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Homepage http://postcardsonmyfridge.wordpress.com
Birthday 18th October
Gender Female
Location Colorado, United States of America
Country United States
Interests 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, achieving the seemingly impossible, acoustic rock, aerospace, airports, alexisonfire, alk3, art, backpacking, beaches, being completely spontaneous, biffy clyro, billy joel, black and white films, bloc party, burn notice, california, california girl, camping, chuck ragan, city and colour, coastal cafes, colorado, concert photography, cooking, dave matthews band, daydreaming, digital photography, equestrian sports, foreign films, foreign languages, frank sinatra, frank turner, friendships, gigs, giovanni ribisi, greasy diners, greg graffin, hammocks, hardcore, helicopters, hiking, history, hot water music, insomnia, inspiration, intelligent individuals, international relations, international travel, ireland, jason mraz, joe strummer, kayaking, latvia, laughter, listening to music, literature, live music, los angeles, los angeles hardcore, marketing, mc escher, military aviation, military photography, mix trades, muse, music, norman rockwell, open mic nights, opposites attracting, outdoors, pearls before swine, pendulum, people watching, philosophy, photography, pinup art, pinup girls, poetry, positivity, post-hardcore, psychobily, psychological warfare, public relations, rainy days, random acts of kindness, rawr, records, relationships, rise against, road trips, rockabily, sam cooke, san diego, san francisco, seascapes, self-expression, shooting, sidewalk chalk, ska, soap making, soapstone, social distortion, sos childrens villages, stand up comedy, sunrises, sunsets, tattoos, tea, the gaslight anthem, the great gatsby, the hold steady, the loved ones, the pogues, the replacements, thrice, tiger army, tim barry, touring, travel, us military, vintage shops, warm nights, waterfalls
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