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Birthday 1st November
Gender Female
Location Hildesheim
Country Germany
Interests Well, what to tell you? There's so much I'm interested in! I love reading, music, my cute, little hamster and my big, cuddly cat. :D I'm also very interested in different cultures and languages (studying languages at universtiy ;) ). I collect stamps and postcards and would love to travel more myself. But this way I can send TVs on a (hopefully) world tour! -------------------------------------------- I came to this side because of the German TV show "Galileo". They did a report about ToyVoyagers and I was hooked. I've loved the idea since the traveling garden gnome in the film "Amélie". ^^
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My ToyVoyagers *-Cookie-* Lieselotte Henri
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*-Cookie-*: Currently having a break with kristykirkpatrick. Cookie 2 will continue to travel until her sister wants to travel again. Currently somewhere in the USA. :/ Their cousin Cookie 3 is at home at the moment. :)
Lieselotte: at home :)
Henri: Currently with egni. :)


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