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Birthday 7th June
Gender Female
Location Dortmund
Country Germany
Interests Hi there, I'm from germany and I love stuffed animals. So i try this out and take a look whats coming. :) My biggest love is driving my little supermoto and I love it to feel free when i drive. Someday I want to travel to Norway on it, just for fun. The way is the goal! :) I also love animals, mostly dogs, wolves, dolphines, whales and other wild animals over and under the sea or animal babys. I've got a snake since some months. His name is simple "Dicker" and we are not shure if he is male or female, but it doesnt matter for me. He was a rescue pet because his owner can't keep him anymore, so I take him and give him a new home where he can life quiet and as long as he is alive. My hobbies are to much to tell them all. But the biggest are playing games on the pc like Assassins Creed or Guild Wars 2. I also like to go out for archery or geocaching, read a good book or just bake cakes, muffins or cookies for my friends and listen to music .. mostly rock or metal. And I'm always on the road if the weather is good enough for it.
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