störte, Amrum, North Sea, Germany


Posted Nov 22, 2011, 8:32 pm
Störte exercises entering my bed every Day like a real pirate.  He is planing his first journey

Posted Nov 26, 2011, 8:13 pm
Störte wants to travel to an international Meeting of pirate bears in Australia

Posted Dec 15, 2011, 6:43 pm
My trip was long and today, finally, I have come in the upper gate chemist's shop in Neuss.

Posted Dec 15, 2011, 6:50 pm
Hardly at the chemist's come and already I must work. I had to add up recipes and the colleague to cash up with give.

I as a pirate allow to work rather, this still becomes a hard nut this here to put through.

In dear your Störte

Posted Dec 15, 2011, 6:55 pm
This was a hard work all recipes together add the first possibility to curses I have been of use directly and have looked me at the chemist's something around.

Posted Dec 15, 2011, 6:59 pm
On my inspection by the chemist's shop I have also found directly Dolvia´s sister Doliva and have talked something with her so.

Posted Dec 15, 2011, 7:44 pm
The joy of my escape did not stop long, I was discovered and had to do directly penal works. I had to wrap up lanterns in wrapping paper.

My second escape attempt in the box with the lanterns has also missed. I thought so maybe of escaping here, finally. A pirate allows to work and does not work!

Posted Dec 15, 2011, 7:51 pm
To ends of the hard working day I could be taken a photo before the drug camp machine. The chemist's shop machine is called here "Murat".

Dad I loves you very much

In dear your Störte

Posted Dec 24, 2011, 3:14 pm
Today is the Christmas celebration of the chemist's shop because I have helped the week so diligently with I may also take part in it. Here there is something to food and to drink. I can be gone well it, I am just a pirate. HAHAHAHA!!!

Posted Dec 24, 2011, 3:23 pm
Food was good, I have also drunk enough, however, what I had to ascertain, only coke and water!!! I am a pirate and want wine!!

I am me sometimes what look around gone what I thus everything here with can take. Here some nice things are they determines also valuably are with it I for the long trip, things to exchange has.

Posted Dec 24, 2011, 3:26 pm
Finally, I have found the right vehicle to get away here. Yeahhhhhh Störte the pirate of the Pirtates.... I cooooommmmmmeeeeeeeeeee Hooommmmeeeeeee

Posted Dec 24, 2011, 3:34 pm
2 long exerting days are behind me. I have landed on a party. Here were only women and I have had a good time deliciously. Tomorrow my trip goes on, also pirates have to do food and drink.

Posted Dec 26, 2011, 7:58 pm
Hello, there I am again. This time I was on the move 5 long meets and have landed Aachen. Here there was have breakfast, lunches and dinner. It has tasted very tasty.

Posted Dec 26, 2011, 8:04 pm
I am really full and can eat nothing more. I must make something traces.

Posted Jan 1, 2012, 2:45 pm
I am still in Aachen then here I like it very well. It is just Christmas and pirates they miss also a little bit sews.

Posted Jan 1, 2012, 2:49 pm
And I am still in Aachen, and I search things I with can take, because the petrol everybody goes for my spaceship slowly.

Posted Jan 1, 2012, 2:53 pm
Finally, I have found what, now I simply fly sometimes in the direction of this tower. He calls I believe itself Eiffel Tower. Time see what me there in the wide one expected...

See you soon your Störte

Posted Jan 12, 2012, 6:59 pm
Finally, I have come. I was on the move 5 days and now I stand before a funny building. Now I must find first out like the building is called.

I met Johannes Paul II and asked him, however, from him I got no answer what I have noted he does not live at all any more, any joker has put here a wax figure.

After joke with Johannes Paul II, I am other and hit sharu khan and what I had to ascertain this is also a wax figure. However, slowly I become sour, one does not lead a pirate in the nose.

Now I hope Picasso can help me, however, once again it is a wax figure. then the Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Angela Merkel said me, the building is called Notre lady de Paris and is a cathedral. It was built from 1163-1345.


Posted Jan 12, 2012, 7:29 pm
Unfortunately, in France fireworks are forbidden because of the old buildings.


Posted Jan 22, 2012, 7:02 pm
I am limited again in Neuss, I had some problems with the return flight from Paris so I excuse my delay. In the chemist's shop I have come directly a Pilot welcomed. I have of course always one behind thought then I need a Pilot me here takes away. Unfortunately, my old vehicle is broken, hence I need a pilot him my airplane flies.

Posted Jan 26, 2012, 8:08 pm
Unfortunately, I could not persuade the pilot with myself to travel the world, unfortunately, hence, I must take the post on myself. It was very nice here. I had a lot joke. I thank the chemist's shop very much.

see you soon your Störte

Posted Jan 28, 2012, 6:52 pm
I am back home  and met Dolivia. I told her about my adventures in her chemist shop. I am very thankful about this wonderful time with my hosts there. During the day we 've become closer to each other...

Posted Feb 4, 2012, 5:24 pm
...missing Dolivia...

Posted Feb 6, 2012, 9:11 pm
No woman no cry...

Posted Feb 7, 2012, 9:21 pm
Oh brothers, what a wonderful Reggae-night!  B)

Posted Feb 19, 2012, 11:18 am
This weekend in Germany we celebrate carnival. Many people disguise themselves. I wanted to go as a knight, but I had some difficulties with my costume...
Because of this I decided to go as a pirate...

Posted Feb 20, 2012, 7:56 pm
Yesterday evening I was invited to a real captains dinner! My Dad's brother-in-law is a naval captain. During dinner we talked shop about nautical questions, drank the pledge of close friendship, arranged a common journey and said goodbye to each other with a firm handshake.

Posted Feb 26, 2012, 6:25 pm
Yesterday we drove to Paderborn and welcome Tiffy. Claas and I had created a welcome Tiffy sign. When Tiffy left her envelope, she watched me and shoutetd "Erol!". I had to disappoint her explaining I was Störte. But during the evening she seemed to be taken with me a bit  ;)
Tiffy showed Claas and me her little presents and we were astonished especially at her identity card.
Then we recognized that Tiffy got tired after all these excitements and so we two gentlemen let sleep her on our knees.
I am very happy that I got to know such a nice young lady!

Posted Mar 1, 2012, 8:49 pm
Last Tuesday evening I invited Tiffy to an Indian restaurant. We immediately found our favorite dishes:rum and gigantic shrimps! Hicks...
After a fantastic dinner I entered two indian shoes for a romantic boat trip.

Posted Mar 4, 2012, 7:12 pm
Tomorrow I will start for a short London trip. So today I had to say goodbye to Tiffy and asked Claas for taking care of her during my absence. I think I'm prepared for London extremely well...  B)

Posted Mar 12, 2012, 8:55 pm
Yeah, I am back from my great trip to London!(unfortunately I have no photos because my camera was out of order)
I showed Tiffy, the nice seagull-girl my souvenir, which I had bought for us.
I think, it will be a wonderful night...

Posted Mar 18, 2012, 7:45 pm
Yesterday it was wunderful spring weathér. Tiffy and I took
the chance for a trip in the nature, two magnific sunbathes and a romantic look in the heaven. On our way we discovered something that  was called mausoleum. I explained Tiffy that this is not a home for a mouse  ;)

Posted Mar 22, 2012, 8:28 pm
Today I put to sea. It´s a journey to Rome, the Baltic sea and the North sea. iIt was sad to say goodbye to my girl Tiffy , but a pirate has to go to sea, that´s a fact!

Posted Apr 1, 2012, 5:24 pm
Yipiiiieh, today my friend Djedi and I will travel to Rome together with Djedis mom. We told her that we don´t  want to travel in the suitcase(its so boring there and not the right way for a pirate at his journey), so are  allowed to spend the night in the hand lugage

Posted Apr 1, 2012, 5:30 pm
Oh, I have some trouble with the photo. I try it again...

Posted Apr 1, 2012, 5:52 pm
After sleeping the first part of our bus trip, we took a rest on an Italian layby with many yellow flowers.
Tiffy, my dear, this flower is only for you...

Posted Apr 1, 2012, 6:19 pm
Welcome, Rome! Our hotel suite was very luxurious! Djedi and I studied the city map, because a pirate has to follow an exact route!

Posted Apr 1, 2012, 8:03 pm
Today we entered Rome city for the first time: the Spanish Stairs, the Trevi Fountain (unfortunately we are hidden  ;) ) and most important: Giolitti, the best ice-cream parlour!

Posted Apr 2, 2012, 7:00 pm
Today we drove by bus to Ostia Antica where we visited an old theatre (unfortunately we are hidden again). Then we took a short look to the Colosseum and a long look to Giolitti, mmmmmhhh!

Posted Apr 2, 2012, 7:27 pm
When we wanted to visit the Vatican, I was impeded to set foot on St.Peter's place because I had no trouser!  :p
So I had to buy one...buying clothes in Rome...very expensive  :o
To cool off we immediately went to Giolitti ;)

Posted Apr 2, 2012, 7:40 pm
Our last day in Rome. First we got to know old Julius an then Otto, our new friend who will escort us back to Germany.
And al last: a good dinner!

Posted Apr 2, 2012, 8:00 pm
Oh, I had some trouble with date and place as well. The photo of April the first belongs to the START of our Rome trip... B)
And Tiffy my dear, I didn't have any time to visit you, the Baltic Sea is calling!

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 7:46 pm
When I saw the Baltic Sea, I thought, it's time to put to sea again...
It would be a good idea to do this together with Djedi, I think.

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 7:54 pm
Sorry, Bad Lippspringe was wrong, I was in Damp, Baltic Sea.

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 8:04 pm
So we started our crusade in Hamburg.

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 8:11 pm
Round Helgoland the Sea was very stormy, the right weather for a real pirate!

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 8:25 pm
Welcome Edinburgh!

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 8:36 pm
Welcome Harwich!

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 8:43 pm
Goodbye, Harwich!

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 8:51 pm
Welcome Amsterdam!

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 8:54 pm
Tifffy, I'm coming home!

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 9:01 pm
And then the great moment came, when I was welcomed by my girl Tiffy and my best friend Mefito!!!
We talked about our experiences and later Mefito retired... :rolleyes:

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 9:08 pm
Yesterday Tiffy, Mefito and I went on our farewell trip. Unfortunately it was our last common trip, because we all will start to new hosts in a few days.
It is sad to say goodbye especially to Tiffy, my girl, but also exciting and we all are looking forward to new friends.
Today evening we will celebrate our farewell party!

Posted Apr 19, 2012, 9:14 pm
Sorry, the Helgoland picture belongs to April 10th... B)

Posted Apr 20, 2012, 4:56 pm
A farewell party absolutely to my taste...

Posted Apr 22, 2012, 6:43 pm
Today we had to say good buy to each other. Tiffy, Mefito and I had got invitations from another gentle hosts, where we can experience new exciting adventures.
Mefito, my old best friend, we will see us again and will drink a cup of rum together!
Tiffy,my dear, you have a big place in my heart and I hope we will see us sometime anywhere!
Zischie, I am coming!

Posted Apr 30, 2012, 10:45 am
Hello dad!

Today I arrived in Göttingen. Göttingen is a university town in Lower Saxony. It is the capital of the district of Göttingen. The Leine river runs through the town. In 2006 the population was 129,686. So it is a little and nice town. :)

I met Rommel, a little monkey which is no ToyVoyager. He lives in the little flat of my host-mum.


Posted Apr 30, 2012, 10:51 am
My host-mum and I travel to Uetze, today. Host-mum studies in Göttingen, but her parents live in Uetze, a little village in Lower Saxony. I'm excitited to meet the two TVs of my host. They are waiting in Uetze. :)

Posted Apr 30, 2012, 11:00 am
Arrival in Uetze! :)
Uetze is a little village in Germany. It is near to Hanover, the capital of the federal state Lower Saxony. It is in the North of Germany.

I met Walt Duck and Emma Squirrel, the two other TVs of my host-mum. Unfortunately, they will leave us today. Walt will travel to you, daddy. :) And Emma will travel to Finland. But I'm not alone. There are two more TVs, Owen H.M-Fips and Bernie R.G.Bear from Trinidad and Tobago. :)

Posted Apr 30, 2012, 11:10 am
Wow, this was a sunny day. First, we helped to thatch the lawn. This was heavy. But afterwards we had a barbecue and played a little bit in the garden. :)

Posted May 28, 2012, 5:16 pm
When I came home there was no [/tv]Tiffy and no Mefito, but...
a HSV fan called Hermann!
My dad is HSV fan, too, but I am a fan of St Pauli, the footballclub which has a pirate flag.
HSV and ST. Pauli came both from Hamburg and so they were rivals.
Because of that Hermann and Me were a little bit quiet at the beginning, but then we drank a cup of rum together and I recognized that he was a nice guy.
After that we made us a comfort night together with Walt Duck[tv] and threw dice the whole night.

Posted Jun 7, 2012, 5:42 pm
Yesterday we welcomed Konsta. No pirate, but at least a bear  ;)
I think we'll have a nice time together!

Posted Jun 8, 2012, 8:54 pm
Today we made a farewell day with Hermann who wants to travel home to watch the EM with his brother and his mum. Although Hermann is a HSV-fan(I am St.Pauli-Fan because of the pirate flag, you know) he is a very nice guy and a new good friend.
First we made a farewell walk by bike because the old dog lady Sally could not walk long distances.
After that we made a farewell football game:Konsta and Walt Duck againstHermann and me: Imagine, a HSV fan and a St. Pauli fan in one team!

Posted Jun 9, 2012, 2:30 pm
Not so long ago it was unimaginable for me to talk with a HSV fan...and today we said goodbye to Hermann and it even was a bit sad, I must admit.
In the afternoon I showed the landlubbers Konsta and Walt Duck how to enter and navigate a ship!
After that we relaxed by swinging, driving a tractor and visiting an outdoor stage play, performed by a seven-year-old boy.

