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Homepage http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/Kellykelsits
Birthday 2nd June
Gender Female
Location Saughall massie, wirral /liverpool england
Country United Kingdom
Interests My interests are travel, reading, learning new things, writing articles,stories, poems Etc.., drawing, and art in general. I like animals, I have two frogs, and I love cats, and I'm fairly knowledgable about all animals. My aim in life is to go to japan and teach english as a foreign language. I love rock music, anime, cartoons, manga, comic books, cult films, theatre, goth loli, steampunk style, I love the Kawaii Noir style (cute but dark), I'm a bit of a quirky goth, with hints of punk. :P Love anything to do with culture, (as my degree is cultural studies). I'm trying to learn new languages and new things all the time, I like helping people and I'm keen on self improvement. :P
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-First stop Blackcat in Germany.
-Second stop unsub in Australia
-third stop morgenSter in brazil-


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