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Travelog for: Frida

Meppen, Germany - 7th November 2006

By: Geheimnis

Today, Frida decided to travel around the world.
I promised to help her with this, so I registerd her as a toyvoyager. :D

She is very excited and can't wait to start her journey.  B)

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Wilhelmshaven, Germany - 11th November 2006

By: Geheimnis

http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/5493/fridaklcf0.jpg Hello!

Last weekend I traveled to Wilhelmshaven to visit some friends and to see the sea.

On friday we had a little party with good food (lasagne) and Feuerzangenbowle. I don't drink alkohol but it looked very nice.  :D


On Saturday we went to Dangast, a small town on the North Sea coast. Dangast claims to be at the center of Europe. I don't know if that is really true or just a joke for the tourists :D. Anyway, it makes a nice startingpoint for my journey: 


On Sunday I visited the Genius beach in Wilhelmshaven:


At this place a large container harbour (the Jade-Weser-Port) is going to be built. The construction works are planned to start in the near future.

Geheimnis gave me a tiny lucky cup which I can wear on my neclace together with my travel tag.
Written on it are the words "Alles wird gut" which means "everything is going to be fine". I hope it brings me luck on my travels!

;) Greetings, Frida

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Meppen, Germany - 18th November 2006

By: Geheimnis

http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/5493/fridaklcf0.jpg Hi!
I am sooo excited!
Today I'm going to start my journey round the world!
The first destination is Malaysia :D
I hope the trip doesn't take too long :rolleyes:


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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 26th November 2006

By: imajica

Yaaayy! I arrived in Malaysia :D It's not as hot as I thought, because it's been raining alot in here. My host imajica has just come back from her holiday and is now too tired to bring me out, well I'd love to take a rest too. Tomorrow I'm going to see the town Kota Bharu *can't wait!*

pictures later! ;)

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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 26th November 2006

By: imajica

I was introduced to imajica's friends, Pucca and Garu. They're from Korea. Though they're only about half of my size, we get along well. imajica has also got a huge fish pillow whom she's been sleeping with ever since she's 5 years old! But the fish has lost her eyes now and looks so old that she becomes shy to be photographed with us. And let me tell you another secret - imajica's room is totally a disaster! If you can understand why she doesn't show much of it :P


Imajica has been busy today with the computer and cooking and tidying her room she doesn't let me out yet. So I spent time playing with my new friends as well as keeping myself busy inside a drawer full postcards that imajica has received from Postcrossing. I just cannot count how many - she's totally crazy! 


Okay, imajica showed me a map of Malaysia so that I'd get some idea of my own whereabouts. The state of Kelantan is one in yellow color, and if you can see that tiny red dot on the top corner, it's where Kota Bharu town is located. I am here right now, yay! See - we are even very close to the sea and imajica has promised to bring me to the beach one of these days.


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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 27th November 2006

By: imajica

Selamat Datang ke Kelantan - Welcome to Kelantan

It was late already when Imajica brought me out so I didn't get the chance to see the town yet. By the way in the picture is the arch that will welcome you if you come to Kelantan by air :) it's located near the entrance to the Airport.


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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 29th November 2006

By: imajica

Before I continue my story, let me tell you a bit about the state of Kelantan. It is located in the North East of Peninsular Malaysia and bordering Thailand. With the population of about 1.6 million, Kelantan is mainly a Malay state, though 7% of the population is from Thai, Chinese and Indian ancestry. The welcome signboard is written in 5 languages: Malay (Jawi script), Malay (Rumi script), English, Chinse, Tamil and Thai.


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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 29th November 2006

By: imajica

Imajica brought me to see the town Kota Bharu, which takes about 10 minutes from her house. I am in the central square and at the back is the Sultan Ismail Arch, one of the main landmarks of the town.


This is called Bank Pitis, believed to be the earliest bank ever exists here, now is preserved as a display in the square. Pitis is the Kelantanese term for money. The wooden fence at the back belongs to Istana Balai Besar (Balai Besar Palace).


And this is the main gate, though we are not allowed to enter and to take pictures inside. Istana Balai Besar was built by Sultan Muhammad II in 1840, and the palace was formerly the residence of past Sultans (Kings). Now itís used as a venue for official state functions.


In front of the gate is Istana Jahar (Jahar Palace) and you cans see the flags of Malaysia and Kelantan here. This was formerly a palace build in 1887 by the same Sultan and now has been transformed into a museum featuring Kelantanís cultural heritage named Muzium Adat Istiadat Kelantan (Museum of Custom and Tradition).


I donít know what this covered stage is about but it looks quite beautiful. A rest place for the princess, I guess?


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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 29th November 2006

By: imajica

Then we went to the Padang Merdeka (Merdeka Square) nearby and itís a fenced field where the Merdeka Day (Independence Day) held every year for the state level.