Posted Jun 9, 2012, 2:31 pm
Ready for.......the first German match!

Posted Jun 10, 2012, 8:28 pm
Hipp Hipp, Hurray!!!

Posted Jun 18, 2012, 8:18 pm
Germany Hipp Hipp Hurray,

a great evening with my friends Konsta and Walt Duck,

an fantastic dessert and....

Germany - Netherlands 2:1!

a wonderful evening for the heart of an old pirate!

Posted Jul 15, 2012, 6:15 pm
Yesterday Dad moved to Mum's flat and needed three strong guys...and here we are!
Driving a big pick up truck,carrying cases, buliding a wardrobe,sorting clothes-no problem for us...
As a real pirate I discovered together with Konsta and Walt Duck a treasure chest.
When the work was done, Dad(and me)were welcomed in our new home....

Posted Aug 25, 2012, 5:03 pm
Today Walt Duck, Dad and me started out journey to the Bodensee. We travelled with Deutsche Bahn. I cared for the provisions. In the evening we arrived at Friefrichshafen and took a  first look ath the lake

Posted Aug 25, 2012, 5:16 pm
In Friedrichsahafen Walt Duck and me visited the Seehasenfest, a big fair near the bank of the lake. I met another pirate and we talked about our experiences

Posted Aug 25, 2012, 5:31 pm
Today Walt Duckand I visited the isle of Meinau. We crossed the lake with a fine ship and discovered thousands of wonderful flowers and other interesting things.

Posted Aug 25, 2012, 5:43 pm
Today we took part in climbing tour at the top of the pfänder a mountain in Austria. After hours and hours we reached our destination and were rewarded with a wonderful look ath the Bodensee

Posted Aug 26, 2012, 11:04 am
At our last day in Friedrichshafen we helped Dad`s brother making an entrance for his new home. We were allowed to drive the excavator. A wonderful event for an old pirate!

Posted Aug 26, 2012, 11:20 am
today a mystical aprcel arrived. We heard whispering in it!I took heart and a knife and opened the parcel and Joesy and 3*Euro came to light. We welcomed them warmely and they showed us their treasures that tey had collected on their journeys. We talked the whole night about our experiences.

Posted Aug 26, 2012, 11:33 am
I got the order for a very very secret mission.
So I had to say good bye to my old friendWalt Duck and the other TV`s Konsta,Joesy,3*Euro,Knirrie
Good bye Dad
See you in a few weeks!

Posted Dec 16, 2012, 12:20 pm
Hello again! Yes, I'm still alive and back from my secret mission. The first part of this mission (together with mum's brother who is captain at the German Navy) was so secret that I'm not allowed to talk about  B)
Back to Kiel we first relaxed at home. After a while I felt that I needed some salty air again. So I went up to the Baltic Sea Coast. Well, the Baltic Sea is not much of a challenge for a pirate. It's a bit confined and not very deep. Some local fisherman told me it can be bumpy at times, but no challenge for a real privateer's captain.
However, when I got to the Kiel Bay, I saw a lot of grey ships. Hell and damnation! The German Navy! They are doing anti-piracy missions (as I've learned on my secret mission). I jumped into a hollow pole and looked out very carefully.
Fortunately they didn't spot me. That would have been a real disaster: "German Navy catches pirate without even leaving harbour." All my mates would have laughed at me. When it got dark, I climbed out of the pole and ran inland. I need to find a safer part of the coast next time.

Posted Dec 18, 2012, 6:00 pm
Flying visit at home. After several hugs I told my latest experiences to all my friends and my youngest sister Lille.
And today we welcomed another TV: Yuma who brought a lot of chocolate with him. Very good!

Posted Mar 21, 2013, 11:42 am
Frederik and me will drive to Morocco for the next two weeks. And there's nothing like a nice pirate farewell party...

Posted May 4, 2013, 10:37 pm
In a few minutes we'll fly to Morocco.
Today we drove from Bad Lippspringe to Frankfurt airport where we got to know Leo. Nice guy!

Posted May 4, 2013, 10:40 pm
We arrived Morocco without any turbulences. Casblanca is nice I must admit.

Posted May 4, 2013, 10:49 pm
To Fes by train. The Moroccan specialities are quite good...and the hotel as well.

Posted May 4, 2013, 10:53 pm
We visited the 'Garden of Oujada', the Atlantic coast (great, an ocean!) and the grave of Mohammed V.

Posted May 4, 2013, 10:56 pm
The atlantic coast again and of course some fish!

Posted May 4, 2013, 11:00 pm
Crossing the high Atlas. Ait Ben Haddou: no ocean at all but a desert town...with water in the hotel  :p

Posted May 4, 2013, 11:02 pm
A pirate in the desert Sahara...

Posted May 4, 2013, 11:07 pm
Visited a very nice restaurant in Marrakech. Yes, the specialities were quite good.
We must leave now, goodbye Morocco!

Posted May 4, 2013, 11:11 pm
Back home we showed our pictures to Twixx.

Posted Jul 15, 2013, 8:29 pm
Time to visit the North Sea again!
Today dad and me drove to Waddewarden near Wilhelmshaven together with Twixx and Haribaer.
Unfortunately we didn't sea the North Sea today, but the barbecue was okay (Of course I only helped to cook cause I was very hungry).

Posted Jul 15, 2013, 8:39 pm
Finally sea air!
We drove to Langeoog by ship. And look: somebody named a street following me  B)

Posted Jul 15, 2013, 8:46 pm
Today I explained to the landlubbers what it means to live on a submarine or a warship.

Posted Jul 15, 2013, 8:56 pm
Today we welcomed Laika. Nice girl.

Posted Aug 2, 2013, 1:24 pm

After a long and hard travel, I have finally arrived in Vienna. Aye, I have lost me ship getting here, but as long as I could find me a raft, I was ready to continue my journey.

I guess, I must have looked like me good old mate, Captain Jack Sparrow- if you've landlubbers have ever heard of him- he's quite a pirate indeed- but has a tendency to loose his ship  ;)

Well, however when I arrived I was really in for some Grog- and as I saw some landlubbers sitting near the coast, I was thinking a nice little rob would do- but when I came closer I quickly realized that they were simply too many for me to rob them- that's why I became friends with them instead :)

Then we found a real pirate ship- Arrrrr! :D  It was so cool, that I trained me new mates to be more "piraty"- it was huge fun

Posted Aug 8, 2013, 9:07 pm

Being among landlubbers, I feel that I have to accustom to their lifestyle, and join them doing stuff, even if I don't feel too comfortable with some of it. Today for example I move further from water than ever before! ;)

I did so by hiking one of the highest mountains near Vienna. Aye, you heard right, I hiked a mountain. I am very proud of myself. I definitely widened my horizons ;)

Being up there wasn't too bad. We were able to escape great heat, and enjoyed a view at the horizon, which is similar of the one you can enjoy while sailing a boat.

Aye, Austria's mountains are truly beautiful, even though I say so myself ;)

Posted Sep 8, 2013, 3:07 pm
Ahoy landlubbers!

Me friends and I were busy, sailin' the seven seas- but I'm sorry anyway that it took me so long updatin' my travel log.

Aye, me mateys and I were now part of the most great, grand farewell party e'er! Yo-ho-ho  :D

We were all dressin' up, and after givin' it a lot of thought and a grog, I settled for a mat hatter costume. Havin' sailed the seven seas, the creation of such a pirate worthy costume turned out to be a piece of cake really  ;) (by the way, a flower photobombed me  :o )

The other costumes turned out fabulous great as well - thar - the lass Susy was dressed up as a ladybug, me matey Cilly as Mickey Mouse, me hearty Mr. Moose as Harry Potter, the landlubber Drescher as a flower, and Mr. Curious was even dressed up as batman :)

I then found us a bottle of rum and some whiskey- which really got the party started (hope host mum won't find out about the booty I made from my quest to her bar ;)  ) We celebrated like there was no tomorrow and even fell asleep while celebrating (ok, I admit- i fell asleep while drinking rum (that's sleepin' pirate style)

Yet falling asleep turned out to be a mistake, because Cilly was not asleep, and started decorating us, and then took pictures-Cheshire cat is definetly not pirate worthy  :mad:  (even though it looks funny  :)

Posted Sep 29, 2013, 1:54 pm
Ay, today was a very special day, because we spend our evenin' at t' Tschauner Bühne, which be normally closed around this time o' year.

T' Tschauner Bühne be a small theatre, where lads and maties perform mostly comedy (not loads about pirates though...), as it be open air, and t' landlubbers in Austria be not used t' sit in cold weather, it be normally open only from june t' August.

But today, it was open again t' celebrate t' Austria Sturm season. Arrrgh! This be no meterological phenomena in Austria, but a drink - not rum, but also quite tasty  :D

It is made from grapes, and like dear ol' wine it exists as white and red Sturm - both are really yummy.

There was also a Blues Band performin', which I liked  :)

I had a really nice evenin' B)

Posted Sep 29, 2013, 2:00 pm
Today we went t' t' Baumhaus, which be a big indoor playground - which has trees in it, even though it be inside!

We climbed loads o' t' trees, and ladders, and even huge stones and hangin' stuff- I still don't really know how we managed t' get up thar :o

I really enjoyed meself that day!

Posted Oct 15, 2013, 8:26 pm

Me mateys and I sailed the Stammersdorfer Kellergasse, which celebrated stormy days- again I'm talkin' bout the drink ;)

It really is a beautiful little street where all the landlubbers store their almost as good as rum and grog drinks in so many cellars I couldn't count them.

Thar, they didn't only have wine and Sturm, but also much food- which was really yummy- and a tatoo artist- I actually went to get one!

Yo-ho-ho- just kiddin' :D

It really was a beautiful day, and I look forward to explore more of the great, grand Vienna! ;)

Posted Oct 17, 2013, 2:18 pm

Today me mateys and me went to vienna's city hall- to find me some booty. The building looked most promisin'- there was definitely loads of booty involved buildin' it. There were statues all over it- even one especially big one called the "city hall man" which is on top of the main roof  :)

We also went inside to find us some booty. But even inside there was nothing to find  :( But they had some nice, good tastin' grog  ;)

Posted Oct 21, 2013, 1:08 pm
Ahoy me lads!

Today we went for a walk on the Bisamberg. This is a little mountain in Vienna. It really looks beautiful at this time of year as fall changes the beautiful green of summer, in an even more colorful spectacle.

There is especially lots of wine growing on it, which does look beautiful, but there are also some oaks. There is a story about them:

A farmer who lived on top of the Bisamberg was really scrooge-like. He didn't even want his daughter to marry for love, but would only marry her to a very rich man. So he told a servant, who asked to marry his daughter, to go to the devil.

His daughter was shocked by this, and started to pray for their souls.

The servant in turn was desperate, he really loved this girl, and did'nt know what to do. Then the devil came by, and told him that he would make him rich, if in turn he could have his soul. The young man thought about this, and told him that he would agree to this pact, but only if the devil waited to collect his soul until the oak tree lost all its leaves. The devil agreed.

Thus the young man became rich, and was allowed to marry the daughter of the greedy farmer. She quickly learned about the way her husband had aquired his money, but wasn't shocked. She had prayed for so long, and trusted god to help her in this. And indeed the oak tree never lost its leaves. The devil was so angry at this, that he punched the tree, and since then all oak tree leaves are sinuate and lobate

Posted Nov 11, 2013, 6:09 pm
Ahoy me lads!

Even though I am currently sailing towards the great cold north  ;), I want to share my last day in Austria with you.

Unfortunately I did not meet any other pirates, but I spend my last day uite well nevertheless.

First I got myself a bottle of rum, then I went to the most beautiful cemetery I ever saw. It is so beautiful that there are even songs written about it. I liked it so much because it is basically left to itself, and that way, nature took over. It is so similar to being on a boat in the sea in that respect.

I loved it!

See you soon in Germany!

Posted Nov 16, 2013, 7:21 pm
Ahoi You old landlubbers at home,

here´s Your Störte and I have to tell You my real true story without any seamans yarn, i promise, but You´ll will hardly know what happend to me in the last.. how much days?? I don´t know, but I´ll tell step by step

At first I had to leave the hospitable Vienna very fast, because their merchants didn´t like my special way of shopping...

So on the River "Danube" I entered a fast brig, baptized her "Blue Pearl", not forgetting my provisions in form of rum and sailed against the stream to the cold, cold north...
There You see the truth of my words, I swear I´m on the Danube here...
Very strange and dangerous passages I had to pass, before I changed into the River Main
Looks very similar to the Danube but I swear by the three beardhairs of devils grandmum that I´m on the River Main now
Some days later I reached the River "Rhine", the weather changed and it became very very frosty...
I followed the Rhine until I reached Leverkusen
Well, my "Blue Pearl" sailed in a very brave manner into the river "Wupper"
Yeah, with the support of my round magic compass I navigated to Unterburg and found the river "Eschbach"
Almost near to my target, I lost my consciousness because of the coldness and the leak of rum...

And woke up in... a pond... some bad-tempered water-sirens must have deported me here...

Then I saw.. HER... must be a siren, too, I told myself... such grace, such beauteousness... such elegancy... no.. can´t be a real hare bunny..
SMS (save my soul) I shouted...
and she did, calling to her subjects that they should give me support to land on this sunny shore similar to heaven
Then the brave ones pulled
and pulled
My first steps on the ground again... But where I am?

