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Username Eustachia
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Joined Oct 28, 2011, 4:37 pm
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Birthday 16th May
Gender Female
Location Laubach, nearby Frankfurt/Main
Country Germany
Interests computer games, astronomy, musik (metal, classic, game soundtracks), painting, photograph (especially animals / nature / stars in the sky.. and ToyVoyagers starting from now)
Available for hosting No

My ToyVoyagers Eloy Cosyfuzz Uilina Wotan Tamina Woozy Brownbeard Mr. Quakedi Mimi and George Cooking Carrie Purple Tentacle
ToyVoyagers hosted Mary Möf Pink_Bear Foxi Misslucy Rishu Häppie_Sheep Cilly Wacky-Z *Paul* Gypsy Ziggy Dragon Fiete Mr Pumba Germanya Josie
Currently hosting Wacky-Z Ziggy Dragon

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Signature Please join my Cosmopolitan Cookbook Project assisted by Cooking Carrie http://www.gif-paradies.de/gifs/nahrung/karotten/karotte_0016.gif

[color=teal]My ToyVoyagers:
Eloy is with Hanachan (JPN) // Itinarery: Jillyfish (USA)
Cosyfuzz is with Vreni (RR6) //
Uilina is with nuriayasmin //
Wotan is with MamiTig // Itinarery: BlackCat (GER), Renmeleon (USA)
Tamina is with Birdie87 //
Woozy is with BlackCat (GTVT)
Brownbeard is with Eohippus . // Itinarery: LoganCarter (FIN)
Mr. Quakedi is with Mondfalke // Itinarery: Vernella (GER), fam-united (GER)
Mimi and George are with MySongIsLaughter //
Purple Tentacle is with Shilo (GER/USA)

Currently hosting:
Ziggy Dragon


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