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Travelog for: Chilly Bear

St Andrews, Scotland - 7th January 2006

By: Gwendles

I was squished, rather uncomfortably, through a letter box on the morning of December 18th - ow!  But it was just as well, because I arrived just in time to set off on some Christmas Holidays!  It was rather a shame to leave Scotland so soon, as it was very bright and chilly there, but I understand that we are going back tomorrow (Jan 8th)...  In the meantime I spent some time in Worcestershire, and found some Christmas snoozes in front of a log fire!  Hurrah!  Photos to follow...


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Whixall, England - 22nd July 2006

By: silsmil

I've been put into a very warm and caring hand. I'm travelling tomorrow but I don't know where.....

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Salford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom - 1st August 2006

By: MacFoodie

I have arrived in a little village in Oxfordshire and have met two newleyweds.  I am having great fun just exploring the village at the moment but hoping to go somewhere exciting soon........


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Oxford, UK - 14th December 2006

By: MacFoodie

Today I was told I am going to visit a lovely couple in Scotland.  I can't wait to get there!  I've heard that Scotland is R E A L L Y cold this time of year so I will love it.  I just hope Royal Mail is kind to me......

* Posted Dec 15, 2006, 6:44 am [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

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