"You landed at Strunkis Bay", the huge brown an friendly bear told me...
"Hmmm... I know Your face", I told him
"Yes, I am *Nick* from mcdaniels, Your related by marriage brother from Your dad meckdaniels from Paderborn
"Oh what a happiness to meet relatives in the far"

The second welcomer was a nice little mouse
"Hiho Störte, I am UrselHH and I waited for You a looooong time, because I wanted to ask You if i could become a member of Your next crew"
"Hello UrselHH", I laughed, what would You like to be? The smutje oder the shipmouse?

The next precious little diamond was Hase :p
"Hi, I´m Hase", she sighed to me
"And this is Your famous piercing?", I asked her.
Nevertheless, Hase and me had a warm welcome together :D

HelmutBluepant, the most honest pig I´ve ever heard about
"Hello and folksy welcome", he welcomed me warmly
Nice guy, I hope he will be teachable...

But then.... SHE....
First I was a little afraid of this supernatural glamorous appereance of a hare bunny, because always when I come back to land, I´ll be hit by the ladies... don´t know why...

To cover me against her eventually spells, I offer her "THE ROSE" (I´ll tell You the secret how to protect against a sirens spell
I hope she will like it
Must be a siren, she offers me a fur... against my coldness...
"Hello, You handsome and fearless gentleman of the seven seas", she told me. "My name is Charlotte, Charlotte of the Longears, but very good friends are allowed to call me Lotte", she twinkled to me...
O.K, the fur helps to hold me warm... very smoothy...
And then... she MUST be a siren or something similar.. she offered me a kind of honeydew... Bärenfang...
Hmmm... yummy
I swear, I´m not between any landlubbers, but in seamans heaven, I think :p

Well, my dear landlubberaudience, I think of staying here in this friendly harbour for a while



Posted Nov 18, 2013, 8:18 pm
Hello dad and all You old landlubbers in the world,

today it was almost sunny in the morning so we decided to drive to Wuppertal and visited the "Northern Park" Nordpark there
I wanted to know if there were some interesting places to plunder, but nothing to plunder there, what a pity....

The foothpaths are very comfortable there

Before we went into the forest, we enjoyed the view on Barmen

And found a nice monument, used as a spring in the summer

Look at the carved stone, a frog perhaps? Or a secret treasure map??

We also passed a popular restaurant destination, but the renovations take some years, strunki told us
(I prayed for a tavern where I could get some rum, but....)

O.K., instead of having a stop there, we discovered the forest

and found nice autum colours
(similar to gold, the colours, I like gold, You can buy a lot of rum with...)

Along our way we saw lots of beeches and yews

And found some nice treestumps where we played a little bit
See me with Hase, *Nick* and Helmut
and little UrselHH comes on top

At last, who else? Lotte...

I like playing in the trees
(It´s similar to climbing inbetween the masts and rigging)

so we continued our walk and wanted to visit the fallow deer in the game enclosure

We had to go deeper into the forest

And found first?
some last blooming daisy... (I would prefer a beer...)

Will we watch the deer from here?

Yes, here they are

What a bloody nice sunday noon walk

That was is for today
Beer and Grog for You, my beloved landlubber-dad


Posted Nov 19, 2013, 6:09 am
Well, today is my birthday... I hate that day... normally...
Had a very good sleep until these landlubbers Helmut and my brother *Nick* woke me up...
They promised me a surprise...
and sung me, the greatest pirate of the seven seas, a birthday song... OH NO

But then they lead me to a place... THE PLACE....

It was a dangerous trip through this rotten cubicle they call house here....
But then: THE ROOM
THAT is a birthday I like...
But where are the ladies?
No girls tonight, but *Nick* explained why

Look at Helmut foot: A map???
Wooooow... a treasure map, I know these things...
CREW!!! I need my crew!!
Does anybody know wich island this map shows?
We´ll find it out and sail to this place, I swear....


Posted Nov 24, 2013, 7:47 pm
HiHo You old landlubbers at home,

today we made a short trip to the Wuppervorsperre
Again at last big waters, they promised me, perhaps to sail away?

But before we came to the water, we had to walk trough a forest
...Walking.... always hiking... for nothing... damned, I´m a great pirate.. usually pirates don´t walk.. they sail, for heavens sake!

Some last fruits we saw, perhaps red elderberry [Sambucus racemosa]?
... Perhaps a ingredient for Killepitsch...???

Look at the wonderful autum colours
...If every leaf would be a gold-dubloon, I would like the forest, but so...???

A woodshelter formed as a fungus, that´s nice
...but nicer for me would be a bottle of rum...

An alley of larch [Larix]
Even the ground is yellow because the larch is the only coniferous species that looses its needle-leafs in autum
... And I will loose my contenance if I don´t see the water soon!!!

See us having a rest
and playing between the nice coloured leafs

Finally, we reached the river banks
...Well, it´s a pond in comparison to the oceans I know...
...rainy... and lousy cold... way to reach the other bank without a good boat..

But finally it was a very nice trip with our friends

That´s it for today,
dear landlubbers

Posted Nov 24, 2013, 10:20 pm
Sunday: I challenged the ladies Hase, UrselHH and Charlotte for backgammon
My pool was very lousy so I offered mymself, that the girls are allowed to do with me what they want to in case of loosing the game :cyclops:

And the game ran even more lousy for me...
For the girls astonishing calmy I reacted, when the dices didn´t bring me luck...

O.K. ladies, I´m Your price...
But first I have to take a last slug of the good killepitsch :cyclops:
perhaps the girls guess that I planned to loose the game??

When I looked in the mirrow, I saw: Their revenge was terrible...

I feel like a cheap copy of Captain Jack Sparrow...
...but I must admit, the sabre has an excellent steal quality :D


Posted Nov 29, 2013, 7:43 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today we went into the city and enjoyed the Festival of Lights in the Hindenburgstreet
(O.K., normally I´m not interested in these girlish things, but they promised me laarge bowls of spiked hot punch to drink, so I got rope into this event)

We saw a lot of lightchains and flames in the street, all looked very comfortable und welcoming
(But where are the promised pubs or tents with the gastonomical parts???)

Look at the wonderful star of the Hutterites
(Remembers me on the star of the south, will you navigate me into the next situated pub??)

And the shops in this street are a refreshing alternative to the overloaded malls and shopping centers
Here is a hatterer-shop with handcrafted hats (Of course I don´t need a hat anymore, I have my hand made leather tricorne)
An antique shop (A lot of worthy to plunder inside, but I wasn´t allowed to plunder by strunki.... old landlubberspoilsport.....)
And an organic grocery store
(bio-dynamic wine... gosh... but now better than nothing...)

Then we found a nice place where the kids enjoyed deep fried almond pastry and I had a spiked hot orange punch for me

That´s all for today,
see and love You, Mum and Dad,
until soon

Posted Nov 30, 2013, 6:33 pm
YoHo, all landlubbers at home,

today we did something for our feathered friends, the birds staying  outside in wintertime
See *Nick* with the raisins, HelmutBluepant and Charlotte with the vegetable fat, UrselHH with the oat flakes, Hase and me with the grain feed

These are old plantingpots with a stick in the middle and we want to melt the fat and mix all our ingriediences together to fill them.

So let´s start with Helmut and Lotte melting the fat in a huge panpot
That takes some time to heat the fat, but see how disciplined I am, I don´t nibble my seed
or even destillate it for brandy :cyclops:

After a while the fat began to melt
See Helmut stiring in the pot

When the fat is melted, Hase and me add the seeds
Hard work to stir it, so I helped Hase

Ursel is a tough mouse girl and doesn´t need any support she ensures to us :cyclops:

After mixing the seed, the oat flakes and the raisins, and stiring the mixture by *Nick*, the feeding is ready for the old little pots

See me filling the pot

When the fat cools out and becomes hard, You can turn around the pots and hang them into the trees so the birds can pick out the seeds, the oat flakes and the raisins in wintertime

That´s it for today


Posted Dec 3, 2013, 6:09 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today we went to the Botanical Garden Solingen
(O.K., they boys decoyed me with the promise to see a huge water and perhaps some palms that remind me on the carribean)

Altough the autum is almost all over and only a few plants are still blooming, we had some nice views on the scenery there
(Shame on me, I had to run around with this kindergartenkiddies...)

Here we are in the Alpinum
(Yeah, see me in an Alpinum instead of the middle of the ocean...)

Have You ever seen such a huge butterfly?
(Hey, I could tell You about my figthing against the large seasnakes in the Chinese Sea, they would be big enough to eat that butterfly!)

Some last blooming rosebushes
(YoHo, roses, the door-opener to the ladies hearts :p)

And a lot of impressive trees are here, too
(In this bloody garden must be enough wood to rebuild my 7 ships I lost already.... ooops :o )

Here we are at the lake that is situated in the lower part of the botanical Garden
(...what a mingy pond this is...)

This is a bookcrossing board situated in the middle of the garden: Some people bring their old books there and let them free and some other interested take them for reading
(interesting idea: imagine rum instead of the books in the board... Some people bring the mugs full of pirates-nectar and I would be honoured to drink them :cyclops:)

From here You have a wonderful view onto the lower part of the garden
(Yes, the view is not bad, I must admit...)

Then we left the park for a while and followed the Korkenziehertrasse that´s a combined foot- and cyclepath that connects the parts of the city besides the streets mainly used by cars
(Good idea for landlubbers, but where is the channel-lane for ships and boats??)

"Uuuhh, this tunnel was a little bit spooky", the girls and the boys moaned...
(Of course I was the only one fearless enough to pass through without any shivering bones  B) )

Then it was time to turn around and walk back trough the garden. When we left, we saw the huge sign with lots of donators helping that the botanical garden in Solingen can be still open
(...donators signs... could be a good idea for my next buccaneering: "This raid was possible with friendly support of the Royal Navy :cyclops: )


Posted Dec 3, 2013, 6:32 pm
Later we passed the nice oldtown of Solingen-Gräfrath and enjoyed the Christmas-lights at the market place
(Reminds me on the last old town somewhere I plundered...)

Have a nice first Advent
(...even when I didn´t get the grog they promised me...)



Posted Dec 7, 2013, 11:53 am
Hello You old landlubbers at home,

"*Snow * Snow * Snow*", the kiddies shouted...
(Uuuhrg, too cold for me but not cold enough for an ice cube in my rum)

But first we congratulated *Nick* to his birthday today

Suddenly St. Nicholas came to us and all of us got a present because we behaved well this year :cyclops:
(Pooohhh, he didn´t mention anything about my gallantry-misbehaviours....)
(...Chocolate... I must improve my experiments of destilling this sweet stuff into alkohol, otherwise I won´t survive my existence as a toyvoyager here any longer...)

Then we gave *Nick* his present
and sung our happy-birthday-song for him
A golden bear exclusive for him
(...Not to steal this golden thing was MY true present to him, but o.k., he´s my brother... no plunders between familiy members... lucky guy he´s... grmbl...)

See the kiddies having fun in the snow
(And please don´t think, I had the same fun sticking with my head in that bloody cold snow...)

What a nice cold day
See You soon, landlubbermum and landlubberdad


Posted Dec 8, 2013, 5:35 pm
Dear Dad,

Happy second sunday in Advent
wish You Störte and friends :D

We have a lot of fun swinging in the Advent wreath :cyclops:


Posted Dec 12, 2013, 6:50 am
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,
today were a lot of surprises waiting for us:-)

At first an envelope from Dr. Kröbner arrived
Hase was totally upset
and crawled into the envelope....

After a looong while we only saw a red cap...
Oh, her Mum sent her pullover and the nice winter-cap she got from jasper in Switzerland, what a nice idea

We all admired the nice postcard Dr. Kröbner wrote
and love the angel that was sent by
(what?? no rum or any other alkoholic sweets for old störte??)

The next happy surprise was the nice postcard OleOrangescarf sent us
Look at the iluminated windmill standing in the open-air-museum in Detmold, thanks a lot, dear Ole
At last a huge parcel from RikeH
What would be in there??
See Lotte and me creating a new sports: Parceldiving...

But what about the envelope??
Lotte isn´t able to wait any longer, she MUSt open something NOW....

What a suprise... it´s Soeren
Lotte passes out :cyclops:

UrselHH gives Soeren a warm welcome

Hase is very happy to welcome him as well :p

Soeren and me: family members reunited :D

Helmut is also happy to meet Soeren again

What an eventful evening :D


Posted Dec 15, 2013, 5:05 pm
Hello Landlubber-Mum and Dad,

today is the day we will meet Mum in Dortmund again, my landlubber-brother Soeren is sooo happy spending the last days here and had a great time together with *Nick*, UrselHH, HelmutBluepant, Hase, Charlotte and me
And now I´m totally upset and we are ready to start having a nice time togther at the christmas fair in Dortmund :D :D
(I hope for them they have enough grog there for me)

Here we are in Dortmund now in front of the supposedly biggest christmas tree of the world: built from about 1.500 single conifers
(reminds me not to forget drinking the famous hot wine punch here)

See my little brother little Mefito and me
(seems that he could have the right tendency becoming a famous pirate as well, he´s got "the right colours")

After this first Hello we went into a café and welcomed the other plushies each other
From the left: GustavHH, Charlotte, Hase, HelmutBluepant, Kirin, OleOrangescarf, DottyCroc, Dutchy the Lion, Mefito, Soeren, Josie, UrselHH, SunnyHH, me,Sargent Froggo and*Nick*
(and I prayed for something to drink there...)

And here we are together with our best friends, talking about our latest adventures

Who else with who else??

After this heartwarming conversation, I became very thirsty...
Cheeeerio, Miss Sophie
Eventually not thirsty any longer...

Then, when it became darker, (and I became clearer again) we started our trip around the christmas market

Nice and wonderful iluminations everywhere

This shop with the paper stars and buildings we loved most
(Reminds me to the romantic lighthouse at the Northern Atlantic with the most romantic lighthousekeepers daughter.... Similar softly like the hands of the cute girl in the shop that gives my four letters more balance... sorry ma´m, my glogg-level is still high  :p )

What a wonderful day in Dortmund with You Mum and our friends
(Even myself feels happy without any plundering of the market, astonishing feeling...)

