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Birthday 13th June 1947
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My ToyVoyagers Possy_Crossy RedRudiTeh ZIZZI_ZEBRA ZORRO_Zebra EkaPeli PlaymoSanta PuenktchenAnton NoNameSheep
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Signature *wenn das leben ein theater ist, dann such dir deine rolle aus!*

I hosted HENRIK the finnish moose for about 3 1/2 months and thomasHH from DE for 3 weeks! before I hosted a playmo *PAUL THE BACKPACKER*, but not in this site, as well as I have my own playmos POSSY & CROSSY since nearly three and half years ago, postcrossing-related *smile*, who are mostly with me! although they had been 4 months far from me and had great adventures, but now back home with me!! in the meantime I was hosting for 50 days  LeilaParAvion, the twin sister of LottaParAvion from US! and for 9 month the cute FMBear from the baltic coast!!!
unfortunately I lost during my europe-trip in KIEL in june RedRudiTehran as well as JORIS from switzerland, both are in the wild.... :-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

EDIT black thursday 15th aug 2013 my handbag had been robbed and in the bag - my dearest Possy_Crossy and the cute F.M.Bear lost in the wild...?!?? NO!!!! kidnapped - pls read in their blogs!!!! finally with a HAPPY END!!!!!!

EDIT: a huge SURPRISE was on the way.. I had the honour to host THE LITTLE MAIL CARRIERS from postcrossing, pls have a look there in their blog!!!

EDIT: end of july in KIEL (DE) I found the cute ZIZZI_ZEBRA  at the fleamarket and decided to give home to her, et voila: and here she is!!!!

EDIT: 10th april another SURPRISE, we found in our cellar the brother of ZIZZI_Zebra and up from now he is with us!!!! Mr. ZORRO_Zebra!!!!!

EDIT: from time to time we host dear little JORIS the 2nd!!!!!

EDIT: in the meantime I had the cute frog KWAADAPP from minnesota... but shame on me... he stood here with meall the time when the TV-site was closed and so I forgot him and lost him AT HOME!!!!!?!?! hopefully I'll find him again asap, coz his mom is waiting..... :-(((( but I made all updates from the pics we made together.....


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