SammyFire, Weilburg, Germany


Posted Nov 5, 2011, 8:31 pm
I'm still at home. But i'm going to travel through the World. :D

But first, i'll show you some Places of my hometown.

Posted Nov 6, 2011, 9:05 am
So, i'm on my owner's occupation. It was quite dangerous, because a great beast of prey was very interesting in me.
But a youth-firefigter bear is a cool bear an so i can introduce you the Malinois Benny.

It was very exciting for me...
See you soon....


Posted Nov 7, 2011, 7:49 pm

Today i visit a firebrigade in my town.
It was very nice, because i sitting in a firetruck, working with a pump and i met "Sam, the fireman" and his friend "Playmo Bill"!
It was a great day!!!
See you soon...

Posted Nov 24, 2011, 10:49 pm
Today i travel to Rheinbach, near Bonn because my Dad visit some Friends.

It's the first time i've seen a Prison. There were some strange Things i never seen before....

The Prison in the back of me..

What's that???

A mystic thing..... :o

Now i'm at home again.... and i'm glad!!!

See you,

Posted Dec 6, 2011, 10:11 pm

I arrived in Öhringen! So great! And I found allready new friends. So great! But first I will tell you about my arrivel here.

Somebody opened the envelope and I look outside. I saw this three guyes.

A little bit later I recognized that there is another envelope next to me, another arriver. We both climbed out and we get such a very warm welcome from the others.

All of them are ToyVoyagers, too. So great to meet some of TVs like me on my first journey. We talked a little bit.

And than I get in Contact with Paddington. Look, the is a bear like me and he had also a red head. And daddy maybe I could help him to fullfill one of his lifemissions. So great. But we will see :-)

And now we all are sitting together, eating some sweets and talking.

So, that's all for the moment daddy.
Good night!

Posted Dec 20, 2011, 9:03 am
Hello daddy!

Sorry that I didn't write for so long. But now I will tell you what we did last but not one sunday.

The others told us, that there is a Tower which we will visit today. And so we go to the market place where the christmas market is. But first we go into the castle. There was an exhibition about the history of Öhringen. Sadly we wasn't allowed to take pictures inside. But in one room we fastly take this pictures while no supervisory staff was there. *hrhr*

Back on the market place we decided to eat something before we go upstairs.

Here you can see me with the real Tower. High...

And than inside the tower with a model of it.

Me next to a model of the Blasturm. Here it is so little. But really the tower is 56,16 meters high. And it was built in 1494. But we only could climbed up to 32 meters. In the tower are seven stories and the truss. And the rooms inside were two archives, a musician room, the "Verschlooch" (a crate in the Hohenlohisch slang. It was the bedroom for the helper of the steeplejack) and the apartment of the steeplejack. And of course the tower gallery on which we could go outside.

So enough facts daddy. In the room there were hanging this old lamps. Look some of them is fire red.  ;) Sadly there was no one in my size... ;)

Than in one floor we found this clock.

And than.... 32 meters over the market place we were able to go outside. What a feeling and what a view.

Of course we had a look down on the christmas market. Wow, not too long.

Daddy, can you see the little railway under me? This railyway is a tradition. It is every year on the market place. And the children can ride on it.

There we found this bell. It rings very loud. While I was looking at it it rings. My dear!

We also had a look on the atrium of the church from above.

And that it was time to go back down. The first steps were very easy. Nice wooden stairs and enought place. But than we must climb some tight stoned stairs. Puuuhhh...
Here you can see me and my friends with the wooden ones. On the stoned we had no chance to tae a picture.

Oh we found this cklock while going down. Nice because you ccan see the machanism inside.

While some people went upstairs on the stoned stairs we wait on a jutty and found one of the archives. It was really luck.

Back down we TVs decided to had a refreshment. And Zandy suggest us the "Rosenküchle" (rose cakes/cookies). The name cames therefrom they look like roses.

On our way back home we passed the little animasl zoo in Öhringen and so we had a look. And really some of the animales were outside. Look me in dangour with a goat. Hehe not really danger. The goat was only snoopy.  :D

And that was it. Hope you enjoy to read about my day daddy.


Posted Dec 20, 2011, 9:38 am
Daddy! Look what we saw when we wake up!

SNOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW! The first snow this winter.  Juhu! So great! But sadly we can't go outside because Zandy must go to work now and she will come back very late. But maybe tomorrow we had the chance. *hope*

Posted Dec 24, 2011, 11:32 pm

Hey Daddy!

First I will wish you and all the others a merry Christmas.
Sadly we had no snow here. But we made a little bit snow. It was fun and I could dream. :-) Please klick on the picture below  ;)

And than we helped Zandy and her parents a to prepair the christmas meal. Zandy's parents are from Poland and so they had traditional meal from there. They always eat fish (normally carp) and cabbage with peas and they eat potates.

For dessert they eat "Makufka". This is poppy cooked with milk and than you give sugar, raisin and bap (or rusk) in it. First we all were a little skeptic and look in the big bowl with the Makufka.

And than we taste a little. And it tastes really good. I didn't belive. But it is so.  :D

Oh and they always drink strawberrycompot.

Than all was prepaired and we eat. After eating we went to the christmastree and look, there where presents for us. Soooooooooooo cool.

I found my present. What it could be? A big candy?

WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Daddy!!!! Can you see it? Soooooooooooo coooooooooool! Now I have my own fire engine! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!  B)

We made a grouppicture after me and my friends have unpacked the presents.  :D

So daddy, now it's time to go to bed.
I wish you a good night!
Love yours

Posted Dec 29, 2011, 10:17 pm
Hi daddy!

Today Zandy and her boyfriend leave us aloen at home, because there were invited to his family. So me and my friends relax and played a lot.

When Zandy and her boyfriend came home their look was really funny. They saw us in the christmas tree.