Bye Mum, hope You came home safely and enjoyed our afternoon in Dortmund as well

Posted Dec 19, 2013, 2:33 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

this afternoon we went on the little christmas market in Barmen
(For meee it wouldn´t be necessary, but the kids wanted to go...) :rolleyes:

UrselHH  and me liked this train a lot, but we didn´t find nice gifts there
(... not even worth to plunder and steal some of the x-mas-rubbish there...) :mad:

Strunki told us not to worry about, there a a few days left and so we played in the colourful little christmas tree in her office
(Yeah, the tree is soo ugly that it doesn´t even becomes nicer the more You drink, I can tell You...)

In the evening we went to a christmas party of the aquarist society gatw Wuppertal
(That could be a nice trophy for me: The globe) B)

Lots of yummy eating we had there
..and drinks, of course
(Beer, eventually... my prayers were heard) :p

Here we check the winnings donated by the members for the tombola
(O.K., the most is wrapped in fancy paper and I don´t know, what to plunder exactly, but let´s see...) :)

Next to us the members have already bought their lottery tickets
The rules are easy and very fair: There are two identical sheet calendars, one sheet for each day. From the one calendar You buy day-sheets, each one costs one EUR. From the second calender the same days You bought were sampled in the lottery wheel. That means that there aren´t any blanks and each lottery ticket has the chance to win. the first winner is allowed to chose one of the winnings on the table what he wants to have and so on until all prizes are raffled
(Uuuhh... this is a x-mas party, no good idea to steal some of the sheets from the people here... ) :o

And guess what? We won something! Look , the 8th of June was taken out of the lottery wheel and we have this sheet

The next winnings came a few moments later
Hmmm, blackberry liqueur :p

The next winnings came a few moments later
(First time I win something instead of plundering it.. strange feeling, but nice...) ;)
THIS will be mine, of course, YoHo :cyclops:

And we won a third time: home made elderberry jelly
(This will be for the kids, come on, folks, we have x-mas time, I think I can be generous, even as a pirate..) :rolleyes:

What a nice and lucky evening, we have a lot of fun there
(Yes, I must admit, even me, Your good old störte, had fun there)

That´s all for today,
See and love You all You landlubbers :D
Yours störte


Posted Dec 20, 2013, 1:45 pm
Hi Dad,

today we celebrate Charlotte´s birthday and had a lot of fun

See me congratulating her
All of us have a lot of fun with Lotte
...but now she misses her presents...
You stand on them, look under the red cloth and under the bowl You sit on... Hihi, we hided them... :cyclops:

Mylady, my newest trading package, full with the sweetest culinarias, only for You

Then it was time to drink some sparkling elderberry secco
and eat some yummy homemade birthday cakes togehter

But before we started drinking and eating, UrselHH reminded Lotte on the birthday card sent by RikeH

And now lets start having fun with eating and drinking


What a party :p

That´s all for today


Posted Dec 22, 2013, 5:46 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today we made a short trip around the Müngsten Bridge again, because the weather ist quite open and the temperatures are still o.k.

We start at the confluence of the stream Morsbach and the river Wupper
from the right You see the Morsbach and behind me the bigger one is the Wupper
(I know this location still very well, can remember that the sirens let me fall into unconciousness after I passed here when I changed from my last to my actual landlubberhostmum)

From the bridge over the Wupper You have a first view to the so called Diederichstemple
This place we want to visit first
(For me it looks like a Fort Batavia to control who´s sailing across the rivers, but unfortenatuly I can´t see any canons there...)

But first we wanted to ask the puddle-oracle
O.K., the oracle says that it isn´t frosty, not dry, but not too wet for a little hiking trip
(I will tell You what the oracle especially told me: I will come to a waterfall in hawaiian style, with a basin full of rum and handsome hula-girls around me...)

So we started hiking. It was a little bit tedious uphill, but we did it
See me starting now, can´t hardly expect this waterfall the oracle promised me

After a while we came to this lousy Siepen and rested there a few minutes
(Should be that be the promised waterfall?? And where´s the rum?? And the hula-girls?? What a cheat!!)

Then we arrived our first target: Diederichstemple

Look at this huge Müngsten Brigde from there
(What has a pirate to do with a ironbridge, I ask You?? Well, imagine, how much canonballs I could melt with this tons of steal...)

After a while hiking downhill, we came to this strange sculptures...
And we asked us, what this could be? Some of us voted for some birdhouses and some think, it could be a special ToyVoyager playground...
Finally, we decided, that it must be a playground

Then we passed a little river-island in the Wupper
(Nice place, perhaps to hide a treasure....)

And learned some interesting details about the fauna and flora in and around the Wupper here
(The river kingfisher I like most, could be an acceptable alternative to a pirates parrot)

Finally we reached our last target: The Müngsten Brigde
See me with my brother *Nick*
And here our tour ended

Love You, Landlubberdad and Mum,


Posted Dec 25, 2013, 7:13 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today is Christmas Eve and we wait for Father Christmas. But before, we have to decorate the christmastree. Strunki gave us a huge box

Let´s have a look inside

It´s full of christmastreedecoration

Look, Mum and Dad, what nice figurines I found
A snowman with an umbrella

I´ll hang it into the tree

Here´s the next one
A little angel riding on a yellow duck
Shall I tell You what? ...I love it...

And I found another one for the tree
A bear sitting in an umbrella

A golden sickle moon

Finally a purple bow of ribbon for the top of the tree

Now our christmastree is fully decorated and we have to be patient and wait for Father Christmas bringing the presents for us this night

What will we get?

A few hours later, when we woke up, the sensation happened:

I got a present for christmas!!! What can it be??

Look Mum and Dad
a golden pirate-earring
Well, I like it

There is one last present still to be opened, it is from RikeH for strunki and she allowed us alltogether to open it for her

Look at the wonderful christmas card
UrselHH reads it to us
All of us, especially strunki, are very moved by the warm and friendly christmas greetings of RikeH

Then we open the box alltogether
and the first we see is Kleine Fee with Charlotte

Wooow, it is a mug with two pictures on
the other picture shows Dicker Kumpel with HelmutBluepant
What a wonderful idea, the nicest christmas present at all strunki said

What a nice handing out of presents
We all are sooo happy with the wonderful gifts this eve

Now let us have our christmas dinner
Yummy homemade cookies (for the kiddies I estimate)

And even for me a bottle full of jubilee-akvavit :p
Cherio, Miss Sophy :cyclops:

To all of You
Merry Christmas

Love You


Posted Dec 30, 2013, 8:34 pm
Hello Landlubbermum and Landlubberdad,

the last days we were very verly lazy, enjoyed the christmas mood, hanged around, ate and drunk too much and so on ;)

But this sunday afternoon the weather was already good enough meeting olgamaus and her crew to show them some nice views on Wuppertal
Here we stand on the south side and have a view over Barmen to the North

And here I am again in the Nordpark, wich we have visited a few weeks ago
Very happy, even me, that the sun already shines for a moment

And here we have the view over Barmen from the other side to the south hills
It is not as clear as it seems to be

At least we had a rest on this fresh logged beech, perhaps it felt down by the last storm here a fortnight ago?
A very huge tree this was before it fell down...

That was it for today, I am looking forward of the last day of the year when we want to celebrate a sylvester-party :cyclops:



Posted Jan 1, 2014, 11:57 am
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today we made a little trip to the part of the Eschbachtal, where the
confluences into the Eschbach
The area is called Hammertal , because a lot of old hammer mills were placed at this streams

Here You see the Lobach
(Yes, I remember this place when I changed from my last landlubberhost to the actual landlubberhost, I passed here :cyclops:)

After crossing the street we are now at the entrace to this part of the Eschbachtal, situated between Lobach and Ehringhauser Bach

In the last days a lot of water floated into the streams and rivers, look

Here the Eschbach is placed about 10 to 15 metres below our path

Look at this old bridge over the stream, unfortunately is´s not allowed to cross it, because its in danger of collapsing

Here we see an old hammermillbuilding, it is the Johanneskotten

And there You can see a hibernation shelter for bats

After passing it, we reach the official [url=Barbecue area Altenhammer][/url] . But before You light a fire, You have to get the permission first

There we played a while and had some fun at the stream

If it would be summer, we could hang our feet into it...
...or my bottle of rum perhaps?

Behind and over this place the is an old small lake
... "lake" the kiddies call it... I call it pond... not a quarter of Lake Michigan...

On our way back to the point we started, we admired this colourful tree fungus

That´s our tour of today, tomorrow we want to celebrate Sylvester, the lst day of the Year 2013

Love You


Posted Jan 1, 2014, 5:09 pm
Hi Mum and Dad,

today it is Sylvester, the very last day of the year. A reason to have a plushie-party the world never ever seen :cyclops:

So let´s watch the clock: only one hour left for the year 2013

Time enough for our special-sylvester-plushie-meal: chocolate hearts  :p

Look, I´m very disciplined in the difficult balloon-balance-dance

Then we have our next game: fishing for fortune cookies
What for a paper slip-sentence will I fish?
Can You read it?
"You could meet your dream"

O.K., lets watch the clock again

Uiii, almost time for a sparkling plushie wine

So let´s go on the roof and watch the fireworks

See You soon and love You


Posted Jan 4, 2014, 11:22 pm
Hi Landlubber-Mum and Dad,

today we visited Benrath Palace in Düsseldorf
(Woow, a palace the kiddies wanted to see today...)

Here is a scheme, how the buildings are situated
(Can they please show me a scheme, where the treasures in the palace are situated???)

First we had a view above the big lake in front of the palace

And like to watch the waterbirds there
Some swans, a lot of ducks and crowds of seagulls

Let´s have a view to the front of the main building
It looks as it would be made only for the girls, I think...

In front of the main palace two impressive lions are placed
They were gentle enough to allow us playing on them ;)
(And I was gentle enough not to eat them, hungry as I am....)

We walked upstairs to have a look inside...
Woow, very nice inside
(looks like this noble box itsself could be a treasure...)

Even a large swimming pool it has
Big enough to repeat my last furious waterbattles here :cyclops:

What a nice place
(I must admit, very proper)

That´s our tour of today,
love and see You soon



Posted Jan 9, 2014, 7:56 pm
Hello You Landlubbers at home,

today we made a very long trip on the Sambatrasse almost 10 Kilometers long.

After a short while walking we reach a point, where a bridge leads over the tiger-area in the zoo
Look at the funny sign there

We had luck with the weather and enjoyed our walk

Here we pass the point where Burgholztunnel starts, the tunnel connects the west of Wuppertal with the south and is almost 1.900 Meters long

Here *Nick* and me learned about the history of the Burgholz

The way further on we passed the point in the near of the Kaisereiche , but we didn´t visit the oak, because later in the afternoon the light became darker and our way was still long
See me and
UrselHH studying the sign about the place

And here finally we pass the small old trainstop Burgholz, now there is a little tavern

That was only a part of our tour today, but the later the afternoon was, the darker it became and we were glad to reach the car again ;)

See You soon and love You


Posted Jan 13, 2014, 12:53 am
Hi Mum and Dad,

today we visited the Flora and Botanical Garden in Cologne

The weather was very sunny and fine there, with temperatures almost usual in springtime
Look at the nice terrace-spring, but in wintertime there´s no water floating

The German emperess Augusta was patroness of the Flora

First I found a huge solitaire sequoia tree

Next we talked to this nice, friendly lady and her deer

And here a nice example for a small garden and a still smaller garden house

And look at the rare green-yellow striped moundlily yucca (Yucca gloriosa)
There we played for some time enjoying the warm sun

And see me here in front of the pampas grass
in the near of a nice lake

Here another two impressions of the park-landscape of the Botanical Garden

This is very unique in Germany
An allèe only with palms
This was the second suprise for us

See me with a nice christmas rose (helleborus niger)

But this was the main reason for us visiting the Flora in this January
The camellia-show in one warmhouse

Some of the early camellia (Camellia japonica) are blooming yet

This nice statue we like, but it has a sad name: dying amazone
It remembers us, that all beauty has to go sometime...

And more beautiful blossoms, but sorry Mum and Dad, I wasn´t able to remember them all in detail

Inbetween all this camellia-blossoms I found a very interesting other plant that I hope to meet in a few weeks on Tenerife
Can You read the sign? It is the Canary (Island) bellflower

Here we made a first rest and enjoyed the beautiful varieties of the camellia flowers

But we also found other nice flowers
See me with *Nick*

And see the giant groundsel (Senecio grandiflorus)

And here we have the Chilean bellflower (Lapageria rosea)

Another nice station with other camellia-varieties

What a wonderful place

This blossom I like most

And even outside the warmhouse we find some blooming and frostresistant camellias

What a wonderful nice day we had
See and Love You all

Posted Jan 18, 2014, 9:17 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today the weather was so fine and sunny altough it is mid-january, the kiddies decided to play a little bit in the garden... o.k....
We started in the flower box and they enjoyed the purple primeroses while I was looking for a beer....
See me with Hase .. the little bombshell :cyclops:

After a while I wanted to see what´s going on in the garden and climbed agile as I am on the apple tree :cyclops:
Well, the garden looks very messy... Like Captain Blackbeards "Jolly Roger" I´ve never seen such a lousy place...

So I decided to help strunki a little bit with cleaning up the most with old leafs covered spots that the earth gets more light and is able to respire much better... Yeah, I´m an old school gentlemanpirate, doing everything for the ladies :cyclops:
First I cut down the old faded twigs from the last year with the gardenshears... almost elegantly like I fight with my sword...

