anyway, it was really nice there. There was an exhibition about our earth, different kinds of stones and sea animals. I sat on a real stone which explorers got out of the polar sea, touched real volcanic earth and did many things more but look yourself. It was very interesting :).
Knut xxx

Posted Feb 12, 2012, 6:06 pm
Hello Mummy,
today Marie took me to the "Kienberg", a big hill where we took a little walk. Maybe you don't see it but the ground on which I sit on the second photo is a frozen river!! First I didn't want to go on the ice but when Marie went on it and didn't break through I had a try, too :) and it was great.
Although I could walk safely on the river there where a few big holes and some parts where the river wasn't frozen.
Sometime we begun to went on the hill. It was very exhausting and I had to relax on a bench a little bit. But I reached the top of the "Kienberg" and the view was fantastic. The houses and trees looked sooooo small :D.
Then we went down and home because it was so cold, I was happy about my scarf ;).
I hope your day was as nice as mine, Mummy.

Posted Feb 14, 2012, 6:11 pm

I loooove you, Mummy :D

Unfortunately Marie hadn't much time to celebrate because she had to learn for a chemistry exam tomorrow. I tried to help her, of course but I didn't know much :(. But Marie said it doesn't matter because she can tell me about it. Now I feel like I know nearly everything about synthetics ;).

Posted Feb 19, 2012, 3:27 pm
Hi again,
the snow in Berlin melted and so I could go out and play on a few playgrounds :D. But first Marie showed me a firestation and a nice mosaic which shows a part of old Marzahn. Her sister took a little kite with her, it was even smaller than me. It was great to watch it as it flew :).
Then we visited the playgrounds, they all were a bit old but I liked playing there. I went on the swings, climbed a bit and played captain Knut. I even rode an elephant ;).
Near the playgrounds there was a sports field but we forgot a ball to play. Can you see me above the basketball basket, Mum? I'm pretty good at climbing, or not?
PS: Oh my god, I believe the trees here have eyes. They are watching me... :o
Greetings and a big KISS

Posted Feb 25, 2012, 6:13 pm
Hi Mum,
today Marie made a sightseeing tour with me :D. I saw so many things!
The tour started at "Alexanderplatz", a big place in the middle of Berlin. There we went to the "Weltzeituhr", a famous meeting point where you can see the time worldwide. The "Rotes Rathaus" looked very nice and the "Fernsehturm" is soooo high, Mummy :o. I also saw the "Spree", the "Deutscher Dom" and the "Marienkirche", one of the oldest churches in Berlin.
Then I saw a big statue of two men and Marie told me that these two men are Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels who were the originators of the communism, very interesting :).
We went a short way by bus and then I saw it: the "Brandenburger Tor".  It marks the border between east- and west Berlin and is one of the most famous emblems there. I went through it and came to the "Bundestag".
After seeing so many sights I was very tired and Marie took me and brought me back to her home.
On the way back there was again something which watched me... Maybe I have a persecution complex? ;)

Posted Feb 26, 2012, 5:09 pm
Hi Mummy,
today I went to a circus! I saw many funny and cool things there: People in wonderful costums who did acrobatic tricks, a dog-show, camels and horses. I sat right in front of the manege and had a wonderful view :D. See yourself, Mummy.
Here comes a kiss for you =*

Posted Feb 27, 2012, 2:40 pm
Today a new tv arrived :D: It's Das Schweinchen from Germany. We became friends very fast.
Bye for now

Posted Mar 1, 2012, 6:06 pm
Today I leave Berlin to travel to juls who lives in Bremen. I'm so excited! I said goodbye to Marie and Das Schweinchen and climbed into my envelope.
See you soon

Posted Mar 4, 2012, 9:50 pm
Hello Mummy!

Greetings from Bremen. Another TV is already here Blou Beer. We became friends already!

Today we took a walk around Knoops Park. A famous park close by.
They do some construction works there right now, but keep the old building facade. Looks rather funny...
It was named after the merchant Ludwig Knoop who was born here, he bought the estate that stood in the area had a small castle added in the vicinty (The castle was demolished long ago, but the estate still exists and is private property). He asked the garden architect Wilhelm Benque to design the park. Benque also created the Bürgerpark. The people Park in the City centre. Knoops park is situated right next to the river Lesum an some 65 hectare large! We visited the Jünglingshöhe which offers a splendid view across the river and towards Oldenburg.
Unfortunately the park doesn't look too nice around this time of the year :( Juls says it looks much nicer in summer.

More soon!

Posted Mar 9, 2012, 10:19 pm
Hey Mum!

