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Homepage http://conglomerationj.blogspot.com
Birthday 10th May 1989
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Location Springfield, MO!
Country United States
Interests I'm a college kid getting a degree in psychology and English - both of those are big interests of mine! I hope to be a writer, and as such I love reading and writing. I have an obsession with Japan - I love anime and manga, and am learning to cook Japanese food. I adore kawaii and Japanese stationery of all kinds! I'm interested in FRUiTS fashion, as well as goth/lolita fashion. I love Japanese architecture and culture. I'm interested in geisha... I've read a few books on it and love pictures of them. I love their holidays and festivals... really, it's an obsession. XD I also love 19th century Europe - the literature and the clothes and the customs. :D I love mix cds and would love for anyone to send me a mix cd of their favorite music. :) I love swapping, trading, mail games of all kinds. :D I also love social expirement type things such as letterboxing and geocaching, bookcrossing, etc.!
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