Next step was raking the foliage
Really hard work but it must be when You want to have it tidy

And look what grows under all these leafs: first stems of snowbells
and the first little rosettes of the sedum

Finally I had to put the foliage into the barrel for bringing it to the composter

... had to be a peaceful, silent and harmonic afternoon until we heard a yell...
of course... who else?? Lotte fell into the barrel...
graceful she shins up to the edge

What a nice and funny end of the afternoon

That´s all for today
See and love You


Posted Jan 19, 2014, 10:01 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

because last week we felt so nice in Cologne , we wanted to come back to the city again for visiting the huge Dome today.
See the imposant skyline from the other side of the rhine

So we started and went over the Hohenzollernbridge

In the middle of the bridge a huge rhine-freighter passed under us
Woow, folks, I tell You: THAT´S a thing I call a huuuge ship...

On the fence that separates the footpath from the railway I found a lot of padlocks, fixed by couples who carved their names on it, close it and throw the key into the river hoping of everlasting love

Here, from the end of the bridge, we have a first close look on the huge Cologne Cathedral

Such an impressive building

See the two migthy towers
and the huge main portals
the bronce lions are estimated some hundered years old and could tell lots of interesting stories

And they invited us to have a look inside
Just now a liturgy service was celebrated there, so we didn´t want to disturbe the attendants and stayed only a short moment

Before we left the cathredral, we admired the colourful crib, wich is part of the "cologne route of cribs"

Some last impressions of the Cathedral from outside

In the near we found this nice spring, it is the so called Heinzelmännchenbrunnen
Here we are in the oldtown now and see one of the Roman Churches of Cologne
This is Great St. Martin

And here we see St. Kunibert

Here is an old tower inbetween modern buildings

On our way by foot to the Flora we pass the Cologne Sculpture Park

This sculpture I like most :cyclops:

And here we reach the main entrance of the Flora You already know from the last week ago

We know the place but I wanted to visit the tropical greenhouses we weren´t able to visit last week

Here we hve fun between the cacti in the Succulent house

And this is a flower we are very happy to see today, the nice yellow winter aconite [Eranthis hyemalis]

This was our great walk in Cologne

See and love You

Posted Jan 25, 2014, 7:27 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

do You remember the map HelmutBluepant and *Nick* gave me as a birthday present some months ago?

today I need the help of my plushie-crew, I said to them...
"Until now I wasn´t able to find out yet, wich island this map shows", I told them

So would You help me to identify an island that has got the same shape or silhouette?
On the first map we didn´t find any island that comes into question...
The second one was also a failure...
This third one was a similar triangle shape, but it wasn´t my island...

But suddenly, after a mount of maps... THIS was the island we are looking for :D
Hey, that is tenerife, the island we will travel to in a few days, oh what luck we have :cyclops:

So let´s pack our things we need there to go on holiday and for the treasure hunt
what a lot of stuff...

I will take this special rubber beach ball, in case of need we can us it as a cannonball...

So we pack our bunch and are glad that our great adventure will start

Tenerife, we are coming



Posted Jan 27, 2014, 10:56 pm
Hi Landlubber-Mum and Dad,

today too early in the morning, at three o´clock we started our big tour to Tenerife

Here we are at the departure gate and discover the area while we waiting that the boarding will start

First palm impressions

And we met the camel, Charlotte told the others about a few days ago

This is our jumbo that will bring us to the island. The flight will take about four and a half hour

Boarding completed :D

After a hour the stewardesses served us a small breakfast

The beginning of the sunrising after one and half our in the air

...Who else needed "the bag"??
Poor Lotte...

Time went fast by watching the latest smurf-movie

We had very nice weather for the flight

And then, suddenly, after four hours, the first impressions from the island of tenerife


Posted Jan 27, 2014, 11:18 pm

And here we reach our hotel

A first meeting with the big sleeping-Orca ad the Manatee, the had to travel as cargo-luggage...

And first views from the balcony

That was our first day here on tenerife and a lot more nice days will follow

Love and see You soon


Posted Jan 27, 2014, 11:32 pm
Well, You old landlubbers,

as You should know I am a lover of good drinks :p

And here on tenerife I have the high aim to test the uncountable local spirits

This stuff is called "RonMiel, it is rum with honey

I belive I can fly :cyclops:  :cyclops:  :cyclops:

What a great invention of these islands  :p

Don´t worry folks, I am all rght

Yours störte

Posted Jan 28, 2014, 9:38 pm
Hello Mum and Dad,

today we visited the oldtown of La Orotava
Here we start with a view over the oldtown from the top of the Gardens of Marquesado de la Quinta Roja
Here a view over this nice terraced garden
This building was planned being a tomb, but it never used to be one
When we went the steps down, we found this nice huge vase
Some blooming orange daylilies [hemerocallis]
The view on the garden from the base
A first coffee with milk, in spain we order "una café con leche, por favour"

After this small break we went on and visited the small but fine botanical garden of La Orotava, a dependance of the bigger Botanical Garden of Puerto de la Cruz
The first very huge "tree" we see is a Canarian dragontree, [dracaena draco], it is the typical plant, but not a real tree, it belongs to the botanical familiy of Asparagaceae
This is a Abyssinian or red banana [Ensete ventricosum], it looks nice with its red leafstalk, but it doesn´t have any fruit
And here we have a bird of paradise [Strelitzia reginae]
An anthuria
A final view into the park before we leave this peaceful green place in the middle of this buzzy town

Our next point of interest is the church Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion with its nice orange dome and two imposant towers
Let´s have a short view inside

Our final visit in La Orotava belonged to the houses with typical canarian wooden balconies, the so called "Casas del los balcones"
The balconies there are carved in a very nice manner
The patio of one house we were able to visit

What a nice and full day in La Orotava
This was it for today,
love and see you soon


Posted Jan 28, 2014, 10:13 pm

Hello Fans of the spiritual taste :p

my second evening here at the bar of the hotel comes to a good end with a new experience of a typical spanish drink called "103" by Osborne
Whe You ask me as an expert, I would prefer this kind of drink in combination with a hot coffee, but tonight I wanna taste it pure...
Wooooow :cyclops:
wwwish You a good nighhht.. aand see You tommorrow eve B)
Yours  :p brave störte :cyclops:

Posted Jan 29, 2014, 9:40 pm
Hi Mum and Dad,

today we visited the beautyful smalltown of Garachico in the North-West of Tenerife
Here the views from the top

And here we are in front of the oldtown

Some first impressions of the oldtown

Inbetween a very small park the old gate of the haven is situated now. It´s called "Puerta de las tierras", that means "gate of earth"

Some nice hibiscus there

The next sight is the curch of Santa Ana with its typical tower

And here we are in the centre of the oldtown, even the typial canarian balconies we found there

Let´s have a break with a short very sweet coffee, called "cortado leche leche". A shot of very sweet condensated milk is added in :p
(My real-mans-drink will follow in the evening, hoho B) )

Because of the rough sea, the natural swimming pools are closed, what a pity :thinking:

Finally we saw Castillo de San Miguel and I inspected the cannon there with a lot of interest :cyclops:
(What a useful fort this could be for a pirate like me... Now it´s only a nice picturesque building for the tourists...)

That was our tour of today and we hope that many nice days will follow
Love You


Posted Jan 29, 2014, 10:25 pm
Well Folks,

my spritual adventure goes on, this eve I will try and taste an alcoholic liquor called "cocolate cream"
And what should I tell You?
Girls stuff!!!
This kindergartenliquid didn´t bring me down :cyclops:
Nice taste, but "all mouth and (no) trousers"

Good night and sleep well
Yours störte

Posted Jan 30, 2014, 9:25 pm
Hello Mum and Dad,

today we drove to Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Here You see a very imposant building, it is the Auditorio de Tenerife , a Congress-and Concerthall, planned by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava
And the tower there is from the church Nuestra Señora de la Conception
This nice building is called Fábrica „La Lucha", it was a formerly tobaccofactory
And here we are at the "Plaza del Príncipe de Asturias"
Me in front of the fish-statue and a drago tree at the "Plaza del Chicharro"
Over this impressive bridge we walked and came to the famous market "Mercado Nuestra Señora de Africa"
Let´s go inside and see what groceries we will find there
Woow, soo much sorts of potatoes :D A variety of a more than fifty different sorts
So we discussed at the central spring what we wanted to buy here
The decision fell on the cookies :p
Delicious with a good cup of coffee :p

After this short break we left the market and met these friendly guys with their fishingboat

Our last visitors highlight for today in Santa Cruz was the Parque García Sanabria
Look at the nice pink bougainvilla
On these park benches we watched some scenes on ceramic tiles
A bamboo avenue
So nice views there
This nice lady is the darling of the citizens here
Uiuiuiuiuiui, HelmutBluepant would say, I call her: wooooow :p

So that was our tour of today
Love and see You soon :D


Posted Jan 30, 2014, 9:50 pm
Hello You landlubbers at home

because I was very impressed of the various fruits at the market today, I want to taste them in a very special manner tonight:
As You know, the national drink of spain is the Sangria, a mixture of red wine, some spiritouses and a lot of local fruit
Yes, You see right: I have my fruit day :cyclops:
E viva España :cyclops: :cyclops: :cyclops:
Let me tell You tomorrow, how this vitamine-bomb improved my fitness :p

Good night
Yours störte

Posted Jan 31, 2014, 10:55 pm
Hola Mum and Dad,

today the weather was fine enough to start our Tour to the Teide-Mountain.
But before, we visited Mirador Humboldt to have a beautiful view over the valley of Orotava
Look at this impressive scenery
Teide, we are coming :D


Posted Feb 1, 2014, 12:02 am
From there we drove higher and nearer to the Pico del Teide, the highest Mountain of Spain
The higher we came, the more the vegetation changes
We drove through laurel forest
and later the trees changed into Canary pine [Pinus canariensis]

On our way to the Canadas, we found this so called \"Rose of stone\"

Here we are on an altitude of about 2.100 m over Sea Level and there were no trees anymore, but only small bushes can survive there

From this point I had the nearest view on the Pico
When we drove high, we mostly have a look to the snowy northern side, but from here You see the south side of the mountain always free from snow

Here we are at the so called Roques del García

And here the views into the giant caldera
Nice are the various colours of the different volcanic stones

A very impressive plant here is the Red Mount Teide bugloss [Echium wildpretii], but it only has full flowers in Summer and all we saw were the faded pedicels
(Please click on the link above to get an impression how beautiful the flower of this plant can be)

We had a great day here and hope to come back for seeing more

That was our trip of today
Love and see You soon


Posted Feb 1, 2014, 8:03 pm
Back to the Hotel, I became ill and wasn´t able to celebrate my daily spirituals test... :o
So I asked my plushiefriends to substitute me and taste the drink of today and they did :D Thanks a lot *Nick*, Hase, UrselHH and dear Charlotte
Good night and sleep well


Posted Feb 1, 2014, 8:57 pm
Hi Mum and Dad,

today on saturday we visited the nice farmersmarket with local products
So many delicious groceries, what should we buy for our plushie-picknick?

I decided to buy a bottle of good red country-wine :p
In the afternoon we will hold our plushie-picknick


Posted Feb 1, 2014, 9:32 pm

our next stop we made at Punta de Hidalgo with an impressive view on the mountains of anaga

Unfortunately the weather was not very nice, it rained and so we decided not to hold our plushie-picknick at the beach of Bajamar

instead of we visited the very nice Café Melita
and had a delicious "Tarta de Manzana" (Applepie) and a coffee with milk

Afterwards we made a little walk and found HelmutBluepants favourite flowers, the Plumerias


Posted Feb 1, 2014, 10:04 pm
Back to our hotel in the afternoon we packed out our groceries we bought on the market at Tacoronte in the morning

Here is the bottle of red wine I bought

Everything is ready for our plushie-picknick

¡Buen provecho!

Posted Feb 2, 2014, 9:53 pm
Hello Mum and Dad,

today for the first time the weather was fine enough to spend the day on the beach and so we drove to the West, to Los Silos, where a very wild beach expected us

What´s there in the background?? A whale skeleton?
Lotte told us that this whale stranded here some years ago and the people decided to prepare the bones of this impressive marine mammal
I remember that my treasure card shows something similar
Well, Bingo :cyclops:
And I informed my crew that I found an important advice on my treasure map
What adventures will we find at this wild and lonely beach??
The landscape here is incredible
But the path is so heavy that only 4X4-Cars can drive there, so we had to hike...
...through deep canyons...
and we had to climb up high and rough hills
After a while we came to a strange place
Here is a whole in the stones and when some heavy waves breake here, You hear (and sometimes see) a fountain coming out.
A noise like from hell
Lotte was sooo afraid here that we had to hold her
Later we found nice yellow flowers blooming and Lotte remembered that she saw them last year as well
Here was the place they spent many nice hours and Helmut hided here something useful, Lotte remembers as well...
But first we took out our clothes and opened the naturist-beach-season 2014 here :cyclops:
After this first recreatable chilling, *Nick* found something in a deep cave
Woow, the boats of HelmutBluepant from the last year
Since here the treasure map is all right :cyclops:

That was our adventure for today and we hope that many nice experiences will follow :D
See You soon


Posted Feb 2, 2014, 10:08 pm
Hello You fans of my spiritual journey along the bottles of typical canarian beverages,
this evening I will taste another ronmiel for You and now, as I am almost an expert of this heavensent drink, I think I am able to taste out where the bee-hive could have stood and the hillside of the sugarcane could be find, that are the ingrediences of this beverage now :cyclops:
Well, this is from a canarian bee colony from the central island and the sugarcane grows in the north-east, I think so B)
Cheers and good night to all of You, have as happy dreams as I will have :p
Yours störte

Posted Feb 3, 2014, 11:40 pm
Hello Mum and Dad,

today we went to the southside of Tenerife, where we found some mysterious pyramids. Yes, You read right, they even have pyramids herein Güimar .
Not as huge as in Egypt or as well known as the ancient buildings in South-America, but here are some monuments that You can identify as pyramids.