We took a quick walk down to the river Weser, because Juls wanted to show us the gorgeous yacht that is currently being repaired in the docs on the other side. There are many shipyards lining the left side of the Weser. Some for repairing, some for constructing and some for interior design.
It was very posh. Roughly: 1m = 1 million euro. That is before taxes. And before interior design. Anyway it was a treat to see one of them. They frequent here a lot and are then forwarded to Dubai, America...
Hey, maybe I can make cruise one day....

More soon!

Posted Mar 20, 2012, 8:05 pm
Hey Mum!

We finally made into town :)
So at last I got to see some of the famous sites of Bremen. The town musicians, the famous chocolaterie "Hachez", the cathedral.
Spring arrived at last and it was nice to go out for a bit. We had bubble Tea. THE drink that is currently en vogue. Little shops are popping up all over town. It was Juls first Bubble Tea too (she didn't like it - so we could have it all!)

Later that night we went to visit a friend. They own this huge fish tank! It some 2m wide! And it was so many colorful fish inside!
Finally I met "Socke" (engl. socks - yes the clothing). He is such an enormous cat. He looks a bit scary but he is a dear and would even hold still for a couple of pictures!


Posted Apr 1, 2012, 5:09 pm
Hey Mum,

the other day we went to a castle museum! It was so exciting. It has a lot of regional exhibits from Bremen, from all time periods.
We saw the femur of a mammoth!!!!!!! It was found near Bremen.
And then there was this funny bike which people used to cycle on. I can't imagine how that must have looked.
There was the original kitchen from back when the castle was built and exhibits on the man who built it, he was a real adventurer: he brought stuff back with him from all over the world. Peacocks from China, shrink heads from Africa....

Juls also took me on her holiday trip to Scotland.
More on that asap :-*

And then I will continue my journey across Germany. Can't wait to meet my new host and search for easter eggs!

Posted Apr 1, 2012, 5:33 pm
Greetings from ye olde Edinburgh, capital of Scotland.

For a long weekend I accompanied Juls on her holiday up north!
Sadly the weather was less then good. We had coast fog on a daily bases. That is why most of the pictures we took liked like this:

The 1st picture actually shows me some 20m in front of Edinburgh castle!
here's a link in case you want to see what it looks like: castle

Posted Apr 1, 2012, 5:47 pm
Hey Mum,

look what I found: sunshine!
Once we left the city for a day trip around the country, the weather improved. So this is me at Glen Coe.
Nasty piece of scottish history took place here: The clan of Campbell slaughtered the clan of MacDonald.
Their graves can be found a on a wee island on Loch Leven. There is a even a song about the massacre. (Juls thinks it's too nice a song to describe this terrible event. But what do you think?)
The Corries - Massacre of Glencoe

Posted Apr 1, 2012, 5:56 pm
Same day - new location!

Later that day we reached Loch Ness! I was looking out for Nessie- but it never showed itself.
This is me in front of Urquhart Castle. It is only a ruin, but it's nickname was Guardian of the Glen. It sits right at the shore of Loch Ness. It is pretty cool. It was built round about 1230 AD.
Here we went for a little hiking and we had a good view of the Glen.
Loch Ness is the second largest body of fresh water in all of Britain! The largest is in Scotland too: Loch Lomond. Anyway the Highlands are so cool!

Posted Apr 1, 2012, 6:02 pm
Hey Mum,

back in Bremen I am preparing for take off again.
Soon I'll continue my trip. Juls has promised to drop me off at the post office tomorrow or the day after.
I am going to miss Blou Beer but I am sure to make new friends.


Posted Apr 9, 2012, 8:56 pm
Hello there!

I arrived safely at FraJ and I told her about my past stays.

Good Friday we have been a walk in Coblenz. On the Baldwin Bridge we had a good look at our today's destination: The German Corner.

In the back you can see the fortress Ehrenbreitstein. Built in 1828 by the Prussian King Frederick III. The fortress was never involved in combat operations and soon had no strategic significance.
And the old town of Coblenz:

On our way we passed a water playground.
At the temperatures I was feeling very well, but FraJ didn't want that I get wet  :(

Jahaa, here I am! In Rhineland-Palatinate!

And here the Emperor William I. watching on his horse over the German Corner.

And here the German corner from the top!

And beside the fortress Ehrenbreitstein again.

Here, the view from the top of the German Corner on the monument and the old town up the Moselle.

And up the Rhine:

Finally, a look at the monument

On the way back we passed the Liebfrauen church

In the evening we painted a few eggs.
FraJ told me how to make Sorbian eggs. Fraj is originally from Cottbus. Her family makes the eggs a little different than the old sorbian, but the eggs look very pretty. Almost too good to eat. I've tried it and I painted a pretty breakfast-egg!  :D

I look forward to an exciting month in Rhineland-Palatinate  ;)


Cya Knut

Posted Apr 9, 2012, 9:27 pm
Hellooo from sunny St.Goarshausen!