I'm a really nice Santa-bear, or?  ;)

Love yours,

P.S. Zandy told me that they have a surprise for me tomorrow. What will it be?  :o

Posted Jan 8, 2012, 8:06 pm
Hi Daddy

today my Friends supriesed me, we visited a Club, where they collect old Fireengines. Zandys Boyfriend showed us those old Trucks and also a lot of Equipment.

We arriverd at the Location. The Sight from the Parking Ground is great. A very beautiful Landscape.

Zandys Boyfriend opened a big Door and then we saw the Fire Trucks. We are all exited to this, but i think, i was the most exited one. The Trucks where big, and red, and beautiful. We all sit on the Bumper from a Magirus-Deuts Jupiter. 6X6 and 178 Horsepowers. It is a FLKFZ 3800/400. In the Past it ran by the German Army and was build in 1964.

I climbed into the Cabin of these Fire Truck and sit on top of the Radio. "puhh" that was exertive"

This Truck have a very big Steeringwheel and Shifthandle. It is a very rough driving.

"Alarm!!!!!!!!!!" hurry up, we have to go for a Fire. Me was driving the other TVs to the Place where the Fire was burning.

At first we have to stop the Traffic on the Street. For this we use a Stoppanel. We have to hold it all, because the Wind was very strong at this day. If only one of us hold the Stoppanel this Tv will fly away.

Then we arranged our things we need to extinguish the Fire. In these Truck there are many many interressting Things. We needed Hoses, Pipes, distributos, Pumps, and many many more Parts. We also find a Sparetyre in the Truck. I hope this one we dont need.

We extinguish the fire with the Watercanon on the Roof of the Truck. Its hard to operate, but very funny. The Water shoot 50 meters. You can harvesting Appels when they hanging on a Tree.

You see me in front of the rotary Beacon?

You find me here? I think so, because we mark the position where i sit on the Truck.

"OK, the Exercise is over, very goog job, everyone"
I hope you are not worried Daddy, it was just an exercise. Not dangerous. Zandys Boyfriend sayed, we all have done a very good Job. He asked us, if we want to join the Firefighters. Maybe I do. After the exercise, we toke a Groupicture.

We saw also other old Firetrucks. Here you see a Magirus DL30 Ladder.

And a big Crane. It is a KW 16. This truck have a 12 Cylinder Engine. Very strong, but very loud.

After that we found a very old Waterpump. This was build in 1857. Very nice. We searching for the Engine, but we couldnt find it. If you want to move this Carriage, you need Horses or many other Tv´s

Hmm, i waiting for the other TVs. But nobody comes. If they know, that i wnat to move the Carriage?.

We found also a lot of stuff you need if you work as a Firefighter.

This Mask you need if you go into a burning House wich is full of Smoke. If you wear this on, your Voice sounds funny, like Darth Vader: I am your Father, Luke.

Here are the Bottels for the Air that you breath.

We just have a look in the Store. There we found old Ladders and hoses.

Now is Time to go. We have to prepare for Lunch. We are invited by Zandys Parents. We all enjoyed the time with these old Fire Trucks. It was very interesting and Funny. I was very happy about the Trip and I enjoed this Day very much.

Posted Jan 9, 2012, 6:45 pm
Hey daddy!

After my really great surprise yesterday Zandy had a new one today. (She is really a great surpriseing-women  :D) We went to the theatre today. But not a normal theatre, it was a theatre-boat. Yes, you read right a ship on with they play theatre. But not this ig ones.

Therefore we must drove to Heilbronn, about 30 kilometres away from Zandys home. Here you can see me in front, or better behind - the theatre-ship.

And here are my friends and I in front on the "Neckar-Turm".

And at once in front of the theatre-boat. Behind us you can see a hotel, a famous one in Heilbronn.

Than it was time to go inside the boat. An look we met this nice guy. He was really funny. I never saw such a relaxing guy before.

At the break we had a look outside the bull's-eye. It was very difficult to take a picture outside.

Oh an daddy, look at our funny seats. There are from melted palstic. A funny idea. And they are more comfortable than they look.

After the show we walked back to the car and take this picture, now in front of the theatre-ship.

And we met this really nice women. It's the "Käthchen from Heilbronn"

So bye daddy!

Posted Jan 9, 2012, 6:54 pm
Happy new year, daddy!

I have a bad info for you: Our pictures from yesterday night are away.  :( The card from the camera is broken and with it all teh nice pictures. So there are no one from our new years eve party. But by sure, we had a lot of fun.

Today we take a little walk around Zandys boyfriend hometown. Here you can see me in front of the open air theatre.

Zandy told me, that she likes to go there when it's season. But of course at the winter months they are no playes. But I think it's a nice location. An before you can go inside the theatre you must pass the Lidenplatz.

That's all from our 1st January day. Bye bye daddy.

Posted Jan 9, 2012, 6:57 pm
Today we welcomed a new TV at Zandys home.

It's an Icebear. Now we are three bears and a giraffe (the others leave us on monday). But don't worry, we all are lovely.  ;)

Posted Jan 9, 2012, 7:03 pm
Hey daddy! Brrrrrrr we are really wet. Ok, not we, Zandy and her boyfriends. We hide us in Zandys bag.  :p
Today we had a little geocaching round together. And look what for a lovely cache we found.

It's a new one, only five days old and really lovely. I hope this one will not go broken. And on our way we passed this ruin of the old "Helmbund church".

Can you find me?  ;)

Hehe... here I am.

So now it's time to drink a hot tea and warm up.
Love yours,

Posted Jan 9, 2012, 7:06 pm
Hey daddy,

today we visited the "Golberg" in Öhringen. Zandy told us, that when she was a child she visitied this place really often. But now she wasn't here for years.

We only had this tweo pictures, because after this it began to rain and so we couldn't take more pictures. What a pitty!

Bye bye!

