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Joined Dec 24, 2007, 7:47 am
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Homepage http://trashcan_blues.livejournal.com
Birthday 20th August 1982
Gender Female
Location North Nowra, NSW
Country Australia
Interests toyvoyagers, postcrossing, livejournal, facebook, sending and receiving postcards, taking photos, watching TV, spending time with my husband, watching my birds
Available for hosting No

My ToyVoyagers Jimbo Elephant Shaggy Bear Leo Lion Sully Monster Super Grover Veggies Spots Leopard Toothy Walrus Fuzz Bear Samantha Turtle Jubilee Bunny Roots Bear Lucky Duck Molly Weird Garfield Skippy Kangaroo Gentle Ben Arthur Bear TenderheartBear Fred Lion Mandarin BunnyLove Harold Giraffe Guss Elephant Hermies Hedgie Sheldon Leonard
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Currently hosting Manni-Maus Greeny delMonte Miss Swiss Plush Pip Mandy Sheep

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Last Travelog update Kwaadapp - Apr 14, 2014, 3:48 am

Signature I'm currently busy with school so it's hard to make posts all the time, but I am active on the site and I update when I can - I don't like at-home updates as when I go new places and take them with me. I also like to host TV's for a longer period than a few weeks, so they can see more of Australia while visiting me... please take that into account when messaging me with a want for me to host your little one! :-)

Would you like to host any of my toyvoyagers?
Fred Lion visiting RockVixen07 in Texas. Harold Giraffe visiting anni in Germany. Hedgie visiting AbbyB in Canada.

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Garfield, Arthur Bear, Fuzz Bear, Samantha Turtle, Leo Lion, and Hermies, BunnyLove, Guss Elephant, Jubilee Bunny, Mandarin, Shaggy Bear, Molly Weird, Skippy Kangaroo, Veggies, Sheldon, Gentle Ben, Spots Leopard, Sully Monster

Stay-At-Home and At-Home Toyvoyagers:
Toothy Walrus (permanently at home), TenderheartBear, Super Grover, Roots BearJimbo Elephant, Leonard, Lucky Duck

Contact me if you'd like to host any of my toyvoyagers. :-)


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