We were welcomed by two impressive figureheads formerly ornated two vessels of the Olsen shipping company, that has sponsored this museum in cooperation with the norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl who rediscovered the pyramids here in the 80ties

I said to my crew-friends, the people here have so much luck that we found Helmuts boats yesterday, otherwise I had to enter this ship here, a replica in perfect plushie-size of the "Santa Maria", one of the three ships Christopher Columbus discovered the New World...

The next impressive exhibition piece was a huge long drum shaped as a crocodile from Papua-New Guinea

Then we went into the first building
and found at the entrance a rebuilded relief stele of "Kon-Tiki" a god of the Inkas and eponym for T. Heyerdahls first raft in 1947

This nice guy is a rebuilded statue of a south-indian native who is fishing

Look at this fierce Moche-man

Here we have a scene, how the native canarians, the Guanches looked

In this room we learned where in the world reedboats are used

And here we learned where in the world pyramids were built

The ancient canarians built pyramids as well...

Here we met huge, but friendly wooden Komodo dragons

The landscape to the seaside is also very nice

And some more views on pyramids again

And other nice scenes again

We are sooo astonished about this secret place

In another area of the museum we learned something about the canarian flora
Here is the sweet tabaiba (Euphorbia balsamifera)

And here Echium decaisnei

Euphorbia canarensis I found here

This plant also was nice but I forgot the name... sorry :(

In this bush we played a little bit

And here we see a blooming Aloe vera

Not very often You see the aeonium blooming

This tree we already know from the Canadas del Teide

The opuntia is an emigrant from america but very common here because until last century the conchenille louse was breeded on this plant for cropping the red karmesin pigment

Sugarcane, a very important ingriedience for my fave holiday drink :p

A violet nymphea

And what do the canaries produce today?

And here we have another last good reason for enjoying the stay in this magnificent museum: To test Thor´s rafts and boats :cyclops:
Kon Tiki
Ra and Tigris-Boats

Woow, what a full and nice day, but now we are tired enough to fall in sleep :)

Good night and sleep as well


Posted Feb 4, 2014, 11:47 pm
Hi Mum and Dad,

today we went to the famous Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz.
The entrance is a rebuilt Thai-Village
First we saw a nice waterfall
and went into the Aquarium
meeting a shark
and some little lionfish
A huge tank with a school of fish

We went on and saw Gorillas. The group here is very special: males only from other Zoos, where boys were born in captivity, because without some females the bachellors are peaceful among themselves. And they had to be taken out their gropus when they grow up, because the main male wouldn´t accept them any longer.

A view into the palmgarden

Then we came to "Planet Penguine"

Again we found Helmuts favourite flowers, today in pink. Helmut knows this tree here very well from last year and we know that he loves it :D

One of the oldest buildings in the park in moorish architecture, where the Loro Show takes place

We wanted to visit the Dolphin Show, but the dolphin pools are under construction at the moment so the show is cancelled for a few months...

Instead of the Dolphins we had fun to see the Otters

And enjoyed the hibiscus
(Yes, You landlubbers, I enjoyed the hibiscus as well!!!)

Next station: Giant turtles

Now we are in the area called "Orchids Paradise"
...Yes, I am a pirate, but it´s not forbidden to love flowers as a pirate ;)

See the flamingoes

And now we are entering the "Katandra TreeTops",  a giant voliere where birds are able to fly almos free

At the next station we saw white tigers

At the gambia market we ate a chocolate banana in memory of Helmut :p

The last highlight was the Orca Ocean

That was a very full day with lots of impressions
Love and see You soon


Posted Feb 5, 2014, 10:28 pm
Holá Mum and Dad,

today we spent a lazy day at the coast, enjoying the cloudless blue heaven and the warm sun with a beautiful view on Mount Pico del Teide:D

See us naturist-style-tanning in the sun on our nice plushie-towels :cyclops:
The day was sunny, but the sea is still very, very heavy, so we decided to postpone our plushie-boat trip

But in addition to that we found some very nice plushie-surf-boards B)
How cool is that, the kiddies shouted, but I think, I´ll use the real boat...

Instead of going surfing we built a column of friendship
Everybody of us found a stone and we stacked up stone on stone together

That´s for today,
Love and see You


Posted Feb 5, 2014, 11:26 pm
Welcome Your fans of my newest degustation of canary spirits

As You know, I was a little bit indisposed a few days ago, so my substitutes had to taste the banana liquieur drink instead of mine

Well, no reason for me to taste it on my own again for You, because the kiddies... come on, You know what I mean... dddon´t have theeeee disci... disziliiinne.. disclinnne...

I´m still sitting, but I  must say, a true can opener, You know what I mean...

..yyyellow.... sssweeeet... ttttasty...
ddelissssiooouuuss..... :p

yours sstöööööörteeee :cyclops:


Posted Feb 7, 2014, 10:07 pm
Holá Mum and Dad,

today we visited our "hometown" for this holiday, Puerto de la Cruz and I want to show You the Promenade, the Old Town with some nice historical buildings and some places here

Let´s start our tour at the small old harbour

Here we met a nice lady, a fishseller
Oh Yes, I like her :p ... But she was a bit afraid perhaps??

The next building was a formely tradinghouse and now You find the Tourist Office there

The street along I found a banana-shrub with fruits on the one and a blossom on the other plant
Remember, we are in a town :D

Now we are on Plaza Europa and in the backround You see the old walls of the harbour

From there You have a first view on the complete seaside and the promenades
The white fountain You see in the backround is the Fountain of Lago Martianez

A nice old red building with a typical canarian balcony

And here we are at the promenade San Telmo with a little old hermitage

From there we walk along and come to the next promenade Martianez
Here You see the fountain again

Let´s have a first rest and take some cocktails :p

Now we are at the beach of Martianez

This was the outest point and now we walk back on the promenade

Now we see some nice buildings of the old town of Puerto de la Cruz
Hotel Monopol, the oldest Hotel here in town in typical canarian style

The church Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia on the Plaza de la Iglesia with a nice swan in the middle of the fountain there

And finally we come to Plaza del Charco (Place of the puddle) where we found a playground and a second rest with a huge cup of ice cream :p

What a nice but long walk for us plushies, now we are happy and the ice-cream was delicious :cyclops:

That´s for the day, love and see You


Posted Feb 7, 2014, 11:06 pm
Hello Mum and Dad,

today the weather wasn´t as good as yesterday in the north so we decided to drive to the south again for trying out Helmuts boats in the small harbour of Güimar

But first we wanted to have some lunch and chose typical canarian dish: in saltwater boild potatoes with green and red canarian sauce
"Papas arrugadas con mojo" and "camarones", some boild crabs

After our meal everybody of us held a short rest and strunki used this time to test some different optical system on the cam

So, let´s go to the beach now

And here we are live reporting from the canarian plushie boat regatta 2014 :cyclops:

Next discipline was to test our surf board
No, definitly not MY sport!!! I´m the only one who became very very wet... (...Not even Lotte fell into the water...)

But at the end we all had great fun at the beach here :D

That´s all for today, love and see You soon


Posted Feb 8, 2014, 8:28 pm
Holá Mum and Dad,

today in the morning we visited San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a very old town with a long history.

Here we see the "Leal Theatre"

La Laguna has a lot of historic buildings, but the streets in the pedestrian zone are quite narrow and photos with us plushies are not so easy :rolleyes:
Here we come to the "Iglesia Cathedral" or "Iglesia Santa María de los Remedios"
And here are some last impressions of the town

But the weather was too fine for wasting the complete day in town and so we decided to drive into the mountains of Anaga


Posted Feb 8, 2014, 9:22 pm

we left La Laguna and made a short stop at Las Mercedes to have a first impression of the Mountain range of Anaga in the very north-east of the island

Our next stop we had at a point called "La Jardinera" (the garden)

Look, now we are more than 900m high
The view from here at "Cruz del Carmen" is almost similar, but not even less stunningly beautiful

The last stop we made at the "Mirador Pico del Ingles"
Only from this point You have the chance to see left on Santa Cruz in the south
and right the complete northern coast


Posted Feb 8, 2014, 10:19 pm

After so much mountains we decided to spent the afternoon at the wild coast of Bajamar enjoying the warm sun

Everybody of us has fun at the coast here :cyclops:

That was also a full day
Love and see You soon


Posted Feb 9, 2014, 9:57 pm
Holá Mum and Dad,

today we made a big trip to the Northern West Mountains called "Teno"
But first we visited Mirador "El Lance" in Realejos, from wich You have a wonderful view onto the the Valley of Orotava from the North-West.
... And Charlotte highly recommended the Mirador as unmissable especially for the girls, but I didn´t understand exactly why  :rolleyes:

Then we came to the entrance of the Teno-Mountains
and are estimated about 900m over Sea-Level
Even in this altitude Oranges grow here
But have You ever seen a sunflower blooming in February??

Our next stop we held in Santiago del Teide

From there we made a short trip to the direction to Masca, but on the saddle on est. 1.100 m it was too windy and the narrow street was too full, so we turned around and drove further to the south coast
But again we had free sight on the great looking Mount Teide

On our way to Puerto de Santiago we found a valley where the almond trees were blooming just at this time from end of January until estimated end of February
A wonderful landscape
with nice flowers like the common asphodel [Asphodelus aestivus]

The next attraction of today were the cliffs of Los Gigantes
and the view on the neighbour island La Gomera
The table promised that You sometimes can watch whales there
But what we found in the harbour of Puerto de Santiago let my heart beaten higher :D A pirate ship
What a pity that time was too short to sail with this nice ship :(

Before we went back to our hotel, we had the chance to see the famous dragon tree of Icod de los Vinos

What a full day this was
love and see You soon


Posted Feb 9, 2014, 11:00 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today I did (only for You landlubbers at home) a  new degustation of another famous ron from the canary islands
It´s called "Guajiro" and is destilled at Cran Canaria
Yeah, even very delicious :p
I MUST tell strunki that she doesn´t buy this tooooo little bottles anymore

Good night and sweeeeet dreams


Posted Feb 10, 2014, 10:02 pm
Holá Mum and Dad,

today we made only a short trip and visited the Taoro Park in Puerto de la Cruz.
A few years ago they renovated this park and now a lot of citizens use it in the afternoon to go jogging
A lot of different palms we found here
And also nice flowers
Some lizards between the vulcanic stones
White strelitzia nicolai with flowers
And violet lavender
A very lovely place to spend some quiet hours :D

That´s for today,
love and see You soon
Yours störte


Posted Feb 11, 2014, 8:37 pm
Holá Mum and Dad,

today we spent a wonderful sunny day at the beach of San Marcos. This is a village near by Icod de los Vinos.

But before I was able to lay in the sun, Charlotte had to put on some lotion on me :D

See us enjoying the wonderful canarian sun the whole day :cyclops:

But at 6 o´clock we left the beach when the sun went down behind the cliffs
And the best: Nobody of us got a sunburn :cyclops:

That´s for today, love and see You soon, Mum and Dad


Posted Feb 11, 2014, 9:20 pm
Hello You fans of my cruise through the canarian spirits,

tonight I will show You a verrry elegant way of degustation: Enjoying a RonMiel in a cup of milkcoffee :p
No, don´t worry folks, I´m not ill, but I´like the idea of drinking a harmless looking coffee with bumb in :cyclops:
tthhe ssecret is the mixing ratio...
nnoorrrmyllll theyy use to mix it 1:10...means 1 part *hicks* ron and 10 pppartsss cccoffeeee...
Yyyou ccan immmaginnne that Iiii prefer the *buuuuurp* ccccconversely way :cyclops:

Good night and sleep well
Yours relentless

Posted Feb 12, 2014, 10:20 pm
Holá Landlubber-Mum and Landlubber-Dad,

today I want to show You our nice "home-beach" called "Playa Jardin" here in Puerto de la Cruz
Before we come to the black lava beach, we make a small trip through the nice looking garden part
All sorts of tropical green plants we find here
Will we reach the beach soon?
Yeah, must be coming nearer
I hear the sea all the time and finally now I can see the first black sand
Yes! Here we want to stay for this day, playing and sailing and laying in the warm sun :D
Sailing?? Did I say something about sailing?
Wooow, strunkis husband handcrafted a very handsome sailingboat only for us plushies :cyclops:
See me sailing with little Hase and my petty officer second class UrselHH
See me sailing with my fearless pirate-brother *Nick*
And here I am alone in my boat with glamouros Charlotte B)
Here we landed at unknown shores...

Perhaps the point, wich is marked on my treasure map??

No treasure hunting without a shovel :o
Digging deeper
I´ve never worked so hard in my whole life...
And then... a red cloth
Good ol störte needs Your help to pull

The hoard is yielded!!!

What will be in the treasure chest??

YES, STRIKE!!!! Pearls, Diamonds and all the classic treasure stuff :D
My pirate dream comes true :D

Who is that??
"Hello, I am Ali Gator and You set me free when You found the treasure I was captivated in"
"HiHo, Ali Gator, I´m störte and I´m sure we´ll be friends from now on?
(A real pirate MUST have a pirate animal on his shoulder, but a parrot has almost everybody of my pirate comrades :cyclops:  )

"Welcome, Ali Gator, we are ToyVoyager-Plushies, would You accompany störte and us from now on?"