Posted Jan 11, 2012, 2:39 pm
The first photo shows the view over a part of Berlin out of my host's window.
The other one shows two new friends of mine: The guinea pigs QuamQuam (brown) and Klea (black). They are so cute :)
I'm looking forward to my adventures here.
Bye for now

Posted Jan 12, 2012, 6:27 pm
Today I visited the EASTGATE with my host Marie! It's a big modern shopping center. The majority of the shops are shoe shops and clothes shops. I didn't know that a woman can go shopping sooooo long ;).
Because I stayed the course I got a piece of Pizza as a reward. YUMMY
Oh, I have to show you the bag in which Marie will take me through Berlin. Looks like made for little tv's like me :)

Posted Jan 14, 2012, 4:51 pm
How are you, Daddy?
I took a walk through Marzahn.
Marie lives on the tenth floor of a high rise. Fortunately there is a lift which brought us down ;). First she showed me the big meadow in front of the house. It's really nice. Then I played on the little playground. I had a lot of fun!
After that we went to a village gravejard (Marzahn used to be a village). It's very small  but beautiful. Marie says it looks better when the trees have green leaves again.
But that wasn't the end of the tour. I also visited a little petting zoo with sheep, donkeys, geese and goats. Next to it was an exhibition of farm machines, very interesting. There was another playground where I rided a sheep and drove a tractor :D. The last thing Marie showed me was a mill.
I hope you like the photos

Posted Jan 16, 2012, 2:23 pm
WHOAA! The first snow in Berlin this winter. And I'm here too see it :D. Immediately I built a little snowman.
The sad thing is that the snow is melting already :(.

Posted Jan 17, 2012, 6:41 pm
Hey Daddy,
today Marie's little sister took me to the cinema to watch "Der gestiefelte Kater". The cinema is in a big building where you can do many other things like bowling or learning to dance. But we only visited the cinema. It consists of nine cinema halls and the seats are very comfortable :). We bought popcorn and then we watched the film. It was very funny.

Posted Jan 20, 2012, 3:02 pm
today the weather in Berlin is very bad and so Marie and I stayed at home. I helped her with learning for an exam in Biology and then I read her favourite book: "Felidae". It's about a cat which tries to solve a criminal case. It's brilliant but some parts were very scary. I hope I don't get nightmares...
I also listened to her favourite Band: Wise Guys. It's a German  acappella band and they sing really funny songs with intelligent texts.
Love you, Daddy

Posted Jan 28, 2012, 6:24 pm
Ahhhh, Marie has holidays at last :)
So she had time to go to the "Grüne Woche" with me. It's a international exhibition of food industry, agriculture and horticulture. It took place in a big building, the "Messe Berlin". We went inside and there were soooo many things to see. At first I ate a special Tunesian meal: scrambled eggs with chicken meat, onions, parsley and Tunesian flavoring in it. That was delicous :D. Then I watched some animals again: cute ones like cats and pigs but also spiders and bearded dragons which looked a bit scary. After that we came to a nice indoor garden, look yourself.
The "Grüne Woche" has a big assortment of bread, I never saw so much bread in one place :o
I was a bit disappointed because I saw no fire brigade but a tractor is almost as cool as this ;)
This was it for today

Posted Jan 29, 2012, 5:54 pm
Hello Dad,
today Marie made a sightseeing tour with me. But first we went to another shopping center: the "Alexa" to eat something.
Then we started the tour and went out on this cold cold winter day (even a bit snow :) ).
The tour began on "Alexanderplatz", a big place with many shopping centers and high buildings. There I saw the "Fernsehturm" (368 meters high!!) and the "Weltzeituhr" on which you can see what time it is overall in the world. It's also a popular meeting point. The "Rotes Rathaus" is very nice, too. Right next to it is the "Marienkirche". It's one of the oldest churches in Berlin.
I saw the "Neptunbrunnen", too. It's very impressive with it's figures and Neptun on the top.
Because we felt like icicles the tour went on by bus. Looking out of the window I saw the "Humboldt Universität" and the "Humboldt Box".
The bus took us to another famous sight: the "Brandenburger Tor". It marks the border between east- and west Berlin. We went through it and came to the "Bundestag".
On our way back I could see the "Berliner Dom" and the "Spree".
Now I'm very tired. But that's ok because I can sleep in the envelope in which Marie will send me to my next stop, Bremen, tomorrow.
Good night


Posted Jan 30, 2012, 1:22 pm
Now the time has come to continue my journey. I'm looking forward to my new adventures but I'm a bit sad, too, because I have to leave Berlin and my new friends.
But I know, wherever I am all my friends will think of me now and then and I will think of them.

Posted Feb 2, 2012, 9:52 pm
Hey Daddy!!

I arrived savely with juls!
Being on the Germany trail is really exciting. Today the weather was splendid and so we went straight into town for a little bit of exploring!

Juls took me for a first glimpse of Bremen's most famous sight!
I saw the town hall, which is world national heritage. The Roland the statue on the market. Böttcherstraße, where in medieval times wooden barrels were made. (Böttcher = barrel maker). Today there are museums there and craftsmen merchants. But also the small candy manufacturer. sweet stuff coming through!
Obviously we also stopped by the statue of the town musicians which are really much smaller than everybody expects.
It was all really great. The Dom is beautiful, juls said maybe we can go inside another day. And also we looked around the market square, saw some of the old houses and the "Schütting" which is directly opposite the town hall. The architecture is really beautiful!

Btw juls told me something very interesting about the Roland. First: the head is a copy. The original is placed in the museum to protect it from erosion. And second: the length between its knees is the exact measurement of the "Bremer Elle" (measurement of length). When there was dispute on the market concerning the length of cloth, the customes could measure between the Roland's knees to make sure he was not deceived.

Cool right?

Hugs and kisses

Posted Feb 9, 2012, 1:45 pm
Hey Dad!

Just as promised , I visited the St. Petri Dom of Bremen with Juls yesterday!
It was so great!
The Dom was built in the 11th century. It is pretty old you see. It is a cathedral in typical gothic architecture. In the 19th century it was restored and since 1973 it is a world national heritage!
If you are interested you can read more about it here.
Juls wanted to take me all the way to the top of the Bell-tower, but it is closed during the winter season.

