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Travelog for: Brock

London, England - 14th August 2006

By: Daz

Brock is keen to start his adventures as soon as possible and has asked me to drop him off somewhere.  He loves the nightlife and is raring to experience something other than the four earthy walls of his burrow...

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Castleton Tourist Information, England - 2nd March 2007

By: Daz

After a long period waiting for his adventure to begin for real, Brock has finally gone for it.  He was last seen sitting on some rocks in the Castleton Tourist Information Centre.
If you are reading this because you have found him please write an update to say that you have him, and either take him with you or pass him on to somebody else so that he can continue his adventures.  He is hoping to end up with a great travelog - and is counting on you.  Thanks!!

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Castleton Information Centre, Britrain - 5th March 2007

By: Bowman71

Cor Blimey!! He doesn't half talk, does he. Right from the moment we found him it was round the world this and round the world that, I mean you would think he was some kind of voyager. Anyway apart from that he's a charming little Badger and he's persuaded us to let him stay for a week when he heard that we could give him a lift to Holland next Monday. In the meantime, he's made friends with our Greyhound, enjoyed a lift in a pink car and currently helping me write this. We live in Hayfield, a pretty Derbyshire village, twenty miles from Manchester in England

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Drenthe, Nederland - 29th May 2007

By: noekkie

Brock on a 'Hunebed' in Drenthe, Holland


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