Today we visited St.Goarshausen and made a picknick on the three castles view.

I wouldn't tell much. Look at the great pictures and let them speak  ;)

St.Goarshausen is so popular because there was the legend by the Lorelei:
The ballad told that a mermaid, called Lorelei was sitting on a rock and attracted by her voice, the Rhine boatmen, because of their beautiful singing, don't respected the dangerous currents and rocks and shattered their fishing boats. Her long blond hair she combed with a golden comb. And last year there is a ship ran aground again...
And Katz Castle in the background is unfortunately in Japanese private ownership. We can not visit then. The Lorelei we could not visit because there was an event.  :(

But the trip was nice and I hope that April is still warm and sunny  :D


Cya Knut

Posted May 10, 2012, 8:47 pm

Because it rains constantly and FraJ has a lot to do, we have organized a game night!

Roscoe is a rescue pet from FraJ. He can't travel cause he have to be with FraJ all the time. But he wasn't a lucky player. He lost in every single game we played in the evening...

First we played a game called Looping Louie: A funny guy wants to steal our chicken  ;) but not my chicken!

And we've played ludo or in german: "Mensch ärgere dich nicht"

...and much fun I had at Dice

And "mill" was a difficult game against Roscoe

The most fun I had with Rummy ... We have played many rounds

Totally tired we went to bed ...

Cya and greetings!


Posted May 11, 2012, 12:58 pm

Today we were in Braubach. First we were in the Rose Garden and I climbed up on the fountain in the middle of the complex:

There is also a war memorial and you have a beautiful view of the Marksburg:

And on the way to Marksburg there is a very interesting sign:

Beware of squirrels!?!  :D
But we have seen no dangerous squirrels  ;)

Tomorrow we're going to see Lahnstein and then I am ready to travel to my next host!

Cya soon!

Posted May 11, 2012, 1:34 pm

Today we took a walk through Lahnstein.
Finally the weather is good again and we walked along the river Lahn.

Very interesting is the Inn on the River Lahn. The building is very old and even Goethe ate there.
But even there, the high water level of the flood of the century is recorded.

Have been unimaginable how much water the river Lahn must!

Next, we have discovered the "Baareschesser". For the protection of groundwater, the people in lower Lahnstein have facilitated in baares and not in pits. The upper Lahnsteiner found it not very nice to have kept the butt against them.
Since then there is a small feud between Upper and Lower Lahnstein...  :)

So I had to sit down once on the Baare:

And here you can already see castle Stolzenfels ... Beautiful!

Because in the grass grow on so many dandelions, I grabbed one!

And again Stolzenfels:

And now I say goodbye to Rhineland-Palatinate!

I'm looking forward to RikeH, my next host!  :D

Posted May 12, 2012, 11:37 pm
Hello Mum, 

I arrived in Sülfeld. Dicker Kumpel is the host here – he gave me a warm welcome.

Then he introduced me to his other guests.

Later I went into the garden – I found some nice plants.

I talked to this funny guys.

Look – I had a flower hat!


Posted May 16, 2012, 7:50 pm
Hi Mum,

We went to a city near to Sülfeld, called Bad Segeberg. The weather was not nice, but we had no rain.

Behind me you can see the church.

We went onto a hill – and had a look in the theatre.

In the other direction I saw a nice lake.

Later we saw these nice ducks next to a little lake.

Look – I loved this sculpture.


Posted May 19, 2012, 9:33 pm
Hi Mum,

Today we visited Dicker Kumpel’s Grandma. We had something delicious to eat.

Later we heard some music outside and went onto the balcony. There was the Schützenfest – and the marksmen walked through the streets.

It was really interesting.

There was a car of the fire service at the end.


Posted May 26, 2012, 4:09 pm
Hello Mum,

We are on our way to Finland now. RikeH was very busy the last days, so we didn’t update our travelogs, but now it will be better, we hope.

We went from Travemünde,Germany to Helsinki, Finland with the Ferry Finnlady. The weather was wonderful, but it was so stormy that RikeH decided to take only one photo of me outside. She didn’t want me to fly away.

Fortunately we had a wonderful cabin with many windows. Through this one I saw the way we went.

Then we all went to the window on the side of the ship. The sun was wonderful.

Of course we wanted to look to the other side.

Our ferry was great – look, there in front of us was a cruise ship.

Our Captain did a good job, so we won the race!

Mum, I just heard that you will leave the side. What about me? I am so sad that I am not a ToyVoyager anymore.  :(

Please send me a message!