Instead we went into the "crypt" and saw the baptismal font. The cathedral has gorgeously coloured windows that depict Christian religious scenes. We did not take pictures of the altar or Christ (I hope you don't mind) and anyway they look the same everywhere.

After this adventure Juls and I were really hungry, so we met up with a friend of Juls' and went to a very special restaurant. "Jackie Su" a special tip should you ever be in Bremen! We ate butterfish curry. Delicious :)

It is still freezing around here but now snow...
More news soon!

hugs and kisses

Posted Feb 18, 2012, 11:56 am
Hey Dad!

The weather has been rubbish these past few days.
But before the last ice was gone, we took a walk along the banks of the river Weser and look at these enormous ice shells! It has been quite some time since there were ice shells on the river, Juls told me.

You can see one of the many shipyards that line the opposite site of the river. Also the other side is already Lower Saxony. But only where we took our walk. A bit further upstream the border extends across the Weser.

We saw some seagulls too, and an anchor and a buoy. And when we got back inside, where it was warm an cozy we had tea with Juls family.

Hope you are well

Posted Feb 26, 2012, 6:55 pm
Hey Daddy!

After some slight technical problems finally some news from Bremen!
Weather has finally improved and things are brightening up.
It is a shame really because Juls had to prepare a presentation so we were busy all last week reading. I helped her.

So here is little something on typical Brem-ish culture :)
(Don't worry, it's juicy!)
It's about "Bremer Plattdeutsch", a variety of Low Saxon spoken in Bremen.
Funny fact:
-It is closer related to Dutch than to High German.
- It cannot describe abstract words (i.e. there is no word for "weapon", just for "knife" or "gun")
- it lacks modern terminology ("Kernschmelze" etc) and has no words for things outside of the realm of Northern Germany ("Bergsteiger" etc)
-It was originally spoken by the Saxons settling in western Holstein.
-It was lingua Franca during the times of the German Hanse.

And finally here is some lexicon I picked up that comes in handy when I travel around Bremen.
Kattekel  - Eichhörnchen
Bottervogel - Schmetterling
Foftein - Feierabend
Banane - Bonaan
al - schon
gau - schnell
Bremer Platt is de Aart vun Plattdüütsch, de in de Stadt Bremen un in de Dörper dor ümto snackt warrt, de nah Bremen henhöört.
And btw. it "Moin!" all around the clock!

After so much work we decided to have a reward. we made muffins. Delicious!
Almost Spring outside so we decided to take another walk again. We saw the Schulschiff Deutschland and a Schute (Barge). The second barge goes towards Bremen Harbour. So it goes up the Weser!  The first goes towards the north Sea it goes down the Weser!

See you soon!

Posted Feb 28, 2012, 6:22 pm
Moin from Bremen! :D

Hey Dad, soon I wil continue my journey, and I am already really excited about it.
Today a new TV arrived with juls : blou beer. I was really curious about his arrival and we became good friends already.
Juls is invited to a big party tomorrow and we had to prepare cakes. We made small sponge cakes filled with custard cream and a soda cake. I helped! (Now my tummy hurts a little from eating too much dough, but that was definitely worth it!)
Anyway here are some of the scrumptous pics!

Delicious greetings!

Posted Mar 6, 2012, 12:48 am
Hello from Rhineland-Palatinate!

I'm not far away from home. And if I wanted to go home I would jump into the Rhine and try to swim to the other side. The flow would do the rest  ;)

I started my trip in Braubach. There we were walking in the Rose Garden. There is also a war memorial and in the back you can see the Marksburg.

The view is similar to home:

The war memorial has been built for the victims of the Franco-German war in 1870/71. It's not the biggest one but still nice.

Here is a picture with me and the War Memorial and the St. Barbara's Church in the background:

And on the top of the mountain (or hill as you want to view it) the Marksburg the only medieval castle of the Middle Rhine that has never been destroyed:

And one view about the rhine plants with me:

Here the castle from a distance, because we've gone along the valley:

Here we are in Osterspai. A small village with the so-called "Ritt" a peninsula with a beach and nature reserve and marine reserve.

On the other side of the Rhine you can see the vineyards of the Boppard Hamm, a good wine from the region:

Then we went back. Here I am in Lahnstein in front of the Martin Castle. Lahnstein is the residence of my host FraJ. The castle is now a carnival museum.

In Braubach I will also try to visit the volunteer fire department. Lahnstein I'll only be able to see from the outside.

So I'm excited to see what I'm experiencing here!

Cya  :D

Posted Mar 23, 2012, 10:20 pm
Hello guys!

FraJ was busy, but now I can show you some pictures!
And first I got a few looks over Coblenz and the Rhine Valley:

...and some people have their homes and with this view everyday!

Here are two of the numerous churches in Coblenz (2 of 15, but quite the most worth seeing)

Another picture from the pedestrian zone, because, as at home there are many shopping streets  :rolleyes:

But I' ve still hadn't seen a single fire truck!
I would love to catch up yet ... I hope we can visit a fire station next week!

Cya & Greetings!

Posted Mar 23, 2012, 10:51 pm
Greetings from Lahnstein!
The city of two world cultural heritages! The Limes and the Upper Middle Rhine Valley.  :cyclops:

We have made ​​a walk in the sunshine on the Lahn.
First we saw the castle Lahneck:

The junction of the small town is probably the bridge, the Upper and Lower Lahnstein connects.

And the view of the city from the bridge.

And here's Tavern on the Lahn, where in 1774 Goethe went to eat.
Moreover, they make very delicious food there  ;)

The sign:
On 18 July 1774
Goethe leave the ship on his Lahn-journey to take the midday meal with Lavatar and Baedow here.

Otherwise don't provides Lahnstein necessarily a lot of famous people, except that the former Defense minister Sharping comes from Lahnstein.

Well! On Saturday we do a bike tour and I'll make a lot of pictures and maybe I still see a fire truck, after all, the average number of fire services in the year is over 100 in Lahnstein :cyclops:

We'll see... so cya!