Just in front of the Merdeka Square, there are the State Mosque, Islam Heritage Museum and World War II Memorial Museum sitting side by side. The State Mosque was constructed during the reign of Sultan Muhammad IV and completed after almost a decade of work. Among people here, it's known as Masjid Muhammadi (Muhammadi Mosque).



And this is the Islamic Heritage Museum whose building was built in early of 1900ís. At the back is the minaret of the State Mosque.


The World War II Memorial Museum as you can see it. Inside they have pictures and remainings from the World War period i.e. when the state was under British colonization and Japanese troops.


..and several ancient transportations are displayed outside the museum. I donít know what this one is called but sitting in there was just comfortable!


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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 29th November 2006

By: imajica

We visited another museum. Okay, just how many museums does this town have? Altogether there are six, and good news Ė theyíre located very near to each other (it did save imajicaís time to show me around!;)) However, museums here do not allow people to take pictures inside them. This blue colored building is called Istana Batu (Rock Palace), an old palace which now serves as the Royal Museum. Royal belongings and costumes from the reign of Sultan Muhammad IV (1899-1920) are displayed here.


In front of Istana Batu is Kampung Kraftangan (Handicraft Village), place to several wooden-made buildings including this Balai Getam Guri a.k.a. Handicraft Museum. Kelantanese people make various handicrafts like Songket (handwoven fabric using gold threads), Batik painting, silverware, woodcarvings, among others. There are also Art Gallery, souvenir shops, artist booths as well as restaurants here.


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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 29th November 2006

By: imajica

Kota Bharu is a small town with many 2-storey shophouses built in early of 1900s like this being preserved. They have very interesting design of windows which sometimes are very decorative.


The billboard showing the Sultan and the Queen of Kelantan. From imajica I've learnt that 9 of 13 states in Malaysia were formerly separate Malay kingdoms so each still has its own King and Royal family until today.


The sixth museum we visited is the Kelantan State Museum which is the general museum for the state. Oh, and good news for Postcrossers - each of the museums in Kelantan has a postcard and if you'd like any just ask imajica  :rolleyes:


Next to the museum is this striking colored building which is the Tourist Information Center of the state. You can get maps and tourist pamphlets and postcards in here! But because I already have imajica has my special tourist guide, I think I donít need all those for the moment. Okay, I donít know how to read maps in the first place  :cyclops:


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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 29th November 2006

By: imajica

This clock tower located in a roundabout in the center of the town. Imajica said itís been there ever since she could remember though sheís not sure when it was actually built.


We went to the main wet market called Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah. Itís one of places you must visit if you come to Kota Bharu! Thereís a nice postcard of this market which available everywhere, so ask any Malaysian Postcrosser for one!



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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 29th November 2006

By: imajica

Hello, and I am sitting on a replica of Rebana Ubi Ė traditional giant drum which is popular in here. We are in Gelanggang Seni, a cultural center where they have performances of Dikir Barat (folk group singing), Silat (Malay martial art), Gasing (top spinning game), traditional musicals like Kertok and Rebana Ubi, Wayang Kulit (shadow puppetry), and many others the Kelantanese are well-known with, but but but.. those are held regularly only from February to September every year  :( Too bad! Imajica said itís maybe because after October to January the weather is not suitable for these activities as we're having monsoon season. Well, I hope I can come back again next year!!


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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 30th November 2006

By: imajica

Today imajica woke up early than usual :D after she's done with the computer, she took me out. We are heading the nearest beach which according to her, would take about 20 minutes. When we reached Penambang village I looked at an arch decorated with golden dragons, and it belongs to an old Chinese community village in here. We entered there to see the temple and it was interesting!


This is the entrance to the Tin Hin Kong temple



They have a pagoda too!


Colorful, isn't it? :)

imajica said that Chinese temples here look like this, red-colored and decorated with dragons and all. While Thai Buddhist temples in Kelantan, which can be seen in some districts near to Thailand border usually have huge Buddha statues and they can get as big as a building! I would like to see those too, but imajica said, the places are quite far away from Kota Bharu and only if we had more time she'd bring me there.

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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 30th November 2006

By: imajica

Then we continue the trip. The area heading the beach is popular with handicraft making among the villagers. They make Songket fabric and Batik painting, as well as traditional Wau Bulan (moon kite).

Songket is heritage fabric woven with gold threads. They wear Songket as formal and traditional attire, but mostly for wedding costumes, and the Royal costumes. Sometimes you can see handbags and purses and other items made of Songket too. I got the chance to see how Songket is woven.


This is one of many different types of Songket


In the same place they make Batik too. Batik is a traditional art applied on fabric either by painting or pressing a carved block. Batik is also used to make clothes as well as decorations.

This is Batik made by pressing method:


And this is Batik made by painting:


Along the way to the beach you can see many shops selling Batik dress like this


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