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Birthday 25th February 1985
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Interests What can I say about me..? I'm a 24 year old unemployed nurse that loves postcards, photos and the "13" number! Ahahah I am Pisces, I like the green color and I read a lot... Actually, my favorite book writer is Susan Lewis! I love to see cartoons... my faves are Rudy Gloom, Babar, Pucca... I love to see movies from Pixar and Disney... Nemo, Madagascar, and so on and so on! (I know, I'm a big baby girl! lol) And I don't like so much to see Bobinogs and things like that... :s I love to travel... I visited so many places that it's hard to choose one as my favorite! My dislikes are mainly about "way of being"... I don't like "two faced" people that don't show the real one just to appear something different... I don't like incoherence too... :\ I have a "little big" collection with 400 or 500 postcards that I begun when I was 10... Postcards (and also photos) can say so many things, can show us so many stories, places, feelings... that's why I love both! :)
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