Posted Mar 25, 2012, 10:31 pm

We did a bike tour to St.Goarshausen! It was sunny and warm, just great!
I am protected in my firefighters clothes from fire, but underneath it is very hot! But in comparison to FraJ I havn't a sunburn  B)
And I still reminded her of the sun cream!  ;)

In the first picture you can see a small fire truck.
This is on the way to a F1. A small wildfire.
We saw it at the roadside, but Fraj said it was too dangerous to remove it on my own.  :(

The old church and in the background the castle "Katz" (like "Cat" and of course there's a castle "Mouse" too)

We wanted to take the ferry to the other side of the Rhine to St. Goar.

We still had a great view into the "Valley of the Loreley"

The ballad told that a mermaid, called Lorelei was sitting on a rock and attracted by her voice, the Rhine boatmen, because of their beautiful singing, don't respected the dangerous currents and rocks and shattered their fishing boats. Her long blond hair she combed with a golden comb. And last year there is a ship ran aground again. Maybe a new Lorelei?!  ;)

Located in St. Goar is the Castle "Rheinfels" (Rhine-Rock), which was built in 1245.

From the ferry we also have a nice view again on St.Goarshausen:

On the way back we are in Boppard on the ferry to the other side

After 60 km of cycling we went home and now I'm with a friend of FraJ. He is in the volunteer fire department of Braubach and deputy fire chief there. He'll show me the equipment house and I'm looking forward to the fire trucks  :D

So next week I'm in my element!


Posted Apr 2, 2012, 6:25 pm
Florian Braubach welcomed SammyFire!

Back at Fraj I can tell from my visit to the Fire Department Braubach.
I could see everything and was allowed to go into the fire trucks.

But my favorite was this fire truck:

And inside I only had to wait for a mission:

But then I am too small to drive  ;)

I hope I can still visit a lot of fire departments!
Maybe the next is in Sülfeld?
The month is almost over and I'm looking forward to my next host!

Soon we go again!

Posted Apr 2, 2012, 7:30 pm
"Gude" from Coblenz again  ;)

My last day in Rhineland-Palatinate, I've spent with a walk through Coblenz.
On the Görres place we had lunch and sunning ourselves.
The fountain in the middle of the place is very interesting because it tells the story of the city of Coblenz.

On the Baldwin Bridge, we had a beautiful view of the fortress Ehrenbreitstein. Built in 1828 by the Prussian King Frederick III. The fortress was never involved in combat operations and soon had no strategic significance. Today it's open to all and very nice.

And here the German Corner!
This is the coalesce of Moselle and Rhine and the big figure at the corner is Kaiser Wilhelm:

And the old town is also beautiful to look at:

With FraJ at home I said goodbye to all and now my trip still continues!

So I'm looking forward to an Easter party at RikeH  :D


Posted Apr 7, 2012, 10:40 pm
Hello Dad,
I arrived in Sülfeld. Dicker Kumpel gave me a warm welcome.

We started a walk through the village. Our first stop was in front of the church.

On the other side of the street is the old pharmacy.

Then we went to the old school.   

I liked the door of the school.

The mayor lives here.

On our way back home we played on the playground.   

We had fun on the swing.   


Posted Apr 8, 2012, 6:15 pm
Hello Dad,

Today we had a surprise for Dicker Kumpel.   

B.o.B. and Erol blindfolded Dicker Kumpel.   

Then we installed our big sign for him!

He had a look – and was very surprised!   

We gave him a big hug – he won two GoldenBears Awards!   

RikeH was happy and proud too, so we started a party.

First we had a delicious burger and woodruff lemonade.   

We ate almost everything.

Then we had our dessert – a yummy cake and coffee!

I had a green apple cake.


We decided to celebrate for a longer time – but we went closer to each other. Look, we had some bread and Sushi. As drinks we had a nice liqueur from Estonia, with the funny name Herbert!

It was a fantastic party!


Posted Apr 9, 2012, 5:54 pm
Happy Easter!

Today the Easter bunny was here - and Dicker Kumpel told us that we can search Easter eggs.   

I started. Maybe there will be something under our chair?   

I found something – great.   

But there should be more. I asked long hippo. He told me to look into the basket of a lovely bunny lady.   

Then he helped me to reach the chocolate lamb in the basket.

I got the lamb.

In a wonderful bouquet of flowers I found this chocolate bug.

Look –I was very successful!

We all had a lovely day!


Posted Apr 11, 2012, 7:33 pm
Hello Dad,

It was still Easter – and we went to visit the grandma of Dicker Kumpel. He told us that we will meet The Easter bunny there. And we were lucky. Look – I talked to the Easter bunny!

Then I met some of the other bunnies hanging around there.

There were two friendly hens.

Later we met a friendly bunny. He read something out of the nice Easter book that Noisy sent to us.

Then something funny happened. Dicker Kumpel’s grandma has a TV named Tobbi. He was lost for two times – the second time he was lost in the Netherlands. But now he came back.

He told us that he went to China – that must me the truth, because he came from China in his envelope. But look how big he is now. Maybe I will become that big someday after being in China, too?

After talking to the big Tobbi I decided to talk to smaller guys.

Dad, it was a nice second day of Easter here – we ate a lot of chocolate – it was yummy!


Posted Apr 20, 2012, 10:25 am
Hello Dad,

We made a nice excursion today. We visited the Wallanlagen – a park in the middle of Hamburg. Here you see a beautiful building we saw from the garden.

Normally here is a little river – but there was no water today.

Can you see me on this little monument?

This was the Asian part of the garden.

Then I found some colorful tulips.

On our way back home we stopped in Ahrensburg where I saw this beautiful castle.


Posted Apr 28, 2012, 8:52 pm
Hello Dad, 

Look, what happened today. Murph arrived – and brought a treasure map with him.

We all had a closer look. It was the treasure of the Zuckerhut. Zuckerhut is the name of our street. The treasure should be here.