Our hottest holiday adventure :D

Love and see You soon
Yours störte with Ali


Posted Feb 13, 2014, 11:55 pm
Holá Mum and Dad,

today is our last full day here on Tenerife and because the weather was still fine enough, we drove to Playa las Teresitas , wich is the only white sandbeach on Tenerife. Usually all the beaches here are black because of the lavasand, but here the people carried fine white sand from the Sahara and wanted to have a white beach.
Unfortnatuly strunkis cam didn´t make one single picture today and so we only have this one photo of us plushies made by strunkis husband :(

We all are very sad about this, because we had a lot of fun here, even with the boats, but now we are not able to show You all the fun we had.

So sorry


Posted Feb 15, 2014, 7:44 pm
Holá Mum and Dad,

so this is our very last day here on Tenerife and we decided to celebrate a little farewell-party and enjoying the sundown

And we remembered, laughed and had fun when we talked about our adentures on this lovely island

Goodbye Tenerife amabile

And even the moon waved a goodbye to us

Love and see You


Posted Feb 16, 2014, 9:18 pm
Hello Mum and Dad,

we are back in Germany and visited the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden Solingen , because today they are open for a few hours

Let´s start at the tropical greenhouse with lots of plants we saw only a few days ago outside on Tenerife
and Bananaplants
(very important for the yummy bananliquior)  :p

Some nice orchids You find there

Here we are in the succulent-hall and see many cacti

And here we have a short look into the hall of bromeliads

Worth to see this small greenhouses and a nice memory to what we enjoyed a few days ago

And even outside we found some very early flowers: small crocuses :D

That was our sunday-tour
Love and see You soon

Posted Feb 17, 2014, 10:25 pm
Hello Mum and Dad,

today UrselHH and Charlotte will leave Remscheid for travelling to RikeH
and Hase will travel home to Dr. Kröbner

Hase, it was great to meet You and I will miss You

Charlotte, what great adventures we had together

Goodbye You ToyVoyagers, see the World and enjoy Your adventures, we will see us again, someday, somtime

Love and see You soon

Posted Feb 19, 2014, 10:02 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today Sean arrived :D

Here we gave him a warm welcome

He showed what he brought, a nice postcard of Bad Salzdetfurth and some yummy gumbears, Thanks a lot, HoBi

Sean and *Nick* became friends while I studied the postcard

Then Sean talked with me, we became friends and *Nick* studied the postcard

We all have a nice evening and will have a great time together

That´s it for today,
love and see You soon

Posted Feb 23, 2014, 9:54 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

You never guess where I have been today: we visited a nice little town called Weert (Limburg) in the near of Roermond, in the South of the Netherlands
Everywhere You see the typical brick buildings, almost in red, sometimes overpainted with white paint

Here we are at the market and because it is Saturday, the grocery market with lots of different booths are there

This friendly guy with his bell stands in front of the Church of St. Martin (Martinuskerk), with its huge belfried dominating the skyline of weert

Here is the entrance

And here is a short view into the church, we didn´t want to tisturb anybody here and respected that they don´t like taking pictures inside the church

Weert has a very attractive pedestrian zone and we found a lot of nice and funny things, even for us tv´s :D
Look at this huge air-giraffe

Another reasons I like being here are the drinks and the food :p
And the region is famous for its Bitterbollen
But the very best for me it´s the local beer :cyclops:

On our way back we made a short stop at the nice looking Aurorawindmill

That was it for today, love and see You soon


Posted Mar 1, 2014, 6:34 pm
Hello Mum and Dad,

today a parcel arrived, we found it in the garden
We opened it to help HelmutBluepant coming out of the box

Here he is, the lost son and we gave him a warm welcome
Helmut, You look great after Your holiday at rikes home

He showed us the gifts from RikeH and Dicker Kumpel: Nice Magnets from Hamburg and a cardplay

See us playing with the cards and having fun

That´s for today,
love and see You

Posted Mar 2, 2014, 9:15 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today we made a short trip to the municipal park Remscheid with its little lake
Here is something written about the legend of the so called "Stinthengst", a fish, the king of the stints, who promised the people who caught him sometimes ago, that they will have always enough fish if they set him free again. This saga has its origins in the town of Nikolaiken, a twin town of Remscheid and since 1962 every Year in Mai a huge wooden fish with a crown on his head will be released on this pond.
Last Year the wooden fish has been kidnapped, here are some articles to read about his mysterious disappearence

Here I show You the Bismarcktower with its astronomical observatory on the top

And here You see some impressions of the park and its nice tree population, even when they are without leafs now at the end of wintertime
See me playing in the witch hazel

From one point we had a nice view over the district of Hasten
and we decided to walk there
Here we found some nice buildings
and came to the House Cleff, an impressive example of a patrician half timbered house in the so called "Bergisch Baroque"
See me with the lion head doorknocker
...who laughs first, looses... sorry, but I´m soooo thirsty...
Here You see us in front of the backside of the house
We had a nice afternoon walk, but now we like to rest here, enjoy sitting on the bench for a while :D

That´s the tour of today,
love and see You soon

Posted Mar 4, 2014, 10:07 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today we visited the deer-park in Grafenberg
(Well, me in a deer-park... O.K., I know what You´re thinking now... the right location for a wild guy like me...)

At first we met some of Helmuts wild relatives there
A friendly wooden boar allowed us to sit on him :D

Our next station was the huge free-area of the fallow deer
Although it was very sunny and a little bit warm, the deer laid under the trees and snoozed
But the area they have is really nice

Here we met a friendly wooden pixie
... wasn´t easy for *Nick*, Sean and HelmutBluepant solving me from this appealing lady  :cyclops:

This was luck: the wildcat was not sleeping, but outside, that´s very seldom

And another wooden guy

But we were also were here for learning a little bit about the forest here in the "Forest-School"
Whaaat?? learning?? Us?? TV´s?? On Sunday??
But strunki promised us it would be fun for us
O.K., lets have a look inside

A book... with nice pictures

This box looks very interesting
What would we find inside?
Soeren knows this box as well, he´s been there a year ago :cyclops:
I feel tree bark

This mouflon, the badger and the raccoon next to are impressive
a boar and a roe deer
this lizard was also interesting ..and very colourful ...and lives

At the end it became sunnier again and we saw a small herd of red deer

This was our sunday-trip
Love and see You soon

Posted Mar 9, 2014, 9:51 am
Hiho You old landlubbers,

today we had a nice hike around the Sengbachdam, situated inbetween Höhrath, Glüder and the castle Schloss Burg
We started in Höhrath and found some nice green shuttered houses there and nice blooming bushes

And we met a grass frog in his first trip in the warm sunshine

Here the path to the dam started and after about one kilometre we saw the first water through the trees

The forest here looks very nice and interesting, although there are no leafs

A sign reminded us to be mindful with the forest and its habitants

Here we are in the near of the dam again

Some landscapes here look similar as the alps

And here we are on the barrage of the dam itself. It is a reservoire of drinkable water for the town Solingen

The path is part of the so called Bergischer Weg and we found the sign for it here

Here we rested a little while for playing on the huge roots of this old beech

Almost one last hill more upwards

And we had an incredible panorama view on Remscheid and Schloss Burg

At the end we discovered, that we hiked a distance of about 10 Kilometres. Not bad :D

That was our trip of today, love and see You soon


Posted Mar 10, 2014, 11:39 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers,

You never guess where I have been today:
The first Photo gives You the impression of a spa park
But we are in the Bayer-Park in Leverkusen, one of the hugest chemical regions in Germany

The weather this weekend was very warm with about 20°C for the beginning of march  and very sunny, so the vegetation looks like in spring now.
Look at the almost open magnolia-blossoms

Some modern architecture of the Bayer AG

And a open view into the park

We rested on a bench with interesting lionheads
And saw a nice looking white lady standing in a temple
Of course we wanted to visit her :cyclops:
She gave us the hint to visit a huge red lion
The lion told us to visit the famous Japanese Garden here

Then we followed his hint and visited the Japanese Garden

It was wonderful there, the exotic architecture and the asian style of this garden donated us peaceful feelings of harmony

See me under the helleborus
And the crocuses
Look at the nice red camellia
Enjoy the colours and the springtime with us here
You can call me cherry-blossom
The garden is rather small, but very various with a lot of lovely details

We all had a lot of fun here
and chilled out the rest of the sunday at home in Helmuts poppy-blossom

That was our tour of today, love and see You soon

Posted Mar 16, 2014, 9:14 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,
today we visited the German Tool-Museum in Remscheid-Hasten

Our tour started at the very first times of tools, at the stone-age

Look at me working with the stone-axe

Here we are at the bronce-age. The first tools made of metal instead of stone

And here we see antique tools

And finally tools of the middle age

A small smithy in old manner, nothing changed for a very long time

Here are other examples for old craftsmen workshops manufacturing tools and use tools therefore itsself

Here You see the three areas of tool industry in Germany: Remscheid, Schmalkalden and Stuttgart

The work of a filemaker was very hard

The discovery of transmission made many hard works much more easier for the people
Here You see the huge wheel of a steam engine

And here we see some examples of different tools made in Remscheid and the Bergisch Land
Lots of boy-toys there :cyclops:

There we sit on a time stamp clock, so the workers were controlled that they are at work in time

Here You see a part of a metalfoundry and one product: A bell

A lot of fun we had in the section where the metaltubes were made

The next stations were also interesting: World trade of tools. They shipped them all over the world

Nice examples of older tools and a view around the museum from the first floor down to the ground floor

Here we can anticipate, how it was to live in the neighbourhood of the work

And even outside we found some nice examples of courious machines
What´s this? A Plushie-pressing-machine?? I don´t know...

This was our tip of today,
love and see You soon

Posted Mar 18, 2014, 9:10 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today we visited another technical highlight here in the Bergisch Country: The suspension railway, called Wuppertaler Schwebebahn is a real landmark of the town

At Alter Markt we took one of the trains and drove above the river Wupper

Here we are in the wagon
and looking out of the window

Here we are at the station "District Court" (Landgericht) and we see a station in old renovated manner

Hurry upstairs, the next wagon is coming
And back again on the railway

That was a great fun and we hope to drive perhaps again the next sector futher on

Love and See You

Posted Mar 22, 2014, 8:58 am
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

You remember this terrible 13th in February, when strunki thought, she had extinguished all our nice pictures made at the Beach of Playa las Teresitas? :(

Now Helmut found exactly this files deep in his camera space and so we are able to show You our fun there today :D
First we thought of a second visit of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, but the weather was too cloudy and so we decided to drive a few miles more spending the day at the one and only white beach on Tenerife

See my footprints in the sand

So what funny things can we start next?

Shall we sail with our boats again?

See us racing against the other Team

After UrselHH renegaded, stole our paddles and joined the adversarial plushie-crew, we hoisted our sail and gave our best to win the regatta
and the godess of wind donated us the winning :cyclops:

After the boat race we had fun by doing sanddiving

Finally, everybody dived into the sand

In the evening we celebrated one of the hottest plushie partys Tenerife ever has seen (and survived) :cyclops:

We had a great time here B)


Posted Mar 24, 2014, 6:23 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today I helped strunki working in the office
...I found very strange tools to work with, no swords, no sails, no canons, no grapnels, no rum...what a boring job at a boring place :(

This is our view out of the office-window
...nice, but not to compare with the view on the wide open sea, I think...

Here are some funny postcards on the wall
as well as a map of the Dolomites, nobody knows, why, perhaps they like having maps and looking on them?
a photo of a dog-puppy, it´s not strunkis dog, but her goddog and an asian topee
... not even pin-up-girls... boooring...

I met a pair of nice magnetic snow-people, they are doing funny things* together in the office-palmtree
...Har Har, that´s the way of having a conversation I like... :p

So let´s start working with an important telephone call
...and it wasn´t only interesting but really funny (for the telephone subscriber on the other side of the phone line...) :cyclops:

My next task was rubber-stamping
....Gosh!! NOOOOO  :o...

...only half an our, the coffee and the meal was all right (i would prefer a beer, but alcohol is not permitted during the work... spoilsports)

Next topic was counting the paperclips
Yes, all complete in there ...what a stupid job...

Then I had to calculate electronically
...Battle against the armada would be easier for me, I think...

In the afternoon we had "a very important meeting" with other plushie-colleagues working here
...sssst: the squirrel-nerd next to *Nick* is employee of the week... wooow... :rolleyes:

After this almost endless meeting it was time for some sports
Office punch-jump
The eagle has landed
(That was the first real funny thing here at the office for me)

Time for another mug of coffee
...not even a thimble of grog for poor old störte....

At last we had to check the Safety of the sensitive copy-machinery
strunki told me, that this is a work only for professional plushies like me (means: not every idiot can do this...)
Yes, the copier works perfect
...That horror-machine and the www. is the main reason why all the dive bars and hop´s* at all the harbours are able to put up wanted-posters of me...  B)

Then finally it was office closing time and I was allowed to call it a day
...Oh, I will moulder at the highest mast before I´m forced to have such a day at such a place again...

Puuhh, this was my 9-5 for today, love and see You soon


*for more details ask strunki, but in her opinion I wasn´t allow to write it out clear... ;) :cyclops: :p

Posted Mar 30, 2014, 11:00 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today we walked the Fruitpath in Leichlingen

Although the weather was not the finest (it rained at the beginning), we decided to continue, because we hoped to see the fruittrees blooming

It´s a nice landscape with hills full of gras and a lot of appletrees, peachtrees, cherrytrees and else fruit trees. The region here is famous in the Bergisch Land for the good fruit growing, because even its in a hign altitude, the mild climate of the valley of the river rhine supports the growing here.

But not only fruitflowers we found, look at this nice "forget-me-not" [Myosotis arvensis]

Here are some of the fruitblossoms we came for

There we met a flock of sheep and look at the lamb, isn´t it nice?

