AWIT , Mexico city/Pachuca, Mexico


Posted Nov 11, 2011, 9:12 pm
Hello at home!  :p

I´m arrived in Austria! The journey was long and hard, so I´m a little bit tired!
And it´s cold here like at home  :)
My host mum told me, to make some nice trips next week. Maybe we visit  thermal bath. We will see.

So, but now it´s late and I´ve to go to sleep! See you soon!

Bye Bye  ;)

Posted Nov 16, 2011, 6:06 pm
Hello everone,

On monday I had my first trip to a wellness spa.
So my host mum put me into her bag and the trip started.

But first we stopped in front of "Riegersburg" - this is a castle on the top of a rock. This is a point of interest here.
Then we arrived in Bad Blumau "Rogner Therme", which was build from Friedensreich Hundertwasser!
This is an absolutely picturesque place of wellness and recreation.
Here I met another moose called "Björn"! We became friends and spent our time together here.
In the evening they had some romantic fire and in the back you can see a vulcano.
It was a great time and I enjoyed this two days at the thermal bath!
Hope you enjoy your time at home too.


Posted Nov 19, 2011, 6:54 pm
Hello everybody at home!
It´s great to hear about me, isn´t it??  B)
Folks, I´ve to tell you, I´ve to work so hard. No time for recreation!  :(
Well, I just had recreation, so I´m powerful to help my host mum with some home - work!
We have no time to travel around, ´caus there´s a lot to do before the winter comes!
Today, the wether was fine, so we are working outside in the garden and on the host´s farm.
In the morning we went outside to the chicken coop, to look if there are some eggs, but -NO- not even one. Host mum told me, in this time of the year the chicken are just relaxing and laying no eggs.
Here some Pics:
After that I had to feed the hog and the birds.
The hardest job was to rake the leaves. But "Jack" (dog of host dad) helped me, so it was a bit easier.

After a short break I admired the self made insect-hotel. It stands in the middle of the garden and inside lives beetles, bees and spiders for pest control.
Then I had my first contact with the chicken! They are soooo cute, I love them! Can we have some chicks at home too? --- please--- :p

But the best from the whole day was my reward for the very very hard work! To ride on a real policedog! Sooo exciting!

But after this day, I´m very tired, so I have to say Good Night!
Please, don´t forget me, ´caus I´m so far away from home!

Send you all thousands of kisses

yours AWIT

Posted Nov 23, 2011, 10:37 am
Hello everybody,

the weekend is gone, the nice weather won´t come and so it´s hard to go outdoor, cause its cold and foggy! But my host told me, we can´t sit at home and watch the whole day TV... so we made a short trip to Klöch! This is a nice place in the south of styria! There they have very very good wine, but I´m to young to taste.  :(
We wanted to visit the ruin of Klöch, where you have a great view over a nice part of styria. But, the ruin is closed in winter, so we can visit again in april.  :mad:
Thats why I tried to get in.....
....and climbed up to the ruin, but this height.... i get dizzy, and so I decided to stay on the ground! This is much better for me!

Yesterday we were in Anger/Weiz ´cause my host has to work there. We made a short shoot, that you can imagine how it looks when you are over the mountains and see the foggy city down there (I think you only can see the fog). We had the best weather, it was sunny and a bit warm - great.

So thats it, maybe we visit the clocktower in Graz ´cause my host mum is working this evening.
But if we visit, you gonna see it here!

Have a nice day - big hug

Posted Jan 15, 2012, 10:55 pm
Hey there! (:

Guess where I just arrived? yes finally I'm in Mexico!

As the same time as me other tv called Gammler arrived and over here there were already some other tv's living! Schnappi, Lou, Entchen also from Germany! and Edi der Bär from Switzerland!

They've told us about the amazing places they have visited here and I just can't wait to check Mexico city out!

Oh and today we had some sushi for lunch! (: it was really nice

Well I have a bit of a jetlag so it's better to rest a bit!
Love, Awit

Posted Jan 26, 2012, 9:52 pm
Hello there!
Well first of all Niza my host apologizes about not updating but this pretty much what we've been up to the last days

I tried to help but calculus & economics are just too complicated :/

However the other day we did a quick trip to Pachuca, the city where Niza's parents live, it was a very quick visit but we got to see some things there

The main landmark of the city is the clock

From the side

Also most of the buildings are from the 1900's

The state where the city of Pachuca is located is called Hidalgo after Miguel Hidalgo, the man who started the movement of independence in Mexico, so here's a monument to him

And we got to try a "Paste" which is the most typical food of the region, in this part of Mexico there were many English settlers, so the paste actually comes from the english pastry

And that's all for now!
xoxo, Awit