The map showed that the way starts outside next to a blue car – I found it.

We climbed onto a high place to find the next point.

This must be the right direction!

We met two funny guys and asked them for the way.

They showed us the right direction. We should meet their friends – two bugs - there.

We climbed up the tree where the bugs live.

This was not the right place – but we were near to it.

Then we saw the treasure chest. We had to work together – but then we reached it.

We talked about opening it now – but then we took it onto the grass.

We opened the chest ... was full of money, gold and more!

We were so excited!

We went back onto our chair and had fun with our treasure.


Posted Apr 28, 2012, 9:19 pm
Hello Dad, 

We went to Bad Oldesloe today. It is a small city near to Sülfeld. We saw some water – this was a river flowing around a small island.

I met some friendly ducks.

I loved the view of this little river.

This is the town hall.

And another important building.

Look – a water wheel.

Then we stopped next to the church.

Next to another river we stopped for a photo with all of us.

More old buildings...

Many greetings

Posted May 2, 2012, 7:47 pm
Hello Dad, 

It was time to leave Sülfeld and Dicker Kumpel. But before I went away I wanted to have some more photos in the garden. I loved this tree.

And I found this yellow flower.

The next color was red...

This is a view of the garden where we found the treasure last weekend.

I found other beautiful flowers! The Springtime is great.

Then it was time to say goodbye to Dicker Kumpel. We had so much fun together.

Then I got a hug by all TVs here – well – not so many....

Tomorrow I will meet ScillyHH – my next host.


Posted May 9, 2012, 8:29 am
Hi daddy,

I arrived in Hamburg. My new hosts are LewisHH and Clairchen. They want to show me Hamburg and some other places (I think, they have some surprises for me :-)

Today after Scillys work we had a walk through the city center. See me in the Hanse-Viertel-Passage. It is a shopping passage in the middle of town.

Cool Clothes!

This decoration is for mothers day next sunday. They offer special cakes.

See me in front of a town canal with a restaurant pontoon. There are many town canals in Hamburg.

This is another town canal with a lock.

This is the same town canal. In the background you can see the Alsterarkaden. It is a narrow shopping lane. Do you see the famous Alster swans?

Look, this is the town hall of Hamburg. An imposant building, isn't it?

Above my head is the window of the mayors office.

On the way to the town hall courtyard we met this friendly lion.

And then I found this fire lane.  :D A perfect place for a short break.

That's me in the courtyard.

There is an interesting well in the middle.

I'm looking forward having a good time in Hamburg
All the very best

Posted May 12, 2012, 11:28 am
Hi dad,

today we went on a day trip to Mallorca  B) What a great idea!
At 8.25 a.m. we landed on the isle of Mallorca.
When we left the airport we saw so many busses collecting all the tourists for the hotels.

Then we had a look at the timetable for our bus to Palma. See me in front of the bus plan.

From Palma we went by an old train to Söller. That's me at the train station in Palma.

See me in front of this beautiful old train.

From outside I had a first look into the train.

Look at me enjoying a nice trip.

That's a view of the middle of the island.

Then we arrived in Söller.

There is a really beautiful small harbour with blue water and some nice yachts.

Before leaving Söller we had a cup of coffee in a small café.

In Palma we found a small beach to enjoy the sun. What a beautiful place.

I took a sunbath.

Before going back to the airport we had a last glass of Gin & Tonic at the beach.

What a wonderful day!
All the very best

Posted May 15, 2012, 6:42 pm
Hi dad,

this weekend we visited Scillys brother. He build his own house in Zarrentin in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and moved in two weeks ago. This was the possibility for me to visit an additional german federal state  :D
Outside we still saw some building materials.

Look, what a nice view from the house: the sunset in Zarrentin.

After sunset we had our evening meal.

Tomorrow we will walk along the lake Schaalsee.

All the very best

Posted May 15, 2012, 7:25 pm
Hi dad,

today we explored Zarrentin. This village is situated in the west of Mecklenburg on the lake Schaalsee.

Some parts of the lake are a nature protected area.

See me in front of the old abbey. It was build in 1248.

In this church take place many concerts during the year.

We found a museum with many old agricultural equipment.

All the very best

Posted May 20, 2012, 9:13 am
Hi dad,

the weather forecast announced sunshine and summerlike temperature for this weekend. Yes we had 22 degree but where did the sunshine go?

So we only had a walk through the Alsterpark in Hamburg. It is situated in the northeast of Hamburg along the river Alster. Many people use this park for walking, jogging, cycling and so on.

See me at one of the many bridges.

This is the small river Alster. It leads to the Alsterlake in middle of town.

There are many people with their dogs in the park. What is this big dog doing??? :cyclops:

Okay, I think his master is shouting for him.

There are many small ponds in the park.

These are some other impression of the Alsterpark.

I am hoping for sunshine tormorrow.

All the very best

Posted May 26, 2012, 7:50 am
Hi dad,

today the sun was shining and we walked around the Hamburg Airport. It's nearly like a park. A park with a view (to the planes)  :D
Can you see the runway behind me?

This is the Tarpenbek canal.

My friends and I had a little break on the bank and chatted a little bit.

This is an entrance for the employees of the airport. But it only leads to the sportsground.

I had to check the fire lane. Everything was okay :D

We found a small lake next to the airport. It is not for swimming, only for fishing.

And at last I saw some planes on the runway!

Our trip ended with a iced chocolate at the airport. Hmmm.....yummy

Back at home Scilly showed me our walk on a map. It is really situated in the town.

All the very best

Posted Jun 3, 2012, 3:14 pm
Hi dad,

my hosts showed me the lake Binnenalster in the middle of Hamburg.
See me in front of the Binnenalster with one of the white Alster boats and the famous Alster fountain.

Here you can see the Jungfernstieg with the television tower in the distance.

See me in front of the Europapassage. It is a very modern shopping centre next to the Binnenalster.

From the top of the Europapassage we had this view over the lake.