Here are some farmhouses

See us playing  and having fun in the chaff

Passing Leysiefen

What a nice walk we had

This was my day, love and see You soon

Posted Apr 7, 2014, 11:48 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

You remember our tour with the suspension railway in Wuppertal a few weeks ago?
Today we discovered one district called Barmen
Behind me You can see one station of the railway in old style, called "Werther Brücke"

Here is the main road, a part of the A-road B7, called "Höhne"

Here between the houses we start our tour through the pedestrian zone

A lot of houses were destroyed in WWII, but some survived the bombing

See this funny and colourful statues

This is the formerly "Hall of fame" , built at the end of the 19th. century. Now its "the house of the youth" and sometimes bands playing there.

Here we play with 3 huge bronce turtles. They have their home in the pedestrian zone and are very popular, almost by the kids who want to sit on them.

This is the town-hall of barmen, built in the late 20ths of the 20th century

And bronce-animals again, but much older, here as colums of large lanterns

A bronce spring with lots of typical elements of the textile-industry of Wuppertal some hundred years ago. The valley formerly was called "Manchester of the north"

And we met "Tuffi"
He is very famous here, in the 50ths he jumped out of the suspension railway and fell into the Wupper. Nothing seriously happend to him

This huge place is called "Alter Markt" (Old Market)

A last view into the pedestrian zone, the street is called "Werth"

This sign shows the distances between Wuppertal and its twintowns

A lion, the heraldic animal of the Bergisch Land

There our little tour ended and we had a lot of fun
This was my day, love and see You soon

Posted Apr 10, 2014, 11:22 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,

today we went to Old Palais Grevenbroich
for visiting an artisans market there
It is an old building, but in a nice renovated condition
(...remembers me on my last jailvisit...)

Here is an old charter of Grevenbroich
(...looks like the letter of marque I dream of :cyclops:  )

The halls inside are very impressive
and we saw a lot of nice handcrafted artisanal objects
I love the fine works of the knife- and swordmaker, he even has the right sizes of swords for me
Of course here beats my heart higher, nice spruce for my treasure :cyclops:
...but strunki did not allow to plunder... :(

After so much to look inside we need a rest

And outside the weather became better and better so we decided to discover the rest of the area and the nice park there
An impressive wooden door

The park with a wonderful nice pond
See us having fun in the bears garlic

Enjoy the golden afternoon light in the colourful planting

This was my day, love and see You soon

Posted Apr 14, 2014, 1:47 pm
Hiho You old landlubbers at home,
today we´ll leave Remscheid for spending the weekend at Bad Driburg, enjoying the nice hotel and meet You and mum on Sunday
Packing is very difficult after such a long time away from home, have we all our luggage and the souvenirs we want to bring back home safely?

Good bye to the garden
and good bye, Helmuts poppy blossom, I hope to chill here once again, sometimes
We swear we´ll meet again here

Ensuring, that we all have a safe seat
Bad Driburg, Dad and Mum, we´re coooooooming!

Love and see You soon



Posted Apr 14, 2014, 3:21 pm
And here we are now, in the middle of the spa park of Bad Driburg

Behind the main entrance

Our house, the so called "Droste-Haus"

This will be our room for the next days
very nice and quiet here

Our view out of the window

But before discovering the area, we have to check the bathroom and eat some fruit :p

So let´s start our tour through the spa park at the main alley

The drinking hall
...only water.... pffftttt....

See us sitting on a bench in the so called "Hölderin-Hain
daffodils everywhere

The hugest bench we ever saw

We met geese at the park Pond
and sat on the wooden Bridge

See me sitting in front of the enclosure of the fallow deer

The fountain of the Pond

Helmut loves this place, we found bear garlic

Lots of various bulb plants

That was our first day here, see us later again


Posted Apr 15, 2014, 1:57 pm
In the evening we joined the very comfortable interieur of the bar

Of course I had to help the boys wich drink we want to order :rolleyes:
And of course, the best choice, You´ll know, should be... rum :p

very delicious... hicks
...the rest of the night I can´t remember, sorry... :cyclops:


Posted Apr 16, 2014, 9:52 pm
Today mum and dad and their TV-guests met hostmum in Bad Driburg. Nice to see each other again.
We showed them the garden and some of the sofas.
Then it was time to say goodbye. Thank you Strunki for all. Good to take HelmutBluepant with us to Paderborn. He's a good companion.
Back home we showed our souvenirs and finally we tasted some of the spirits we had smuggled to Germany...
yours Störte

Posted Jan 14, 2015, 12:00 am
HiiHook, Your old landlubbers at home!

You never never belive, where I have been:
I made a pilgrims tour to my ancestors roots and sailed away with the rest of some brave men I picked up in??? I don´t know exactly...
See the proud ship I entered and forced the crew to bring me away

At the first haven we came in, I found a very special christmas-tree, for pirates only :cyclops:
Can You find me??
Jepp  :p

After a while I found myself at this place...

or drunk again, I can´t remember
...but the lady in the backround was nice B)

This pure golden bell was not too big for my proud new ship...
...but too heavy for taking ist away :(

...Dolphins... nice and funny, but full of hedonism...
this guy betrayed me...
he sold my last rum...

Alone again
...dreaming on my own, how chistmas could be at home...
fruity x-mas scene... too healty for a tough guy like me....

New crew...

similar vessel

same old story happened to me: They set me out alone on an island...  I didn´t understand exactly, why...

Here I met my escape helper, a tortoise called "Flap"
After some days he understood, that he had to carry me away from this rotten island without any rum-stocks...
ugly boring place, isn´t it??

Another boring, rum-free place...

Uhhhgh... Dolphins again...

Here ends my heroic saga of staying at the origin places, where a pirate is allowed to be what he ever will be: a hard working man who has to overcome a lot of dangerous situations only for reaching one aim: celebrate hard.. and never forget the ladys :p

See You soon... in another ocean ;)
Yours stoerte


Posted Jan 14, 2015, 12:38 am
Holá You old landlubbers at home,

early in the morning we started our journey to Tenerife from Düsseldorf Airport.
Look at our airplane

The airport was very exciting

In the air now, what a feeling :D

...then the drinks came and I don´t know, what happened during the rest of the flight...

But when I woke up, we arrived in our quartier
Happy, that Ole is with me

Next adventures will follow, sure :cyclops:
Yours stoerte

Posted Jan 14, 2015, 10:27 pm
...Belive it or not: I ONLY have ONE girl... :D
...ööhm... in almost...every haven, I admit...  :p :cyclops:

Posted Jan 16, 2015, 11:28 pm
Buenos Dias You old landlubers at home,

hihi, my first spanish words, they mean : Good Morning ;)

Here You see the main entrance of our hotel

This is the hall

The pictures of our suite are a little bit dark, but the rooms are very comfortable

Outside the hotel I found a first nice plant: A tree called "Flamboyant"

That´s for today, love and see You soon
Yours störte


Posted Jan 17, 2015, 6:08 pm
Holá Landlubber-Mum and Landlubber-Dad,

Today we visited a small hill with an eremitage on top.
We started at a place called monastery, where stations of the cross begin
The way up to the hill is like going to a little botanical garden with lots of exotic and endemic plants

I met a friendly chicken

The way is very hard at some parts
But the scenery there is wonderful

A view on Puerto de la Cruz

In the middle of the path we held a rest

I saw the little eremitage on top

Finally, we are on top

Look at the beautyful landscape of the valley of Orotava

On our way back we found some nice flowers growing the whole year

And finally a rainbow, look  :D

That´s it for today, love and see You soon

Yours störte

Posted Jan 19, 2015, 6:15 pm
Holá You Landlubbers,

today we vistited the old town of La Laguna
The complete name of the town officially is "San Christobal de La Laguna", but everybody here calls the city "Laguna"
Lots of very old houses I saw there, the inner city was built in the 16th and 17th century, when Laguna was the formerly capitol of Tenerife.

One of the oldest churches here, the cathedral of La Laguna

This is an interesting example of a typical canarian house with an inner patio
Here we held a rest before we went to the market halls

At the market halls I looked for something to eat or drink for our planned picknic tomorrow on sunday
See tomorrow, what the other TV´s had found for our picknic :p

See You soon and love You,
Yours störte


Posted Jan 19, 2015, 8:34 pm

On Sunday we went to the sunny south and spend some lazy hours at the nice harbour of Güinmar.

In the afternoon we found a nice place and held, like the canary people on sunday often do, a picknic :D

Yesterday at the market I have chosen a yummy vodka-mix

The round brown slice is Gofio , a typical canary specialty of the native Canarians, the Guanches

We had a very nice sunday picknic


Posted Jan 21, 2015, 6:29 pm
Holá Landlubber-Mum and Daddy,

today we made a small trip down to the old town of
Puerto de la Cruz and to the Promenade.

We started at the old harbour
(Ooooh yeaaah, I remember this place and I LIKE the harbour very much, höhöhöhöh)

Here at the harbour we met an well known friend mine :cyclops:

We went on and came to Plaza del Charco

Here we came to a very old church of Puerto, it is called Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia and was built in the 17th century.
The so called Plaza de la Iglesia is similar to a little park
In the middle of the place You find a spring with a swan

A good example for the typical canarian architecture, mainly the wooden balconies

Near the promenade, the sea is very rough today
From here You have a good sight of the swimming pools of Lago Martianez

Look, Bananas, in the middle of a Town :p
We found them at the[url=Ermitá de San Telmo]

Here ended our tour while we rested in a red and yellow Aloe

That´s all for today, love and see You soon, Yours störte


Posted Jan 21, 2015, 9:49 pm
Holá Landlubber-Amigos,

today we visited one of the nicest urban parks on Tenerife:
Parque Garcia Sanabria

Here we are at the famous flower clock

Seven different alleys lead to the centre with the main spring inside.
Here You see one of the alleys with nice statues

Another view from another alley with palmtrees

One of the highlights in the park is the cactus area with lots of different cacti.

But the main attraction finally here is the sculpture of a sitting woman in the middle of the main spring

This was our excursion through the park.
Love and see You soon, Yours störte


Posted Jan 21, 2015, 10:45 pm
Holá Landlubber-Mum and Landlubber-Dad,

no, we are not in the Black Forest Mountains, even when the backround of the photo looks similar ;)

In more than 1.000 metres about sea level we visited the trout farm of Aguamansa.

The weather was very very cold, not more than 8°C and rainy, so we didn´t stay very long there :thinking:

So love You and see You soon, Yours


Posted Jan 24, 2015, 9:23 pm
Hello Landlubbers at home,

today we spent our day in the famous Loro Parque
We passed the entrance

and came to a forest of palmtrees

Planet Penguine

The Loro Show

The Aquarium
Deep Blue :D

The zone with free flying birds

The Dolphin Show

At the Orca Ocean

We had fun by watching the Otters

And finally Helmut was happy to share his chocolate-banana with us and told us about the advantages to be a member of the Loro Parque Fundacion

What a full day we had here :D

Love and see You soon,
Yours störte


Posted Jan 27, 2015, 8:54 pm
Night Life at Puerto de la Cruz  :p
no comment :cyclops:

Posted Jan 29, 2015, 9:15 pm
Holá Landlubber-Mum and Dad,

today we vistited the town La Orotava in the near of Puerto de la Cruz.
The old town is famous for its nice wooden balconies

Here we have the view from Orotava to Mount Teide

Unfortunately the Botanical Garden of Orotava was closed... :(

So we only had a small look from outside

But instead of we spent some nice time in a Terrace-Garden called "La Victoria"

At the end we had the chance to have a look inside a typical canarian patio

and saw some nice handcrafted cloth

Love and see You soon, Yours

Posted Feb 16, 2015, 7:32 pm
Hello You old Landlubbers at home,

today we drove to the Cliffs of Los Gigantes

At the [url=Mirador Archipenque][/url] we found this table wich told uns about the possibility for watching smaller whales living between Tenerife and Gomera Island
...but today we didn´t see any whale...

That´s for today, love and see You soon


Posted Apr 6, 2015, 8:49 pm

Hello Landlubbers at home,

today we saw another highlight of this nice island: We visited Mount Teide, the higest mountain of Spain with 3.718 m.

See the foot of the mountain at an altitude of 2.100 m

The landscape here in the so called "caldera" is awsome

Love and see You Soon


Posted Jun 4, 2015, 11:04 am
Hello You old landlubbers at home,

today we wanted to stay at the northern coast for having a sun bath, but the weather was too bad. Instead of, we visited this place with the huge whale skeleton and drove back to Garachico.

And here You see the nice village of Garachico

Garachico was lost under the ashes of a volcano in the 18th century

This is the castle of Garachico
...a real good place for a pirate like me, looks like the damish rotten places in the carribean sea...

My friends and me sitting on an old canon

A view on the natural swimming pools Garachico is famous for
...something special is with this place, I have a few thin memories, when I remember, I was here last year... but I can´t remember any details....

Here we find Jorge, a nice and friendly youngster pirate.
Similarities with me are for purely accidental... In my opinion... but he says that he wants to adopt me as his pa  ;)
...This small guy has had a hard childhood since yet: he had to earn his money as a cliffjumper, when old rich ladies throw coins into the pools, animating him to dive after the dimes...
Jorge, Welcome in my pirate-life  :D


Posted Jun 4, 2015, 3:54 pm
a final Holá from Tenerife: We drove to the nicest beach of the island, Playa las Teresitas.
Today is our last day and since now we didn´t test Helmuts boats he stored here the year before
A good feeling to be on the water again after such a long time .
Hopefully to enter new shores
This was our nice holiday on the island of Tenerife.
Love and see You soon
Yours störte


Posted Oct 6, 2015, 6:38 pm
Sniffing sea air....great!!

Posted Feb 2, 2016, 7:32 pm
The both important things on an island: the sea and a decent drink!
Happy new year!!