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Username Michele_one_L
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Joined Dec 26, 2007, 9:47 pm
Last visit Nov 13, 2008, 10:54 pm
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Birthday 25th May
Gender Not specified
Location Rome, NY
Country United States
Interests Traveling, Photography, Pen Palling, Tulips, Snapple, Music, Boston Terriers, Teddy Bears, Barbie Dolls (I collect them), the color Pink, Stickers, Little Miss and Mr Men, Disney (Piglet is my favorite), Candles, Suzy's Zoo, Nici keychains, Toy voyagers and more.
Available for hosting Yes

My ToyVoyagers Ollie_Marmot Gilbert Bullet Ronnie N Hammie Pimboli Chompers Honey Bear Piggy Fuzzy Wuzzy Mister P Tom Tuffy Horton Grape Ape TagAlong Rocket KungFu Panda Sunnie
ToyVoyagers hosted Nicki Bear Coco Coop Angus Hazle wolletje Winnie the Pooh Little Billy Dirkie Fuzz Bear Cliff Pebbels Bellatrix Muumipeikko Mausi TheoSheep Willy Wau Resi Bene Candy Cotton Cool Jules Hinz + Kunz Moley Sussy Greenfeet Jimbo Elephant Vicky Mouseham Crocs Mister_Right Fester Jimmy D Ceryni
Currently hosting Little Billy TheoSheep Bene Crocs

Travelog updates 1,378 total, 0.23 per day
Last Travelog update Ceryni - Oct 17, 2008, 7:10 pm

Signature My Toyvoyagers - Honey Bear, Piggy, KungFu Panda, Tuffy, Horton, Mister P Tom, Chompers, Ronnie N Hammie, Pimboli, Gilbert, Ollie_Marmot, Grape Ape, TagAlong Rocket, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Sunnie and Bullet.

Currently Hosting - Crocs, Jimmy D, Ceryni

Hosted - Nicki Bear (twice), Coop, Coco, JamaBanaDukLuv, Angus, Hazle, Wolletje, Winnie the Pooh, Little Billy, Dirkie, Fuzz Bear, Cliff, Pebbels, HitchaRideMo, Muumipeikko, Mausi, Bellatrix, Willy Wau, TheoSheepResi, Bene, Hinz + Kunz, Moley, Cool Jules, Jimbo Elephant, Sussy Greenfeet,Vicky Mouseham, Mister_Right, Fester


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