When we came home there were two surprises for us.
Number one is: we have a new guest. Her name is UrselHH.

Look, what she brought with her: a postcard from New York and a lot of sweets. Thanks you Clemy  :D

Surprise numer two is: we got a postcard from Finland from our friend Erol the Pirat. Thanks to Erol, his hostmum and all his new friends. Erol has a good time in Finland.

All the very best

Posted Jun 3, 2012, 4:40 pm
Hi dad,
today we visited Scillys brother. It was a one hour train ride.
See me sitting in the train.

In the afternoon we enjoyed two special tartes Scilly made.
This is lemon one.

This one is with fruits of the forest and curd.

All the very best

Posted Jun 3, 2012, 4:46 pm
Hi dad,

Scilly was very busy this week. But today she had a very big surprise for us.
We all will go to Cornwall / UK tomorrow! Yes, holidays!!! B)

Here you see me with one photograph of St Ives, the favourite town in Cornwall of Scilly and Richy and also the home town of my friend Clairchen.

Tomorrow morning we will start. I'm looking forward to have a great time.
All the very best

Posted Jun 5, 2012, 4:05 pm
Hi dad,

early this morning we started our holidays.
At the airport we saw how they brought our airplane to the gate.

We took the 7.00 service from Hamburg to London Heathrow.

See me sitting with my TV-friends and our hand luggage waiting for the flight.

in London we went to Paddington station. See me in the old station hall with some trains behind me.

All the very best

Posted Jun 5, 2012, 4:29 pm
Hi dad,
from London Paddington we took the 10.06 service in the direction of Cornwall.
It was a long journey to Cornwall. I used the time to get some information in the travel guide.

Then I had a chat with my friends.

I looked out of the window. See me enjoying the countryside.

After this long journey we arrived in Bude, our home for the next few days. First we checked our bed in our B & B "The Beach at Bude". Very comfortable.

Then we enjoyed the sun on our own terrace. Holidays are great!

In the evening there were great fireworks in and around Bude to celebrate the Queens Diamand Jubilee. Sorry, we did not take any photographs. It was to dark.

All the very best

Posted Jun 6, 2012, 9:08 am
Hi dad,
Today we explored Bude. It is a lovely small town with some great beaches.
This is Summerleaze Beach from above.

There were many surfers in the water.

Because at low tide the water is so far away from the town they build a sea pool in the rocks. We saw the sea pool at high tide.

For safety reasons I checked the times of hight tide and low tide and the safety instructions.

And I also had to visited the station of the life savers.

Then we walked along Summerleaze Beach. There were many people on the beach playing with their children and enjoying the sun.

Thats me in front of an old anchor.

Bude has an old canal. In former times the canal connected towns like Launcesteston with Bude and with the sea.
See me in front of the canal and a boat.

And then we saw the local fire station. But to my regret nobody stayed there and I was not able to speak to a local fireman.

All the very best

Posted Jun 7, 2012, 10:08 pm
Hi dad,
what a day! Scilly and Richy did forget the rucksack with the TV's in it in the guesthouse. Only UrselHH could jump into Scillys pocket.
So LewisHH, Clairchen and I had day alone in our room. We lay in the bed and watched TV the hole day.

When UrselHH, Scilly and Richy came back we were really cross and didn't speak to them.

But it was not the fault of UrselHH. And she was so friendly to show us all the photographs of the day.
First they visited Boscastle. It is a small harbour town on the north coast of Cornwall.

Then they drove to Tintagle, where the world famous King Arthur lived in former times. His castle is only a ruin nowadays.

Scilly and Richy promised not to forget us anymore.
All the very best

Posted Jun 8, 2012, 10:44 pm
Hi dad,
I started this day with full cooked english breakfast, it was delicious.

Today we went to Port Isaac, a lovely little fishing village.
This is the view to the harbour from above.

We found this little shop with the big ice cream. Should this be enough for me?  ;)

See me in front of the life boat station. in 618 missions they rescued 320 people since 1967.

Look at the colorful boats in the harbour - very nice.

We found this little cave.

Then we drove to Morvenstow, also a little village on the north coast of Cornwall. Because of the stormy and rainy weather we did not want to walk through the place. So we went into a small tearoom and had a delicious afternoon tea with sandwiches, cakes and fruits. Great!

All the very best

Posted Jun 9, 2012, 10:43 am
Hi dad,
after a stormy night in Cornwall it is time to leave Bude and go to St Ives, our next stay.
We had a break at Rosemergy Barn. It is a privat garden where you can have cream teas. We decided to take a piece of chocolate cake.

I's a nice garden, isn't it?

Then we arrived St Ives and entered our holiday apartment "Lighthouse" for the next two weeks.
The bed is big enough for 4 TV's.

And we got 4 towels. One for each of us.

We had a look into the fridge. But what's that? It was nearly empty  :stare:

Look, we shopped a lot of things in the supermarket. Do you see me?

I especially liked the meat and a really big Pizza.

All the very best

Posted Jun 12, 2012, 10:20 pm
Hi dad,
today we walked around Godrevy point on the coastal path.
Look, there is a really big beach at Godrevy point.

See me standing in front of Godrevy Lighthouse. It is a shame, it is not possible to climb up the lighthouse because it is situated on a small island.

Look at the amazing coastline of north Cornwall.

Look at us sitting on a style of a public footpath.

This sign shows we are on the coastal path.

In the evening we watched Germany playing against Portugal.
Look at us enjoying the match. Because we all are living in Germany we support the german team.

Yes..... Goal for Germany.....

Germany won the match. And we had a little party.
Alle the very best

Posted Jun 12, 2012, 10:57 pm
Hi dad,
today we went to Zennor. It is a small village on the north cornish coast.
There is an old water mill in Zennor which is still active. See me in front of the wheel.

That's very interesting! The Plague stone! When the Cholera came to Cornwall the people from Zennor gave vinegar into this stone and washed the money which they got from other people. So they could desinfect the money.

Nowadays is a café and a youth hostel in the old chapel. They say that they have the best chocolate cake in Britain. I wanted to try a piece. But we had no time. So I did not doublecheck it.

Zennor is famous for the pub "Tinners Arms" What a nice sign.

From Zennor we walked along the coastal path. The section between Zennor and St Ives is one of the hardest parts in UK. So we only walked a short part of it.

All the very best

Posted Jun 14, 2012, 10:50 am
Hi dad,

today we joined a bus tour through the Penwith Peninsula. It is the most westerly part of Cornwall. This bus route is called the "Cornwall Expolorer" and there are special buses for this route: topless double-decker buses. It is a great fun.
See us enjoying the landscape.

Look at me in front of Sennen Cove. It has a big beach with a lot of space for surfers and families.

Here we are at the coach park of Lands End. It is the most westerly point of mainland Britain. We will explore Lands End next week.

This was funny: A german coach and the ladys prepared sandwiches, cakes and drinks while the men were exploring Lands End.

Look, another route 300 bus is crossing us.

On the way back we left the bus at Gunnards Head. It is a small pub with a restaurant and some guest rooms.
That's me in the pub. We had a table in front of the fireplace. Yes, the fire was burning although it is summer (or late spring).

Back at home the sun was already shining. So we decided to have a walk in the evening sun. See me on Porthmeor beach.

All the very best

Posted Jun 14, 2012, 11:36 am
Hi dad,

our first stop today was Charlestown near St Austell. UrselHH has been here already when she stayed in Cornwall last year. So she could show us the village.
There is a small harbour in the village with some beautiful sailing ships in it. 
Look, it is very nice here, isn't it?

And there are many wonderful cottages in Charlestown like this one.

But we only had a short stay because we are on the way to Fowey.
All the very best

Posted Jun 14, 2012, 12:08 pm
Hi dad,

from Charlestown we went to Fowey. It is also an old harbour town on the south coast of Cornwall.
First we saw the nice church.

In former times Fowey was famous for its smugglers. One man was called "The kind of Prussia", he was the most famous smuggler. See me in front of a hotel named after this man.

On this kiosk we bought some tickets for a boat trip.

See me in front of our boat.

These are some impressions of Fowey harbour.

All the very best

Posted Jun 18, 2012, 9:11 pm
Hi dad,

the weather is not so good at the moment. We have a lot of rain and wind. Although we walked through St Ives today.
See me in front of Porthminster beach. It is popular with families.

This is a statue of the famous artist Barbara Hepworth who lived in St Ives. Watch us playing on this statue.

See us sitting on one of the many walls which are growing over with flowers.

And then it was raining again. We decided to have a hot chocolate in Porthgwidden Café.

There was a tent over the terrace, so it was possible to sit outside and have a great view over Porthgwidden beach.

All the very best

Posted Jun 18, 2012, 9:51 pm
Hi dad,

today we went to Lands End. It is the most westerly point of mainland Great Britain.

There is a amusement park where we found a cornish village in miniature. Look, I found the perfect home for me.

At Lands End we found The Last & First House in Great Britain.

My friend and I had a picnic break at Lands End.

Then we walked along the coastal path to Sennen.
You have to be careful because the cliffs can be very dangerous.

This is the view over the sea to Longship Lighthouse.

What a big stone. With my special carate move I managed to split this stone into two parts. Watch my work  ;)

This is the view to Sennen Cove from the coastal path.

In Sennen Cove we found this beautiful small harbour.

Tomorrow will be another great day. We will fly with a helicopter to Tresco.
All the very best

Posted Jun 20, 2012, 11:03 am
Hi dad,
what a day! We had to stand up early because we had the 9.35 helicopter service to Tresco. See me with my boarding card.

That's me in the helicopter. I enjoyed the flight very much.

After 20 minutes of flight we landed on Tresco. See me in front of our helicopter, a Sikorsky S 61.

The isles of Scilly are situated 45 km (28 miles) off Land End. There are 5 inhabited islands and a lot of small rocks. Tresco is one of the inhabited islands. First we walked around Tresco.
This is one of the white beaches.

In the background you can see St Martin.

See me in front of Green Porth Bay.

I'm standing on the old pier of Old Grimsby.

Look at me in front of Old Grimsby and the Ravens Porth Bay.

Before we flew home we had a drink on the terrace of the Ruin Beach Café in Old Grimsby.

All the very best

Posted Jun 23, 2012, 8:49 pm
Hi dad,
after this amazing sunshine yesterday we have a lot rain today. But we wanted to go for a walk. So Clairchen showed us the beaches of her home town St Ives.

First we saw Porthgwidden beach. It is only a small beach and used by families. But today no families at all.

See me on Bamaluz beach. It is the smallest beach and only to use at low tide.

See these big houses behind Bamaluz beach. It seems that they are well equipped for every storm.

This is the harbour beach. Yes, the harbour is also a beach  :D

We had low tide and so we could walk between the boats.

It seems that two of the boats fell in love with each other  ;)

Then we visited Porthminster beach. See me in front of this beach.

Back at home I had a last important task: to write you a postcard  :D

All the very best

Posted Jun 25, 2012, 8:43 pm
Hi dad,
our holidays are over. We safely arrived in Hamburg last weekend and had a lot of work: unpack the suitcases, wash the clothes, clean the flat etc. And today is already my last day in Hamburg.
But first Scilly found an envelop in the letterbox. We were very curious. And then a small head looked out of the envelop: a new Toyvoyager!

We had a little chat. His name is Aurelius and he joins the Big Germany RR like me :D

We showed Aurelius our favourit toys and played with it.

I especially like this boat.

This boat we bought in Cornwall.

But then it was time to say Good Bye to my friends. I have to continue with my travels.

Now I am on my way to Noisy.
All the very best

Posted Jun 29, 2012, 2:56 pm
Just a short note to say, that I have reached Noisy's home.

It seemes to get funny, only boys are visiting her at the moment!